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There were over 10,000 super experts in front of it, and they were all the best food for it to feast on! If it could swallow all of them, who knew what kind of level it would rise to…

The Blood of Yellow Flame swung happily in the air like a drunkard. It was so excited that it didn't know who to start on first. It simply spun happily in the air, emitting bouts of excited sword cries as if it were in a dream…

Jun Moxie was sweeping through the Outsider's army like a violent hurricane, reaping lives everywhere. When he saw the Blood of Yellow Flame's actions, he couldn't help but feel somewhat confused. Why was this sword suddenly stopping today? Could it have discovered its compassion and no longer wanted to kill?! Raising his head, he saw the Blood of Yellow Flame dashing around the sky like a headless fly, buzzing crazily…

He seemed to be able to hear the Blood of Yellow Flame shrieking excitedly: "WAHAHA… I'm rich! I've really struck it rich this time! There's so much good stuff here… WAHAHA…"

A row of black lines immediately appeared on Jun Moxie's forehead as he roared: "What are you doing? Aren't you going to move? F*ck, what are you so excited about? If you continue lingering, you won't get a piece of hot turd even if you're rushing to eat poop!"

Blood of Yellow Flame immediately cried out to the sky: "Who dares to snatch my stuff?!" With a shrill whooshing sound, it morphed into a gigantic ray of light as it slashed downwards!

On the intense battlefield, the sharp gleam of a sword suddenly flashed, cutting a strange arc across the sky and deeply penetrated through a Supremacy Enduring Heavens expert. As it exited, the red glow around it became even more resplendent.

Following that, the Supremacy Enduring Heavens expert's body dried up and crumbled to the ground. In the end, even the shape of his bones was not left intact, directly disintegrating into dust!

As for the happily humming sword, it swung forward on its way, without any cares in the world as it pierced through two more Supremacy Enduring Heavens!

If it didn't need to stop to enjoy the fruits of its effort each time it killed someone, this extraordinary sword would have a much higher kill rate! But even so, as it continued its killing spree, the time between each time it stopped became shorter and shorter. With extreme speed, it flitted around the battlefield, suddenly appearing on the left, and suddenly on the right. Everywhere it went, a trail of dried bodies was left behind! The less unfortunate ones were still able to keep a full skeleton, while the others all turned into dust!

The killing efficiency it showed became more and more shocking as time passed. Whenever the sword light flashed, several bodies would dry up and collapse. The Blood of Yellow Flame sliced a path through the battlefield, turned around, and continued to kill!

With such frightening momentum, who could stop it?!

It wasn't that no one had noticed the movements of this fiendish sword. Truthfully, many people had tried to stop it. However, their efforts were all in vain.

The Blood of Yellow Flame's strength was already above even Young Master Jun's. In this kind of battlefield where its agility was the most useful, it was able to come and go as it pleased!

Jun Moxie's methods were also exceedingly ruthless. Everywhere he went, people fell left and right as he hurried towards Gu Han. Behind him, the violent sounds of explosions rang out continuously from the experts that'd been forced to self-detonate by him.

Unfortunately, such extreme measures were completely useless against Young Master Jun who was hiding in the void. No matter how violent the explosion was, could it shatter the void?

As time passed, the situation on the battlefield became clearer. With the Holy Lands's 40 something Saint Venerable and above experts present, they were able to maintain some sort of balance. However, this balance was being reduced as time passed slowly, to a point of near collapse. The more time passed, the more unfavorable the battle situation was. Even with Gu Han, Jun Moxie, and the Blood of Yellow Flame dominating the enemy, the overall situation was still not something that could be overturned so easily!

Leng Tong's cultivation was only at the Saint level, and against so many powerful Saint Emperors and strong experts on the Outsiders side, it was undoubtedly very disadvantageous for him. At this time, the three comrades around him had already exhausted all their strength long ago and self-detonated. To the people of the Holy Lands, they would prepare themselves to self-detonate as long as they met an opponent above Saint Venerable. Among the throngs of bloodthirsty soldiers, Leng Tong gradually fell into the same situation.

The three comrades beside Leng Tong was the same, being at the Saint level of cultivation. Their self-detonation had also only been able to injure their enemies, without affecting the battle results at all. Truthfully, it was already a pretty good result for a Saint's self-detonation to hurt a Saint Emperor. However, such a result caused Leng Tong to feel exceedingly angry and aggrieved.

Death was not scary at all. The scariest thing was dying a worthless death!

Unable to calm his heart, he stumbled slightly and was hit by an enemy's palm. How could a palm from a Saint Emperor be light? Leng Tong felt a cold iron taste in his mouth, but before he had time to spit it out, he gritted his teeth and charged forward again, completely abandoning his defense, grabbing tightly onto the Saint Emperor that'd injured him. Disregarding the frenzied counterattack of the enemy, he sunk his teeth deeply into the enemy's throat!

A loud crack rang out, and blood flew everywhere. The perfect row of white teeth actually managed to tear the Saint Emperor's throat into shreds!

Such a result was completely unexpected. The Saint Emperor howled painfully as he looked at Leng Tong with disbelief. However, his body had already lost all its strength. The female body behind him let out a shrill scream and whipped around, fiercely slamming three palms onto Leng Tong's body.

Violent cracking sounds rang out, and Leng Tong's seven apertures burst with blood. However, he still remained smiling savagely as he held tightly onto the Saint Emperor's body like an octopus. With a final gasp of breath, his body began to swell.

The male body of the Saint Emperor was already completely finished, and the battle strength dropped drastically in an instant. In a short moment, the female body was unable to get rid of Leng Tong. Knowing that the other party was about to initiate a final self-detonation attack, she screamed savagely and rained down her fists continuously against Leng Tong's body.

Leng Tong cackled madly with laughter. "Are you scared now?! You perverted freaks! Follow this daddy to the Yellow Springs!" With a final gleam in his eyes, his body swelled to the extreme and blew apart!

The violent explosion instantly blew the Supremacy Enduring Heavens expert's body into two, blasting it high into the air where it broke apart further!

Sou sou sou! Several blood drenched figures shot across the sky. These were the few Saint Venerables that'd followed Xia Changtian before. Their faces were incredibly wretched, and their bodies were filled with wounds which bled freely. Like fireflies dashing into the fire, they threw themselves into the densely packed group of Outsiders experts!

A short moment later, several terrifying booms rang out, instantly clearing a large area. Over a hundred Outsiders experts were buried together with them. The point of the explosion was not far from Jun Moxie, and the latter had practically witnessed everything with his eyes. In that moment, even Young Master Jun could not help but feel somewhat moved.

No matter whether their previous thoughts and actions were right or wrong, this explosion had resolved everything!

Mo Wudao who only had a Venerable cultivation and was under the heavy protection of the Holy Lands's experts. Drenched in blood, he roared: "What kind of time is this now! You're still concerning yourselves with protecting me? Hurry up and go and kill the enemy! Don't care about me anymore, quickly go up and kill the enemy!"

Seeing that those experts were still hesitating, unwilling to leave his side, Mo Wudao cursed and separated himself from them. With a resolute gleam in his eyes, he shot forward, yelling: "Our Holy Lands did not let down the people!"

His voice was tragic and savage, as though his throat was filled with blood!

In the moment that he shouted those words, all the experts around him could clearly see two lines of tears flow down the sides of his face. However, those tears were instantly blown away by the intense winds…

With a brilliant sword flash, Mo Wudao disappeared into the middle of the enemy ranks! Amidst the bloodthirsty howls, an explosion that sounded no different from the cacophony of explosions in the background, rang out. With that explosion, the Palace Lord of the Elusive World of Immortals had already turned into a mist of blood!

Logically, with Mo Wudao's strength as a Venerable level expert, the impact he could bring to the battlefield was extremely minimal. Even with that self-detonation, not to mention killing any Outsiders experts, it would be unlikely for him to injure many enemies. However, the effect that this explosion brought about, was exceedingly shocking!

The several hundred people from the Elusive World of Immortals that saw this scene, instantly howled aloud with grief and rage. Blood even flowed from the eyes of some people as they charged over madly.

In that moment, everyone even felt their blood ignite to a terrifying extent. Apart from death, and dying a flashy death in battle, they no longer had any other wants!

"Our Holy Lands did not let down the people!" Hundreds of Elusive World of Immortals experts chorused at the same time as they cried tears of blood. Raising their heads to the sky, they roared!

It was as though they were swearing or proving something! It was as if they were shouting their lungs out for the entire world to hear!

Without further hesitation, they charged into the densest enemy ranks and together, a gigantic explosion blasted out, echoing the final voice of the Elusive World of Immortals in this world!

The shockwave of blood and flesh instantly cleared out a large patch of land as countless brave souls rose up!

"Mo Wudao, Elusive World of Immortals! HAHAHA…" A tall figure stood up; his face filled with resolution. With a loud laugh, this tall figure roared: "The Elusive World of Immortals declared that they did not let down the people! Then, what of my Supreme Golden City?!"

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