Otherworldly Evil Monarch
1272 The Misty Illusory Manor“s Collapse!
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Otherworldly Evil Monarch
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1272 The Misty Illusory Manor“s Collapse!

No longer would anyone suspect that someone had impersonated the Evil Monarch. In a short time, the frail resistance from some of the factions directly collapsed…

When Tang Yuan set the matters in motion and Tie Huaili went to carry it out in full force, Li Youran had also taken the chance to do a grand flushing of the Imperial Court. At the peak of Tie Huaili's cleansing mission, he borrowed the momentum and set the results in one swift stroke!

At this point, all the voices of opposition in Tian Xiang had completely disappeared. The parasites had also disappeared by about 80 percent. The remaining ones had all become like cicadas in the winter, not daring to raise their heads or make a single sound. The entire Tian Xiang had begun to step onto the path of a completely strong base…

While the bloody purging was at its peak, Jun Moxie arrived at the prairies North of Tian Xiang.

Here was the other entrance to the Misty Illusory Manor.

Miao Xiaomiao tried the method to open the entrance, but it didn't work either. No matter how much energy she channeled in, there were no effects at all. The rebound energy once again appeared, and fortunately this time, Miao Xiaomiao had already prepared herself for it and was not harmed by it.

Their efforts went ultimately unrewarded, and the four could only look at the vast expanse of prairie with blank expressions.

Unable to come up with a solution, they decided to stay there for the night. Tomorrow, they would try some different methods and see if they could open the passage to enter the Misty Illusory Manor. But at midnight, a heavy pressure suddenly descended. Apart from having higher cultivation than the masses, the four also had superior senses. The moment the anomaly appeared, they all awoke together.

Looking up together, they saw that the sky was filled with dark clouds. Countless more dark clouds were congregating towards them, causing the patch of dark clouds above them to become thicker and heavier!

Towards the end, the entire sky had become completely black!

The clouds were so dense that it seemed as if one could tear off a patch of cloud with a stretch of the hand.

In the center of the mass of dark clouds, there was a lone gigantic eye. It was like the eye of a storm, and the clouds swirled around it, flickering with purple lightning…

Such a powerful heavenly pressure was completely unprecedented!

Just the lone eye in the sky had already covered an area of several hundred li!

Even a Saint Monarch level Heavenly Tribulation or a Half-Sage level Heavenly Tribulation was not worth a mention before this mighty aura!

Following that, the clouds trembled and a stroke of purple lightning the size of a house fell down! This was just the first bolt of lightning from this lightning tribulation, but it was already so exaggerated!

The moment the terrifying bolt of lightning struck the ground, it would definitely have a horrifying effect, breaking the ground apart…

But for some reason, the bolt of lightning completely disappeared in the instant that it struck down…

When Jun Moxie and the others saw the tribulation lightning disappear, they clearly felt a powerful tremor surge through the earth. However, there were no sounds at all…

What was going on?!

If there was a peerless expert undergoing a lightning tribulation right now, where was this peerless expert? But if there weren't anyone undergoing a lightning tribulation, then where did this terrifying phenomenon come from? The situation right now was too strange, too logic defying, and too incomprehensible!

But regardless of how confused Jun Moxie and the others were, the heavenly lightning would not care. With the first bolt of lightning landing, the sounds of thunder continuously rang out. The number of lightning bolts striking down from the sky became more and more dense. From the start, there were one or two bolts, then it increased to five, 10, 50… hundreds…

And the power of every stroke of lightning was exceptionally potent, with their thickness reaching from the size of a house to nearly as wide as a football field. Furthermore, this thickness was still increasing rapidly. The area that it covered also spread out continuously… The intensity of the lightning bolts was also growing fiercer and more powerful…

The entire Xuan Xuan Continent seemed to be shaking under the might of this sudden apocalyptic lightning tribulation.

The walls of the small towns within several thousand li from here were also shaking slightly…

Terrified screams of terror rang out across the entire continent because of this sudden danger.

Jun Moxie's face became exceedingly heavy as he looked at this crazed lightning tribulation!

All the purple lightning bolts seemed to have struck into space, and didn't directly land on the earth. But even so, the whole patch of land seemed as if it was unable to withstand the pressure!

\"There seems to be someone undergoing a Heavenly Tribulation?\" Mei Xueyan said with shock. \"What kind of peerless existence is that, to be able to draw such a terrifying lightning tribulation? Our Xuan Xuan Continent isn't facing this lightning tribulation directly, but it's already being affected by the energy ripples to the point it cannot endure anymore. If that's the case, what about the actual person that is undergoing the tribulation?! Oh no, not good! The Xuan Xuan Continent might not be able to endure much longer…\"

Jun Moxie sighed heavily and shook his head. \"It's not a simple matter for such a level of lightning tribulation to appear. Even the lightning tribulation of a Sage should not be like this. There can only be one explanation for this—Miao Qingcheng has come out. He should be inside the Misty Illusory Manor right now and fighting against Zhan Kuang! Apart from Miao Qingcheng, there is no one else who can attract this level of lightning tribulation! Even the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master is far from being able to do this!\"

\"Miao Qingcheng? The founder of the Misty Illusory Manor?! It's him?\" Mei Xueyan gasped aloud.

Miao Xiaomiao stepped forward and asked loudly: \"Moxie, what are you saying?\"

Although Miao Xiaomiao is a descendant of the Miao Family, she was a junior, and a woman. So she never got to know about the existence of the old ancestor Miao Qingcheng. When she heard Jun Moxie saying that her first generation ancestor was still alive, she could not help but to feel an indescribable sense of emotion in her heart.

\"Yes, it's him! And it can only be him. Apart from him, no one else can create such a huge commotion!\" Jun Moxie looked solemnly at the lightning in the sky. There were no hints of fear in his eyes, only an endless fervency!

Only by going through the baptism of this shocking power can one truly move unhindered in this world!

One day, I also want to reach this level, I also want to experience this tribulation, and I also want to transcend pass it!

I want to let the vast starry space, the thick earth, and the vast sky, tremble under my feet!

As another bolt of lightning fell down, Jun Moxie could clearly sense that the energy in the air had become unprecedentedly charged. It was as if billions of nuclear bombs were about to go off at the same time…

\"Not good!\" Jun Moxie widened his eyes and with a grab of his hand, he threw Qiao Ying, Mei Xueyan, and Miao Xiaomiao into the Hongjun Pagoda. He also did not hesitate to burrow in after them…

In the same instant that he jumped in, a violent sound of explosion filled the entire area!

The entire patch of heaven and earth had exploded!

This explosion was destined to be recorded into the history books!

Around 3,000 li of prairie north of Tian Xiang, completely disappeared in this violent booming sound!

A gigantic lake appeared in the place of the prairie; the depths of its waters unfathomable!

On the Xuan Xuan Continent, there were a total of six uninhabited places, all turned into bottomless deep lakes!

It was a stroke of fortune that the two entrances of the Misty Illusory Manor had been set in these uninhabited areas back then!

What'd disappeared was not just this 3,000 li of prairie. Even adding the other five areas, this was not worth a mention at all.

Because the Misty Illusory Manor had collapsed! The area that the Misty Illusory Manor once occupied had thoroughly crumbled along with that explosion…

From today onwards, there would no longer be a Misty Illusory Manor in this world!

The sudden explosion had completely vaporized the tens of millions of people that had been living in the Misty Illusory Manor…

Even so, the lightning tribulation in the sky did not show any signs of ceasing despite the destruction of the Misty Illusory Manor. It still continued striking down ruthlessly, growing ever more intense and fearsome!

Another anomaly appeared not far away from this newly created lake.

Two figures appeared at the same time, roaring savagely. Both of them looked to be in incomparably wretched states!

These two were Miao Qingcheng and Zhan Kuang, the master and disciple pair!

Miao Qingcheng waved his sleeves and tens of figures appeared out of the air. With a light push, these people were thrown out several hundred li away, landing tumbling and splashing into the lake.

\"Quick, run! Leave this place and save the final line of our Misty Illusory Manor!\" Miao Qingcheng roared as purple lightning appeared above his head again. The Heavenly Tribulation had arrived once again! And this time, it'd appeared in the physical space!

As Jun Moxie had anticipated, the only person who could draw such a powerful lightning tribulation was Miao Qingcheng!

Miao Qingcheng snorted as his body swelled up, becoming several tens of zhang tall. With a fierce roar, he smashed a fist out towards the bolt of lightning!

With a loud boom, Miao Qingcheng remained unmovable, while the tyrannical bolt of lightning was sent right back crookedly into the clouds!

With the strength of a single person, he'd forced a tribulation lightning back! This kind of power was completely unprecedented!

Miao Qingcheng was clearly infuriated to the extreme!

No matter what, he would never have imagined that his youngest disciple would actually be rotten to this level! To actually go as far as to seal the Misty Illusory Manor from the outside world and raise conditions to slaughter the other seven great families!

As he watched the seven great families being killed and butchered, Miao Qingcheng finally could not endure the fury and he charged out, intending to put an end to the evil doer and set things back to what it should be. From Miao Qingcheng's memory, no matter how strong Zhan Kuang had become, he would not be able to last more than a few moves against himself. As long as he could settle everything in a short time, the lightning tribulation he would attract would not be too big, and the damage wouldn't be too great.

But unexpectedly, the current Zhan Kuang was unimaginably difficult to deal with. As he'd thought, Miao Qingcheng could defeat Zhan Kuang within a few swift moves. But Zhan Kuang's indestructible body caused the battle to be drawn out for far longer than expected! As the battle dragged on, the most terrifying lightning tribulation was attracted to them!

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