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Just at this time, a hu sound rang out, and three figures appeared in the middle of the field, without a single sound. Before this, nobody even noticed their arrival at all.

These were exactly the three Guardians of the Heaven Saint Palace: the All Seeing Rakshesha Qiao Ying, the Heart Seal Sky Sword Cheng Yin Xiao, and the Willful Wild Saber Qu Wu Hui!

Qiao Ying's hair was wild and messy, and her face was pale. Cheng Yin Xiao and Qu Wu Hui's robes were both torn, and faint traces of blood could be seen on the corners of their mouths. Their faces were slightly yellow, and it was clear to see that they'd suffered some internal injuries that weren't light.

The smile on Jun Mo Xie's face froze as he cursed the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master in his heart. That bastard is really useless! To actually let all three of these idiots return like that, not even managing to leave one of them behind? Even if you just delay them, that would have been fine. But great, the three of them are here together now, and this Young Master has been caught by surprise! Even if their battle prowess is not completely there, they are still a major threat ah!

"You've agreed? You mean to say that the three of you Guardians are also participating in this battle?" Jun Mo Xie said with an ugly look on his face.

"No, they're not participating. They don't have the leisure to join your fight. All they're doing here is to act as witnesses! Just like them, this Young Master is also here to witness the fight." An eerie voice rang out, seemingly far and seemingly near…

Another figure flashed, and a black shadow floated to the ground. The figure was clearly standing there, but he didn't seem to have any presence at all, as if he didn't actually exist.

To make such a strange appearance, this was none other than the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master!"

This audience lineup is a little too ridiculous! Jun Mo Xie gulped in his heart. He felt a little like a famous football player in the final game of an international tournament, while the entire world waited to watch his performance. To think that this decisive battle would actually be spectated personally by the Heaven Saint Palace's three Guardians and the number one expert of the world, Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master!

No matter who the victor of this battle was, it was bound to shock the entire world! If Jun Mo Xie won, he would have shattered the current world order! In addition to the three Holy Lands, another figure would be added to the grand characters of this world… the Evil Monarch!

The Evil Monarch Manor!

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's body was unstained, and his black robes were neat and clean. There wasn't even a single crease or wrinkle to be found. On the other side, the three Guardians looked much more wretched comparatively. There was already no need to inquire about the results of their battle. The winner and loser were obvious.

Jun Mo Xie's heart calmed down, and he smiled. "In that case, I can feel more at ease."

"Brat, you seem quite relaxed ah, if this Young Master hadn't arrived, your over 300 strong force would have been completely eaten up by those three Guardians. Don't think that just because they look rather wretched right now that they don't have the ability. It would still be a piece of cake for them to destroy your entire force. How are you going to thank this Young Master?" The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master said with a light smile.

"I must naturally thank you. As for the method of thanks… how about a gift of the full song [Laughing Proudly in the Pugilistic World]?" Jun Mo Xie said with a light smile.

"Oh? It's you? It's really you!" The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's eyes widened with happiness and excitement as he looked at Jun Mo Xie.

"Who else if not me." Jun Mo Xie smiled lightly and said. Even if you didn't come here, my guys wouldn't necessarily be slaughtered by the three Holy Lands. At the most, this daddy can just take out the Hongjun Pagoda, and magic everyone away before disappearing myself… Even the Nine Nether First Young Master wouldn't be able to find me! If I didn't have at least this amount of ability up my sleeves, would this daddy come out here and risk my neck?

Did you think that this daddy is stupid?

However, since you've come to offer your services for free, I shall use a single song to placate you a bit. This daddy has plenty of modern and cool songs in my head, enough to let you listen to for hundreds of times!

From the moment that Cheng Yin Xiao arrived, he and Qu Wu Hui had been staring at the over 300 soldiers behind Jun Mo Xie with wide eyes. The more they looked, the more shocked they became!

The cultivation of the two of them had already exceeded the peak of this mundane world; their eyesights and their experiences were exceptional. With just a single look, they could already see the value of the Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer troops!

Although the battle strengths of the 300 something people in front of them were high, they were not enough to be placed in the sights of these two Guardians. However, there was quite possibly a mystical technique which could raise a person's strength and potential behind the existences of these people! And that was something that nobody could resist!

The two of them exchanged a glance, and their eyes lit up with excitement. If a magical technique could raise a person's strength quickly really existed in this world, it would be a great fortune for the entire human race! One could even form a mighty army, crossing over the Pillar of Heavens Mountains and wipe out the strange races for good!

"Jun Mo Xie, we've already agreed to all your conditions just now. But since it's a bet, the stakes must be fair. You've only mentioned the conditions of our loss, but what happens if you lose…?" Cheng Yin Xiao laughed and said. "It can't be that only you can raise conditions, and we're not allowed to have any requests, right?"

"There's naturally fairness in a bet! If you have any conditions, you can also say it! This Young Master here will wash my ears and listen carefully." Jun Mo Xie smiled faintly and said. From the looks in the eyes of this Sky Sword Wild Saber duo, how could he not know what conditions they wanted to put forth? Was there even a need to think about it?

As expected, Qu Wu Hui immediately replied. "We only have one condition. If our side wins, you and your subordinates will join the Heaven Saint Palace and become part of our strength. What do you say?"

Cheng Yin Xiao chuckled lightly and added. "There's no need to worry about the problem of safety. As long as you become subordinates of the Heaven Saint Palace, no one in the three Holy Lands will dare to do anything to you. Because if they offend you, it means that they're going against the Heaven Saint Palace. Even Mo Wu Dao wouldn't dare to do that! That way, it's also the equivalent of removing the greatest troubling matter in front of you. There will no longer be any more troubles!"

"Fine! I promise!" Jun Mo Xie also answered without any hesitation. In any case, he wasn't going to lose. So what was the harm in making a promise like that?

The swift and direct way in which Jun Mo Xie agreed was so unexpected that even Cheng Yin Xiao and Qu Wu Hui were taken aback. They almost didn't dare to believe their own ears. He… agreed just like that?

Could it be that he was actually so confident?

Even the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master could not help but look at Jun Mo Xie with shock.

With his experience, he could naturally tell that in terms of individual strengths, the experts of the three Holy Lands had a clear advantage. Whether it be the stability of their cultivation, or the strength of their mental states, all of them were well seasoned warriors who'd gone through hundreds of battles.

In contrast, on Jun Mo Xie's side, although their batle intent was also extremely potent, and each of the soldiers had a fearlessness towards death that was extremely shocking, and their startling discipline and intense killing intent was far above the people on the Holy Land's side, but their cultivations were not stable nor pure. There was also a feeling as if they hadn't fully gotten used to their realms after advancing too forcefully…

A lineup like that was likely bound to meet with repeated defeats. Why had Jun Mo Xie agreed so unhesitatingly?

"Good! Young Master Jun is indeed straightforward." Cheng Yin Xiao praised. "Regardless of the result of this battle, this Cheng expresses his sincere admiration towards Young Master Jun's forthrightness! This battle today, whether life, death, victory, or defeat, will be determined by the will of the heavens! With us three Guardians and the publicly acknowledged number one expert under the heavens Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master as witness, both sides cannot go back on their words. Otherwise, that person will be pursued relentlessly and killed by the four of us together!"

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's eyes twitched for a moment, a little unhappy. He'd already admitted that he was no longer the number one expert in the world anymore… Yet, this Cheng Yin Xiao keep saying it, clearly trying to trigger him… Moreover, without having first gaining his approval, he'd declared the the four of them would join hands to pursue and kill… that was taking liberties with his name!

Hmph hmph, since you're not learning from the lessons I gave you, this Young Master will only have to truly give you a harsh lesson that you will remember… After some thought, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's body flashed, and he walked over to the side of the field. With a swipe of his hand, a large stone rose out of the ground. Planting his butt directly atop it, he sat down and crossed his head, in a matter of one anticipating a great show….

"A decisive battle of life and death. There is only victory and defeat! The winner lives, while the loser dies. No one can say a word of complaint!" Cheng Yin Xiao's face turned cold as he declared: "First battle! The three Holy Lands sends out 3 fourth level Venerables!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After saying that, Cheng Yin Xiao and the others backed off, leaving a wide space on the battlefield.

"3 fourth level Venerables…" Jun Mo Xie smiled lightly as he turned around. "Old Eagle, please arrange a few people for this battle!"

Solitary Eagle laughed aloud, and his eyes turned sharp and fierce as he shouted. "Who on our side will face the Venerables of the Holy Lands?"

A single organized step rang out, as all the fourth level Venerables stepped out from within the 300 soldiers! The ground echoed with their steps, and a heavy atmosphere descended on the area!

Solitary Eagle locked his eyes on the three frontmost people and nodded. "The three of you then. Go!"

The three who were pointed out instantly chorused their acknowledgement and stepped out.

"No matter who goes out to battle, this old man only has a single request: you're only allowed to win! To win is to live. To lose it to die! If you're defeated, there's no need to come back anymore. Just pay for your sins on the battlefield and commit suicide!"

The three soldiers all had icy expressions on their faces as they chorused. "If we lose, we have no more face to come back to see Young Master! Only death will be accepted!"

The three walked out at the same time as their killing intent surged out like sharp swords! It was just the three people stepping out to battle, but their momentum was like a troop of a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses!

A bloody aura of killing intent merged together and filled the battlefield!

"These 300 people are extraordinary!" Cheng Yin Xiao locked his eyes on a soldier of the Heaven Destroyer Team and sighed.

"Indeed! Where in this world… did so many geniuses come from?" Qu Wu Hui's face was grim as he nodded. "Apart from the two at the most front, none of the others are even over 40 years in age! Brother Cheng, this… If I wasn't seeing this with my own eyes, I would scarcely be able to believe it!"

Cheng Yin Xiao half closed his eyes and looked solemnly at the battlefield. "What's there to not believe? That Jun Mo Xie is not even 20, but he's already reached the level of Saint Emperor. That is much scarier and much more unbelievable! I believe there must be some kind of secret technique in his or his master's hands, which can raise a person's strength very quickly in a short time! Furthermore, there are no side effects… This discovery is not a small matter."

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