Otherworldly Evil Monarch
1271 Severe and Serious!
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Otherworldly Evil Monarch
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1271 Severe and Serious!

\"En, I understand. Or, why don't we let that fellow Song Shang be in charge of protecting you instead, and I will follow this guy to handle this matter? I'm afraid that that drunkard will end up creating more troubles after drinking too much,\" Hai Chenfeng proposed tentatively. Mainly, he just felt extremely suffocated staying beside this fatty all day long. How was it more exciting than going out and stirring up the world…

\"That won't do.\" Tang Yuan rejected it directly. \"The more someone doesn't want to follow me, the more I want to make that person follow me. That person should just give up on the thought of leaving me…\" He chuckled twice and smiled. \"Third Young Master specifically instructed before, that you are to be my personal bodyguard…\"

Hai Chenfeng wrung his hands helplessly, completely losing all hope. How did this fatty become more and more clever…

\"Go! Tie Huaili, do whatever you need to do!\" Tang Yuan raised his hand arrogantly. \"As long as this daddy is still in Tian Xiang, those young f*ckers can go and f*ck themselves!\"

Tie Huaili beamed with joy and thanked him repeatedly as he was led away by Hai Chenfeng.

Before he left, Tang Yuan still shouted after him. \"Since you're going to make a move, you need to do something big! All the old and new debts shall be accounted for together! No family will be let off, not even if it's Li Youran's Li Family! Investigate ruthlessly! How can there not be a price to pay for making use of this daddy…\"

When Tie Huaili left, his forehead was filled with cold sweat… This God of Fortune was truly somewhat petty…

Tang Yuan sat alone in the study room and chuckled in a silly manner as he mumbled to himself. \"Li Youran, you sneaky scheming bastard. You won't let this daddy stay away, so this daddy will also not let you have a good time.\"

At this time, another voice rang out. \"How are you not having a good time like this? You're helping him out a great deal… Ai, you damned fatty, this Young Master still thought that you'd become smarter. But from the looks of it, you're still as irredeemably dumb as before.\"

When he heard this voice, Tang Yuan jumped up with shock and shouted joyfully. \"Third Young Master! You're really back!\"

Behind him, a white robed young man stood. If it was not Jun Moxie, who could it be?

But Tang Yuan's happiness only lasted for a few seconds when his smile froze into a dumbfounded expression as he stared at the three peerless beauties beside Jun Moxie. A line of crystalline looking drool rolled out from his mouth, dripping onto the ground. After a long time, he sighed. \"F*ck, to think that there are actually such beauties in the world… And they're actually my good brother's wife…\"

Jun Moxie punched him in the stomach and scolded him laughingly. \"Are these wives of this Young Master people whom you can ogle at? Be careful not to have your fat torn off your body by them. If they really want to do something, this Young Master is also helpless to save you.\"

\"What nonsense… how is there any fat on my body now…\" Tang Yuan rolled his eyes and said. \"Right, Third Young Master, what did you say just now? About me not being clever!\"

\"You still don't admit it? Don't you know that dealing with those useless young masters of the Li Family is exactly the thing that Li Youran wants you to do the most?!\" Jun Moxie laughed. \"You really think that Li Youran isn't interested in getting rid of those disgraceful members of his family? He's also just not too enthusiastic about doing that kind of thing himself, given that he's also part of the family. Now, you'd helped him out so much. I dare to guarantee that if you take care of those bastards for him, he will treat you to a drink on the same night and drink until you both are drunk!\"

\"AH?\" Tang Yuan was stupefied. \"F*ck! How did I fall for the scheme of that bastard! Why not just let a few of them go…\"

\"Let them off? Would your conscience be able to take that?\" Jun Moxie raised his eyebrows. \"What's the point of keeping that kind of people? You might as well weed them out together! Take it as you doing a large favor for Li Youran. Order the most expensive drink on that day and bankrupt him!\"

Tang Yuan nodded repeatedly as he heard Young Master Jun's advice.

\"Also, about the matter that Tie Huaili brought up; it's an important issue that will affect future generations. You need to take it seriously. Do not treat it as a small matter. If anyone asks, just tell them that all this is done under my instruction,\" Jun Moxie said with a calm expression. \"There's no need to worry about bringing me trouble. Those scum should have been eradicated long ago! There's no need to worry about matters that we don't know about. But since we know about it now, we have a duty to rid the world of those evils! Don't be soft-hearted, and don't be merciful!\"

\"That's great!\" Tang Yuan clapped his hands happily.

The so-called ridding the world of evil was something that would definitely involve the interests of the rich and influential relatives of royalty. Once those people were involved, it would definitely bring up the attention of the royal family.

If the emperor Yang Huainong and the Crown Prince Yang Mo came to plead with him, Tang Yuan still needed to give them some face. After all, the pride of the royal family could not be trampled upon so blatantly. And for people he knew personally, it was even harder to not give them some leeway. But Tang Yuan and Jun Moxie were the same kind of people. Either they didn't do something, or they would do it cleanly and see it through to the end.

Failing to see a matter through completely would be like having a fish bone stuck in their throats.

And so, Tang Yuan's only concern had only been this.

Now, with a single word from Jun Moxie, the most headache inducing problem was solved.

At that time, if the emperor asked him, he only needed to shrug his shoulders and smile: I'm helpless about this as well. It was Jun Moxie who asked me to do it. Why not go and look for Jun Moxie and discuss it with him…

It's guaranteed that anyone who came to ask him would not dare to let out a single fart anymore. Those who still remained stubborn would simply be looking for their own death.

Would anyone in the entire continent dare to block something that the Evil Monarch wanted to do? Those who tried were definitely too tired of living. Before the news of such a person reached Jun Moxie's ears, that person would have already been killed by people who wanted to suck up to Jun Moxie…

This was precisely the meaning of: If I don't make a sound upon the dawn of spring, which insect dares to chirp first?

Jun Moxie and the girls remained in Tian Xiang City for three days. In these three days, the entire Tian Xiang City was completely turned over!

When Li Youran received the message by Tang Yuan, he almost couldn't believe that such a coincidental thing could happen in this world. Jun Moxie just so happened to be here and had even specially made a trip for this matter. Following that, he immediately hurried into the palace to report to the emperor Yang Huainong.

Following that, numerous exceedingly strict royal decrees were released. Not just Tian Xiang City, but the entire country of Tian Xiang was swept into a storm.

Especially for the incident a few days ago where two aristocrat's carriages collided in the streets and harmed several commoners, Tang Yuan directly stirred the matter up and used those aristocrats as an example. Under everyone's eyes, the offenders were stripped naked and hung outside the city…

As for those accomplices who commited evil deeds using the names of others, they were directly abandoned…

Like what Jun Moxie said: F*ck their grannies! Fatty Tang directly copied his words and eliminated their nine generations…

In just these three days, nearly 10,000 heads dropped!

And this campaign was still continuing, growing ever more intense. Those aristocrats who enjoyed bullying the commoners, those corrupt high level officials and large families who completely disregarded the lives of commoners… they were all down on their luck…

When they were bullying the commoners for their own amusement or abusing their power and wealth, they probably would have never thought that their actions would actually directly lead to the destruction of their family line!

Who said that there was no justice in the world?

Jun Moxie once said at the execution grounds where heads were being lobbed off everywhere: \"Good begets good, and evil is repaid with evil. It's not that the consequences are not being dealt, it's just that the time had not come. But now that I'm here, the time has also come! Evil spirits, demons, and monsters… execute them all!\"

The entire process could be said to be unexpectedly smooth… no matter who came to beg for mercy, they were labelled as accomplices by Tang Yuan and doubly investigated instead… Truthfully, all these officials would more or less have some sh*t stains on their butt. No one was completely clean. If they were really investigated seriously, all of them would be heading for the gallows…

Looking at the number of officials being led out in ropes and chains, even Tang Yuan was shocked! This God of Fortune mumbled to himself: \"F*ck, I just realized something. If all the officials in Tian Xiang from county level onwards were lined up and sent blindfolded to the execution grounds, there would probably only be a small handful of innocent ones out of 10,000 people killed. But if we killed them one by one, there would be a small half of them slipping out of the net…\"

Jun Moxie also felt deeply agreeable to this sentence. In response, he instructed the enforcement officers to be even stricter and more rigid…

Just when Tian Xiang was being flipped upside down, Jun Moxie, Mei Xueyan, and the others bade their farewell to Tang Yuan and came out. When they left, the fatty's eyes were filled with tears, and he actually nearly cried…

In a few breaths of time, Jun Moxie and the rest came to the Lovers' Mound. Looking at the huge stone plague, Jun Moxie sighed heavily.

He seemed to have returned to that night where snow fell from the sky like flowers… Murong Xiuxiu's death, and Ye Guhan following after her…

\"I shall give up on the heavens, but not on my beloved…\" Jun Moxie mumbled softly. \"Ye Guhan, Murong Xiuxiu, may you husband and wife pair… have true peace! May you be together now in the Yellow Springs! Ling Meng is doing very well in the Evil Monarch Manor, so you can set your minds at ease.\"

The pine and cypress trees swayed lightly in the wind, emitting soft rustling sounds.

Jun Moxie bent his back and bowed deeply. This bow was for Ye Guhan and also for Murong Xiuxiu.

Ye Guhan may not have had a particularly high cultivation, but his dedicated love was enough to move even the heavens! Just that kind of love that he'd displayed was enough to deserve a bow from anyone in this world!

There were people coming all the time to the Lovers' Mound, and the people who came to pay their respects were also many.

This place had already become one of the major landmarks of Tian Xiang City.

Because this Lovers' Mound had been personally erected by the Evil Monarch. And it was created in the span of a single night! This was undoubtedly a miracle!

Many people constantly stole glances at the group of three girls and one man. Their bearings were simply too outstanding, and they didn't seem like normal mortals. Just their lofty auras were enough to prevent others from having nefarious thoughts against them.

There were some that felt that Jun Moxie looked somewhat familiar. However, they didn't dare to go up and talk to him. They could only furrow their brows tightly and look at him secretly. Because this person and the person that they were thinking of…

It was until a long time after Jun Moxie left that someone suddenly screamed: \"Evil Monarch! That young man just now was the Evil Monarch, Jun Moxie!\"

In an instant, the crowd erupted with noise!

Everyone was filled with shock. To think that the publicly acknowledged number one character of the world, had actually come to Tian Xiang City and had been standing right infront of their eyes.

The news that the Evil Monarch had appeared in Tian Xiang was quickly spread out. And in light of this news, the grand cleansing of the city also grew fiercer by several degrees…



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