Otherworldly Evil Monarch
1029 Xiao Miao“s Hear
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Otherworldly Evil Monarch
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1029 Xiao Miao“s Hear

“Ah?” Jun Mo Xie was really stunned this time. Before coming here, he had already imagined the worst possible scenario, but he really did not imagine that it’d be so severe!

These symptoms were exactly the same symptoms of his own mother, Dongfang Wen Xin, back then!

In other words: a heart that had fallen into utmost despair!

A unique illness that would only appear when both parties wholeheartedly loved each other, but one party suddenly departed from the other! This sort of circumstances was extremely rare! Because it was always the most devoted woman who was hopelessly in love and would end up in such situations! And it was a situation that would only appear when one had fallen so deeply in love with the other that they were unable to continue living on their own!

Jun Mo Xie had never expected that in this brief period of interaction he had with Miao Xiao Miao, this pure hearted girl had already fallen so deeply in love with himself to this extent!

Suddenly, Jun Mo Xie felt himself faltering. A girl like this… Am I really going to let her feelings down like this? But…

“What ‘ah’! You still have that mood?!” Miao Jing Yun roared, gritting his teeth. “Mo Jun Ye! If you do not make my granddaughter wake up today, then the flesh on your body will be the meal served on this old man’s banquet tomorrow!”

Without waiting for Jun Mo Xie to reply, he waved his hand angrily and ordered, “Bring him in! If he can’t wake her, then just skin him alive and carve him into spoons!”

It was clear from these words that this number one head of the Misty Illusory Manor was mad with anger!

But this also made clear how much Miao Jing Yun valued Miao Xiao Miao…

Young Master Jun would definitely not comply obediently after hearing Miao Jing Yun’s threats and would definitely make things clear with this old fellow before proceeding with what to do next! So what, did you think you’re a big deal? To dare to yell at this Young Master like this, this Young Master is essentially the great benefactor of your whole Miao Family, and you dare to behave like such a big shot when you are asking this Young Master to save someone? If this Young Master is willing to help, it’s a favor. If I’m unwilling, that is keeping to my role! Who did you think you are?!

But the current situation was unique. Miao Xiao Miao seemed to be on the verge of danger, and Jun Mo Xie really didn’t have the mood, energy, and most importantly, the time to argue with Miao Jing Yun. He did not continue the conversation and followed after Madam Miao.

Madam Miao brought Jun Mo Xie with Miao Huan Yu following behind, and the trio walked into the building that Miao Xiao Miao’s room was in.

“Manor Lord, why didn’t you make things clear about their marriage today? Might as well make use of this vigor to settle this lad? Wouldn’t it get things settled once and for all?” Miao Dao asked, full of confusion.

Although these two brothers were more senior than Miao Jing Yun in terms of seniority, they did not dare to be lax with their addressing of the Manor Lord. They also did not have any ridiculous self-importance. This was the might of the Manor Lord of the Misty Illusory Manor!

“What bullsh*t vigor!” Miao Xiao Miao huffed angrily. “Right now, it is still uncertain if Xiao Miao can wake up. If we selfishly decide on the marriage arrangements now… isn’t it a bit too early? Besides… don’t tell me the precious granddaughter of the Miao Family needs to beg others to marry her? If he wishes to marry Xiao Miao, isn’t it too easy for him if he doesn’t go through some struggles? How can the preciousness of the granddaughter of the Miao Family be shown?”

“But… Manor Lord, from what the lass said, the reason for today’s matter is obviously because this lad… rejected Xiao Miao… which is why Xiao Miao is like this…” Upon mentioning Miao Xiao Miao, a tender look filled Miao Jian’s face. But what he meant in his words were: the brat had already rejected her, so how could he be begging to marry Xiao Miao?

“The rejection today… doesn’t mean that he will continue rejecting after today.” Miao Jing Yun snickered cunningly. “Didn’t you guys see it just now? How desperately anxious he was when I mentioned Xiao Miao’s current condition? If he said that he didn’t care, even ghosts wouldn’t believe it. I am even suspecting that he is just trying to raise his own worth…”

As if he felt that his words may be a little inappropriate as the Manor Lord of the Misty Illusory Manor, he coughed and cleared his throat. “However… if Xiao Miao really doesn’t wake up, then… we can forget about bringing up this matter! And this old man will definitely make this lad pay the price! So what if he has the Free and Natural Physique?!”

He scowled, his majestic presence radiating all around as he added heavily. “The price of his life!”

Everyone instantly turned silent, looking over to the building in anticipation, as if they were hoping that there would be good news coming out of there… All of their hearts were heavy…

Something like this happening right before the Manor Lord’s birthday was truly… as if someone had doused everyone with a pail of cold water in the midst of their high spiritedness. If Miao Xiao Miao really didn’t wake up, then what should they do about the banquet tomorrow?

All of them had no idea…

What entered the eye was a silent room of a young maiden. The room was neat and tidy; there was a dreamy white veil hanging on the window, a petite bed, and at the bedside was the bud of a lily that has yet to bloom…

There were two writings hung on the pristine white walls. One of it was: Though man bows and lives according to the will of the heavens, they might beget no salvation; those who defy the heavens should look to the skies and laugh! Who can be like me, creating great billows in the world with a point of my sword?… The Sun and Moon are in my arms; watch as I rise above the crowd with my excellence! With my sword unsheathed, who dares to traverse the clouds alongside me? One sword confining lofty sentiments of a thousand ages; wild gales sweeping freely across the yellow sands. One sword confining lofty sentiments of a thousand ages; wild gales sweeping freely across the yellow sands. Rain of blood, pungent winds; man shall not fall!

One sword conquering the world, tyrant of a thousand ages proclaimed as a hero. Standing loftily, I swore with my sword: in this life, we do not bow! Let my gaze be cast past the edge of the sky; with deep sorrow in my guts, and my heart cold and covered with frost. The music is over and audience are gone; one sword piercing through the nine firmaments in fury! Ancient and modern, roaming the world with the same smile on my face! All who follow after in the future, shall nevermore reach greater heights!”

The signature was: Written by Mo Jun Ye, Copied by Xiao Miao

And the other one was: Soon, the spring splendor fades, from the flowers in the woods too soon. There’s no stopping the chill rain at dawn, or the shrill wind at night. The memories of the rouge-colored tears, of the stays overnight amid cups… When will all that happen again? Life is long in sadness as water keeps flowing and flowing east… Similarly, the signature at the bottom of it was: Written by Mo Jun Ye, Copied by Xiao Miao.

Before the window, there was a small table. On top of it, a seven stringed zither sat upon it. Beside it was the score for the Song of the Burial of Flowers…

You could practically see Miao Xiao Miao’s heart just by seeing all this!

Because aside from these, there were no other decorations in this young lady’s chambers! As the only precious daughter of the Miao Family, the granddaughter of the Manor Lord of the Misty Illusory Manor, her room was so simple! This was really a surprise to Jun Mo Xie. But as he thought of Miao Xiao Miao’s gentle disposition, he thought that this was very suited to her personality.

And the owner of this room, Miao Xiao Miao, was laying on the bed silently. Her face was exceptionally pale and she was completely still. Even her breathing was very inconsistent. Although she was still unconscious, her beautiful brows were furrowed into a frown… There seemed to be tears at the corner of her eyes…

Jun Mo Xie was stunned looking at Miao Xiao Miao’s complexion the moment he stepped into the room. This girl in her prime was just speaking to me tenderly not long ago. Talking in a gentle tone to ease my feelings, hoping to melt the layers of ice in my heart with her gentle and tender sentiments… But within such a short period of time, she had turned into such a tragic and lifeless state…

And all these are because of me! It is because she loved me too deeply!

Men weren’t made of stones; they couldn’t be that heartless.

At this moment, Jun Mo Xie had an unexplainable feeling in his heart. Even though he possessed superb composure, he couldn’t help but feel a little agitated right now. He was feeling at a loss…

If we can turn back time and redo everything, will I still say those words to her?… Jun Mo Xie laughed bitterly, and for the first time, there was a tinge of gentleness and tenderness in the look in his eyes as he looked at Miao Xiao Miao…

I am ultimately not that unfeeling person who doesn’t care about anything ah…

He had just entered the room, and Little Beansprout, who was serving by the bedside, had already noticed him. She raised her teary eyes and asked angrily, “What is this lecher doing here? Did you not cause enough harm to the Young Lady already?”

The little lass pouted and glared angrily, as if she wished she could pounce and bite him.

“Little Beansprout, don’t be rude!” Madam Miao ordered. “Young Master Mo is here to treat Xiao Miao’s illness…” She couldn’t help but recall that Xiao Miao’s ‘illness’ was caused by this young man… so she stopped talking…

“Hmph… if he wasn’t so heartless and fickle-minded, why would the Young Lady get this sort of bizarre illness…” Little Beansprout grumbled, shutting up begrudgingly.

Jun Mo Xie ignored her and walked over to the side of the bed. He reached out his right hand and placed it on Miao Xiao Miao’s slender wrist…

Using his spirit energy to check, he instantly understood. This was the same sickness his own mother had back then!

Back then, although his mother Dongfang Wen Xin’s heart had fallen into grave despair and she fell into a deep sleep, she still had lingering concerns for her three sons. So her heart was not completely shut off so Jun Mo Xie did not have to use much effort to wake his own mother as her son…

But Miao Xiao Miao’s heart was completely shut off! There were completely no gaps!

If the doors to the heart are completely shut, then what should I do?

Jun Mo Xie’s frown became increasingly deeper. If even he didn’t have any idea, then there was no one else in the world that would be able to save her.

Madam Miao couldn’t help but begin to feel anxious seeing the bad expression on his face. She asked in a trembling voice, “Young Master Mo… Xiao Miao’s condition… how is it exactly?”

She also knew that this Mo Jun Ye before her was not a physician or doctor. And even the most divine doctor was helpless in the face of the sickness of the heart Miao Xiao Miao was suffering from. But she still asked this sentence. And her voice was trembling so much it was as if she was about to burst into sobs any moment. This was a normal reaction as a mother…

“I need a quiet environment.” Jun Mo Xie said. “All of you should go out first… En, I may need Little Beansprout’s help later, so let her wait outside.”

“Alright!” Miao Huan Yu instantly stood up and grabbed his wife’s hand, giving her a look. “Then… we shall trouble Young Master Mo with our daughter’s illness…”

It was really odd saying this sentence. Their daughter’s illness was obviously caused by this lad, so it made complete sense for him to be responsible for treating her. And if he successfully treated her, he’d gain a wife for free. And as her parents, we still need to thank him…
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