Otherworldly Merchant
Chapter 349: Officer Liang’s Secre
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Otherworldly Merchant
Author :Nevermore
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Chapter 349: Officer Liang’s Secre

My back was soaked with sweat as the pair of strange eyes gazed at me. I hurried to grab the broom and give his face a drubbing.

The zombie stretched out his arms in the air to catch my broom. Just then, I noticed how his fingernails were long and curved like sharp hooks. It was often said that even after death, hair and fingernails still continued to grow; it looks like it was true.

We were still lucky that the corpse had turned into a zombie only recently, a few years ago at most. If it were hundreds of years old or a thousand years old, I’m afraid we would all be doomed.

I called Li Mazi while I moved around the room, asking him to help me lure the zombie to the bedroom. We could lock him there.

“How can I lure it?”

“Find a knife and cut your finger. Drip the blood and make a trail with it all the way to the bedroom. Zombies always have a big desire for blood.”

However, as soon as I said that, the zombie swept my broom away and fiercely jumped on me. I quickly leaned against the sofa and used both of my legs to push him back. The zombie screamed and howled.

“Li Mazi, quick! Come help me!” I screamed.

Li Mazi grabbed the electric wire hanging on the zombie’s back and pulled back hard. However, the zombie just happened to move in the same direction, which caused Li Mazi to fall backward.

Afterward, the zombie dragged Li Mazi around the room as he was still holding onto the electric wire. “Save me!”

I picked up the broom again and tried to attract the zombie. However, it was moving too fast. I couldn’t do anything for a while. Suddenly, the wire hooked onto something and made the zombie stop. I raised the broom and smacked the zombie’s head, breaking the aluminum alloy broomstick in the process.

The zombie was mad and tried to strangle me.

“Little Brother Zhang, I’m coming!”

Li Mazi struggled to get up, then pulled the electric wire. The zombie was forced back and roared, both of his arms swinging in the air.

It looked like a scene from Lin Zhangying’s movies, where the main characters always had to wrestle with zombies. I always felt excited whenever I watched this part of the movie, but I now understood how strenuous it was.

“Little Brother Zhang, I can’t hold it anymore. If you have any magic tools, please use them now!” Li Mazi whined.

“You still have the guts to complain! Put up with it for a while. I’m going to the kitchen to get some weapons.”

As soon as I turned around, I saw the black muzzle of a pistol aimed at me. I subconsciously reached for the sky with both my arms.

That woman actually came downstairs. She was holding the pistol with both hands, and although her body was still bleeding, her eyes were full of murderous intent.

“You killed him? Did you kill Dalong?”

“No, it wasn’t me!” I answered shakily.

The woman shifted her pistol to Li Mazi. Before she could ask, Li Mazi blurted, “No, it wasn’t me! It was him! He did it!”

While talking, Li Mazi pointed at the zombie.

“I’m going to kill you!” The woman gritted her teeth and pulled the trigger. She fired several times; the shots were so loud that my eardrums hurt. The bullets opened a few big holes in the zombie’s body.

The creature growled in pain and fought back. He tore the electric wiring, jumped onto the wall, and pounced on the woman. The woman struggled with all her might, while her cries and screeches echoed in the room.

“Brother Zhang!”

Yin Xinyue rushed in, holding a Corpse Subduing Talisman she had picked up outside. I received the talisman and quickly slapped it on the zombie’s back. The zombie stopped moving.

Once we pushed the zombie aside, we saw that the woman’s throat had been bitten. There were two large holes in it, and her eyes had rolled to the back of her head; she was dead.

I felt a deep regret as I looked at this tragic scene.

“Hurry, we have to leave this place. We won’t be able to explain the situation if the police get here.”

As soon as I said that, we heard the vrooming noise of a car engine. There was a fire outside the window, lighting up the dark night.

Crap! Did that fake officer burn our car?!

We saw Captain Liang driving away when we rushed to where our car was parked. The inflatable dolls with Ao Bai and his son’s souls were set on fire.

When I started my car, I found that the tires had been stabbed.

“Bastard!” I cursed.

“Didn’t Officer Liang turn into a zombie? Who was driving that car?” asked Yin Xinyue.

“The real Captain Liang was turned into a zombie long ago, and the one who was with us was an impostor all along. He’s using some transfiguration skill, I guess. He took advantage of us to get the Courtier Drum,” I said, feeling irritated since we had been duped.

Right at this moment, a boy’s voice came from afar, “Follow me.”

We followed the source of the voice and found a little Daoist boy with a braided ponytail waving at us. This sight made me happy; it was Chuyi’s little assistant. Since he was there, Chuyi had to be near.

At this moment, the police’s ear-splitting siren was heard coming from the village entrance. We hurried to escape with the Daoist boy.

We followed closely as the little man scurried away with quick steps. There was not one bit of light as we went further in the woods, and we could only see the little boy running ahead of us. He was so fast that we were gasping for breath as we did our best to keep up with him.

Li Mazi couldn’t take it anymore. He panted as he said, “Little guy, where are you taking us?”

“Hurry, my brother is waiting for you guys.”

The Daoist boy stopped for a moment and pointed to a direction where we saw a flash of light. Then, he continued running as he guided us through the darkness.

It was difficult for us to run on this bumpy path through the forest. Our clothes were being torn by the tree branches, and Yin Xinyue had almost tripped once.

Finally, we crossed the forest. In front of us was a small slope, but the little Daoist boy moved as if it were flat ground. I knew he was a ghost that Chuyi kept with him, thus it was understandable that nothing physical would impede his way.

We reached a deserted road after descending the mountain slope, and a white sports car was parked there. The light in the car was on, allowing us to see Chuyi sitting in the driver’s seat. I knew he was rich, but he had always kept an aloof lifestyle. That was the first time I had ever seen him in a luxurious car.

However, he looked no different even while he sat in that car. If Li Mazi or I were driving around in this luxurious sports car, people would think that we were parvenus that had made a fortune mining coal.

Chuyi pushed the car door open and asked us to get in.

He threw me a fabric bag once we got inside; it was glutinous rice. Yin Xinyue told me earlier that I had gotten hurt, and when I touched my neck, my fingers were covered in black blood. The zombie had managed to scratch me.

I quickly used the glutinous rice to extract the corpse toxin.

Li Mazi sat in the front passenger seat, touching here and there. “How much did you pay for this car? Can you find a maintenance service for it in the Mainland?”

Chuyi didn’t answer, but he adjusted the rearview mirror so that we could see his eyes in the back.

“Where’s the little Daoist boy? Why didn't he get into the car?” Yin Xinyue asked.

“I dismissed him,” Chuyi answered indifferently.

“Dismissed him?” Yin Xinyue looked at me in surprise.

I muttered to her, “I’ll tell you when we get home.”

“Chuyi, why are you here?” I then asked.

“I also wanted to ask you the same thing. I got a new client, and I’m after the Courtier Drum. I didn’t expect to see you here,” answered Chuyi.

“Why didn’t you show up earlier? That zombie almost killed us,” complained Li Mazi.

“He was always with you, and I was afraid I would alert him. That’s why I didn’t show up. Now, the time was right,” answered Chuyi.

“Are you talking about the guy impersonating Officer Liang?” I asked.

Chuyi nodded. “His name is Cheng Xiaohu. He’s Cheng Dalong’s younger brother!” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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    《Otherworldly Merchant》