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This intense melody and singing instantly gushed into the soul of everyone around, especially those who were part of the pugilistic world; no matter friend or foe, no matter what their intentions were, no matter if they were good or evil, in this instance, through this song 'Smiling, Proud Wanderer', that made its appearance in this different world for the very first time, all of them felt an inexplicable and strange resonance in their souls!

Pugilistic… dream!

How many heroes, how many beauties, how many unpredictable situations, how many grievances, how much love, hate, passion and revenge…

Many burly big men listened quietly. These iron-blooded men of the pugilistic world had a grin at the corner of their lips, face full of reminisce, suddenly feeling that hope and longing, as if they had begun to have that pugilistic dream from their youth all over again… The corners of their eyes began to turn moist…

Brandishing their swords, journeying the world, riding their horses with their knives, howling at the sky, laughing proudly in the pugilistic world!

The song came to an end with a passionate vibrato! Like a peerless swordsman had suddenly removed his robes at the peak of his time…

Following the end of the song, what followed was nothing but silence!

And only… complete silence!

Everyone was silent, deep in thoughts…

Two elders donned in white were sitting opposite each other in the corner of the building. The moment the guqin played its first note, both of them paid attention and listened carefully. They were completely enthralled. The music had already ceased, but the two of them continued to sit there blankly, that impassioned tune echoing in their ears! As if they wouldn't be sick of it even after three days!

The two of them had a dazed look on their face. After a long while, they slowly, gently exhaled their breaths. One of the old men mumbled as if he were speaking in his dreams, "Pugilistic… dream…"

The other old man opposite him gently smiled, his boney finger trembling. Suddenly, his tears began to fall, sliding down his cheek and onto his white beard, leaving a stain on his robes before landing on the floor…

He mumbled, "Everyone laughs, no longer will there be loneliness, heroic feelings remain in the sentimental laughter… no longer will there be loneliness hahaha, but how much loneliness has been swallowed in this line of no longer will there be loneliness? Heroic feelings remain… but where have the comrades from the past gone? For that heartless and cold pugilistic world, how much did our generation sacrificed, and how much have we lost? What did we truly gain…"

He laughed mutedly at himself, and bitterly, then shook his head. Finally picking up the wine cup on the table, he closed his eyes and downed it in one gulp! As if he were drinking his entire life experience in the pugilistic world, the past that was hard to look back on…

Upstairs, the masked girl Zhan Meng Die stood there in a daze. She had heard this passionate melody and agitated singing when she walked up the stairs. She involuntarily stopped in her tracks and listened to it closely, until now…

She slowly closed her eyes, an extremely moved expression on her face. After a long while, then she opened her eyes like she had woken up from a dream, exclaiming, "A great song that describes the pugilistic world! This song had encompassed all the flavors and emotions of the pugilistic world… Such a rich aftertaste! A haunting tune…"

The old man beside her was still reminiscing the aftertaste of the song. He lightly sighed and asked, "Young Miss is not a member of the pugilistic world, but how is it that you are so touched?"

"A song that sings of the pugilistic dream, a song that empties the tears of the pugilistic world…" The girl laughed and said in a daze. "I may not have ventured into the pugilistic world, but I can still feel the emotions of a hero. This song sings of freedom and ease, plays of boldness, but… the heaviest emotion is thick grievances… furthermore, isn't the Zhan family a pugilistic world in itself?"

The old man was surprised, then he sighed and remained silent.

Zhan Meng Die zoned out in her thoughts before she said, "Since I've heard of such melody that is so relatable, how could I miss the opportunity to meet this person? I must go up and see, see who is it exactly… who is capable of playing and performing such an open and bold yet desolate and lonely tune!"

Upstairs, there was no longer any trace of hypocritical peacefulness and gentleness on his face. His face shows how extremely moved he was! Although the song had already ended, he was still trying to commit it to his memory, thinking extremely hard, beating his hands to the tempo, as if this song was still playing, still echoing…

After a while, he raised his head and asked anxiously. "Brother Dongfang… what is the name of this song?"

Jun Mo Xie let out a long sigh, reminisce evident in his eyes as he said, "This song, shall be called 'The Song of Laughing Proudly in the Pugilistic World'!"

"The Song of Laughing Proudly in the Pugilistic World! The Song of Laughing Proudly in the Pugilistic World… truly, a great song of Laughing Proudly in the Pugilistic World!" Chen Chen agitatedly repeated it, his eyes gleaming. "The ocean laughs, the sky laughs, the land laughs, the light breeze laughs, everyone laughs… laughing in the pugilistic world… Hahaha… All the wanderers of the pugilistic world since ancient times till now, which one of them had never wished to laugh proudly in the pugilistic world?"

"But which hero in this world can laugh proudly in the pugilistic world?" Jun Mo Xie said desolately. "And who has the rights to really laugh proudly in the pugilistic world? Since ancient times now, not a single one!"

Chen Chen closed his eyes, after a while did he turn away and slowly said, "Your song today is sufficient for me to grant you kindness' just leave! Leave Chrysanthemum City! Leave far far away! Don't step into Chrysanthemum City forever! Because in this Chrysanthemum City, you will not be able to laugh proudly in the pugilistic world, perhaps… the moment you fall in too deep in the trap, you guys will not have the chance to laugh proudly in the pugilistic world anymore!"

He suddenly turned around and looked at Jun Mo Xie with passion in his eyes. "Just with this single song of laughing proudly in the pugilistic world, I, Chen Chen… really am not willing to become enemies with you! If you guys wish to leave, I will do everything I can to send you away! You only have one chance; I hope you treasure it! Brother Dongfang, I, Chen Chen… have been a hypocrite my whole life, but today, I am really sincere for the first time! I hope you… can make your decision soon!"

Jun Mo Xie sighed lightly then chuckled and shook his head. Looking at him with pity in his eyes, he said helplessly. "I already said earlier, once you get into the pugilistic world, you can no longer act like yourself! Chen Chen, for your words earlier, I shall also give you an opportunity. If you leave Chrysanthemum City right now, and never return to this place, then you will have the chance to laugh proudly in the pugilistic world! In this world, there are indeed really not many adorable people, and I really do not wish to have to kill you, who are still considerably adorable!"

Chen Chen laughed bitterly. "There is indeed too much helplessness in this world… In the pugilistic world or in the Court, even within the family clan, couldn't it just be where the pugilistic world lies? I have already long resigned to my fate! I cannot even make the decision for my own marriage; how can I be so greedy and ambitious to talk about laughing in the pugilistic world, talking crazily like a fool? Hahaha…"

At the end of the sentence, he had suddenly broke out in laughter full of desolation, to the point of tears. He shook his head and said, "I seem to have a boundless future, but ultimately deep inside, I am a tool of the family! A mere tool! Brother Dongfang…" Chen Chen looked at him seriously. "The hardest thing to find in the world is a soulmate… If you really die, then I'll be even more lonely!"

"Soulmate? You see me as your soulmate, someone who understands you, but it's a pity—I am not!" Jun Mo Xie calmly said. "And you are not my soulmate! Because what I want, what I do, is to laugh proudly in the pugilistic world!"

Chen Chen was stumped after hearing his words. At this moment, a crisp voice rang out. "May I ask, who was it—who performed that song earlier?"

Both of them turned in the direction of the voice, only to see a girl who wore a black veil covering her face, standing prim and properly at the entrance of the stairs. A pair of cold eyes were scanning the two faces.

At this moment, Jun Mo Xie's sharp senses detected that the crowd outside had slowly dissipated, and that dozen spirit senses ambushing earlier were all gathering towards here…

Chen Chen had failed his mission!

Because he had initially come to sound Jun Mo Xie out. But suddenly, Jun Mo Xie and him had began to sympathize with each other. In the instant his attitude changed, his mission was considered a failure.

So those in the dark immediately changed their strategy. Looks like they intend to catch me alive!

Jun Mo Xie gave a mocking look and said, "If my guess is correct, this young lady here should be the treasured daughter of the Zhan Family… Miss Zhan Meng Die, right?"

Chen Chen opposite him revealed a look of extreme surprise. He had never imagined that this fiancée of his, had appeared right here, right now. But the expression on his face immediately turned sad, as if he had thought of something…

Zhan Meng Die let out a look of surprise, looking at the ugly man before her as she asked, "Who are you?"

Although Jun Mo Xie did not explicitly say it, but him opening his mouth before Chen Chen was enough to show who the owner of the song was. And this was very different from the image Zhan Meng Die had in her mind.

In her mind, the person who had performed this song should be a young man who was bold and free! A wanderer who was heroic! A lone hero with just his sword, who looked upon this world with pride! It definitely shouldn't be this wretched looking youth before her!

"Me? I'm someone from the Dongfang Family!" Jun Mo Xie cackled weirdly and suddenly stood up. "Great tea! Great music! I believe the arrangements are more or less ready? Then it's time for me to take my leave!"

Chen Chen stood up anxiously. "Let me escort you out! The song of laughing proudly in the pugilistic world absolutely should not cease to exist!"

Right now, the sounds of clothes flapping away in the air above rang out. A dozen experts were already here!

Chen Chen was even more anxious. He was even genuinely worried for Jun Mo Xie right now.

Because he absolutely did not hope to see this rare person who could understand him to die like this!

If this 'Dongfang Da Shu' fell into the hands of the Chen Family, Chen Chen was more clear than anyone else of what would happen to him!

Especially when the person making the decisions was no longer someone from the Chen family; the moment he was caught, it would definitely be out of his control!

So this Young Master Duanchang who was always cold-blood had expressed his genuine friendship, which was extremely rare!

"If you really take me as your soulmate, then retire from the pugilistic world as early as possible!" Jun Mo Xie laughed loudly. "Tanguan Hall! Truly a great place! Haha, pouring wine to console oneself, friendship is unpredictable like waves. One has to be wary even with an old friend, those who excelled in life first– laugh at me dust my hat. The wild grass is green because of the nourishment from drizzles; the flowers wishes to bloom but are met with spring breeze and freezing cold. The fleeting matters of the world are not worth mentioning, and it is better to take good care and live in seclusion!"

At this moment, he was still looking extremely wretched with slanted eyes and crooked brows, but his enthusiasm and disdainful attitude had greatly displayed the freedom and ease of being in the pugilistic world!

At this moment, Chen Chen and Zhan Meng Die exchanged looks. Jun Mo Xie had looked like he had just transformed into a outstanding and confident youth who didn't give a damn even when faced with strong enemies and power!

The graceful bearing in this moment had left the two who had always been prideful and arrogant completely enchanted and stunned!

Jun Mo Xie let out a loud whistle and flew up, exiting out of the window gently. With a pa he had disappeared out of their sight. His chuckle came echoing from the downstairs, and in an indifferent tone, he said, "Since that's the case, please watch how I laugh proudly in the pugilistic world today!"The poem, Pouring Wine with Pei Di, by Wang Wei.

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