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"I do understand what situation you are speaking of, but that peculiar situation has a prerequisite, which is that the injured must be in a conscious state of mind… but Green Hunter's mind is at its limit, swaying and on the verge of disseminating. The amount of energy used by her is lesser in the human form. But if she returns to her original form, I'm afraid that the nutrients the body has to offer is not enough for her body to use… and if it goes on to use up the last bit of life force…" Jun Mo Xie said softly.

"Hm, in other words, could it be that even you… can't do anything about it?" Mei Xue Yan asked worriedly.

"My cultivation is still too shallow and I really do not have any good solution, but… there definitely will be one!"

Jun Mo Xie said solemnly. "What I can do currently is to use Primal Chaos Purple Qi to help her sustain her life and ensure her life force doesn't diminish. As long as her life force doesn't go out, there will be a chance to turn it around sooner or later. I believe that there will definitely be a way… when I'm at the sixth or seventh level of the Hongjun Pagoda! You also have been practicing in Hongjun Pagoda for so long; don't you have enough confidence in this treasure?"

Jun Mo Xie had complete faith in the Hongjun Pagoda. The pills refined in the ninth level of the Hongjun Pagoda could even turn a mortal into an immortal instantly! Works of immortals reviving the dead was a simple feat. Although Green Hunter's injures were not light, but it may not even be an issue in the eyes of immortals?

"En, I believe in you, but your circumstances are so dangerous now. How are you planning to face it?"

Jun Mo Xie floated over to Green Hunter, pressing his palm against her back and transfusing Primal Chaos Purple Qi into her again to prolong her life, frowning as he pondered. After a long while, he finally said, "As to this bunch of experts from the Holy Lands… I only have one word: Kill!"

"Kill? But you are only a third level Venerable. There are thirty, forty enemies, and those who are the weakest amongst them are second, third level Venerables! And there are also many Saints, and there are three Saint Emperors providing support. If my guess is not wrong, Heaven Saint Palace would have deployed three guardians and above to accompany Qiao Ying! How are you going to kill? With that strength, even if they stand there completely still for you to kill, you may not be able to kill them at all! This is a fact, an undeniable fact!"

"Our strength is more than enough for dealing with normal circumstances, but compared to our current enemies, we are really too weak! Although you have successfully stirred up a storm, you don't have the capabilities to deal with its consequences. From the way I see it… I think we must take some measures to lie low for now." Mei Xue Yan said worriedly.

"Lie low?" Jun Mo Xie laughed bitterly, rubbing his nose. "Big sis, you already said it yourself, I was the one who stirred up this storm. Today, the storm clouds has all gathered, but I, the instigator, wants to lay low? Isn't that a little disheartening?"

"I still have the same question. Do you have enough strength to handle the consequences? Since your strength is insufficient, what else do you want to do? What else can you do?" Mei Xue Yan rolled her eyes at him.

"Indeed, I can't win them head on.But we can assassinate!" Jun Mo Xie gave a quirky grin. "If we are talking about assassinating, I have complete confidence in crushing those who are lower than Saint Emperor! As to experts who are Saint Emperors and above… We may not be able to assassinate them, but it doesn't mean that there is no one who can subdue them!"

"There may still be some significance in what you said if we were in the past, but right now… In this world, the three Holy Lands have been eradicating those who are at odds with them for ten thousands of years, all those forces who originally were worthy enough of being on par with them were all annihilated completely long ago. They don't even have enemies now, what other power or force is there in the world that can subdue them?"

This sentence that was said unintentionally also gave Mei Xue Yan a shock herself. Because this sentence was said with great seriousness, but it had also encompassed a terrifying fact: the three Holy Lands do not have any enemies!

All their enemies had been completely exterminated, annihilated, and destroyed over the passage of time, leaving not a single descendant…

Ten thousand years! For the entire duration of ten thousand years, constantly all those who defied or were at odds with them… Mei Xue Yan suddenly felt so shocked by her own sentence that she was covered with goosebumps, all her hair was standing! When put this way, wasn't Tian Fa Forest the last force that could go against them?

Which was also their last target for annihilation?

"There is no absolute in the world, only what cannot be imagined. There is nothing that is impossible, as long as we put our hearts to search… there will be existences that are powerful enough. For example… the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master?" Jun Mo Xie said.

"I knew it, since you were planning all this in the dark, you must have something you could rely on. But Mo Xie, I must warn you: even if the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master also fights the three Holy Lands, that is only out of his own intentions. Because we do not have the rights to go against the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master! We even lack the authority to speak to him as equals!"

A heavy look came over Mei Xue Yan's face. "Don't tell me that you only intend to just push the wave and add to the billows, watching from the sidelines in this storm? If that is truly the case, I will support you, but with your personality, will you be willing to?"

Jun Mo Xie was stunned. Mei Xue Yan's sentence had struck his sore spot.

All along, he was already used to fighting enemies weaker than him. But with his improvement in his cultivation, his opponents had become stronger and stronger! This caused him to completely lose the rights to face them on directly, having no other choice but to use whatever sort of possible means to deal with them.

Be it putting on airs, using bluffs and tricks, pretending to be powerful or framing others and shifting the blame…

All these methods were effective and had great results, but since he started out, how many times did he face a battle head on?

If you wished to survive in this disordered world where strength determines everything, and wish to be feared by others, all these must be built on a basic foundation: Strength! Bloody battle! Establish your might!

Shocking the world with one battle!

The best solution in eradicating all future worries was only by establishing your absolute power. Otherwise, how could the opponent be convinced being defeated in such an obscure manner? Naturally, they'd keep coming to look for trouble repeatedly!

This time, we can make sure the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master is there by chance, but what about next time? The next next time? Is it going to continue like this?

"You are right! We mustn't watch from the sides in this situation this time!" Jun Mo Xie said slowly, enunciating each and every word.

"Since you have decided to battle, then a battle it shall be! I believe that as long as we gather all the strength of Tian Fa, no matter what, there will be a chance to fight!" Mei Xue Yan said.

"No!" Jun Mo Xie shook his head slowly.

"No? Do you still have any other ideas?" Mei Xue Yan was stunned. "The only possible solution we have right now is to gather all the seniors of Tian Fa and face them straight on! No matter what the outcome is, we must make the three Holy Lands pay the terrible price! Only when we beat them until it hurts! Then, they'll realize that there is no good end for those who mess with us. Otherwise, we might not even get past this stage of Chrysanthemum City alone!"

Mei Xue Yan paused. "Even the two of us, although we are not weak, we are still no match for Saint Emperors. Unless… we are able to improve our strength exponentially overnight! But that sort of thing has never been heard of in all of history."

"Who said there isn't? Unheard of since ancient times until now doesn't mean that I don't have it! I just said, there are only things that cannot be imagined in the world, but there is absolutely nothing that is impossible!" Jun Mo Xie said indifferently.

His eyes slowly landed on that giant Heaven Earth Spirit Vein, and a glint of madness appeared in his eyes.

"You have?!" Mei Xue Yan had not imagined that she would get an unexpected, absurd answer!

"We really do have a way to greatly improve our strength. But there are always risks for gains, and there is a great risk in this method! And it is a little wasteful." Jun Mo Xie slowly said, as he caressed the Heaven Earth Spirit Vein beneath him. "Inside this thing, it is actually hollow. The reason a Heaven Earth Spirit Vein is formed is because in a unique enclosed space full of Spiritual Qi, Hollow Blue Rock Milk was formed first."

He smiled and continued to speak. "The Hollow Blue Rock Milk is an extremely magical medicine. If anyone is lucky enough to find it and consume it, it is capable of reviving the person from the dead and vastly increase their strength. If no one discovers it over a long time, this Hollow Blue Rock Milk will accumulate and over time, its outer layers will begin to solidify. It is the initial layers of Hollow Blue Rock Milk that were pushed out first! And after ten thousand years of accumulation of these precipitate, it will form the Heaven Earth Holy Milk!"

"Heaven Earth Holy Milk?" Mei Xue Yan was stunned. She had heard of Hollow Blue Rock Milk, but never of Heaven Earth Holy Milk. Because Hollow Blue Rock Milk alone was already a magical treasure that was almost impossible to find in the world. One drop, just a single drop of it was enough to revive the dead! A drop was enough to break through any bottlenecks of Xuan cultivators and improve their strength by hundreds of years!

But she had never thought that above the Hollow Blue Rock Milk, there was still a Heaven Earth Holy Milk!

Shocking! Truly shocking!

But the shock had yet to end!

Jun Mo Xie continued to go on. "After a long period of time, the formation of Heaven Earth Holy Milk was like the same as a large scale formation for gathering Spiritual Qi. It no longer absorbed Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi from being in contact with the ground, but instead, automatically gathered and attracted all the Spiritual Qi over. As the Spiritual Qi gathered more and more, the amount of Heaven Earth Holy Milk formed would also increase. And the outer layers would harden at its peak. So it would only grow in volume, but not harden any further. And this increase in volume starts from the inside. In other words, it will purge out those inadequate impurities, and those impurities will form into this thing before our eyes!"

Jun Mo Xie slapped on this giant Heaven Earth Spirit Vein, as he exclaimed.

"And when this outer layer gets to about three zhang in length, the Heaven Earth Spirit Vein in its beginning stage is already formed! And the magical thing about this item is that no matter where it is placed, it will become the ideal place for cultivation for any cultivator! A Heaven Earth Spirit Vein that is three zhang is enough to turn an entire mountain into the best place for practicing!

"And following the growth of the Heaven Earth Spirit Vein, the quality of the Heaven Earth Holy Milk inside will also increase. The longer it lasts, the higher its quality. If it reaches a certain age, it'll transform into an even rarer 'Golden Jade Fluid'. According to legends, the Heaven Earth Spirit Veins that are able to produce 'Golden Jade Fluid' are at least ten zhangs in length!"

A bitter smile flashed across Jun Mo Xie's face, using his palm to hit the Spirit Vein underneath him. He said to Mei Xue Yan, "And this Heaven Earth Spirit Vein underneath us is almost fifty zhang long! Do you know what it means?…"

"What?" Mei Xue Yan's sudden shock had interrupted Jun Mo Xie. She jumped and flailed her arms about, very unmatching to her fairy-like appearance, screaming at Jun Mo Xie. "This giant rock that I have always been sleeping on is the Heaven Earth Spirit Vein? And there is the magical 'Golden Jade Fluid' inside it… A Heaven Earth Spirit Vein?"

Mei Xue Yan widened her eyes and held her breath as she looked at Jun Mo Xie, waiting for his reply.

"Yes! This thing before our eyes is a piece of perfectly complete Heaven Earth Spirit Vein! And it is the type that has passed the age required for producing 'Golden Jade Fluid'. The thing inside this, I believe just a drop alone… can make a normal person who has never cultivated Xuan Qi to shoot all the way up to a Spirit Xuan… and this is already a safe estimate!"

Jun Mo Xie replied Mei Xue Yan his voice full of confidence. He rolled his eyes. "Why did you think your cultivation could improve so quickly? From a little ferret to a first level Venerable within two short months? I believe that there is no such crazy skill out there that can be this insane. The Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune is, of course, one of the reason. All the Spiritual Qi in this place is also another. But the greatest reason is because I placed you on this thing right from the beginning. Allowing it to constantly cleanse your meridians, so every time you sleep, your physique will also improve due to it! Especially when you are practicing on this, it saves you so much work, but the promises that result are in multiple folds!"

Mei Xue Yan's body swayed, she moaned and supported her head with one hand…

"Or else why did you think I didn't give you any beddings? Am I such an inconsiderate person?" Jun Mo Xie continued to grumble, rolling his eyes. "Now you have achieved great results in your practice, the first thing you did is to bully me, kicking me there, and so many times…"

Young Master Jun felt like his luck was really poor. When he was practicing he didn't have something like this, causing him be lower than this girl…

But he had just finished talking when he realized Mei Xue Yan had moaned slightly and with a roll of her eyes, her body fell weakly and she passed out…

This surprise was too big, so big that even Mei Xue Yan couldn't endure it!

"You're kidding me… Why are her psychological support capabilities so weak?" Jun Mo Xie said in astonishment.

Young Master Jun had clearly belittled the shocking news he had just delivered. In fact, only someone like him who owned numerous treasures wouldn't find this a big deal. Anyone would faint learning of something like this. Even if it was an immortal who had come down to the mortal realm, heard of, and witnessed this thing, he would definitely faint…

Because this was really not something ordinary people would see!

A magical treasure that was rarely seen and heard about in Heaven and Earth!

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