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The five black robed men landed on the ground at the same time, immediately kneeling on one knee as they reported respectfully to Jun Mo Xie. "Young Master, your subordinates have returned alive!"

"You've worked hard; you guys gained quite a bit in this battle, so go back and reflect upon it." Jun Mo Xie said with a light smile.

"Yes!" The five stood up together and returned back to the troop. Jun Mo Xie's side did not rejoice or cheer; it was as if the results of this five men were the most ordinary and inconsequential thing and wasn't worthy of them getting excited about…

"The third battle, 7 second level Saints!" Hai Wu Ya's voice rang out, clearly carrying an unrestrained killing intent! No matter what, they had to obtain victory in this third battle!

As his words rang out, seven white robed experts walked out together. As Jun Mo Xie looked over, he realized that those seven had very similar appearances, and he could not help but to feel a shudder in his heart. Could it be that those seven are blood brothers?

Jun Mo Xie had guessed correctly. These seven second level Saints all came from the Supreme Golden City. Furthermore, they were all blood brothers! The Seven Demon Formation had once been famous through the world, reminding others of the carnage and bloody legend of the seven brothers!

The moment these seven were together, joining hands in battle, even a fourth level Saint would not dare to take them lightly! Even against a Saint Emperor, these seven brothers would still hold a shred of battle prowess. Even if they couldn't win, they would not be in danger of losing their lives!

The seven brothers were of one heart, and their coordination was practically natural and seamless. Furthermore, with the support of the Seven Demon Formation, it was simply akin to adding wings to a tiger!

For this battle, the Holy Land's side had an absolute advantage!

Jun Mo Xie furrowed his brows lighty. Looking at the actions of the seven brothers, no matter from which angle, they seemed like one body, completely inseparable!

This match was the true bitter battle of the day!

At this point, it was really difficult to determine which side would claim the victory for this match!

"The opponent are seven brothers, with their hearts and minds linked. This is their greatest strength, but also their weakness!" Mei Xue Yan looked at the seven people with serious expressions as she said in a low voice.

"Oh? Jun Mo Xie looked at Mei Xue Yan and waited silently for her to continue.

Mei Xue Yan smiled lightly and continued. "The reasoning behind this is actually very simple. Those seven brothers have been together for hundreds of years. Their relationship had naturally reached a level of being inseparable! Their coordination should be at a point where they wouldn't even need to speak. A simple raise of the head or arching of the brows would allow all seven to know what it meant! A battle formation like that was undoubtedly the most frightening battle formation! However, there's also a deadly flaw. That is, their relationship is already too deep, to an extent where they can't do anything without each other!"

Mei Xue Yan's eyes shone with wisdom as she smiled. "Hurting one means hurting all seven. An injury on one person's body means in injury in the hearts of seven! At that time…"

Without waiting for her to finish her words, Jun Mo Xie clapped ferociously as a bright light shone in his eyes. "I understand now! Haha… Xue Yan, my good wife!"

Mei Xue Yan's face turned red as a sweet feeling gushed into her heart. Right now, as long as she could help Jun Mo Xie with any matter, she would feel satisfied in her heart. Sometimes, she found this strange as well; her behaviour no longer conformed to her previous character… when it came to love, she was helpless, and she would even feel completely willing from her heart.

Mei Xue Yan thought silently in her heart. Perhaps, this… is the life of a woman…

Jun Mo Xie turned around swiftly and raised his voice. "Spirit Devourer team, step forward, formation…" He thought for a moment and declared, "Seven Stars Big Dipper Array!"

As he looked at the seven stalwart men in black at the front, Jun Mo Xie gave a few instructions. The seven's eyes lit up as they exchanged a glance. Hurriedly exchanging a few words with each other, they stepped out.

On the other side, the seven brothers did not feel any rush as they watched their opponents discussing. A faint trace of disdain even fleeted across their faces! Ever since the seven of them had formed the Seven Demon Formation, they'd already lost count of the number of same ranked opponents they'd killed, or even opponents one level above them! Even if the number of opponents in the same rank far surpassed the seven of them, they could still completely wipe out the enemy without a single loss on their side!

And right now, Jun Mo Xie's side had only sent out seven second level Saints, whose strength were even quite inferior to the seven brothers. In their eyes, these seven were just a few tough prisoners tied up and delivered to them for execution! There were no challenge at all!

As the killing intent on both sides soared, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master turned around and looked at Qu Wu Hui, whose face was the same color as the mud. "Shall we… have another bet? This time, the loser will have to swallow the 1,000 earthworms into their stomachs. Do you dare?"

If one said that the bet about digging earthworms was nothing more than a harmless prank and losing would at most result in one losing some face, this bet about eating the earthworms… was completely different.

Qiao Ying stiffened and retched dryly as she heard the words… Eating earthworms? Can those things even be eaten? And to swallow them live? Just thinking about it is enough to disgust one to death! The images of earthworms squirming in the ground appeared in her mind. Although Qiao Ying's cultivation was shocking, she was just a girl. Not puking on the spot was already a great achievement!

Qu Wu Hui rolled his eyes and began to consider carefully.

Should he take the chance to take a victory back? This… seems to be a good chance ah.

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master might not know how powerful the Seven Demon Formation is, which was why he dared make such a large bet. He probably feels that because that brat Jun Mo Xie managed to win two matches both using strange formations, that his chance of victory should be higher. Only, he didn't know that the seven brothers also have their own formation. That's actually an exceedingly powerful formation that can even make them comparable to a Saint Emperor expert once they join hands! There's practically no reasons for them to lose this match!

The moment the wretched image of the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master swallowing earthworms swam into his mind, Qu Wu Hui's lips curled up without his realization…

Qu Wu Hui acted as though he was extremely conflicted, and unwilling to reject the bet as he shook his head with a low voice. "Brother Fourteenth, this seems a bit too much… Everyone should know that Jun Mo Xie that brat must have some other weird formation. There's the three man formation from before, then the five man formation. It wouldn't be anything strange for a seven man formation to appear here as well… Could it be that Brother Fourteenth is only asking this old man to dig up the earthworms so you could eat them? Brother Fourteenth, that's somewhat… not right?"

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master snorted coldly and raised his nose. "What's not right about it? If one dares to bet, they should dare to lose as well. Since you do not have much confidence on your guys… I'll bet on the three Holy Lands' win this time then. You can bet on that kid Jun Mo Xie's side!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Qu Wu Hui instantly jumped up as though his butt was on fire. "Brother Fourteenth, aren't you making things difficult for me now? This old man is a Guardian of the Heaven Saint Palace. How can I bet on an enemy instead of my own people?! Besides, we've already selected our sides beforehand. This old man has been betting on the Holy Lands all along, while you've only been betting the side of the Evil Monarch. How can we switch so easily? This fight is simply too hard to call. This old man will go all out and bet once more with you. Isn't it just 1,000 earthworms?"

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master nodded and cast a sideway glance at him. "Oh? Didn't you say that that Jun brat has formations, and the chance of winning is high? This Young Master is letting you, and you still want to change your choice? It's truly difficult to please you! Hm, so from your words… this Young Master can only pick the Evil Monarch's side to win? Hold on, since you knew that the other side has their formations, you still insisted on betting; which means to say… you feel that the black side might not win…"

"There's no such thing as an absolute in this world. From this old man's point of view, both sides are evenly matched. Although the black side's chances are higher, we will not necessarily lose. Even if we are doomed to lose, I would still support our side…" Qu Wu Hui hurriedly covered up. Right now, he was only afraid that the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master would suddenly become unwilling to bet with him… that, would be disastrous!

"That's not good either; since you said that the black side's chances are greater, I'll let you gain an advantage this time… I'll just stick with betting on the Holy Lands then." The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master said sneakily: "Qu Wu Hui, let's decide it like that. Haha, you have to bet whether or not you want to!"

Qu Wu Hui's anger rose up to his neck as his face paled. "F*ck you! What kind of gamble is that? There's only such a thing as forced sex, not forced bets… You, you.. this old man refuses to accept! This old man is a person from the Holy Lands, and I'll be a ghost of the Holy Lands after I die. I'll only bet on the Holy Lands, and nothing else!"

"Old fart, so you're saying that… you're still betting on the three Holy Lands?" The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master narrowed his eyes and said.

"That's right! That's exactly what this old man is saying!" Qu Wu Hui said unyieldingly.

"Fine! We'll bet! It's natural to lose when one gambles! This old man will let you have the advantage this once!" The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master said decisively. "If the Holy Lands win, I'll eat those 1,000 earthworms. But if that Evil Monarch wins, you must swallow every single one of them!"

"Deal!" Qu Wu Hui's face was lit with happiness. In that moment, he felt like digging up earthworms was not necessarily a joyless task. Just to be able to watch the number one lunatic under the heavens eating live earthworms, and the earthworms were even personally provided by himself… WAHAHAHA… when he imagined the look of disgust on the Fourteenth Young Master's face when he was eating the earthworms, Qu Wu Hui felt his entirely body invigorated as if he'd eaten a divine pill.

That moment was definitely going to be the most memorable of his life…

Qu Wu Hui was indeed fated to have that moment become the most memorable event of his life! Of course, just what that meant… was something to be talked about in the future!

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master laughed coldly as he looked at the idiot beside him. Waving his hand, he beckoned. "Lad surnamed Jun, come over here for a moment. Relax, it's still quite some time until your match. Let's chat a bit together."

Jun Mo Xie stiffened for a moment as he gave Mei Xue Yan a look. Smiling lightly, he cupped his fists. "Since Senior has invited me, this junior does not dare to reject." Stepping out confidently, he walked over.

Cheng Yin Xiao raised his brow slightly and laughed. "Jun Mo Xie, your courage is truly not little, ah. Although you currently have the strength of a Saint Emperor, you're still too weak in our eyes. Aren't you afraid that the three of us will attack you at the same time? If the three of us joined hands, even the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master would not be able to help you though he's right beside you. Are you really that fearless?"

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