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After asking this question, he closed his eyes and continued forward silently again. Because he was sure that the old man would definitely answer him.

“How should I say this… perhaps I can say that this has to do with everyone’s personal cultivation. When a person’s cultivation reaches a certain realm, there will naturally be a difference in their state. And so, the cultivation level of a person does not necessarily need to be determined through Xuan Qi alone. Take me for example. With a single look, I can see through the realm of any person. No matter how they try to hide it or no matter what method they use to conceal their strength… Because, everyone’s Spirit, Qi, and Essence… they’re all different.”

He continued with a hoarse laugh. “A person’s Spirit, Qi, and Essence are different in the morning and the afternoon; it would be a different thing today and tomorrow. Because a person’s Xuan Qi will continuously improve and evolve… it would naturally cause changes to your Spirit, Qi, and Essence… If you understand the specifics, this is not a difficult matter at all. But if you haven’t learned to see through it, it would be an exceedingly difficult task!”

Jun Mo Xie nodded and continued walking silently. But after taking a few more steps, he suddenly discovered that something was not right!

Spirit, Qi, and Essence!

In this world, he hadn’t heard anyone say those words before. In fact, there wasn’t even such a term in existence! But this person had actually said those words!

In that moment, Jun Mo Xie only felt all the blood surging to his head as he asked with shock, “You… could it be that you’re the Nine Nether First Young Master?!” The only person who could know those words Spirit, Qi, and Essence, was probably the Nine Nether First Young Master who’d went to Earth before! Besides that, the words ‘you are the only one that this old man had seen in my over 10,000 years of life’ was incredibly suspicious!

What kind of person could live for 10,000 years?

“Are you the Nine Nether First Young Master?!” The moment this question came out, the entire area instantly fell silent!

Only Jun Mo Xie’s light steps could be heard.

After a long time, that old voice resounded again, sighing deeply with endless memory. “That is my Master’s name… every time I hear it, I feel as if Master is still in front of me, imparting his skills to me. Perhaps only in those few years of my life where I was following Teacher around, that life had meaning for me. Right now, everyday is simply a repeat of the day before, exhausting and meaningless…”

Master? The Nine Nether First Young Master’s is his teacher?

Jun Mo Xie’s mind shook as he widened his eyes with shock. “You… are you the first generation Lord of the Misty Illusory Manor? The founder of the Misty Illusory Manor, and the ancestor of the Miao Family, Miao Qing Cheng?”

“Hur hur… you’ve finally guessed it now?” Miao Qing Cheng’s voice was light and casual, but his tone sounded somewhat joyful.

Miao Qing Cheng… it’s actually him, the real Miao Qing Cheng! Jun Mo Xie’s thoughts were in an agitated mess. To think that he’d actually met one of the original four great disciples of the legendary Nine Nether First Young Master!

That year, the Nine Nether First Young Master had taken four disciples!

Bu Yun Tian, You Cang Hai, Meng Qiong Xiao, Miao Qing Cheng!

These were four legendary names that shook the entire continent 10,000 years ago!

Treading the red dust with a light smile, strolling atop the clouds!

Bu Yun Tian, the founder of one of the three Holy Lands, the Elusive World of Immortals!

The seas cut off the clouds, looking past the firmament with a single look!

You Cang Hai, the founder of one of the three Holy Lands, the Illusory Blood Sea!

There are no heroes in real life, but beautiful heavens in dreams!

Meng Qiong Xiao, the founder of one of the three Holy Lands, the Supreme Golden City!

One sword executing the heavens, and one saber felling a city!

Miao Qing Cheng! Independent from the three Holy Lands, set apart from the entire Xuan Xuan Continent, owner of a unique space, the founder of the Misty Illusory Manor!

Of these four people, not a single one was not a genius among men! All of them were heroes of legends!

Jun Mo Xie would never have thought that he would actually meet such a legendary character from his journey in the Misty Illusory Manor!

While Jun Mo Xie was still in a state of amazement, Miao Qing Cheng was sighing lightly, seemingly reminiscing. After a long time, he said, “These names… are already a thing far in the past… the world today… is no longer what it was back then…”

“Then… since you’re still here, the other three… are they also still around?” Jun Mo Xie asked tentatively.

“That year… I was the youngest among Master’s four disciples…” Miao Qing Cheng said lightly. “Us four brothers all formed a faction each. At the beginning, everything was very harmonious. But later on, there were more and more differences… The four of us ended up fighting for a thousand years! In that thousand years, each of us four had narrowly escaped death many times… hur hur…”

Thinking back to those years of dangers, and the hatred that had once seeped deep into his bones, Miao Qing Cheng only felt endless nostalgia right now. It was as if the years of fighting and killing with his seniors was nothing but a fond memory, a chance for them to get together to play and build their relationships…

“In the end, everyone grew tired of the fighting… As I was the disciple that master doted upon the most, I inherited this Misty Illusory Manor… As for the three of them, about a thousand years after Master left, they finally grew bored with this world, and even lost interest in the fights among themselves. So they also broke through the void and went to look for Master one after the other…”

Miao Qing Cheng’s voice was filled with deep emotion: “I still remember that day… the four of us sat down together for a meal… that time, we had the carrot stewed in carrots that Eldest Senior Brother made himself… Three days after that, Eldest Senior Brother broke through the firmament and departed on his long journey…”

Young Master Jun’s face twisted incredulously. “Carrot stewed in carrots?!” What kind of dish was that!?

“Ten years later, Second Senior Brother called us together for another meal. This time, it was Second Senior Brother who cooked personally, specially preparing a Flood Arowana and Bear’s Paw stew. I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and never touched a single meat dish before. But on that day… I made an exception and ate the Bear’s Paw and even drank a huge bowl of fish soup… Three days later, Second Senior Brother also charged into the sky from the Blood Ocean and never returned…”

“50 years after that, Third Senior Brother sought me for a meal. That day, us two brothers sat at a table filled with exquisite delicacies, but we didn’t eat anything. The both of us simply looked at each other and wept silently with sadness… Similarly, after three days, Third Senior Brother also disappeared without a trace…”

Jun Mo Xie opened his mouth wide, as if he were listening to a particularly bad fairytale.

To these people, why did things like breaking through the void and travelling through space sound as simple as eating a meal of cabbages?

But Jun Mo Xie knew that all these were real…

“I can still remember what Third Senior Brother said to me before he left: Little Fourth, we will wait for you to join us over there! But to date, nearly 10,000 years had passed… yet, I’m still here…” Miao Qing Cheng’s voice turned even more downcast…

“Why didn’t you go then? Since your three Senior Brothers could leave, there shouldn’t be any reason that you can’t!” Jun Mo Xie asked curiously. But after the words left his mouth, he immediately felt that he might have said something that he shouldn’t have said. Because, a heavy sense of indescribable grief suddenly filled the entire area…

At the same time, Jun Mo Xie could see a bright light before him; he’d already arrived at a huge underground space!

Only, there was still no sign of Miao Qing Cheng’s shadow at all…

After a short moment, Miao Qing Cheng’s voice rang out again. “Why wouldn’t I want to go! But Master saw that the three brothers had all broken through the void to follow after him, and he instantly grew angry, worried that people from our side would continuously flood over there… With a wave of his hand, he thoroughly sealed the Xuan Xuan Continent’s Gateway to Heaven!”

Jun Mo Xie’s brows twitched heavily!

F*ck… that’s a little too extreme isn’t it? With a single wave of a hand… he thoroughly sealed the Xuan Xuan Continent’s Heaven’s Gate?! Motherf*cker, this fellow even wanted to have a one-on-one fight with me? He’s really overestimating this Young Master too much…

Young Master Jun looked at his skinny arms and legs and could not help but to shiver involuntarily…

There was really nothing to say about this Nine Nether First Young Master… because he was worried that his own disciples would come looking for him, he directly sealed the path shut…

“But the more it is like that… the more this old man wants to cross over there to take a look! This old man had long ago met the basic requirements to shatter the void and cross over and had even greatly surpassed the requirements. So 2,000 years after that, I tried several times to charge through, wanting to break the seal on the Gateway to Heaven… Unfortunately…” As he spoke to here, he sighed heavily, sounding somewhat depressed…

“The first time I tried, this old man suffered a heavy backlash, and had to recuperate for 300 years… The second time, although I sustained injuries too heavy to bear, I still didn’t manage to charge through… And so the third time, which was 8,400 years ago, this old man once again tried to charge through with the entirety of my strength!” Miao Qing Cheng laughed bitterly. “But in the end, I still failed. And in the process, half of the Pillar of Heavens Mountain of our Xuan Xuan Continent collapsed…”

Jun Mo Xie was completely speechless! His eyeballs had nearly popped out of his eyes with shock, dropping onto the ground…

“F*ck!” After being lost for words for a long time, Young Master Jun finally regained his ability to speak. And the first word that came out of his mouth was this…

So the real creator of all these troubles was this fellow!

Because half of the Pillar of Heavens Mountains had collapsed, our continent became exposed to the other side!

The strange races!

Because of that, the never ending War for Seizing the Heavens began…

So it turned out that the uncontrollable disaster of the strange races had been caused by this fellow in front of him!

When traced to the root of everything, it was because this fellow tried to charge through this so-called Gateway to Heaven, unintentionally collapsing half of the Pillar of Heavens Mountains… Young Master Jun was completely at a loss for words. What kind of motherf*cking strength was this? To ‘unintentionally’… smash apart the tallest mountain of this world!

He had seen with his own eyes, how tough the Pillar of Heavens Mountains…

After that, he heard Miao Qing Cheng sighing in a regretful tone. “That year, after I smashed the mountain apart, I knew I had done something bad. That Pillar of Heavens Mountain was a Spirit Mountain that Master had sealed back then… At the time, Master had accidentally discovered a strange tribe on the other side. But because he found them too disgusting, and he disdained to dirty his hands getting rid of them, he directly increased the height of the mountain, and even set down a series of seals, damning them to an eternity of suffering there…”

“But with that accidental smash, this old man had given those disgusting creatures a chance to enter the Xuan Xuan Continent!” Miao Qing Cheng said with a deep sigh. “At that time, this old man felt extremely regretful, and wanted to kill my way through, giving those creatures a glimpse of my ‘one sword felling a city’…”

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes dumbly as he thought to himself. F*ck, so this is what your ‘Qing Cheng’ means…

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