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When they were identifying the body, some of these girls concealed traces of glee which they did not dare to reveal.

It turned out that when Jun Mo Xie went out that night, he was in a hurry. How could there be a youth of similar size as him among the guards? As he roamed around, he heard the desperate cries of a young girl coming from a room. Looking over, he saw a despicable youth of similar size as him, forcing a maidservant, all the way looking at her lecherously. Jun Mo Xie did not have the time to find out the entire sequence of events, and he directly smacked the youth unconscious with a single slap, rescuing the girl. After that, he directly brought the unfortunate fellow back…

Even Jun Mo Xie had not expected that he'd actually done a good deed by choosing this youth, ridding this lecherous demon from the Chen Family and sending him on his way.

With how the situation turned around, everyone including Cao Guo Feng and Zhan Mu Bai were both stupefied!

If this corpse belonged to the Chen Family's Second Young Master, then… where did the Free and Natural Physique genius disappear to?

Seizing the opportunity to talk, Zhan Mu Bai quickly recounted his entire story again, especially emphasizing on one fact. If it was really done by me, why would I be grabbing onto a black shirt without letting go? With my, Zhan Mu Bai's ability, not to mention a single black shirt, even if it was a hundred, or a thousand, I would have destroyed all the evidence in an instant long ago!

Apart from the Chen Family, which of these Saint Emperors would care that the Chen Family's Second Young Master was dead? Everyone was considering a new matter right now. Where did that genius with the Free and Natural Physique disappear to? That was the main point!

If the whole thing was a plot, wouldn't this fight between Cao Guo Feng and Zhan Mu Bai be completely pointless?

Cao Guo Feng's cultivation was high, and he was still largely fine. But Zhan Mu Bai was in a terrible state. His clothes were torn and tattered, and his face was swollen, with cuts all over his body. His face had been properly disfigured, and a patch of his beard had even been torn away. His eyes had turned into the like of a panda, and his lips were as fat as sausages. Two of his teeth was missing, and he looked even worse than a pig's head. Not to mention, there were numerous internal injuries of varying severities in his body!

Even to an ordinary person, this degree of humiliation was unbearable, let alone a Saint Emperor?

Cao Guo Feng and Bai Qi Feng looked at each other awkwardly, not knowing what to say in that instant!

Who would have thought these eight Saint Emperors, all peak level experts of the world, would actually be played so ruthlessly by someone?

But at the same time, they heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts. As long as that genius was still alive, everything was fine. It didn't matter who was holding him now; they would definitely find him one day!

Zhan Mu Bai was panting raggedly, and it looked as if fire was about to spew out of his eyes as he looked at Cao Guo Feng and the rest. Growling hatefully, he exclaimed, "Cao Guo Feng! You son of a b*tch… This daddy… This daddy is unable to share the same sky as you!"

At last, his injustice was washed clean. Finally, Saint Emperor Zhan could stand up with pride! Although the words sounded strange and airy because of his missing teeth, he still managed to sound righteous and indignant. A moment ago, he felt so miserable that he even wanted to die. He was beaten up and abused like a sandbag… all in public!

And those curses earlier had probably been heard by the entire Chrysanthemum City!

How should one talk about this matter? Had I just been beaten up for nothing? There should at least be an explanation?

Zhan Mu Bai suddenly started crying; tears poured from his eyes like rain. For the very first time of his life ever since he became an adult, he cried! Only in very special circumstances would he cry… And that very special circumstance was if he felt extremely wronged and aggrieved, and when that aggrievement was cleared, well…

Right now, Saint Emperor Zhan sobbed and blubbered inconsolably like a baby. I was so wronged… I was so mistreated…

As he cried, Zhan Mu Bai suddenly thought of a very important matter. If the corpse before them was already verified to be a fake, then… where did the real person go?

His eyes swiveled rapidly. The more he thought about it, the more it seemed probable and correct. The black shirt had just been flung over, and Cao Guo Feng and the rest arrived in the next second. F*ck, even a plan to catch adultery in the act did not have such precise timing… At this kind of time, who else would want to set me up? Apart from Cao Guo Feng, this competitor, who else could it be?

"F*ck!" Zhan Mu Bai slammed his fist against the ground, and his anger rose as tall as a mountain as he roared: "Cao Guo Feng! To think that you actually had the face to call me despicable! YOU are the most despicable snake among us all! For the sake of gaining a disciple with the Free and Natural Physique, you actually went this far!"

Since he knew that he'd made a mistake, Cao Guo Feng already felt exceedingly embarrassed. The anger in his belly had already disappeared, and there was only guilt left in his heart. Especially when he saw that his old friend Zhan Mu Bai whom he'd known for several hundred years was beaten up to such a state, he felt even more ashamed in his heart. Wishing he could just sink into the ground and disappear, he opened and closed his mouth repeatedly like a fish, unable to say anything.

At this point, he decided that the only thing he could do was to try to make things up to this old friend. He must groom this old friend's descendant properly. Even if it wasn't his ideal successor, it didn't matter anymore!

Hearing Zhan Mu Bai yell at him now, he couldn't help but to shake his head with a bitter smile. Mumbling weakly, he said, "Brother Zhan? Where did those words come from? I know that you're not very happy in your heart, I'll make it up to you alright? Just bring that great grandson of yours to me later, I promise to groom him well…

Zhan Mu Bai leapt up with rage, taking two steps forward and arriving rapidly before Cao Guo Feng's face. With a swift stretch of his hand, he grabbed the latter's collar and pulled him forward. "You sneaky thief crying "stop thief!" Do you dare to say that all this wasn't set up by you? Pui! I must have been blind to have treated you as a friend for several hundred years! Now that your plot has been exposed, did you think that a simple apology and compensation was going to be enough to end the matter? You want to accept this daddy's great grandson as a disciple? You must be dreaming! Would this daddy still dare to leave my great grandson in your hands? And let you 'groom' him into a shameless and despicable ruffian like you?!"

His spittle sprayed all over Cao Guo Feng's face, and the latter wiped it away with his sleeves as he lowered his tone dangerously. "What nonsense are you speaking about? Take note of your decorum… an esteemed Saint Emperor, not even caring about your face… I'm sincerely trying to make things up to you. You yourself said that your great grandson's life is in danger, but now you're saying…"

"Decorum? Face?!" Zhan Mu Bai coughed out a bit of blood in his rage. "My decorum had already been dumped into the toilet because of you! My face had already been torn off and used as toilet paper by you, Cao Guo Feng! Now that your sh*tty plot was revealed, you want to bring up the matter of my great grandson again to threaten this daddy? Let me tell you, even if this daddy is left without any descendants; even if this daddy's family line was ended, I don't need your help! Cao Guo Feng! Quickly bring out my disciple, and we'll have nothing to do with each other in the future! Otherwise, only one out of the two of us will leave here alive today!"

Cao Guo Feng blinked blankly for a moment as he stammered. "Wh… what disciple? What are you talking about?"

Zhan Mu Bai's eyes widened and he hollered. "MY FREE AND NATURAL PHYSIQUE DISCIPLE! Cao Guo Feng, you're truly ruthless! You knew that I would fight with you for the disciple, so you decided to take the initiative, stealing the beams and pillars and replacing them with rotten timbers. First, you killed the Chen Family's Second Young Master, smashing his head with a slap, then you maligned me and charged me with the crime. After that, you all came together to accuse me and attract all the attention, while hiding the child away in the chaos. Tell me, am I right?"

Cao Guo Feng stared at him with disbelief and tied tongue. Who would have thought that this fellow's brain was actually so quick and imaginative, actually managing to take a completely baseless thought and make it sound so logical and reasonable, turning around to accuse him instead!

"Bastard! What bullsh*t are you spouting!" Cao Guo Feng was angered. "We've known each other for so many years; am I that kind of person?"

"F*ck off with your dogsh*t so many years! Right before this, hasn't this daddy also 'known you for so many years'? Was this daddy also 'that kind of person'? Didn't you still thoroughly humiliate me?!"

Zhan Mu Bai's eyes were red as he stared steadily at him. "Cao Guo Feng ah, Cao Guo Feng. Previously, I was still feeling curious… that Free and Natural Physique kid was staying with you guys last night, and with seven great Saint Emperors around him, he was actually captured and killed by someone. In this world, is there anyone with such great skills? Hahaha… I'm such an idiot…"

He laughed miserably as he turned his head to the sky. "In this world, those who could catch a living person under the close protection of seven Saint Emperors and escape… perhaps other than the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, there's probably nobody else! To think that I hadn't discovered such an obvious flaw just now… I actually failed to notice that this was just an excellent show directed and acted out by our talented Saint Emperor Cao Guo Feng! What a peerless genius of the theater! To think that you had the cheek to mock me and call me a great actor just now. I have to say, the acting skills of your Misty Illusory Manor is even more impressive! Cao Guo Feng, if at this point, I still failed to see through your motive, this old man would have lived my life in vain!"

When Zhan Mu Bai said those words out, all the experts of the three Holy Lands gasped and collectively issued an "ohh" sound. This explanation was highly possible!

As Zhan Mu Bai had said, who in this world could kidnap a living person right under the nose of seven Saint Emperors? That was simply an impossible matter!

It was an irrefutable fact!

Not mentioning seven Saint Emperors; even if it was only one, as long as the Saint Emperor went all out and protected the person with all his strength while disregarding his own life, unless he died, the person he was protecting would definitely be safe and sound!

This was the strength of a Saint Emperor level expert! And the kid had been guarded by seven great Saint Emperors! Something that even the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master couldn't do was likely also impossible for any other person in this world!

"A bunch of nonsense! This is unfounded deceit! You're turning black into white! Preposterous!" Cao Guo Feng was so enraged that his entire body shook. Even the hair on his head, and his beard were trembling. Right now, he could finally understand how Zhan Mu Bai had felt a moment ago.

It was already embarrassing enough to lose his disciple. But now, that pot of sh*t had also been poured over his head…

Zhan Mu Bai's analysis was rational, and his inference was logical. Furthermore, he stood on the side of reason. People soon began to side with him and began to offer him advice. However, their words of persuasion all seemed to hold more meaning within them. While casting strange looks at Cao Guo Feng, Hai Wu Ya sidled up to Zhan Mu Bai and advised, "Brother Zhan, for this matter, it's better if we give the matter further thought and discuss it later. Brother Cai has always been an upright person. When we think things through for a few days, it wouldn't be too late to sit down and talk again…"

He Zhi Qiu also nodded and added, "Brother Zhan, this matter should not be rushed, we should take it slowly and talk about it at length…"

Their words all hinted at the same thing. Everyone's opinion were the same as Zhan Mu Bai: at this moment, it was clear that the genius disciple had definitely been hidden away by Cao Guo Feng. In fact, it was quite likely part of a grand scheme by the seven Saint Emperors of the Misty Illusory Manor to palm off a substitute for the real thing, while attempting to get away scot free by deceiving the entire world!

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