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Chuangshang Beidao already had no confidence against the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master alone, not to mention that there was a proper fourth level Saint Monarch, Jun Moxie present! Furthermore, there was an OG powerhouse below, Gu Han, watching them closely, preparing to provide assistance at any time…

How could they fight like this?

Seeing that the situation was not good, he decided to issue a challenge instead. Originally, he'd never held any expectations that this challenge would be successful. If the opponent wanted to fight, they would have no options but to escape desperately.

But who would have thought that the other party would agree just like this…

This was an unexpectedly huge profit!

As for Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master and Jun Moxie, hadn't they also entertained the thought of getting rid of these six people here? But after thinking about it for a moment, they still threw that thought out.

This place was simply too close to the main battlefield. If they started a large scale battle here, it would implicate too many of their own people.

Besides, there was an even 'greater expert' behind these people…

That was the real catch!

If they could meet those experts head-on, it would still be better than being ambushed by them!

And so, the two of them unanimously decided on the same plan: catch the king and execute the general!

As long as they lobbed off the head of the main expert behind the scenes, everything would directly become okay!

Well, as for the leader of the Outsiders, Chuangshang Beidao also had the same thoughts as them: catch the king and execute the general!

Both sides knew the importance of taking out the leader.

Their strategies were completely the same, and even their actions were the same.

Everybody was hatching the same scheme…

However, the results were destined to leave some people joyous, and some people aghast!

Chuangshang Beidao's face was filled with joy, secretly glad that he was bringing home the big fish to be cooked. Behind him, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master followed closely, his face calm and stern.

Internally, he and Young Master Jun were also exceedingly happy. They'd joined hands to destroy the enemy's army just now, reaping great rewards. Furthermore, they'd managed to lure out the big fish from the enemy's side…

No matter what, Chuangshang Beidao had never thought that he would actually successfully lure the strongest expert of the Xuan Xuan Continent to their own expert. But he would have thought even less, that the person he needed to lure the most, was actually this white robed youngster beside him. Although he'd managed to lure one expert over, the other was a much more dangerous character…

On the other hand, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master would also not have thought that the 'great expert' that the other side was speaking about, was not just one person. And so, he'd rushed over excitedly, not expecting it would be three people. Furthermore, all three were true experts…

As for those three great experts, they also hadn't thought that while they were trying to lure the expert of the Xuan Xuan Continent over, they'd accidentally brought in a Nine Nethers great demon!

All these unexpected things ultimately ended up with such a situation where everyone was confused!

The importance of this battle and the significance it held would definitely be something extremely far reaching.

The moment Chuangshang Beidao turned around, the other six Saint Monarchs also retreated. They were no fools. With the boss gone, the battle situation would now be left to them.

Even without considering anything else, that pretty looking kid who looked completely harmless was a proper fourth level peak Saint Monarch. The moment that kid decided to take action, it wouldn't be anything difficult to take out two or three of them.

Jun Moxie looked smilingly as the six of them backed off. Not only did he not stop them, he even had the mood to try to strike up a conversation with them. "Everyone, it wasn't easy for us all to meet like this. Why don't we stay and have a chat?"

But it would have been better if he hadn't spoken. The moment he said those words, the six of them ran even faster. Stay and chat? What is there to chat about? What if one of us says something that you didn't like while chatting, and you decided to turn nasty? Our lives are not enough to hold a chat with you… We're not peak fourth level Saint Monarchs ah…

Truthfully, Young Master Jun also wanted to get rid of them and remove any future troubles. However, he simply did not have the means to do so right now, however much he wished it. Those two big moves he did just now had completely exhausted him. First, it was controlling the Flame of Primal Chaos over a wide area. Then, he used the Power of Earth and controlled with the explosions of those 4,000 Saint Emperors. Although Jun Moxie's body hadn't been injured, and his Spirit Energy had been replenished, the exhaustion was still not something that could be overcome so simply.

Young Master Jun was already considered to have calculated very well. He'd purposely pretended to be harmless, and even used some flowery words to try and keep these fellows here. As long as he could delay them for an hour and recover to half his peak condition, he would be able to unleash a killing spree. But unexpectedly, these fellows were actually not dumb at all. Their ability to scheme was not inferior as well…

For the time being, the clash between the peak experts of both sides had come to an end!

Below them, the forces from both sides had begun fighting once again.

Under the lead of the 10,000 plus Saint Emperors, the Outsiders army covered the distance of over 600 li swiftly. Several hundred li on the other end, the flag of the Outsiders could also be seen fluttering grandly!

It was actually a two pronged attack!

On the three Holy Lands' side, the 7,000 plus experts under the lead of Mo Wudao and the other Palace Lords were also advancing spiritedly with the speed of lightning. These 7,000 experts could be said to be the final trump card and also the strongest fighting force of the three Holy Lands.

That direction was also where the main force of the Outsiders army were! As for the Outsiders army on the other side, they were handed to Tian Fa and the Evil Monarch Manor to deal with.

Another hundred zhang more, the two sides were going to truly clash.

To these top tier experts, this short distance was something that could be covered in the blink of an eye.

At this distance, both sides could see the gleaming weapons in their opponent's hands. Everyone knew that those sharp weapons could be plunged into their bodies in the next moment, slicing across their necks! Similarly, they knew that the weapons in their own hands also had the power to reap away the lives of their enemies!

This attack could be said to be the strongest attack of the Outsiders army! It was also fated to be the most intense battle!

Having lost the assistance of the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, Jun Moxie could not use the Flame of Primal Chaos in a wide area of effect like before. Similarly, without the previous conditions, he could not create any of those large black holes anymore. Right now, there was only one method, which was to use the strength of the army to block this terrifying tide!

All of a sudden, a sharp howl rang out in the air, and a white shadow flashed like a glaring rainbow. Like a comet, this white shadow plunged into the Outsider's army. In the instant that it landed, about a dozen Saint Emperor level experts were sent flying with blood soaking their bodies.

The white shadow was like a fierce hurricane; everywhere it passed, it broke through the Outsiders' army's ranks like a sword slicing through bamboo. Countless heads flew high in the air, their bodies thrown out like rag dolls.

In almost an instant, the momentum of the Outsiders was forcefully scattered!

Gu Han was finally taking action!

The effect of this Saint Monarch making a move was exceedingly shocking. The formation of the Outsiders was broken apart. The timing of this attack was truly perfect!

Gu Han was originally waiting for Chuangshang Beidao to appear. If he could drag this mortal enemy down with him, it would be the most ideal result. However, Gu Han also understood that the latter was now a peak Fourth level Saint Monarch. With his own cultivation reclining, he was already not a match for him. Most importantly, because of the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, this battle was not going to happen anymore.

As for the remaining peak level fighting force on the enemy's side, Jun Moxie and Mei Xueyan could definitely handle them. Thus, Gu Han no longer had any reservations as he tore through the enemy. Right now, his only mission was to kill or injure as many Outsiders experts as possible.

He would deal the greatest amount of damage to those 10,000 Saint Emperors. That was Gu Han's mission: his only mission!

Even if that mission would cost him his life!

Like a sharp spear, the 7,000 experts of the three Holy Lands stabbed deeply into the enemy's ranks the moment Gu Han broke their formation.

The moment they dove in, a rain of blood fell from the sky!

The power scale on the two sides were exceptionally unbalanced for this battle. The Holy Lands's side was at a complete disadvantage! Not only did they lose out in terms of numbers, of the 10,000 plus experts on the Outsiders' side, there were at least one to two hundred Saint Venerable level Supremacy Enduring Heavens. As for the rest, they had all reached the Saint Emperor cultivation.

The Holy Lands's side was not as strong. The majority of those 7,000 troops were still only at the Saint level. There were even some people with just the Venerable level cultivation. If not for about 40 Saint Venerable experts holding the force together and the suppression caused by Gu Han, the two sides would be completely mismatched.

The Outsiders' side did not have any expert who could stop Gu Han, allowing the latter to achieve such shocking results. In a short moment, the Holy Lands's side even managed to seize the advantage. But as time wore on, with the Outsiders' numbers, and the formidableness of their foundations, they still managed to regain a completely suppressive advantage. For now, the Holy Lands's side could still forcefully stand their ground. But it would be a matter of time before they were defeated.

Jun Moxie descended from the sky with a fearsome momentum, his skinny frame darting about the Outsiders' forces like a ghost!

Everywhere he went, a path would be cut open by him like a wheat field meeting a tractor.

The speed, accuracy and brutality at which Jun Moxie struck was completely unstoppable. The Outsider experts on both sides of him were all killed with a blade slicing through their throats. The tyrannical Spirit Energy that flowed from him followed the open wound, instantly blowing up their dantian, completely sealing the fate of all the enemies he touched!

Even the chance to form a Spirit Seed was snatched away, not allowing their spirits to escape!

With a shrill sword cry, the Blood of Yellow Flame burst through the air, entering the battlefield as well.


The sound which the Blood of Yellow Flame made was as if it was cackling madly with excitement!

It was truly nearly mad with excitement, to the point where even its body was trembling!

The order that Jun Moxie had given to it was: kill those two headed freaks! Kill as many as you want! Kill however you want, as long as it makes you happy!

This order was like putting a buffet before the Blood of Yellow Flame who had starved for days and days, and telling it to enjoy itself without care for etiquette!

This time, it might really die of happiness! Kekekeke….

How joyous!

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