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Hai Wu Ya and the rest watched the sudden appearance of the wall along with the almost magical words in a dumbfounded manner. Even though they were all old demons that'd lived for hundreds of years, they'd never seen something so ridiculous before!

Besides that, what did those words mean?

"Evil Monarch?!"

Just from the looks of this name, it should be a nickname or a title of some sort. However, nobody seemed to have heard of such a person before. Who did this name represent?

In this world, Evil, naturally referred to the Dao of Evil, or the demonic path. However, to date, was there a person who dared to proclaim themselves as 'Monarch'?

If a monarch like that truly existed, would they be completely unknown? Wouldn't their reputation have been completely destroyed long ago?

For this mysterious name to appear here, what was the purpose? Could it be that the person who just had the breakthrough was this Evil Monarch?

Just as everyone's hearts were thumping anxiously, the words on the wall blazed brilliantly, and the words turned into a bright golden color!

In a short period of time, the dark night became brightly illuminated!

Hai Wu Ya, He Zhi Qiu, and the rest were completely dazed. This… there's such a transformation also? Could it be that ghosts and gods really exist in this world? Or could it be that the person who just broke through was so overpowered that even the heavens wanted to stand witness for him?

This kind of amazing transformation had clearly exceeded the understanding of everyone present.

But following that, another flash of gold burst out, and more words began to appear yet again! The experts of the three Holy Lands were all shocked first, then they grew serious, and finally, they exploded with rage! Extreme and utter rage!

Firstly, a single word appeared right in the center of the wall, occupying the central position—FIGHT!

"The world is filled with evils, and I am its monarch! Sweeping across the lands, looking upon the pugilistic world with disdain! Where the Evil Monarch goes, Gods howl and Demons weep! Laughing at the universe, glancing at time, past and present!"

"How bold!" He Zhi Qiu snorted coldly as he gave his evaluation of this unknown and fancy 'Evil Monarch'! Everyone in the crowd felt the same way as well.

These words were simply too presumptuous and wildly arrogant! Who did this fellow think he was?

But everyone also knew one thing: for such a strange phenomenon to appear at this point, the other party was obviously not doing it just to show off. Just his strength of being able to pass through the lightning tribulation already made everything quite clear. There must be a purpose for doing all this now.

From the looks of it, they needed to continue waiting.

As expected, the words that followed confirmed their guesses.

"The Holy Lands are unrighteous and the Evil Monarch shall replace them; slaying a Saint with a single sword—that was just the beginning!"

Everyone gasped with shock; so it turned out that Xia Dong Ting's assassination had been caused by this same Evil Monarch!

"… Punching the Elusive World of Immortals, kicking the Supreme Golden City, and when I'm bored, slapping the Blood Ocean! All the hypocrites of this world shall die without a burial place; the scoundrels of the Holy Lands shall all be sent into the next life; the world shall rejoice, and the oceans be at peace; only I, the Evil Monarch, am fit to hold sway over the world!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"How unbridled! How arrogant! How detestable!" He Zhi Qiu cursed with rage. The others also exploded with anger. This 'Evil Monarch's' tone was simply too unbearable! Although your strength is great, could you go against the mighty three Holy Lands with tens of thousands years of foundations in this Xuan Xuan Continent?!

"People of the Holy Land, if you have the guts, convene at the South of the city in the morning! Life and death shall be determined with a single fight, and all enmities will be resolved! When the sun rises in the morning, it will be the time for the execution of the Holy Lands!"

"This Evil Monarch awaits to personally send everyone off! The Yellow River is long and winding, and the gates of death are beckoning. May everyone take note to be punctual, so as to not miss the auspicious timing and end up as wandering ghosts."

At this point, the words on the wall finally came to an end.

The experts of the Holy Lands were so angered that their intestines had gone green!

In this world, there was actually such an arrogant person when facing the three Holy Lands!

"Dawn of tomorrow! Evil Monarch… final showdown!" Hai Wu Ya mumbled as he read the words on the wall repeatedly. Compared to the others, he was quite a bit wiser and calmer. When he looked at this odd looking wall, apart from shock and rage, Hai Wu Ya felt an even deeper sense of dread. The sense of fear that he'd forgotten long ago had suddenly resurfaced again!

If the other party had no confidence, why would he write this declaration of war?

"Indeed!" He Zhi Qiu was also beginning to calm down from his rage, and he analyzed the words again rationally. "This will most definitely be a bitter fight! The chances of victory in this battle is really…"

"This Evil Monarch really chose an opportune timing…" Hai Wu Ya laughed bitterly and said. "Over half of our forces that came to Chrysanthemum City have already been split. This could be said to be our weakest moment. But he actually chose this timing to pick a fight! This old man feels that the situation is not very good for us."

"Not very good? It's terribly grim!" He Zhi Qiu said seriously. "The issues earlier had caused the people from the Misty Illusory Manor to depart entirely, even showing intentions to turn into enemies with us. Our weapons also disappeared at that time. Right now, Brother Zhan has been injured so grievously by the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master. Even you, Brother Hai, have suffered some internal injuries. The three Guardians that we'd been counting on have been called away to battle against the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master… And now, this Evil Monarch with even greater strength than him has issued us a letter of challenge!"

He Zhi Qiu shook his head and breathed out a long sigh. "As for us… we don't understand what kind of existence this Evil Monarch is! Before this, we haven't even heard of such a person before… This fight is completely ridiculous! If he's really the person who broke through just now, the few of us will not have much longer to live!"

"Everyone knows this too! However, this fight is already inevitable!" Hai Wu Ya smiled bitterly. "Just as the three Guardians had no choice but to accept the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's challenge, we similarly have no other choice but to accept this battle!"

"For the sake of the Holy Lands' ten thousand years worth of reputation, we cannot retreat even half a step! We would rather all die in battle than cower from a blatant challenge!" He Zhi Qiu looked at the far away night sky and said in a forlorn manner.

"Leave two people behind to take care of Brother Zhan. The rest of us shall set off together." Hai Wu Ya said decisively. "This person might have great abilities, but he might not necessarily be that same senior who broke through earlier! Besides, there's a limit to the strength of a single person. He's ultimately just one person. If we talk in terms of the number of experts, it's impossible for that person to have deeper foundations that our three Holy Lands no matter what! This fight might not be completely without hope of victory. Perhaps… we could swarm and take the enemy by surprise; the same strategy we used against the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master back then might prove useful again for this situation!"

He Zhi Qiu raised his eyebrows for a moment and nodded.

"I… will go too!" A weak voice sounded out. As the two turned their heads, the person speaking was actually Zhan Mu Bai! Seeing his current state, they all gasped internally with shock! Hai Wu Ya's body even trembled lightly…

At this time, Zhan Mu Bai's appearance could be said to be wretched to the extreme.

The left part of his body was scorched, and the right side of his body was frozen. From his face downwards all the way to his feet, everything was completely covered in this strange state of ice and fire. In just an hour, the right side would turn to being scorched, and the left side to being frozen, thus maintaining a delicate balance…

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's methods were truly gruesome! This was the result of their unique ability, the Nine Nethers Searing Flames and the Nine Nethers Frigid Wind, being imposed onto Zhan Mu Bai's body at the same time. Every hour, the states would change… there was a name for this, called Yin-Yang Refining Soul!

This Yin-Yang Refining Soul would take up to an entire day and night's effort to completely run its course! For an entire day and night, the victim would be tormented as though they were being led through all eighteen levels of hell repeatedly. It was the publicly acknowledged cruelest torture method in the world!

It was difficult to obtain life though one wished for it, but seeking death… was even more impossible!

When the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master let him go previously, it was not because he truly intended to let Zhan Mu Bai off. He released him purely for the sake of letting him suffer more! In this state of agony, even saying a single word would be while enduring great agony!

"In my current state, I can only at most hang on until dawn…" Zhan Mu Bai trembled intensely and spoke as he gritted his teeth hatefully. "Rather than being toyed to death by the strange methods of the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, I would rather fight it out with that Evil Monarch; perhaps I might even be of some use… My two brothers, in the fight at dawn, I'm naturally helpless to do anything. But I hope you can help me… ignite the Blood Collapsing Body Rending Divine Technique! Let me… die in a more presentable manner…"

"Blood Collapsing Body Rending Divine Technique…" Hai Wu Ya and He Zhi Qiu both shook as though they'd been struck by lightning. "Brother Zhan, all you need to do is to endure for one day and one night, and your cultivation will possibly recover… why must you go this far…"

Zhan Mu Bai laughed bitterly as his face twisted with pain. "So many things have happened to me in this trip… everyone has also seen it for yourself. Do you think that I, Zhan Mu Bai… would still have the face to keep on living? Not mentioning that Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's death threat, just the matter of my face…"

As he spoke to here, he suddenly sucked in a deep breath and bellowed. "I, Zhan Mu Bai, am simply… living a life worse than death!!!"

Zhan Mu Bai's profound cultivation had been sealed long ago. This sentence, had been yelled out entirely by the strength of his body. His voice was hoarse, and filled with humiliation and shame!

Zhan Mu Bai's heart had already been filled with death long ago!

Hai Wu Ya and He Zhi Qiu stood there mutely, their hearts as heavy as lead. They looked at each other helplessly, unable to say a single word…

The night slowly slipped away…

As the sky brightened gradually and the experts of the three Holy Lands, under the leadership of He Zhi Qiu and Hai Wu Ya, quietly made their way to Chrysanthemum City's south gate.

There was a soft mattress carried by a few people in the middle of the group, where Zhan Mu Bai sat atop with his back straight. The left side of his face was completely red, and the right side was a frightening frost white. His body trembled uncontrollably, and the muscles on his body spasmed and twitched. But Zhan Mu Bai's hair was actually combed neatly to the side, and his robes were clean and stainless. His eyes were filled with killing intent and determination!

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