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Although they had always refused to believe that Zhan Mu Bai would really do something this despicable with his status as a Saint Emperor, they did not take any chances and let their guard down. But right now, seeing that such a thing was happening right now, the seven of them simultaneously felt an extreme anger rising in their hearts!

Zhan Mu Bai, you really think too highly of yourself!

All seven men instantly got up, rushing out of their rooms. They only saw an extremely agile black figure breaking out of the back window of the room Jun Mo Xie was staying in, carrying something in his hand. With a leap, he had already landed on the outer walls that were a couple of meters away!

It was still done silently, but all the actions were seen by the eyes of these seven people!

This person's stature and actions were brimming with confidence, ease, and elegance. This was the trademark of Zhan Mu Bai!

With a bam, one Saint Emperor came rushing out from Jun Mo Xie's room, hollering before he was seen. "Boss Cao, bad news! The boy is missing!"

"Brother Zhan, are you really this anxious?" Cao Guo Feng was exploding with anger. Zhan Mu Bai, your methods are a little too despicable? We all agreed on fair competition, but you came in the middle of the night to kidnap the lad! Although he was chuckling as he said this sentence, his tone was full of coldness. Clearly he was extremely infuriated!

That human figure seemed to pause for a while, not turning around and not even bothering with what Cao Guo Feng said. Seeing that he had been exposed, he suddenly shot off from the wall like an arrow.

This leap was done with his full force, and he no longer tried to hide his tracks. Due to the fast speed of his body, the violent friction between the body and the air created a whoosh sound! And that the same time, faint white smoke could be seen rising from the sides of his black clothing, carrying a charred scent!

That agility was so terrifyingly fast that it had caused smoke from the friction with air alone!

Like a black meteor, a black lightning bolt, disappearing from the top of the wall in a flash!

"Zhan Mu Bai! You are really despicable!" Cao Guo Feng was so angry that his entire body was beginning to shake uncontrollably.

To think that Zhan Mu Bai is capable of something as embarrassing as kidnapping someone and fleeing when he was discovered by us! He really is too shameless…

We were really too careless. This person did not care about his reputation and viciously sneak attacked a junior, the public enemy of the three Holy Lands, Jun Mo Xie, during a conversation. That behavior alone was already extremely despicable and shameless. We still wanted to face him off with fairness; we really brought this upon ourselves!

With a whistle, seven furious Saint Emperors gave chase at full speed! They all grinded their teeth and rubbed their fists and palms! We have been away from the pugilistic world for so many years; are the three Holy Lands capable of being this arrogant now?!

To even dare to snatch a person the Misty Illusory Manor had set their mind on! And to snatch in such an arrogant, unbridled manner! If this is tolerated, then what cannot be tolerated! F*ck you! If we don't teach you a lesson, you wouldn't know who's boss!

The person ahead was fleeing at high speed, turning and changing direction, hoping to shake off those on his trail. But Cao Guo Feng and the rest were relentless in their pursuit. That person in front may have had the upper hand in having a head start, but he was still incapable of shaking them off. The seven Saint Emperors looked like they were about to catch up. He suddenly laughed in a hoarse voice and said, "Since you are so unwilling to part, then I should just return him to you then!"

That person suddenly halted, lifting the person in his left hand and raising his right palm. Letting out a sharp cry, he struck down hard on that person's head!

"No!~~" Cao Guo Feng felt his heart crumble, and the corners of his eyes were about to split from glaring. He only felt cold all over, as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

Everything happening seemed to have gone in slow-motion in Cao Guo Feng's eyes.That palm slowly descending, the crisp sound of pa, and that head in his hand shattering into smithereens like a rotten watermelon, the bloody innards flying across the pitch-black skies…

Then, that black figure released his grip. The body fell down like a pillar. Then, he gave it a kick, and that lifeless body fell towards Cao Guo Feng, his limbs flailing and he landed on the ground with a bam.

There was no longer any need to investigate anymore. The entire skull had been smashed into mush under this hit. Even if it were Nine Nether Fourteen Young Master who was struck, he would still not be able to survive from an injury like this.

What more a youth who was only a Silver Xuan?

All the seven people who were flying in the air were dumbstruck, almost falling from midair! Looking at that bloody corpse on the ground, they all felt like they were in a nightmare! They had never expected Zhan Mu Bai to deal such a fatal blow!

"Ah!!" Cao Guo Feng cried at the sky in a thunderous voice. Both his eyes turned red instantly, and he spat out a whole mouthful of blood in the air…

That person in black seemed taken aback, speaking in a hoarse voice. "I already said I'm returning him to you, but you don't want it? Why didn't you catch him? Look, now he has fallen to his death. You can't blame me now. It is really the will of the Heavens. Although I can't get the lad, you guys can't either, so we can all go our own ways and have nothing else to wrangle over!"

Cao Guo Feng landed on the ground, hunching over and breathing heavily. His eyes glared angrily at the person in black, hatred in his eyes. "Zhan! Mu! Bai!!"

That person in black continued to speak. "I'm afraid you've misrecognized me? I'm Jun Mo Xie; how could I be Zhan Mu Bai!"

"Jun Mo Xie is already dead! And you were the one who killed him!" Cao Guo Feng was so enraged he felt lightheaded. His body swayed unsteadily, and he almost spat out another mouthful of blood. Using all the strength in his body, he hollered, "Zhan Mu Bai! F*ck your granny!!!!!"

That man in black shouted angrily. "Cao Guo Feng! Don't get too cocky…" He was so angry he had forgotten to conceal his real voice, only realizing his mistake after he spoke. He instantly shut up and stopped talking. But with a leap, he spat a mouthful of blood to the sky, as if he were using some sort of secret technique for accelerating and vanished into the night skies at a shocking speed…

The seven Saint Emperors were all green in their faces!

Cao Guo Feng walked over slowly to the corpse on the ground, holding the slightest hope as he turned it around to look. His body swayed and another mouthful of blood spurt out as he fell on his back!

What hope was there? This corpse was only in sleepwear, but its head was completely gone. But from the built, it was definitely a youth.

"The Three Holy Lands! Zhan Mu Bai! The two of us cannot exist together!" Cao Guo Feng panted heavily, blood dripping from the corner of his lips, a sinister and crazed look in his eyes!

The other six were also pale in the face, extremely furious!

The seven of them were just excitedly discussing how to nurture and guide this disciple of theirs, envisioning the future glory of their disciple, the birth of the second Nine Nether First Young Master… Who would have known that in a turn of an eye, the disciple the seven of them were preparing to wholeheartedly nurture had become a headless corpse! Dead through and through!

This… was the Free and Natural Physique! The legendary Free and Natural Physique!! The Nine Nether First Young Master's physique…

The seven of them remained silent. Turning around and heading resolutely back to the courtyard they were residing in, like seven volcanoes on the verge of eruption! Every one of them was radiating an extremely dangerous aura!

Right now, all the seven of them had made up their mind: even if all seven of them were to lose their lives here, they must vent this anger! Zhan Mu Bai! You must pay the price!

Zhan Mu Bai's actions and words were clear. What I can't have, you guys can also forget about having it! Let's just go our own separate ways and have the three Holy Lands avoid the future crisis!

Zhan Mu Bai had already done something like this once before! In Tian Fa Forest, sneak attacking Jun Mo Xie. wasn't it the same? A scoundrel who didn't care about his reputation and sneak attacked a junior—what other despicable things was he incapable of! It was exactly the same situation this time!

But Jun Mo Xie blatantly set himself against the three Holy Lands, so it was understandable although despicable. But this disciple of ours is only a Silver Xuan; when he grows up, your old bones would already have turned into ashes, so what are you worried about? Just because we discovered a talent that doesn't belong to the three Holy Lands, you must kidnap and slaughter him?

What sort of bullshIt logic is this!

Besides, the one you just killed is the future hope of our Misty Illusory Manor!

A legendary hope that would have lasted three hundred years, five hundred years, one thousand years, or even comparable to the Nine Nether First Young Master!!

Even if the news of this matter reaches the ears of Misty Illusory Manor, it will be a situation that won't end until one of us is dead!

Zhan Mu Bai, you thought that we wouldn't know that it is you just because you changed your voice?

Aren't you taking everyone as a fool?!

Just with that Saint Emperor cultivation, that despicable behavior! In this entire world, aside from you, this trash Saint Emperor, who else is capable of doing something this despicable, this shameless, this underhanded? Who else can there be other than you?!

At the same time, the Zhan Mu Bai that was utterly hated by the seven Saint Emperors had finally came to an agreement with the Saint Emperor experts from Elusive World of Immortals, Illusory Blood Sea, and Supreme Golden City. He was the leader for this operation by Elusive World of Immortal this time, and after paying hefty prices and promising many benefits, everyone had decided to do their best to help Zhan Mu Bai get this disciple!

Zhan Mu Bai was finally relieved. Although he had paid a high price, but he still sincerely expressed his gratitude to everyone. Since the agreement had been made, everyone returned to their own rooms, and Zhan Mu Bai also returned to his own in deep thoughts. Although he obtained the promise from the experts from the three Holy Lands, but those from the Misty Illusory Manor would definitely not let go so easily. How should I go about doing this without any risks? I still need to plan carefully!

Either way, I am determined to get this disciple with the Free and Natural Physique! I will not let anyone else have him!

Just as he thought silently, dawn was already breaking. Suddenly, from after away, an infuriated holler could be heard. "… Zhan Mu Bai! F*ck your granny!" This shout was so thunderous that the entire Chrysanthemum City probably heard it.

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