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Being called Qing Cheng after slaughtering a city… Wouldn't this daddy have to change my name in the future then as well? I'll just be Qing Guo or Qing Tian…

"But from then on, perhaps because of this old man's overly powerful charge against the Gateway to Heaven… this old man suddenly attracted the most vicious Heavenly Punishment, nearly striking the soul out of this old man's body… After expending all my strength, I managed to escape back to the Misty Illusory Manor. Until today, I couldn't step outside even one step…"

"Can't take even one step out?" Jun Mo Xie asked with some surprise.

"Right, as long as this old man shows myself, the Seven Colored Tribulation Clouds will instantly gather in the skies outside. Unless this old man dies, they will never relent… Only by hiding here do I have the chance to avoid the detection of the Heavenly Punishment. A long time ago, this old man once tried to take a peek outside. But before I had even exited this underground cavern, a huge castastophe had already appeared to the Misty Illusory Manor outside…"

"And so, this old man can only stay here forever…" Miao Qing Cheng sighed helplessly…

"Heavenly Punishment? What kind of Heavenly Punishment is that, to be able to cause even a powerful expert like yourself to hide so deep underground!" Jun Mo Xie furrowed his brows with shock. He was never afraid of any Heavenly Tribulation himself since the Hongjun Pagoda could absorb any kind of Heavenly Tribulation and even turn it into the purest Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi or even Primal Chaos Purple Qi. To the Hongjun Pagoda, the Heavenly Tribulations were practically the most ideal nourishment.

If it was just some simple Heavenly Punishment, Jun Mo Xie thought that he could just absorb it for him…

"It's… the World Ending Wild Lightning!" A hint of fear could be heard in Miao Qing Cheng's voice!

"World Ending Wild Lightning? Is it a kind of lightning tribulation? Could it be that there's no way of completely defending against it?" Jun Mo Xie felt even more curious. Lightning tribulations were things that one would experience from the Venerable realm up. Not to mention his cheat-like methods, there were many powerful experts who could also pass through the lightning tribulation. How could an ultra powerful expert like Miao Qing Cheng be helpless against it!

"How can the Heavenly Punishment World Ending Wild Lightning be mentioned alongside a normal lightning tribulation? Firstly, the scale of the two are completely different. The Heavenly Punishment is at least 10,000 times grander than a normal lightning tribulation. Once the Heavenly Punishment is formed, it will spread endlessly, covering everything and stretching further than the eye can see, striking down upon everything. Any random lightning would at least be as thick as a small mountain… Apart from that, there is its might. Each bolt of lightning is completely purple and its strength is powerful to an unimaginable level. Every living being in this world would instantly turn into ashes the moment it comes into contact with this wild lightning! Just these two factors are already extremely dangerous and tricky to handle. However, this old man still has the ability to deal with them. But the third factor is actually the most disgusting and completely leaves this old man without any ways to deal with it!" Miao Qing Cheng said with a deep sigh.

"Oh? There's an even more difficult factor? Please elaborate for this junior!" Jun Mo Xie widened his eyes. From Miao Qing Cheng's description, he could already imagine the huge scale and indiscriminate attack power of the World Ending Wild Lightning. These were already extremely terrifying characteristics, and there was an even more terrifying third characteristic?

"If it were just these two factors, with this old man's abilities, although I would not dare to say that I could handle them with ease, it would not be much of a problem for this old man. But the moment this kind of Heavenly Punishment forms, it will not dissipate as long as its target is not destroyed completely and will continue striking endlessly! That year, this old man endured its attacks for seven days and seven nights, and ultimately, even the Xuan Qi in my body was nearly completely exhausted. But that Heavenly Punishment did not show even the slightest sign of abating. That is why this old man said that I could only stay in this godforsaken place forever…"

"So that's how it is…" Jun Mo Xie finally understood. From the looks of it, if it were just the first two factors, Young Master Jun was also quite confident that he could neutralize the whole thing with the help of the Hongjun Pagoda. But this third characteristic was truly too terrifying. The power and scale of this World Ending Wild Lightning was so frightening, but there was no knowing how long it could persist for. If the amount of energy was so ridiculous as to stuff the Hongjun Pagoda to death, wouldn't he be blown into pieces by it?

Afterall, Jun Mo Xie didn't know what the limit of the Hongjun Pagoda was, and he didn't know how powerful the World Ending Wild Lightning's total energy was. There was no way Jun Mo Xie would be willing to take such a huge risk!

The Hongjun Pagoda was his greatest trump card!

"Little fellow, this old man has been talking to you for so long, but I still don't know your real name?" Miao Qing Cheng changed the topic and asked. To him, the matter of the World Ending Wild Lightning was simply too depressing.

"My name is Jun Mo Xie." Jun Mo Xie replied straightforwardly.

Since the other party had already seen through his true strength, he would only incur the other's ridicule if he continued trying to conceal himself…

"Oh… that's a pretty neat name." As for the famous name of Evil Monarch that shook the outside world now, Miao Qing Cheng was completely not in the know. "A force of justice in the world, unstained by evil in this life. Not bad, not bad."

"En…" Jun Mo Xie rubbed his nose and cleared his throat in an awkward manner. Was there actually such a meaning to his name? Even he himself didn't know that!

"Jun Mo Xie, the commotion in the Misty Illusory Manor these few days, they're all your doing, right?" Miao Qing Cheng chuckled lightly and asked.

"Even if Senior did not mention it, this junior was going to ask you about it. The Zhan Family's ambition in the Misty Illusory Manor should be quite clear for all to see, and they'd even used such an evil method to rob the Miao Family's luck to strengthen themselves. As the founder of the Misty Illusory Manor, and the ancestor of the Miao Family, why didn't Senior stop the actions of those evil people and even allowed to continue with their scheme? At the very least, you could have informed the Miao Family's current Lord about it, right?!" Jun Mo Xie furrowed his brows and asked.

"There are some matters, that one can do just because they want to or should do." Miao Qing Cheng's voice turned somewhat forlorn again as he sighed. At the same time, a mist suddenly descended in the great hall, condensing into a human figure. This person was wearing a high hair crown and a robe of green. His facial features were exceptionally sharp, and his body was tall and slim. Standing at the very center of the hall, he waited with his hands clasped behind his back.

After a while, the image of the man became clearer and clearer. This person's face was fair and clean without the slightest stubble, and just by looking at his face, he seemed to only be about 30, 40 years old.

But there wasn't any keen liveliness in this person's eyes. Instead, it was filled with a unique, strange meaning. When he opened his eyes, it seemed as if this entire place was full of light, But when he closed his eyes, it felt as if Heaven and Earth turned dark in a split second!

At this moment, those strange eyes watched Jun Mo Xie.

After that, the person moved and slowly walked up the stairs, sitting down.

Jun Mo Xie's eyes lit up when he saw that. In that moment, he seemed to feel a radiant galaxy suddenly appearing in front of him. Inside, tens of millions of stars slowly moved with Miao Qingcheng's unhurried footsteps. Turning… and following a strange singular trajectory!

Someone had actually reached such a profound level in this world!

In that moment, Jun Mo Xie's heart had already reached an indescribable level of shock!

Miao Qing Cheng's cultivation had clearly reached the heights of 'seizing Heaven's fortune'! But such a powerful figure had been sealed in this world with a mere wave of the Nine Nether First Young Master's hand…

From this, one could easily imagine what kind of perverse level of strength the Nine Nether First Young Master had reached…

"There's no need to feel envious. I believe that one day, you will also reach this realm! With your age and your speed of advancement, that day is surely not far!" Miao Qing Cheng said with a faint smile. It seemed as though the entire world had changed with this smile. Spring arrived and flowers blossomed; the rivers thawed and life revived…

"Yes, I think so as well." Jun Mo Xie nodded his head, and he still maintained that same calm look on his face.

A look of praise appeared in Miao Qing Cheng's eyes. If Jun Mo Xie had said some modest words in humility, that would mean that his temperament was still flawed and not at the level of achieving great things yet. That would be regrettable. But Jun Mo Xie had expressed his agreement in a frank manner. That simple sentence had expressed his extraordinary self confidence and unshakable will! This was obvious from how he had managed to retain his state of mind in the face of Miao Qing Cheng's god-like terrifying pressure!

And this was truly the most precious thing!

"Speaking of the matter about the Zhan Family, the cause of this entire matter began around 10,000 years ago. At that time, Master suddenly returned to the Xuan Xuan Continent after disappearing for a thousand years. He also brought back a few books. I only discovered those books abandoned in this space after taking over the Misty Illusory Manor."

Miao Qing Cheng said with a bitter smile. "One of those books was about the art of creation and gathering of fengshui. I was bored, and began to mess around according to the profound theories in the book. If I could truly grasp that knowledge and wield them to their best effect, it might not be incomparable to the highest realm of Xuan cultivation. Furthermore, they contained the hidden laws of Heaven and Earth. So this old man studied them for a full 200 years, finally managing to reach some success with it.

"On that day, this old man was with my eight disciples in the yard, practicing cultivation. This old man had just managed to grasp the strange technique and was in an excited mood. Thus, I had the thought of showing off my skills. In a moment of excitement, I decided to do a divination of each family's luck. And the troubles we have today, all began from the divination that time!

"That time, I used the Art of Divination and Geomancy to peer at the fate of my eight disciples. The fates of seven of my disciples were as expected, destined to experience periods of high and low, with times of prosperity and hardships. But their foundations would never be lost as they accompanied the Misty Illusory Manor through multiple ages! The only exception was the disciple surnamed Zhan. There were signs that his fate was exhausted, and after 10,000 years, his line would experience a great calamity of death and destruction!"

Miao Qing Cheng shook his head helplessly. "At that time, I simply announced the results of my divination, and warned my sixth disciple Zhan Kuang, telling him to always take note of this, that it would be best if he let his descendants do more charitable acts and not have any greed for power. Most importantly, they must not harm any life wantonly. Perhaps because of that, they would accumulate enough positive karma and the heavens would look kindly upon them, and deliver them from their great calamity!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled bitterly when he heard this, thinking to himself that this was truly an extremely naive fellow. Human nature was inherently flawed, and even virtuous sages were unable to remove such faults, let alone humans. And how would the Zhan Family be willing to endure 10,000 years on their hands and knees?

To have great strength enough to overturn the skies and the earth, yet having to detach themselves from power and authority, doing only charitable acts. They could only give constantly, without gaining anything back… perhaps a single person or a generation could do this, but for every single person and every generation of 10,000 years to also do this…

How could that be possible?!

"At that time, Zhan Kuang asked me: Master, apart from this, are there any other methods that can resolve this huge calamity in 10,000 years?"

As Miao Qing Cheng spoke to here, his voice sounded somewhat hoarse.Overturning a cityOverturning a countryOverturning the heavens

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