Otherworldly Evil Monarch
1270 Tyrannic Backscene!
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Otherworldly Evil Monarch
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1270 Tyrannic Backscene!

\"But who is there to know that everytime someone praises me like this, my face would burn with so much shame!? I would wish for nothing more than to take a rope and hang myself! What is the use of having an honest judge like me? I clearly cannot do anything, and I cannot even protect the families of brothers and have to watch by the side as they get humiliated repeatedly! Apart from drinking myself unconscious every night, what else can I do…\"

Tie Huaili sat on the chair, his arms hanging helplessly by his side. Slowly, he raised his hands and covered his face. All of a sudden, tears poured endlessly from his eyes, and he howled painfully. Just like that, an iron blooded warrior like Tie Huaili, began to cry!

\"En, I can understand your feelings. But you come to me to say that you want to subordinate yourself to me… how is that useful to this matter? Or perhaps, you want me to help you in other ways? In that case, you can go ahead and name it!\" Tang Yuan clapped his hand and Hai Chenfeng who had been guarding the door outside, came in. Tang Yuan nodded at him, and Hai Chenfeng quickly left.

\"I just want to be your subordinate. That is all!\" Tie Huaili said bitterly. \"Lord Tang, perhaps you don't know what it means to be a person under you! This request of mine today is not something that was asked on a whim. It's something that I'd considered for a long time. In these few years, I'd come to understand a certain fact!

\"Even if one has a genuine heart to help the commoners, it's still impossible if one doesn't have any strong backing!\" Tie Huaili laughed bitterly and shook his head. \"I've also found out that the so-called just judge is something that is impossibly difficult to be! They are restricted at every turn because they don't have any solid backing to depend upon!

\"I need a strong backing! And you are that strong backing! A powerful backing that no one can or would dare to shake!\" Tie Huaili bit his lips until they bled as he continued. \"That is the reason I've come to look for you today!\"

Tang Yuan stood up and paced a few steps in the room, not saying anything. Although he knew that what Tie Huaili had said was the truth, he still sent Hai Chenfeng to investigate the situation.

Right now, he was considering whether he should agree to Tie Huaili's request.

Once he gave his support, it would mean that he would be entering a complex political world! That would undoubtedly create a huge stir in the world!

What he would face was a battle of principles, and a nearly endless number of enemies.

Although Tang Yuan didn't care about this level of trouble, and even without borrowing Jun Moxie's influence, just his abilities as the God of Fortune was enough to handle anything that could happen, Tang Yuan also needed to keep in mind something. If he agreed to this matter, it would mean that he was stating his opinion in the affairs of the secular world. While it may purely be his own stand on the matter, some people would take it to also be the stance of his brother Jun Moxie. Such an implication was a little…

Tie Huaili's eyes followed Tang Yuan's steps closely, and his expression grew more and more solemn.

\"Apart from me, who else have you approached about this matter?\" Tang Yuan asked.

\"In the entire country, there are only two people who have enough power to do this. One of them is naturally you, and the other is Lord Li Youran.\" Tie Huaili answered honestly. \"Before I looked for you, I considered that you since you were not someone involved in the government, your position is more unique, so I visited Lord Li first.\"

\"What did Li Youran say?\" Tang Yuan asked with a deep voice.

\"Lord Li said that in the entire Tian Xiang, or rather, in the whole of the Xuan Xuan Continent, the only person who has enough power and influence to this and truly give me the support I need is you! The God of Fortune, Tang Yuan!\"

Tie Huaili laughed and said with a bitter smile, \"Lord Li said at that time: I agree with what you are trying to do, and if it were me, I can help you too. But there is a possibility of an unforeseen consequence in every matter. If something big happens, someone definitely needs to come and clean the situation up. My position is a little too sensitive since my influence as the Prime Minister is too much. I'll put it in another way for you. If I create too large a storm, the Evil Monarch may not bail me out. But if it were Tang Yuan instead, even if that fatty poked a hole in the sky, the Evil Monarch would cover that hole up for him.\" After saying this, he paused for a moment and looked up. \"Truthfully, you don't need to do anything in this matter. You don't even need to say anything. As long as you acknowledge this cooperation between us, I will be able to go all out and serve the common people, without anyone daring to obstruct me. All the problems will be resolved, simple as that! For this reason, Lord Li told me to look for you…

\"F*ck his granny! Is this daddy the kind of person who cannot solve my own problems?\" Tang Yuan suddenly flew into a rage. \"Li Youran, that bastard, he'd been playing the fox since he was five years old. Is he planning to be a schemer until the day he dies!\"

Although he was cursing vehemently in his mouth, Tang Yuan still knew that what Li Youran had said was the truth.

No matter what kind of waves he wanted to create in this world, Tang Yuan would not have anything to fear!

The fatty's connections now might be considerably powerful, but the main reason he was powerful was because he had Jun Moxie as his backing. As long as he had the ability, even if he managed to truly pierce a hole through the sky, Jun Moxie would definitely not stand by the side and would come to bail him out.

Compared to him, Li Youran's position was vastly different! His relationship with Jun Moxie was far from the fatty's level to the point of being completely incomparable!

\"That was what Lord Li said. Those were his exact words.\" Tie Huaili sighed, having finally finished all he'd come to say.

\"This is a hornet's nest we're talking about… although I do have the power to go and poke that nest, it is still troublesome—very troublesome!\" Tang Yuan rubbed his temples with annoyance.

Behind the shelf, Mei Xueyan looked at Jun Moxie, her eyes full of a questioning look. She was clearly curious as to why Jun Moxie was not going out.

Jun Moxie raised his brows slightly, but he did not say anything. Right now, Young Master Jun was intending to watch to see how fatty Tang was going to deal with this matter.

With the fatty's personality, Jun Moxie was quite certain that his decision would not be far from what he expected.

This fellow was undoubtedly a classic fearless dude. As long as Hai Chenfeng's investigation showed that Tie Huaili had been telling the truth, Jun Moxie could predict that Tang Yuan would definitely give his full support!

Money could make the devil work, and move even the gods! If the God of Fortune was willing to give his support, then even without Young Master Jun's assistance, he would definitely be able to complete this matter, no matter how troublesome it is!

\"Since even Li Youran said those words, it means that he also supports this matter,\" Tang Yuan furrowed his brows and said. \"I trust that as long as I give my support, Li Youran would definitely also give his assistance behind the scenes. At the appropriate time, he would begin a grand cleansing of the city. At the same time, doing this would also accomplish a certain objective of his…

\"Li Youran is using me as his knife! The good reputation and all the benefits will end up going to him… that dastardly thing!\" As he said that, Tang Yuan gritted his teeth hatefully. \"F*ck, the next time he's drunk, this daddy will definitely settle him with a knife! He thinks that he's the only fellow with a good brain in this world…\"

When Tang Yuan said those words, Jun Moxie who was hiding behind the bookshelf, could not help but to widen his eyes with shock. F*ck, when did this fatty's brain become so good? This kind of wit and this kind of logical thinking doesn't seem like something that Tang Yuan can do ah…

What Tang Yuan said was right. Since Li Youran had already stated his attitude, he definitely had some actions to follow up with that. As long as Tang Yuan made his move, Li Youran would immediately make his move as well. He would borrow the name of the God of Fortune, and the Evil Monarch to proceed with some plans that he'd always been hesitant to do.

The words 'make use of' seemed somewhat heavy, but 'borrowing', was the most commonly used method of Li Youran! And this situation was something that he definitely had to 'borrow'!

A whooshing sound rang out, and Hai Chenfeng arrived smoothly. Looking at Tang Yuan, he nodded.

This nod meant that everything that Tie Huaili had said was the truth!


Tang Yuan slammed a fist onto the table, and his eyes grew dangerous.

Tie Huaili looked at him in a stupefied manner, unsure what this big boss was suddenly going crazy about. He was clearly still perfectly fine a moment ago.

But what he didn't know was that if Tang Yuan hadn't displayed this anger, the unfortunate one would be him!

Tang Yuan gritted his teeth and looked at him. \"Tie Huaili, tell me honestly. How determined are you about this matter?\"

Tie Huaili's face instantly lit up with joy. \"As long as Lord Tang is willing to support me, I will definitely see this matter to the end! Even if I die and go to hell doing it, there will be no regrets!\"

\"Good!\" Tang Yuan smacked his palm on the table and nodded heavily. \"Then, you have my support on this matter! We're doing this!\"

This fellow was speaking like a gangster. Although he was about to embark on an important matter that would affect the entire country, he announced it in a way as if he had decided to lead his band of bandits to rob a rich convoy.

Tie Huaili was so choked with joy that he nearly fainted.

However, his eyes were shining with a gleam so bright that it could cut! He knew full well what those words from Tang Yuan's mouth meant. That single sentence meant the dropping of countless heads in Tian Xiang!

Right now, apart from the Evil Monarch Manor, Duanmu Family, Silver City, Sikong Family, and a few other large families that were still intact after the war, Tang Yuan held the most influence in the entire continent.

In every way, he was a person that had as much money and manpower as he needed!

Ever since Jun Moxie left the capital, all the underground triad forces also ended up in Tang Yuan's hands. Right now, the Aristocratic Hall truly had great influence in both the lawful and unlawful factions of the city. They had the absolute power to sweep through the capital!

It was a mercy that Tang Yuan didn't have any ambitions towards governance. Song Shang and Hai Chenfeng also ensured that their power was completely safeguarded. There were no conflicts with the imperial family and it would instead serve as the sharpest weapon in Tian Xiang! This kind of strange situation could also be considered unprecedented in history…

\"Tomorrow, I will officially give the word to Li Youran that you, Tie Huaili, are a subordinate of mine! Go ahead and perform your duties. There's no need to care about anyone at all!\" Tang Yuan instructed decisively. \"Even if your investigation leads you to Li Youran's Li Family, go ahead and prosecute them! You have me to back you up!\"

\"From now on, you no longer need to fear anyone! If anything happens, you can just let me know!\" Tang Yuan snorted. \"Cheng Feng, ah…\"

A figure flashed, and Hai Chenfeng appeared in the room.

\"Go and tell Song Shang and tell him to choose some elite men. They will be following Lord Tie in his business. That fellow only knows how to hug his wine jugs all day long. It's time for him to go out and stretch his old bones. Otherwise, he'll become as fat as I was in the past…\" Tang Yuan sniggered. \"Also, let the our connections in the city know, regardless if they are lawful or unlawful forces, that they must support Lord Tie in all his business! If there are any obstructions, sweep them aside! There's no need to fear anyone! Anyone that blocks us, no matter who they may be, can be killed with no mercy!\"

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