Otherworldly Evil Monarch
1268 Weird Asylum Seeker
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Otherworldly Evil Monarch
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1268 Weird Asylum Seeker

This was the road Jun Moxie and Mei Xueyan took when bringing Dongfang Wenxin back.

It was this place where they encountered the Supreme Assassin, Chu Qihun.

Back then, it was freezing cold as snow fluttered down from the sky. But now, the autumn winds were blowing as golden leaves flew in the air. Many of the forests turned a brilliant shade of vermillion. The scenery was ethereal.

On this entire journey, the four of them had many matters on their minds. But with such spectacular scenery, their moods gradually lifted…

They traveled along, taking occasional breaks. Yet they still remained faster than regular people by several folds.

Within a few days, they could already see Tian Xiang City from afar.

As Jun Moxie looked at this majestic city, he was suddenly filled with a plethora of emotions.

He just watched from afar, standing still for a while.

Mei Xueyan and the rest seemed to be able to sense what he was feeling, joining him for a while, standing silently.

After a long while, Jun Moxie finally let out a sigh and said, "Let's enter the city and take a look at Tang Yuan. We'll just pass through."

Without alerting anyone, the four of them entered Tian Xiang just like that.

Young Master Jun's old hometown, Tian Xiang City. Although the place hadn't changed, there was a difference in their minds!

The three ladies were extremely curious and interested about this hometown of the Evil Monarch. Miao Xiaomiao really wished to understand the hometown of her lover, while Qiao Ying was developing an interest in the birthplace of the Evil Monarch. And though Mei Xueyan had spent some time in Tian Xiang City, she had spent most of her time in the Jun Residence due to all the busy matters and had never taken a good look at this Tian Xiang City. Then, they moved away quickly. Now that she finally had the time, it was a good chance to take a good look around!

Young Master Jun also suffered for the first time! The suffering of shopping with women!

Even with Jun Moxie's tough body, after walking around with these women for an entire day of shopping, both his legs were aching. Young Master Jun was b*tching incessantly internally. But this sightseeing had allowed Qiao Ying to feel much more relieved from the depressing thoughts in her mind… and Miao Xiaomiao's anxiety and worries also faded away as she shopped about… Being tired out like this was worth it!

Women were truly powerful when they started shopping. Even the powerful Young Master Jun Moxie was completely drained while they remained unaffected. Ultimately, it was great beauty Mei who pitied a certain someone who was turning pale with trembling legs. She decisively convinced the other two girls to end the day's shopping!

It was nighttime. The four of them discreetly made their way to the number one secret base of Tian Xiang: Aristocratic Hall.

The security of the Aristocratic Hall was top-notch across the entire Continent. But the four of them were peak experts, with a Saint Emperor cultivation at minimum. This sort of top-level security was no form of hindrance whatsoever.

The four of them silently slipped past the defenses set up by Hai Chenfeng and Song Shang, heading right into Tang Yuan's study room. No one discovered their presence the entire time.

But it couldn't be helped. Getting ordinary experts to defend against the peak experts of the world, was the equivalent of a computer noob trying to guard against a top-notch hacker. They were of completely different tiers!

The four of them arrived in Tang Yuan's study and had yet to think of how they were going to enter when the aroma of meat wafted from within.

On one of the shelves, there was a huge basin of unfinished meat… And it was covered by a piece of cloth… It looked like Tang Yuan intended to continue eating it…

The four of them exchanged glances, feeling amused.

Miao Xiaomiao and Qiao Ying may not know Tang Yuan very well, while Mei Xueyan was rather familiar with Tang Yuan. Jun Moxie didn't have many friends he acknowledged, and Tang Yuan was one of the rare few. Thus, she naturally knew of Tang Yuan's habits.

Looks like even though Tang Yuan has successfully lost weight, he still places food as his top priority. Thinking about eating anytime, anywhere. It's just that it's a little uncouth to be eating meat in the study room… Though it seemed like Tang Yuan had never bothered about being cultured… And Young Master Jun was the same way…

Just at this moment, footsteps suddenly rang out from the door. From the sound of it, it seemed to be two people who were heading over.

Jun Moxie gave a look and the four of them quickly concealed themselves behind the shelves silently. Even a Xuan cultivator may not be able to discover their presence.

Tang Yuan's study was properly arranged from before. It was more like a small meeting hall. The four of them didn't find it squeezy to hide behind the large bookshelves.

And the shelves were all filled up. And many were rare pieces, or even extant fragments of books. As if the owner of this place was extremely cultured and educated… But who knew if Tang Yuan had looked at any of these books…

"… I still do not understand, why did you come and find me for?" Tang Yuan's voice rang out, a tinge of arrogance in his tone. Clearly, the person coming in with him wasn't worthy of his respect. In fact, there were really not many people in the world who were capable of making the God of Fortune Tang Yuan view them as important!

"I had come to Lord Tang to seek asylum… I have no other intentions… please reflect upon this." The voice that rang out was unexpected. It seemed to be that of an official. He sounded stiff, but he didn't sound as passionate as Jun Moxie imagined.

Jun Moxie couldn't help but feel surprised. En? This fellow came to Tang Yuan for help, but he is still so stiff?

Just from this voice alone it's obvious that this fellow probably was not one who was good at bootlicking… Let's see how Tang Yuan is going to handle this…

"En?! You said that you want to seek shelter under me? Hehehe, your words are rather interesting… But I wonder what is your purpose in seeking shelter under a businessman, when you are the head of the Capital's yamen! I really can't figure it out, ah!" The chair squeaked nosily as Tang Yuan sat into his personal chair comfortably, swaying back and forth.

"Lord Tang is not someone in the government, nor the political scene, but right now, Lord Tang is the most powerful person in the entire continent!" That person's voice sounded a little helpless, but there was a tinge of decisiveness too. "The entire continent knows that you can offend all the rulers, but do not offend the God of Fortune. Because offending the Emperor means death. Perhaps one may escape with high Xuan cultivation. But anyone who offends the God of Wealth is destined to live a life worse than death! I'm not the only person who says this. This is a fact, a fact that everyone knows of!"

Jun Moxie was getting more curious. This person's voice doesn't sound like someone who was capable of being a shameless bootlicker… but someone like this… to come seeking shelter under Tang Yuan of his own accord… What's his reason for doing so?

And one more thing: from Tang Yuan's words, he was also an important official of Tian Xiang's yamen!

This made the entire matter more bizarre.

"Oh?" Tang Yuan lifted an eyelid. "Go on, I love hearing such comments, say a few more, let me feel good!" Then, a certain fatty laughed. "The happiest thing in this world is none other than sitting comfortably in a chair to hear someone throw flattery at you… This is the life of an immortal ah…"

Gulp. The person opposite Tang Yuan swallowed his saliva as his breathing got heavy. Clearly, he was angered by Tang Yuan's remark. This sort of enjoyable, carefree life of sitting comfortably in a chair while others throw flattery at you, when have I not wished to have it?! But right now, this daddy is helping someone else experience it… You are feeling good, but I'm suffering here…

With a cracking sound from the chair, Tang Yuan straightened his body as his voice turned serious. "Tie Huaili, I also know that you are an upright official. This is something Tian Xiang City can vouch for. And you have a good reputation in Tian Xiang City. Especially amongst the common folks! The real reason why I entertained you personally was because you are really upright and incorruptible! Only people like this are worthy of my genuine respect!"

So this person was Tie Huaili.

This Tie Huaili was one of the generals under Murong Fengyun and was a good man. Due to some reasons, he left the army and became a high ranking official. However, as Murong Fengyun retired, he also lost his backing, falling in his government position. He ultimately landed an insignificant small official in the capital. To think that he would come seeking help from Tang Yuan.

But Tang Yuan's remark of him was sincere.

This person was not someone who would seek power through flattery. To do something like this today was extremely out of the blue.

Tie Huaili let out a long sigh, feeling more depressed after hearing Tang Yuan's praise. He remained silent, at a loss for words.

"Tie Huaili, I admire someone like you. So I am extremely infuriated that you come seeking for me! Is it that Tian Xiang no longer has any upstanding officials anymore? They all have to go through connections to become an official now?"

Tang Yuan questioned angrily. "I am a businessman, and one who is completely unscrupulous. I only know how to earn money. You and I are on different paths. It is best that we don't cross. But why did you do this today?"

"Lord Tang is right; you and I are on different paths. If there was any other way, why would I use such a poor method to go begging a filthy businessman that reeks of the smell of money? But today, I have to beg you, no matter what! I have to beg you, this filthy businessman that I've always found disdainful!" Tie Huaili's voice was filled with bitterness.

"Speak your reason!" Tang Yuan said indifferently. "I'm really disappointed that you have come to me today. If your reason is not good enough, then I will be even more disappointed in you! Then I will make you disappear from Tian Xiang City completely."

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