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The three Venerables that the three Holy Lands sent out this time all came from the Elusive World of Immortals. The three of them looked at each other and smiled suavely as they stepped out with their robes fluttering lightly in the wind. Although they were about to fight a deathly match, their bearings were casual and easy. Their steps were confident, and although they were facing the fierce auras of the opponent, they did not seem to be worried at all.

One side was dressed in white, with casual attitudes and gleaming swords by their side, while the other side was donned entirely in black, with fierce murderous auras. The contrast was exceedingly stark.

The two were like naturally extremes of each other, and this time, they were standing on opposite sides, preparing to begin a battle of life and death!

"From your point of views, which side do you think has a higher chance in this first battle?" Qiao Ying furrowed her brows lightly and asked. "This is a battle of life and death. Losing means death… it isn't easy for our Holy Lands to nurture experts. Each expert needs several hundred years of bitter training before they can reach their current levels. These people here are all the main forces of the War for Seizing the Heavens. But a single miscalculation by Mo Wu Dao had resulted in such a pointless battle… what a heartbreaking scene."

"Even though our statuses are high, the decisions of the Holy Lands are not something that we have a right to question. The choices made by all the Palace Lords in the past are actually rather similar as well. I can only say that this Mo Wu Dao's luck this time was simply too rotten, to come across a little monster like this that hadn't appeared in even a hundred generations." Qu Wu Hui said with a light sigh. "However, I still feel quite confident that this match will go in our favor."

Cheng Yin Xiao nodded with approval. "The three from their side has huge amounts of killing intent, and their auras and determination is fierce and firm. Against normal enemies, just their fearsome auras will be enough to frighten their enemies and allow them to win with ease. However, this is also because they were unable to control their auras with ease, resulting in their auras overflowing like this. In a battle against high level experts, this kind of killing intent would easily reveal their every move and location…"

Smiling casually, he continued. "One must know that in a battle, there will be many fast changing situations; the movements of experts of such levels are too fast to follow with the naked eye. One can only react using their senses. Although the auras of the opponent seems fearsome, it also reveals their fatal weak points. In contrast, the experts on our side are relaxed and calm right from the start, showing no such weakness. Even before the fight began, they've already won half the battle! There's no longer any need to worry about the results."

At this time, the three experts from the Holy Lands were standing face to face, their auras rising faintly.

"Looks like our guys have already seen through the opponents' weakness. My guess is that the moment the battle begins, they will move to thoroughly disrupt the opponents' pace right from the beginning. That would be the correct way to handle them." Qu Wu Hui nodded with satisfaction. "In this battle, although our side would also suffer some injuries, the damage would not be too serious. As for the three on the other side, I can already announce their death right now!"

Cheng Yin Xiao nodded his agreement. Their expressions were relaxed and casual. Although it was only the first battle, obtaining a great result this early would undoubtedly greatly increase everyone's morale!

Just at this time, the three warriors from the Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer side suddenly changed their original formation. The person in the center took two steps forward, the person on the left took two steps backwards, and the person on the right took on step sideway.

With just a few simple steps, the three had already formed into an odd triangular formation!

But this battle formation was not just a simple triangular formation. There was a sense of hidden distance within it. The person at the front raised his head and puffed out his chest. His stalwart body bulged menacingly, as if he could support the heavens and earth! The person behind him was crouching down like a prowling leopard. As for the person on the right, his steps were strange, and the side of his body faced the outside. The killing intent around his body had faded by a huge extent.

This was an exceedingly strange battle formation!

In this world, such a battle formation had never appeared before!

"That formation is truly odd…" Cheng Yin Xiao furrowed his brows and said. However, his expression soon eased. "However, it shouldn't affect the actual battle too much."

Qiao Ying and Qu Wu Hui both also nodded lightly in agreement.

In a battle against high level experts, battle formations were basically worthless. The main focus should be the cultivation and martial techniques of the individual. No matter how ingenious the formation was, in a fight between high level experts where the battle situation was rapidly changing constantly, relying on a formation would only incur the ridicule of the opponent.

Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan both had a light smile on their faces as they looked disdainfully at the three Guardians trying to analyze the battle formation. "Those three idiots!" Mei Xue Yan smiled brightly, her eyes squinting adorably like summer flowers blooming…

There was nothing absolute in the world. The fact that there hadn't been any formations that could affect a high level battle in the past didn't mean that there wouldn't be any now, or in the future!

What those Guardians didn't know was that this weird triangular battle formation was actually a formidable formation that Jun Mo Xie had retrieved from the Hongjun Pagoda: the Heaven, Earth, Man; Three Extremes Killing Formation!

The moment the formation was unleashed, the strengths of the three people within the formation would overlap perfectly. There would be no distinction between them anymore; the strength of each of them would be the equivalent of the combined strength of the three of them together! In other words, if the three of them attacked together, the combined strength would be nine times greater than normal!

How could this be just a normal battle array?



Two voices rang out as the two sides suddenly clashed together!

The moment the battle began, it immediately exploded with great intensity! In a battle of life and death, every move was a killing technique. There were no space for mercy!

White shadows flashed across the sky as the three Venerables from the Holy Lands attacked at the same time. In an instant, each person had already unleashed at least a dozen skills. After that, they charged in personally, beginning a fierce, close-ranged fight!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As for the other side, the three blacked robed experts did not charge forward to meet them. Instead, they first unleashed a dazzling series of position swapping maneuver, spinning like a windmill. Surprisingly, the places where their feet landed had not changed from the start, and only the people in each position were swapped.

Loud booms rang out continuously, and the battlefield was enveloped in a cloud of sand and dust!

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's eyes lit up as he mumbled to himself. "This formation… is truly strange… but it's really interesting…"

The positions of the three muscular hulks changed continuously, but no matter how it changed, the three's feet never landed outside of their original spots. All the attacks from the three Holy Lands' Venerables were blocked by the foremost man, while the other two took the chance to madly attack the other sides!

The three black men were switching between each other constantly, but there seemed to be a tangible and imperceptible giant net under each of them. This invisible net combined the strengths of the three individuals perfectly and evenly distributed them back to each person. Slowly, the strengths of each person began to grow more and more powerful…

Only a mere instant had passed since the battle began when the initiative turned from the Holy Land's side to the defending black robed side. Following that, as more time passed, the Venerables from the Holy Land's side were even falling into a disadvantage!

The battle was becoming more and more intense!

"Not good!" Cheng Yin Xiao's pupils shrunk and he exclaimed with surprise. "What happened? How did this battle end up like this? Could it be that the strange formation of those three people is really so magical?"

"Strange things would happen every year, but there are especially many strange things this year. A battle that was supposed to be a guaranteed win actually ended up in such a state? As expected of the strongest power of the Xuan Xuan Continent ah… there's truly nothing that capable people cannot do!"

A mocking voice drifted over from the side. Cheng Yin Xiao turned his head and looked at the direction of the voice. Truthfully, he didn't even need to turn around. Apart from the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, there weren't any other person who could talk that way and use such a tone while saying such mocking words.

As expected, when his eyes swiveled around, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was indeed standing several zhang beside him watching the entertaining fight, having arrived soundlessly and without warning.

To experts above the Saint Emperor realm, such a distance was basically non-existent. If Cheng Yin Xiao and the others really wanted to attack in that moment, even the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master would have to take quite a beating. However, that fellow was clearly courageous to approach so closely. This kind of confidence could no longer be described with courage deriving from having great skill!

Jun Mo Xie looked over and scoffed in his heart. Che, what courage deriving from having great skill? That is simple the result of arrogance that reached an extreme level! He did not even put the three experts in his eyes at all, and he probably even hopes that they will attack. This Young Master currently still doesn't have that kind of power. If I had such strength, this Young Master would behave even more exaggerated… yes, more courageous deriving from having great skill!

Cheng Yin Xiao completely ignored the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's mocking words. His gaze returned to the battle, and he mumbled with furrowed brows. "Whether in personal strength, battle ability of the entire group, or the perfect coordination with each other, our side is clearly far superior than the opponent. Even if the few of us went down personally, disregarding our cultivation and personal strength, our coordination is not necessarily stronger than their's! However… such intricate coordinated attacks are actually being suppressed so thoroughly? This matter is completely incomprehensible! It doesn't make sense no matter how we look at it!"

"The Heaven Saint Palace is truly becoming more and more backward with time. How pitiful… To think that Guardians who are so much more superior to Saint Emperors would actually be so lacking in judgement. Looks like the day the Heaven Saint Palace completely falls and disappears is near at hand!" The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master chuckled softly and said in a scalding tone.

"This old man can only see that the positions that those three are stepping on are somewhat strange. As for the rest, I really can't tell what is special about it. Brother Fourteenth has amazing judgement, so why don't you enlighten us about it?" Qu Wu Hui did not get angry, and instead asked humbly.

Modesty and open mindedness were traits of accomplished men.

"The fates of those three from the Holy Lands are already decided. They're surely doomed!"

A dark light flashed in the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's eyes as he continued. "This Young Master said that you guys lack judgement, and I wasn't kidding. You all only saw that the formation was strange, but you couldn't tell where the oddity laid…

"As long as you observe carefully, you'll see that whenever those three black robed men attack, their movements can be said to have unpredictable changes. That is the main reason why it's difficult to see through. Although the battle formation they're using is indeed strange and unpredictable, their actual strengths are far from our level. Even if their movements are exceedingly strange, it cannot escape from our eyes. As long as there is enough time, traces of clues can be found. And that is also how this Young Master saw through the intricacies of this battle formation…"

"What intricacies?"

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