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"We also did not let anyone down! We did not let the world down! We did not let the common lives down!" The two thousand experts from the Supreme Golden City chanted, punching their fists in the air with such great strength. They roared with their soul: "We did not let this continent down!

"We will prove that we did not let anyone down with our lives! Use our souls as offerings to the common lives of the world!" Xi Ruochen whipped out his long sword as his beard swayed. "And fight to the death!"

"Fight to the death!" With a thunderous roar, two thousand experts went charging out!

Every one of them was exhausted and covered in wounds from the numerous fights they had before. But they had fought with their strength, power and courage earlier! But this time, they were fighting using the last bit of brilliance left in their lives!

The continuous sounds of self-detonation rang out incessantly. Wearing a smile, countless experts transformed their bodies, and the Xuan Qi they had painstakingly cultivated turned into one final boom!

With no complaints, no regrets! Not a single one of them hesitated!

The number of Outsiders decreased drastically again!

Huyan Aobo of the Illusory Blood Sea let out a thunderous yell, two trials of blood leaking from his eyes. "Mo Wudao! Xi Ruochen! You two old farts! Leaving just like this without saying bye? Of all things, you just had to die before me! Preposterous! How preposterous! Wait for this daddy to come and settle this score with the both of you when I get there!"

In the midst of his yelling, Huyan Aobo roared into the skies: "How could we, the Illusory Blood Sea be willing to be left behind? The Three Holy Lands must exist together even if it's in the Yellow Springs!"

All his men perked up and yelled: "Indeed! Lord is right! Even if it's in the Yellow Springs, it is still the inseparable Three Holy Lands!"

Huyan Aobo cackled. "Since we have decided to reunite in the Yellow Springs, then what are we waiting for! Brothers, follow me to chase after them!"

"Hahaha… catch up with them! Reunite in the Yellow Springs!" All the experts from the Illusory Blood Sea hollered. One purple-robed man came darting out and yelled: "Illusory Blood Sea, I'll open the path!"

With the flash of his purple robes, this Saint Emperor shot thirty zhang forward like a meteor, landing in the sea of Outsiders first. In his maniacal laughter, a loud explosion rang out, blood and flesh flying everywhere!

Huyan Aobo gave a sorrowful but proud smile. "Good brother!"

Then, as he flashed his sword about, he bellowed: "Then, what are we still waiting for? Countless of good brothers are waiting for us to join them in the Yellow Springs!" And all the remaining men went charging towards the remaining Outsiders in a frenzy!

A cacophony of explosions shook the world…

The brave soldiers of the Three Holy Lands and used their courageous spirits to prove their existence. This bravery and courage had shook the heavens and earth and crippled the Outsider's forces!

Gu Han was also charging berserkly in the enemy's formation. Endless cries rang out from the places he passed. And what was left was a sea of broken limbs and decapitated heads, fresh blood spurting into the air. Countless Outsiders wanted to defeat him by self-detonating, but Gu Han went charging through it all, using his protective layer of Xuan Qi, massacring and slaughtering without a single care!

Honestly, Gu Han's action was extremely unwise. His Xuan Qi cultivation was undoubtedly high, all these Saint Emperors and Saint Venerables couldn't deal much damage to him with their self-detonation. But even though it may not have significant damage, and he could ignore one or two, what if it was ten people doing it at the same time? Or even more? Even the powerful Gu Han could not disregard such an aggressive attack!

But right now, Gu Han had already completely disregarded all of these. There was nothing else on his mind.

To kill!

And only kill!

Watching every single one of the Holy Lands's forces turn into legends and history, Gu Han's eyes were filled with tears, his vision was already blurry. He may have sounded all heroic and liberal when he was speaking with Young Master Jun, Mei Xueyan, and all the Beast Kings of Tian Fa previously, completely unconcerned about life and death. But in this instance, when the destruction of the Holy Lands turned into a reality, he ultimately couldn't remain as aloof. What hurts, still hurt. What was painful remained painful. Gu Han's entire heart was broken!

The only thing that remained unchanged was Gu Han's unstoppable, formidable, and rapid attacks!

Jun Moxie cut his way through the sea of people, stepping on the mountains of corpses as he rushed over. The Blood of Yellow Flame continued to dance in the air in a frenzied massacre, enjoying the sumptuous meal!

This Saint Emperor army consisting of over ten thousand Outsiders was only left with less than two thousand now! In terms of manpower, it was a considerably glorious battle record for the Three Holy Lands to achieve with their seven thousand men!

Gu Han dealt another powerful palm, sending blood flying across the air. He roared hysterically: "Jun Moxie! Go back there! There's no one there to hold the fort over there! Leave this side to me!"

Jun Moxie's eyes reddened as he replied calmly. "Old Gu! All the heroes of Three Holy Lands have already left! But you can't leave because of this! This battlefield, the continent, still needs you!"

Gu Han continued to rain attacks, slaying all the Outsiders around him. He yelled: "Jun Moxie! Don't make me hate you at the last moment! Go! Leave this place, go over there! Hurry up and go ah…"

From the other side, an earthshaking battle cry rang out. The Outsiders have clearly began launching their attacks.

"Get lost ah… Get lost!! Go over there! Hurry up and get over there!" Gu Han yelled in a crazed manner. "The Holy Lands are already gone; do you really think I can continue living? What's the point in living anymore? Jun Moxie… don't make me regret, don't make me look down on you! I'm part of the Holy Lands, this is a fact, a fact that will never change for eternity!

Jun Moxie turned silent, only feeling a throbbing ache in his heart.

"Go! Go over there!" Gu Han begged. "Jun Moxie, I beg you, leave this place to me! Leave everything here to me! I beg you…" He suddenly roared hysterically: "I beg of you!!"

Tears finally fell from Jun Moxie's eyes. "I understand; I leave everything here to you! I'm going now, take care! I hope… we will meet again!" Then his white figure flashed, and he vanished before Gu Han.

Gu Han gave a satisfied smile. "Jun Moxie! Many thanks! Don't ever forget to kill Zhan Kuang! This is what you promised the Holy Lands! And don't ever forget about what I entrusted you to do! Please…"

Jun Moxie's heart was filled with grief; he knew that Gu Han had already decided to throw his life here! The Holy Lands had fallen to ruins, and Gu Han no longer had any reason to continue living!

At the same instance he left, Jun Moxie activated the Power of Earth and all of the Spiritual Qi he had saved up earlier. Whoosh. Two giant mountains that were hundred zhang in height rose on either side of Gu Han, only leaving a passage that was about ten zhang wide between them. If the Outsiders wish to bypass this barricade, they'd have to go through Gu Han!

Gu Han had already decided to battle to his death alone!

Then, the only thing Jun Moxie could do for him was to help him create an environment where he became an uncrossable mountain!

Gu Han had already decided to battle to his death, so Jun Moxie would help him create a legend!

Holding back ten thousand Outsiders, with the strength of one man alone!

The moment both mountains were erected, Jun Moxie's vision faded black from practically exhausting all his Spirit Energy. An unprecedented sense of fatigue and exhaustion hit him, and he barely managed to keep himself from falling out of the sky.

Erecting two giant mountains within such a short period of time…

With Jun Moxie's current rate of recovery, he had already overexerted the Power of Earth!

Gu Han was astonished by this sudden change in environment, but he did not hesitate. In a flash, he took a few steps back and flipped over, landing firmly right in the mountain pass that was just created. He stood with his palms behind his back, oozing out a murderous aura from head to toe!

His clothes drifted in the air as he stood alone, with an aloof look in his eyes.

His stance and tremendous presence had terrified all the Outsider experts in front of them. They all couldn't help but stop in their tracks. They could distinctly feel that this person in front of them was a tall mountain that they could not pass!

If they wish to pass, the price to pay was their lives!

Gu Han looked at them quietly and suddenly let out a deep breath. "I am the only one left from the Holy Lands now! The legacy of ten thousand years has come to an end; the expedition today will turn us into legends!"

Gu Han's voice was unusually calm and aloof, but it echoed in the air for a long time. The noise from the battlefield couldn't drown out his voice.

His voice might have seemed aimless, as if he didn't have a designated audience, but everyone from the Tian Fa forces knew that Gu Han was speaking to them.

Or it can be said that, these were the final words Gu Han had to say while representing the Three Holy Lands! Thus, everyone who did not partake in the battle listened silently with a solemn expression.

A gust of wind blew past, seemingly carrying a hint of autumn with it.

"The Elusive World of Immortals has existed for 11,300 years and has disciples that have exceeded millions! Since its establishment, we had shocked the world! Then, the Outsiders invaded, and in order to prevent them from entering the Continent, we abandoned our original establishments and moved into the wilderness! It has been 8,633 years since then!"

Gu Han's beard and hair fluttered in the wind. "The Supreme Golden City and Illusory Blood Sea are the same! From past till now!

"Today, it will all turn into nothing! The efforts of 8,600 years will turn into smoke overnight! From ancient times till now, millions of brave souls have returned to the Heavens for the Continent!

"The only survivor from all the bloody battles is me!" Gu Han laughed in a crazed manner. "I, Gu Han, am part of the Holy Lands, in life or death! Slaying the Outsiders, stopping their invasion; protecting the Continent and the common lives! This is the duty of the Holy Lands; I will not forget it even if I die! I must not die in the hands of the Outsiders, or I will be cursed in my death! The spirits of Heaven and Earth shall witness my vow. I make with no regrets for life!"

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