Otherworldly Evil Monarch
1274 Strange Transformation!
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Otherworldly Evil Monarch
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1274 Strange Transformation!

Truthfully, if Jun Moxie hadn't resolved the lightning tribulation for Miao Qingcheng, the next one to suffer because of this lightning tribulation would be the Xuan Xuan Continent. As long as Miao Qingcheng didn't die, the lightning tribulation would not stop. And the Xuan Xuan Continent would be reduced to dust as collateral!

With the collapse of the Misty Illusory Manor, 10,000 years of legacy was gone with it. Miao Qingcheng was incredibly bereft with grief…

But Zhan Kuang also did not feel any better. His life's wish had only been to protect the Zhan Family and raise them to become the owners of the Misty Illusory Manor. This time, he'd leapt out like this full of confidence, but the whole thing had ended with his entire family being buried!

Directly because of him, the entire Misty Illusory Manor was destroyed!

The pain in his heart was difficult to describe.

And so, the master-disciple pair stared at each other with red eyes.

The two who had been master and disciple 10,000 years ago had now become irreconcilable enemies!

Miao Qingcheng's cultivation naturally surpassed Zhan Kuang, and he did not mind a battle of endurance at all. But Zhan Kuang was also fearless because of his undying body. Yes, my strength is indeed insufficient to fight with you. But no matter how we fight, you cannot kill me. If I don't exhaust you to death in one day, or three days, I don't believe that I can't exhaust you to death in three years, 300 years, or 3,000 years!?

None of them were willing to retreat or hide, and they were determined to stay here and resolve this grudge!

In this time, Jun Moxie also finally understood the whole sequence of events. An indescribable sense of rage and grief also rose in his heart. He thought back to how he'd made use of Cao Guofeng and the others to bring him into the Misty Illusory Manor. Those people had been extremely caring of him from the start to the end and really treated him as a disciple and successor. They had even gone as far as to disregard their own lives to ensure his safety…

Whenever Jun Moxie thought of that, he would feel somewhat guilty. Originally, he'd wanted to reveal the truth this time on his trip to the Misty Illusory Manor. After that, he would apologize to them and escort them to go with him to the Evil Monarch Manor to spend their life in leisure…

But who would have thought that because of this explosion, their life and death would suddenly become unknown!

Saying that their life and death was uncertain was already a nice way of putting it. With such a powerful explosion, even Saint Venerables and Saint Monarchs would not be able to survive. With Cao Guofeng and the others' strength, how could they escape?

The 20 something people that were brought out by Miao Qingcheng not only did not listen to him and escape, they even charged over with rage!

Their homeland had already been destroyed, and the people close to them had all died. What meaning was there in living on alone? They had no more desires in life. If they could die together with the evil culprit that caused them to lose everything, they would be more than willing!

Jun Moxie swept his eyes over them, and a chill ran down his back. \"Could it be that these are the only people who are left of the Misty Illusory Manor?\"

Miao Qingcheng looked over and sighed heavily, his face filled with a deep helplessness.

Seeing this, Jun Moxie felt as if his heart had been dropped into an ice box!

Of the people he wanted to see, or cared about, there was only Miao Jingyun left!

Not to mention Cao Guofeng and the others, even Miao Xiaomiao's parents and relatives were not here!

This news was a huge blow to even Jun Moxie!

Jun Moxie had never seen himself as a good person, and he only cared about relatives and friends whom he acknowledged. Of the few people whom he cared about, nearly none of them were among this group of survivors!

Slowly raising his head, he looked at Zhan Kuang. \"Zhan Kuang! You f*cking bastard! Crazy son of a b*tch! There are millions of lives in the Misty Illusory Manor, ah! And you buried all of them with a single thought? How can a bastard like you still have the face to live in this world?!\"

\"Pui! Can this daddy be blamed for this thing? It was Miao Qingcheng that old fool who started this, insisting on chasing me, ultimately drawing that crazy lightning tribulation. With the destruction of the Misty Illusory Manor, was my Zhan Family spared? Do you think that this daddy is not in grief too?!\" Zhan Kuang roared with anger.

\"What kind of sh*t is your Zhan Family worth!\" Jun Moxie snorted and cursed. Fortunately, he'd had a clear enough mind to close the Hongjun Pagoda when the incident happened.

Right now, Miao Xiaomiao and the others who were inside, still didn't know what had happened outside.

If Miao Xiaomiao knew that her own clansmen had all been killed in an instant, with her character, she would probably collapse on the spot. Even if Jun Moxie was there to comfort her, it wouldn't be very useful…

Turning from a well loved princess of a great family to an orphan without any parents or relatives in the blink of an eye… this kind of sudden change was incredibly huge!

Sounds of pained cries rang out as the surviving 28 experts including five Saint Monarchs and 25 Saint Venerables ran howling towards Zhan Kuang. Even Miao Qingcheng's shouts of warning could not stop them.

Their hearts had already broken along with that explosion. However, their spirits were still burning intensely!

Apart from death and apart from expending their best effort, they had no other desires!

Jun Moxie was just about to rush up when Miao Qingcheng held him back.

Jun Moxie looked questioningly at Miao Qingcheng, but Miao Qingcheng simply shook his head with a pained expression. \"Their heart… is already dead! For these people, there is no longer any meaning in living on. Because they were worried that we might stop them, they already extinguished their own lifeforce when they charged over. They only wish to use their lives to pull that bastard to the grave with them…\"

Jun Moxie's body shook, and he stood rooted to the ground!

\"The matter had already reached such a point: just let them go. This can also be considered as granting them their last little wish.\" Miao Qingcheng raised his head to the sky and sighed heavily. Tears rolled silently down his old face. \"Perhaps, this kind of death is what they truly need right now… Although they won't be able to kill their enemy, they still gave it their all!\"

Jun Moxie stood there dumbly as he watched the numerous figures blasting into nothingness beside Zhan Kuang. His heart was filled with a sense of helplessness.

Following that, a loud explosion rang out, and Zhan Kuang's body suddenly burst into a cloud of smoke. At the same time, Miao Jingyun's body was thrown out like a kite with its string cut. His body then began to disintegrate in midair…

Seeing this, Jun Moxie shook and he suddenly let out a throat rending roar!

Extreme rage filled Jun Moxie's mind, actually caused his body to turn rigid.

The indescribable anger gushed into his head like a tidal wave. Following that, the Hongjun Pagoda's inner space shook, and the hidden door in the void was blasted open.

All of a sudden, a ray of five colored light materialized and escaped the Hongjun Pagoda, appearing in the real world. The light grew taller and thicker, finally becoming even larger than a mountain!

Miao Qingcheng and Zhan Kuang were both filled with rage as well as they rose into the sky and were about to begin exchanging blows again. But at that moment, their attention was drawn to the anomaly.

As the most experienced two people in this world, they quickly discovered the strangeness of the pillar of light. Together, their faces turned exceedingly ugly. Because, the sky that had just cleared had suddenly turned pitch-black again!

This inky black night completely broke all the rules of the universe, descending in an instant!

No, this black was even deeper than the darkest nights!

But this extreme darkness only lasted for a mere instant.

In the next moment, stars appeared and filled the sky.

All the stars shone together and beams of starlight suddenly flowed down from the sky. From the faraway universe, countless beams of colorful lights rained down…

And their target…

Was none other than Jun Moxie's body, which was wrapped in a strange state!

He was undoubtedly the progenitor of this scene!

Miao Bujian and Zhan Kuang, these two old fellows, stared at him with their mouths and eyes wide open. Those beams of starlight that contained countless different energies, were funneling into Jun Moxie's body at an extremely exaggerated rate, then disappearing completely from sight…

Such an unbelievable scene persisted for a long time…

Heavens! What… what did we just witness? Such a huge amount of stellar energy was absorbed into a single human's body, and he didn't explode and die? How is that possible?

If it were them, could they handle that terrifying amount of energy? The possibilities of that were not just small… it was completely nonexistent! Yet, that person had been able to hold on all the way. Just what kind of a powerful and perfect fleshly body does he have!

Jun Moxie, who was completely dizzy with anger, realized that his sudden rage had actually materialized like a beacon, carrying all his unwillingness, fury, and pain to draw in huge amounts of energy into the Hongjun Pagoda!

With a loud boom, the first layer of the Hongjun Pagoda lit up. Closely following that, the second layer turned completely black. It was the Flame of Primal Chaos burning fiercely inside… The third layer, fourth later, Power of the Five Elements, all began to light up one by one, emitting a resplendent splendor!

At this time, Mei Xueyan and the others who were inside the Hongjun Pagoda, were still unclear of the situation outside. Qiao Ying was standing beside the Exquisite Lotus pond with her eyes staring wide open. All of a sudden, they turned around and observed the strange transformations. Miao Xiaomiao's little mouth also fell open as she looked at the miraculous sights.

Only great beauty Mei Xueyan was slightly more composed. After all, she was the only person who understood this strange space. She'd even trained here before and was more used to its magical abilities. But even so, she was still exceedingly shocked…

The brilliant lights on the first four levels shone brightly, mixing together and culminating into a dazzling rainbow energy that blasted upwards towards the fifth level!

On the fifth level, a glaring purple light flashed suddenly growing exceedingly bright. The Primal Chaos Purple Qi had completely been roused, and it was growing with rapid speed!

Following that, the sixth level's Power of Wind and Cloud, surged out and blanketed the area. A powerful gale appeared and took the lead, bringing the colorful energy upwards towards the seventh level!

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