Otherworldly Evil Monarch
1273 Limitless Power!
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Otherworldly Evil Monarch
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1273 Limitless Power!

Under the siege of the terrifying lightning tribulation, the Misty Illusory Manor was ultimately destroyed, and countless lives were wiped out. None of the eight great families were also able to escape the tragic outcome!

The only people that still remained from the Misty Illusory Manor were those less than 30 people that Miao Qingcheng had swept up with his sleeves at the last moment! Even towards the last moment, Miao Qingcheng had not managed to see the identities of those people that he'd saved…

\"Zhan Kuang! You deserve death!!\" Miao Qingcheng looked up at the endless expanse of lightning tribulation and howled with rage. That howl of his actually exceeded the pressure from the entire sky of lightning tribulation clouds and reverberated through the entire continent!

Zhan Kuang floated lightly on the other side. After having consumed countless blood essence, he'd already reverted to his strongest fighting strength long ago. He'd also regained his original looks.

From the time that the storm in the Misty Illusory Manor began and Miao Qingcheng had been forced to come out to deal with him, this Zhan Kuang who'd reached the peak of his power had still been killed several hundred times by Miao Qingcheng! His strength was not even comparable to a small finger on Miao Qingcheng's hand. However, no matter how powerful Miao Qingcheng was, he could not destroy him fully no matter what!

The Nine Illusory Quicksand was truly a wonderful treasure!

Perhaps being unkillable was the true meaning of invincibility!

\"Master! This is the last time that I, Zhan Kuang, am calling you my master!\" Some fear remained in Zhan Kuang's eyes which slowly faded into calmness, and then into madness. As though he'd lost his mind completely, he yelled: \"You have made me who I am, and are a benefactor of mine. But now, you also destroyed my Zhan Family with your own hands! You are now a mortal enemy of my Zhan Family!\"

Zhan Kuang howled bitterly to the sky. \"Those are descendants spanning back 8,000 years! 8,000 years of buildup!\"

Miao Qingcheng widened his eyes with rage. \"If not for your evil deeds, would the Misty Illusory Manor be destroyed in a single night? Was the Zhan Family the only thing that was wiped out in the destruction of the Misty Illusory Manor? Zhan Kuang, your thoughts are becoming more and more incorrigibly evil! Today, I must make sure to cleanse the household and not let you escape!\"

Zhan Kuang snorted coldly and laughed. \"Was I the one who caused the destruction of the Misty Illusory Manor? If you hadn't come out, why would the lightning tribulation appear? If you hadn't come out, the most that would have happened is that my Zhan Family would become the leader of the Misty Illusory Manor, while the other seven great families would be supporting characters. But the Misty Illusory Manor would still be the same Misty Illusory Manor! How would it end up in this state of complete destruction? Miao Qingcheng! Your strength may be unrivalled in this world, and even if this disciple ran with all my might, I have no hopes of ever catching up. But with this Nine Illusory Quicksand body now, I am indestructible. Do you think you can kill me? The lightning tribulation had appeared because of you. But can you endure it forever?!\"

He even stopped calling him master completely, and directly addressed him by name!

Miao Qingcheng was so angry that his eyes turned red. Although his strength was high enough to contend against the heavens, he couldn't do anything to this undying freak!

He was completely helpless to cleanse his household!

The purple lightning tribulation in the sky had been brewing for a long time, and with a sudden crack, over 10,000 bolts of lightning came shrieking down! The lightning tribulation was finally going to show its true might!

Miao Qingcheng's heart turned cold as he looked up. Could it be that this lightning tribulation was truly not content with destroying the Misty Illusory Manor and would also seek to destroy the entire continent? Is it that only with my death will it relent? But… if I die here, who else can control that freak?!

Just as Miao Qingcheng was hesitating, a white shadow flashed and flew above him, rising up to meet the 10,000 bolts of purple lightning!

This person was none other than Jun Moxie!

Miao Qingcheng raised his brows and cried out urgently. \"Careful, don't touch…\" But before he could finish his words, Jun Moxie had already come into contact with the lightning tribulation!

Miao Qingcheng closed his eyes, knowing full well the fate of this youth.

Even he would need to use all his strength to brace this strike, so who else in this world could withstand it!

But unexpectedly, he didn't hear the sound of the thunder after a long time. When he opened his eyes again, the clouds had sent out a further 10 million bolts of purple tribulation lightning towards the white robed youth above him!

What was going on?

Could it be that the earlier 10,000 bolts of lightning hadn't hurt him at all?

How is this possible?!

Under Miao Qingcheng's astonished gaze, Jun Moxie roared loudly and with a wave of his hands, the densely packed rain of lightning disappeared without a trace!

At this time, Jun Moxie was fully concentrated on revolving the Hongjun Pagoda to absorb the tribulation lightning bolts.

The power of this lightning tribulation was so great that it was difficult to imagine. It was nearly a thousand times more than all that he'd collected in the past, possibly more!

Furthermore, the sky was still sending out even more lightning bolts in a continuous stream…

Under the limitless might of this storm, even Zhan Kuang did not dare to make a single move despite him having an undying body. If he made a rash move and the lightning switched its target to him, it would be a really unfortunate death!

After a long time, this everlasting storm finally came to an end. In a short time, the clouds fully disappeared without a trace, revealing a clear and sunny sky!

Jun Moxie could also feel that the Power of Lightning in his Hongjun Pagoda had also reached an almost full level!

Miao Qingcheng's lightning tribulation was truly formidable. Even the Hongjun Pagoda was nearly stuffed to the limit…

The insatiable Hongjun Pagoda which normally swallowed Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi endlessly was completely full for the first time!

Fortunately, the lightning tribulation had already concluded. Otherwise, Young Master Jun would be in deep trouble!

\"Old Miao, what the hell is going on? What's the current situation with the Misty Illusory Manor?!\" Jun Moxie floated down and asked.

\"This matter… Ai, it's difficult to explain! That rogue disciple of mine started a revolt, and I was forced to interfere. This matter was more difficult to handle than I expected, and in the end, the Misty Illusory Manor is destroyed.\"

Miao Qingcheng's expression was calm, but his eyes were filled with endless sorrow. He was already a peak existence that exceeded the confines of the Sage realm. But this kind of change still caused him to be unable to control his emotions!

With the Misty Illusory Manor destroyed, Miao Qingcheng felt that his connections with his master, the Nine Nether First Young Master, and his three senior brothers had been cut off.

The Pillar of Heavens Mountains had collapsed, and the three Holy Lands with their 10,000 years of legacy had also been destroyed. Now, even the Misty Illusory Manor was gone… In this world, there were no longer any remnant traces of the Nine Nether First Young Master left!

Could it be that everything would end just like this?

As it turned out, the first thing that Zhan Kuang had done after slaughtering countless commoners and devouring their blood and flesh to recover his strength, was to forcefully tear apart the space and return to the Misty Illusory Manor. Then, in a short time, he used the unique qualities of the Nine Illusory Quicksand to completely seal the entrance of the Misty Illusory Manor!

After that, he led the Zhan Family to rise up aggressively.

The appearance of the ancestor and the return of the king… what kind of shocking and dramatic scene was that? What kind of glorious matter was it?

After celebrating for a full day and night, Zhan Kuang jumped out and made his move. For some reason, after merging with the Nine Illusory Quicksand and obtaining the undying body, Zhan Kuang's temperament had become more and more fiery!

This time, he directly declared to the other seven great families in a brazen manner: The Misty Illusory Manor will now be ruled by me! My word is the law here, and any who defies it will be executed! He wanted to use the methods of a tyrant to forcefully subjugate the entire Misty Illusory Manor and place the Zhan Family as the sole hegemon!

Zhan Kuang's forceful return naturally roused the fear and panic of the other families. But after panicking for a bit, everyone calmed down and banded together. The other seven great families united under one flag and chose to resist his rule.

They all knew that if the Zhan Family really became the rulers of the Misty Illusory Manor, everyone's life in the future would become unbearably bleak. Just from the way Zhan Kuang and the Zhan Family were strutting so haughtily around now, it was not difficult to imagine how they would be treated in the future if they let them become the rulers.

Zhan Kuang blew up with rage and used extreme methods to subdue the crowd. Under the eyes of everyone, he caught all 17 Saint Venerable experts from various large families and fed on them, devouring their blood and flesh!

But this move only incurred more rage from the masses.

He became a public enemy in everyone's eyes, hated by all.

Following that, several hundred more Saint Emperor experts perished in the hands of Zhan Kuang.

Left with no options, the Manor Lord Miao Jingyun disregarded all customs and rushed to the secret chamber and reported the matter to Miao Qingcheng. But even then, Zhan Kuang refused to relent, chasing them all the way. Miao Dao and Miao Jian also ended up dying to protect Miao Jingyun.

Barely escaping with his life, Miao Jingyun finally made it into the secret chamber. When he reported the matter, Miao Qingcheng instantly flew into a great rage!

Knowing that the matter was serious, he cast aside his worries about the Heavenly Tribulation and rushed out to destroy Zhan Kuang and restore peace.

When Miao Qingcheng came out, Zhan Kuang nearly lost his senses.

The reason he'd dared to behave so brazenly was because he thought that his power was unrivalled in the entire Misty Illusory Manor, or even in the entire world!

Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that his master was still well and alive!

Miao Qingcheng was his master, so as the disciple, how would Zhan Kuang not know how powerful Miao Qingcheng was?

So in the first moment that Miao Qingcheng came out, Zhan Kuang instantly became more honest.

But with Miao Qingcheng stepping out, the Heavenly Tribulation also descended.

This discovery gave Zhan Kuang some hope. The experience of living for thousands of years had given him some powerful insights.

So this undying old fart was hiding for so many years because he was afraid of the Heavenly Tribulation…

Zhan Kuang felt that he'd seen through Miao Qingcheng's weakness, and his arrogance came back.

However, he'd still underestimated Miao Qingcheng. With the first attack from Miao Qingcheng, he'd directly been slapped into a cloud of mist. Then, with another hand, he casually deflected a bolt of lightning. After that, he returned to his hiding place and waited until the heavenly tribulation passed.

But after that first wave of heavenly tribulation, Miao Qingcheng discovered to his shock that Zhan Kuang had appeared again, completely unharmed!

And so, Miao Qingcheng fought off the heavenly tribulation and chased Zhan Kuang again, killing him a total of 260 times!

However, Zhan Kuang was still alive and kicking…

This kind of strange situation was unlike anything that Miao Qingcheng had seen before. When did that dastardly disciple of his cultivate an undying body?

Because of how long the whole thing dragged on for, the Heavenly Tribulation grew stronger and stronger until it reached a terrifying level. Even the Misty Illusory Manor was unable to bear the pressure and finally collapsed…

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