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"Brother Fourteenth… your words of wisdom today have really brought us to our senses!" Qu Wu Hui politely bowed to Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master and said with great sincerity. "If the Holy Lands still have a future… it will all be thanks to Brother Fourteen's words today! Although we stand on opposing sides, I will forever etch this favor in my heart! Even if the day comes where we kill Brother Fourteenth with our hands, we will absolutely carve Brother Fourteenth's name in the Heaven Saint Palace's predecessor tablet!"

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Thinking of killing me… With the current three Holy Lands… is it possible? Qu Wu Hui, you better stop dreaming! And don't you dare tarnish this young master's great name, carving this young master's name on your predecessor tablet. Are you showing me gratitude? That is an insult to this young master!"

"Whether I'm dreaming or not, it shall be determined at a later time." Qu Wu Hui chuckled. Then he gritted his teeth and stomped his feet and declared, "For the words Brother Fourteenth spoke today, the one thousand earthworms… this old man… will eat them!"

"Oh? Does that mean you were originally planning to go act dumb?" The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master scanned him up and down and said in a meaningful tone. "As expected from one who yields from the three Holy Lands, to even dare to play foul in a bet with this young master, I've really witnessed what it means if the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked today…"

Qu Wu Hui turned red. Qiao Ying and Chen Yin Xiao also bowed to the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, thanking him for his words. The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master sighed. "Who knew that the words I mentioned unintentionally have helped my enemy…."

Everyone chuckled, but the trio's hearts were extremely heavy. What the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master had mentioned was a fact and reality. And it was indeed at a considerably bad stage. How would they turn things around?

The three of them frowned and spent a long time trying to figure out what to do… but to no avail… they couldn't help but let out a sigh simultaneously…

Qu Wu Hui announced listlessly. "Third Battle, Evil Monarch's victory!"

Jun Mo Xie chuckled and watched his seven subordinates return to the troops. He turned around to look at Qu Wu hui and said, "Senior Qu, thank you for going easy on us, that Exquisite Lotus… is halfway to becoming mine!"

This sentence was clearly a reply to what Qu Wu Hui had said earlier. But right now, Qu Wu Hui had nothing to say because that was just how it was. What else was there to say?

Acting strong and holding on was even more embarrassing. Today, the three Holy Lands and Heaven Saint Palace utterly embarrassed themselves! There were only six rounds, and the opponent had already completely won three! It was already an understatement to say that he was halfway to winning his stake!

Qiao Ying pondered deeply before suddenly speaking. "Jun Mo Xie, there is no need to continue the battle anymore. Our side gives up for the battle today! The Holy Lands concede defeat! We will not go back on the Exquisite Lotus that we had promised as bet and will definitely deliver it. Let's just stop here; how's that?"

Qiao Ying was an intelligent person, and judging from the previous three rounds, she noticed that all the signs had indicated that the circumstances were really too peculiar! When the three Holy Lands sent three people, Jun Mo Xie had a three people formation waiting; when it was five people, he had a mythical formation for five people prepared. And it was the same for seven people!

Although there were three more rounds, the three guardians had already lost all their confidence. The strength of Jun Mo Xie's team was too unusual; all the people sent onto the arena did not have the same strength as those from the Holy Lands, and were in fact inferior in terms of Xuan Qi, cultivation, and state of mind.

But with those three mysterious formations, they completely turned the tides and ultimately annihilated the enemy while returning back to the troops without sustaining any losses!

It was not hard to predict following this trend: if Jun Mo Xie had formations for three, five, or seven people, what surprise was there for him to come up with even more formations?

Even if the Holy Lands sent out ten, or even twenty people, Jun Mo Xie would probably still have a formation to counter it, and it would only get stronger. There was no chance of victory for them! Especially when the last round was He Zhi Qiu challenging Jun Mo Xie. From the looks of the battle between Hai Wu Ya and Mei Xue Yan, He Zhi Qiu had no chance of winning!

Then if they continued to fight like this, wouldn't the experts from the Holy Lands be throwing their lives away like a moth flying into flames? Even if they really went through with all six rounds of battle, there was a very likely chance that they would lose all six, and all the members in the battles would perish. At the very end, they would still have to pay up the bet of the Exquisite Lotus! There was really no practical meaning to it!

So Qiao Ying instantly suggested to put an end to the battle!

Without a doubt, her decision was right and wise. Cheng Yin Xiao and Qu Wu Hui could also see this, just that they were embarrassed to raise it up, given their status. But it was understandable for Qiao Ying to raise it… because Qiao Ying was a woman, she had a natural advantage in this area…

A man could not be trusted to keep his promise, but a woman could…

This was the natural privilege of women. Even if that woman had a high status, or was a thousand year old old demoness, she was still ultimately a woman. There was no doubt about this fact, so she was allowed to have this privilege!

Of course, the two old men's faces also secretly turned slightly red… but… their faces turning red… would still be much better than staining the ground red with the flesh and blood of lives, right?

"End this battle? Concede defeat? Give me the Exquisite Lotus and we just stop here?" Jun Mo Xie was stunned. Right now, his focus was not on this matter. His thoughts were currently wandering about, thinking about something else.


"Lawmen of the pugilistic world!"

When the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master unintentionally brought out these five words, Jun Mo Xie's heart skipped a beat. This was a completely new terminology; who would have thought that the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master had this sort of awareness…

Or maybe it was a case where the speaker had no particular intention of speaking, but the listener read their own meaning into it. When these five words entered Jun Mo Xie's ear, his heart was palpitating with eagerness.

I never thought of wanting to be the sovereign ruler and do not wish to rule the world… but I want to be someone who sets the rules!

Since its setting rules, then there must be lawmen!

Lawmen of the pugilistic world!

This was a supernatural force that is simultaneously in and out of the pugilistic world!

When the rules have been successfully set, then its status would be even more majestic than the current three Holy Lands!

And there is only one current prerequisite: force the three Holy Lands into submission! Or completely destroy them!

He was lost in his thoughts thinking over this matter, and Qiao Ying happened to bring up the request to stop the battle at this point. His brain had barely caught up with the situation. He looked at Qiao Ying and went. "Ah… Uh…"

In the eyes of outsiders, this was a lecher looking lustfully at Qiao Ying, mesmerized in a dazed state… As to whatever requests the other party hand, he anxiously agreed to please his beauty…

Everyone else couldn't stand watching it. Even Mei Xue Yan couldn't help but feel the urge to viciously wring his ear a couple of times…

What sort of man is this, going 'Ah ah uh uh' at the sight of a beauty! How embarrassing!

"Great! Since Young Master Jun has no objections, then this battle shall end here, right now!" Qiao Ying said in a tone of disbelief.

But her sentence immediately triggered resistance from three parties.

"Hold on, what do you mean that I have no objections? Have I expressed my opinion yet?" Jun Mo Xie felt depressed. Even if you are a woman and have the rights to twist words and be unreasonable, but you can't make the conclusion for me like this! You may be a woman, but you aren't my woman, right…

"A battle of life and death that does not cease until one party is dead; we are only half way through it; how can it just end? Who knows, maybe the Holy Lands will continue to win the next three rounds and turn things around completely?" The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was clearly unsatisfied. He was just feeling extremely pleased looking at the blood of people from the three Holy Lands spilling everywhere. This was a rare big show that was hard to come by! How could it just be canceled like this? So naturally, he wouldn't be willing to give in like this, spewing out words that even he wouldn't believe himself!

"That's right! We have not lost yet! The showdown is only halfway through; we still have half an opportunity, and we may not necessarily not be able to turn things around! Especially the battle between Jun Mo Xie and I! It absolutely must not be canceled like this! I object to this suggestion!"

He Zhi Qiu's pale face was completely red, a look of anger and hatred in his eyes. Aside from the fact that they had lost three rounds, the most unacceptable thing was that all fifteen experts were sacrificed and slaughtered right before his eyes! And the opponent did not even lose a single man… when the disparity in losses of the battle was this great, how could he accept it? Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When did the three Holy Lands' reputation in the Xuan Xuan Continent for ten thousand of years ever get tarnished like this? An 'Evil Monarch' that popped out of nowhere, completely trashing them. If they were to go along with Qiao Ying's request to cease the battle, then wasn't it as if they were frightened of being beaten up? How could all these experts of the Holy Lands who had always been prideful and arrogant accept it?!

And one more important matter; if the absolute treasure of the Heaven Saint Palace, the Exquisite Lotus was lost from their hands like this… If news of this went out, him, Hai Wu Ya, and the rest would be so embarrassed that they could die! Even if they managed to get out of this alive today, every time they went out, they might just hide their faces in their pants…

"He Zhi Qiu, don't tell me that you absolutely want all the strength of the Holy Lands here to be buried and turned into corpses before you are willing to concede defeat?" Qiao Ying looked at He Zhi Qiu coldly and questioned.

He Zhi Qiu paused before suddenly breaking out in a holler. " Guardian is worried that we would lose our strength, so she decided on such a poor choice? Even if I am to die here today, I will not admit defeat this easily in this battle!" His body was slightly trembling as he said in a hoarse voice. "That is the Palace's treasure… Exquisite Lotus! An existence in the Heaven Saint Palace that we cannot lose…"

"Do you think the three of us do not know this better than you?!" Qu Wu Hui said coldly. "He Zhi Qiu, you only need to obey commands right now! We do not need you to interfere with anything else. The Heaven Saint Palace… is not a place where a junior like you can make decisions for!"

He Zhi Qiu was instantly at a loss for words.

"Um… I shouldn't be interrupting with your internal affairs… but… this… I don't think I have expressed that I agreed?" Jun Mo Xie felt a little gloomy. How… everything is over? How could it end like this? Then how can I continue to train my troops? Where else can I find such excellent training partners for them to go all out and kill?

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