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Deep down, Madam Miao knew that this sickness of the heart required medicine for the heart to be treated. If everyone present had really slain Mo Jun Ye in a fit of anger… then her daughter would really be unable to wake up from this coma forever…

Who would have expected that within such a short period of time, Miao Xiao Miao had fallen so deeply in love with this Mo Jun Ye!

Actually, this was no wonder. Miao Xiao Miao was an extraordinary girl who was honest with her feelings. A girl like this loved passionately and fervently. Her affection was already firmly locked on Mo Jun Ye! There was no room for anything else in her heart.

Loving too deeply was also a type of extreme!

So Madam Miao immediately raised this matter up: regardless of what that Mo Jun Ye had done, right now, only he could wake Miao Xiao Miao up again! For now, they could only first get him here and wake Miao Xiao Miao from her coma first! Then talk about everything else later!

Miao Jing Yun and the rest were all wise men, and the moment Madam Miao mentioned this, they completely understood it.

So Miao Jing Yun immediately ordered his two bodyguards to personally mobilize and bring Young Master Mo over here in the shortest time possible….

After the two bodyguards departed, everyone in the Miao Family waited for their return anxiously. All of them were pacing in circles in the hall. When some disciples in charge of external matters came to ask about what else needed to be done, they were yelled at and chased away…

The atmosphere in the Miao Family had fallen into an unprecedented level of depression!

At this moment, there was a whooshing sound from the air and the two bodyguards appeared before the hall. They released their hands and a youth fell onto the ground. He stumbled a little before standing up. He looked at all these people who were wearing furious expressions on their faces calmly, without the slightest look of fear!

"You are Mo Jun Ye?!"

The one who spoke was a middle-aged man. He had an air of a scholar. This person didn't look like a Xuan Qi expert, but more like a scholar who was full of knowledge.

In fact, Jun Mo Xie could clearly determine that this person's strength was weak. He may be the weakest in this entire room. But this person's presence was extraordinary and was not even beneath Manor Lord Miao Jing Yun. This was a shocking cognition. And he could detect a trace of mysterious, natural Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi from this person. All this made Jun Mo Xie instantly affirm the identity of this scholarly middle-aged man. This person must be Miao Xiao Miao's father—Miao Huan Yu!

Only he would be able to be the first to speak in the Miao Family, amongst all these other experts with his mere cultivation level of a Spirit Xuan. Even before the Manor Lord of Misty Illusory Manor, Miao Jing Yun. And only this legendary Spiritual Herbal Gardens Lord would have that trace of mysterious, natural Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi that even peak Xuan cultivators could possess!

"This junior is Mo Jun Ye! This is… Uncle Miao? This junior pays his respect." Jun Mo Xie scanned his surrounding and laughed carefreely as he asked.

"As expected of a young hero! Just this calmness and power of observation alone is already not putting the reputation of the Free and Natural Physique down in vain." Miao Huan Yu praised. He smiled slightly and looked at him meaningfully before calmly saying, "Young Master Mo… Please."

This was not any simple praise. Had it been any random youth that suddenly came falling from the sky, and immediately met with the wrath of numerous experts of Saint cultivation and above, they'd already be trembling in fear.

But this Mo Jun Ye was different. He really was different. From the moment he was tossed down from midair, there was no change in his expression. He even slightly observed the looks on the faces of everyone else. And from the moment Miao Huan Yu opened his mouth, he could already recognized who was speaking just from guessing!

This was not something that could be done with simply being unperturbed. At the very least, it required a relatively meticulous mind, clear observational skills, and detailed speculative abilities!

Having these were the equivalent of having the basic qualities of becoming an invincible expert!

And it was unnecessary to mention that this person had the legendary Free and Natural Physique!

At this moment, there was a loud holler from inside. "What bullcrap are you still spouting! What are you still wasting time for? Get that little b*stard here immediately!" The entire hall shook with this yell, as if it were about to fly off the surface of the ground.

Madam Miao was right beside her husband, looking at this young man that her daughter had fallen head over heels in love with. She immediately noticed something was unusual. Upon first look, this young man may not be considered handsome in terms of appearance and could be said to be a very plain young man, but every single action of this youth was unexpectedly charming. And his speech and manners were cool and unperturbed. He was neither obsequious nor supercilious, full of an air of unconstrained freedom. She couldn't help but feel some admiration for the boy.

Only an extraordinary character like this can mesmerize my precious daughter…

But the way this scoundrel did it was too detestable…

"What do you think of this boy?" Madam Miao asked her husband softly, thinking of her daughter as she watched Jun Mo Xie walk inside.

"Outstanding!" Miao Huan Yu nodded his head firmly, watching Jun Mo Xie walk, a meaningful look in his eyes. "This boy is definitely incomparable amongst the younger generation of the Misty Illusory Manor! Even in the Xuan Xuan Continent, he is definitely the best! You and I can be assured if Xiao Miao's lifelong happiness can really be entrusted to this boy!"

Madam Miao was shocked, and her mouth hung wide open. Her husband may be sickly from young, but he was erudite and multi-talented with a unique eye for things. There was never been a person who made him give such high praise upon first meeting!

And this was only their first meeting; they did not even have any deep exchange of conversation. And he had given such an evaluation! And the seriousness in his tone was one that she had never heard him speak in before!

"Xiao Miao really has a good eye. Being hurt for this boy is worth it." Miao Huan Yu said before following after Jun Mo Xie's steps into the hall.

"So what if she has a good eye? I heard that he already has a wife. Don't tell me we are really going to aggrieve our Xiao Miao and have her be his concubine? Is it really worth it to disparage our daughter like this?" Madam Miao grumbled unsatisfactorily. Her gaze couldn't help but flit over to where Miao Xiao Miao's room was, her eyes full of worry and concern.

"Everything is predestined by the Heavens! As long as Xiao Miao is willing herself, she may not necessarily be unblissful even if she is a concubine." Miao Huan Yu said, his back facing her. "The young ones will do fine on their own when it comes to matters of their future. Why are you worrying so much?" After saying this, his figure had already disappeared into the door.

Madam Miao was stunned for a while before stomping her foot and mumbling, "How can I not worry about my own daughter? You think everyone is the same as you? Being so aloof about everything. Not caring about a single thing… All you have in your heart is that tree; what else can you fit in there? Xiao Miao said that you and I treat each other like honored guests and have never fought or have any arguments. When have I not wished to have a big fight with you? But a pity, you don't even give me a chance like this…" Wiping away her tears, she followed him in.

Under the watchful eyes and glares of hundreds of people, Jun Mo Xie finally walked into the hall. At least half of these hundreds of gazes were fierce, as if they wished they could devour him alive!

Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt like Yang Zi Rong when he entered the Tiger Mountain as an undercover spy… Right now, if someone had aptly yelled out: Our master lords over tigers! Young Master Jun might subconsciously tidy his clothes and reply, Our Pagoda Suppresses River Monsters, and strike a few more poses…

Misty Illusory Manor's Manor Lord, Miao Jing Yun sat in the most central chair like Bandit Warlord Hawk. And it was a chair lined with tiger fur… there was a greater resemblance now…

Miao Jing Yun had already lost his calm, kingly demeanor he had from their previous meeting. His eyes glared angrily at Jun Mo Xie. He was breathing heavily, so heavily that his beard was flying in the air!

"Mo Jun Ye! You really have some guts on you!" Miao Jing Yun slammed on the table loudly. "Do you know your crimes?!"

"Ai… Don't talk about all this useless stuff. It's better to get straight to the point, whatever the matter is." Jun Mo Xie shook his hands. "The longer we drag things out here, the harder it will be to do work. Let's make this quick, Great Manor Lord."

The moment he said this, everyone was stunned! No one expected this lad to be able to say something like this under such circumstances. Only two people were an exception, the two brothers, Miao Dao and Miao Jian. This brat was not even afraid of death. He wouldn't be frightened by a mere 'do you know your crimes'!

"You… you brat know why this old man has called you here?" Miao Jing Yun furrowed his brows, lifting his eyelids to look at Miao Dao and Miao Jian. Both of them quickly shook their heads, indicating that nothing was said on the journey here. This brat has offended us brothers completely, why would we be so kind to remind him?!

"What is so difficult to guess about this? Xiao Miao left my place crying today…" Jun Mo Xie sighed before continuing. "When I gave chase, I noticed that she had vomited blood, so I knew something was wrong. I was just planning to come over to check up on her then these two grabbed me and flew me here. If it is not because something happened to Xiao Miao, you wouldn't be looking for me so urgently… besides… there is no use looking for me if it were someone else ah…"

"Y-you… Kid! Kid…" Miao Jing Yun's beard was even more messy now. "So you already knew everything ah… And there you are pretending to be confused!"

"What pretending to be confused do I have to pretend! Enough, let's not talk about these useless things. How exactly is Xiao Miao right now?" Since the moment Jun Mo Xie stepped in, he had already gathered that things were bad. Looks like Miao Xiao Miao's current condition may be more severe than I expected.

Otherwise, this Manor Lord of Misty Illusory Manor whose face wouldn't even change in the face of a crumbling mountain would not be this furious!

"Her vital organs are damaged! Her heart is seriously hurt! Her Primordial Spirit is drifting away! She is in a double coma!" Miao Jing Yun's tone got louder with each sentence. At the end of it, it was already booming. His face was turning purple. He yelled loudly, "And you ask about how is she? You tell me how is she?!"From Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy.

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