Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 33: Central Army Established
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 33: Central Army Established

In the plaza in front of the palace, the stage where the fierce battle to suppress the rebellion occurred, 3000 soldiers are lined up neatly. Today is the founding sponsored by the new king, the establishment of the central army is going to held.

「Gentlemen, to this gallant person I…」

King Alexandro the 1st’s speech continued. The central army, right now, is finally three times larger in size. In order to get it operating as soon as possible in the present, it was established with its current war potential.

「The 1st division cavalry company is pretty much decided.」

Beside me is Celia, on the other side Agor is lined up on horseback. He is now officially listed and entered my squad as my adjutant. Celia looks dissatisfied but as one would expect I couldn’t give the position to her.

「I have placed the army commander preferentially in the cavalry after all.」

My company with 200 cavalries will certainly be used as the main force out of this army which hasn’t yet gathered all the numbers it needs. Moreover, with heavy cavalry of 180 that are wielding the same equipment as the knights and 20 light cavalry for scouting, using a formation with just the cavalry is clearly assuming that the fights will not be against monsters or bandits.

「The numbers have been gathered, but in terms of skill there is still uncertainty. For now, there is nothing to do but training.」

For Agor who has seen the completed army in the Federation, this squad is still far from being complete. The infantry and cavalry were quite selfish and thought they were different but even the most amateurish of amateurs are far better. He himself has a serious nature and for the sake of the squad is giving his best, I did well in picking him up.

「Our first mission is to break through the enemy’s encampment. Firstly you should prioritize training towards that breakthrough.」


The king’s speech finished, the army left the plaza and turned to march to the capital. The march is happening in an area where there are noble mansions lined up in the center, the purpose is obvious that the goal is to show the majesty of the central army to those in addition to the foreign enemies. Among them, the sounds of the horseshoes of the 200 cavalry resounding is tremendous, an innocent kid waving his hand and contrastingly a noble who is making a sour face expression as if he bit his tongue, these were the kind of people standing around.

The establishment of the central army was proclaimed throughout the entire nation, and under the army commander Baronet Erich Radhalde, the soldiers were given a position directly under the king and also comprise the main force of Goldonia.

「Well, this is tiring! But this is an unbelievably armed squad isn’t it~」

「Watch your mouth! You’re just a private soldier!」

The ceremony ended, Christoph is using a light tone to talk while Agor is controlling him. Celia is also glaring at him with narrow eyes.

「We-well I’m sorry…going crazy…」

He is truly a man who has a private’s disposition. However, it doesn’t seem like he has the skill to be a commander. Even though he’s a private, honestly he is below that of an average soldier, it’s something like balancing the numbers.

「You are really are an idiot aren’t you?」

Former Wings of Dawn member Carl added. He is someone who can’t do anything but military occupations so he was left in the squad. The two of them who gets carried away easily and has a frivolous nature got along well together. The difference between them is whether or not they have skill.

「Well Carl, that’s because up till now I have been talking normally, I still haven’t gotten used to saluting yet.」

「Mercenaries would salute if you just give them money…you’re really just a rookie huh?」

「But the captain is also a bad person. It would have been fine if he just made me platoon captain.」

I couldn’t do such cruel things to the soldiers. The most Christoph could do is be captain for parties.

「If you’re going to say something like that, why don’t you be your own platoon, then you’ll become number one.」

To become a company commander and above, it is quite common in many situations where commanding ability is more important than individual military prowess, whereas it is normally the strongest guy who becomes the platoon captain. A person who is just for show and gets carried away has no chance to get subordinates to follow him.

It seems Agor will start increasing the skill of the squad by training hard immediately. The noble’s captain will occasionally come watch so it will be just the right time. He is certainly a captain, but showing his noisy face and darting here and there, it would be hard to do training.

「Then, I will leave the training to Agor. If anything happens let me know.」

Among the sound of the horse running, I saw them off with salutes and left the training grounds.

「Hey…is that the noble captain? Will it extend to the brothel in the daytime?」

「Idiot! He’ll hear you.」

「Even if he heard me he doesn’t have the courage to come at me.」

「You haven’t heard? That captain is dangerous! In the last rebellion, he’s a brave warrior who cut up 20 of the Imperial guards and became a new noble!」

「On top of that I heard that he cut the Imperial guard captain in half.」

「The rumor is that he has a hobby of taking the guy and skewering him while bathing in the lifeblood of his victims.」

「There’s also the story where he surrounds himself with a large amount of women in his mansion and does them all day.」

「It seems that he haphazardly fucks women and his dick is all bloody.」

「There’s the story that robbers who enter his mansion are killed and he eats their intestines…」

What kind of monster have I become, but it’s better than being belittled so I’ll leave it alone. There is no way that all the soldiers would really believe all of it. And I don’t want to spend a lot of time on meaningless things, I have things I want to do. On the way home, I stopped by the store to pick up the things I ordered.

「That is… What could it be?」

Unsurprisingly following me in leaving the training grounds is Celia, who is curiously peeking around here and there. This is for your sake but I’ll keep it a secret until we reach the house.

「Carla, Melissa, do you have time?」

「Nn? Are we making a baby?」

「Yes~ It’s alright」

Even so this mansion I bought is huge, I’ve prepared personal rooms for the household members and also rooms for servants but there is still an empty room. In that room was a small table and chair that I bought and carried there…with several books spread out.

「This is…what is it?」

「I can’t read. Read it to me~」

「This is… Practicing characters?」

That’s what it is. Out of all of us, the ones who can’t read are only Celia and Carla. Celia is curious about not being able to read the letters, and there are also times where it will be useful in the future. Carla doesn’t really care and is only focusing on making babies just like an animal, I’d like to give her some intelligence.

「That’s right, Celia, Carla, you guys should also be able to read and write. I’m counting on Melissa, to be their instructor.」

Melissa can not only read and write but she can also do calculations. Nonna can also read and write well but she doesn’t get along well with Carla, and Celia is not good with her type either.

「If you’re okay with me, I’d be happy to do it, let’s work hard you two.」

「Aegir-sama…thank you very much…」

「Eeeeh, so annoying.」

Celia is so moved that it brought tears to her eyes, while Carla, as I thought doesn’t really care.

The appearance of Celia desperately studying to somehow absorb all the knowledge brings a smile to my face, but seeing Carla’s appearance who is unwilling to study and bringing snacks and lazing around I felt a sense of affinity with.

Past: In the forest

「Look, you got it wrong again.」

「This stuff is so small and fiddly it’s hard to remember it.」

「Good grief…I understand, if you copy it without making mistakes next time I’ll do something amazing to your penis.」

「Something amazing?」

「Yeah, look my tongue is quite long isn’t it? What do you think about this?」


「If you get it right 3 times in a row I’ll be your slave for a day. Whenever you want, wherever you want…even humiliating things or painful things, whatever you can think of.」


「Getting naked and being a dog all day while crawling maybe? Or perhaps tying me all spread out on the bed? This is a radish isn’t it, not only that but it still has dirt on it…if you screw me while it’s like that wouldn’t it be doing something inhumane? Ufufu」

「I want to concentrate so please be quiet.」

「Ara ara, what a cute kid~♪」

「At that time it was drilled into my head in one shot quite well, did we pretend to be sweet lovers?」

From that point the efficiency of the studying rapidly improved.

「Aegir-sama? I don’t understand this part…」

「Celia, you write it like this.」

「Th-thank you very much!」

Nonna doubted whether we were studying or flirting and came to check on us, which started a fight with Carla, but studying resumed after.

「Heey~ Aegir-san. It’s if there is time available.」

「You want to teach the kids how to write. Right?」


「It’s after chores and heating the bath are done. I’ll tell Maria that it won’t be until everything is done. She’s kind after all. so she may be willing to compromise a lot.」


I myself don’t read much but why don’t we buy and collect some bookshelves. I pay no attention to Carla and Nonna’s argument, and while watching the quietly copying Celia such thoughts came to mind.

1 month later

「Company squadron–Line up!!」

Metallic clanks rang out as the 180 heavy cavalry lined up in a box-like formation. The degree of difficulty in having cavalry line up is much higher than that of having infantry line up. Thus the goal is to see the speed in which you are able to do so, which will determine how fast you will be able to change formations on the battlefield and how fast you are able to move around.

My first division cavalry company is able to establish a perfect formation in no time at all. Unmistakably within the newly formed central army it is the fastest.

「Brilliant. In one month’s time you are able to train them up this much.」

「No, we still have a long way to go. I can reduce the time by half.」

Agor is aiming for the elite standards of the Federation army. It is common sense to know that the skill of the Olga Federation Army cannot be compared to those countries in the Central Plains, and is even superior to that of the Empire.

「The training for group breakthrough is shaping up nicely. Next it would be nice if we could also train for a real-life scenario where we charge while shielding from arrows.」

A heavily armed cavalry is the biggest threat to infantry. Of course, it will be the top priority to aim for archers and other long-ranged weapons, whether or not we can charge while blocking arrows will absolutely change the degree of our activities on the battlefield.

「Yes. We will practice our charge while holding up shields but…」

「Cover the tip of the arrows with cloth and shoot them. I will let the archers know. With that much armor on even if you get hit nothing too bad will happen.」

「Then let’s add to the training by using the paints over there to those who get hit in the head and chest.」

「That’s a good idea.」

The central army was allotted a comparatively abundant budget. The tools used in training can be supplied quite sufficiently.

「I can’t say that it is quite complete, but I’m proud that the squad is rather prepared.」

「I guess so, can they already be used in battle?」

「I don’t know.」

I glare at Agor for giving an anti-climactic answer but he quickly resumes talking.

「Within the central army we may be excellent, but we will only know if they can be used in battle when we are actually on the battlefield. No matter how much they practice, a squad without actual experience will not amount to even half a man.」

The Wings of Dawn which has gathered veteran mercenaries have broken through the Imperial Army who were proud of their highest skill level. What Agor said is reasonable, but this is not something that Erich or I could do anything about. There is no way that we would send a squad into war just because we trained them up.

「That is out of our scope. Get ready for the practice with raining arrows we mentioned earlier, I’m expecting you to continue for a while.」


For the joint training I need to pass it by Erich…Lord Radhalde.

「And that’s how it is, will you give us the permission?」

「Yeah, to have the cavalry get showered in arrows you have certainly thought enough about it. It’s a necessary training, I’ll grant the permission.」

「Thank you very much. And also one more thing…」

「Actual experience huh…As expected I cannot start a war at my own discretion…It has been spreading that the central army is elite amongst those in the capital after all, so we became unable to move out to do useless bandit or monster extermination.」

「For the present, do we have nothing else to do but training?」

「Yeah, the number of soldiers are certainly increasing. If we continue like this…」

All of a sudden a visitor shouted.

「Hmm, I have also thought about that.」

「If it isn’t Your Majesty!」

Erich was the first to start while everyone followed him in lowering their knees.

「Stand, I have no intention of interfering with your training.」

「Everyone stand! Continue!」

The soldiers resumed their training with even more fervor.

「I would like to see just how brittle an army with actual experience is. The move has already been played.」

「Is it fine to let them hear this in fear?」

The king confirmed that there was nobody around except for myself and Erich before opening his mouth.

「As I have declared during the coronation ceremony, in order to reinforce the army there are necessary costs which I have requested for the nobles in each territory to pay a temporary tax, but there are many nobles who are hesitant.」

No wonder, with a sudden increase in taxes, the nobles won’t just agree and say ‘yes, is that so’ and accept it.

「Especially Margrave Alnode and the peripheral nobles have written a protest with signatures and sent it to me.」

Margrave is a noble who is given a large amount of territory around the nation’s borders, and has the same status as Marquess. Due to its nature of placement, and having a particularly large military power, along with the high status and the surrounding nobles it is often that it becomes the core.

「It is there that I will set one month as the time limit and charge three times the temporary tax, if it isn’t paid then I will notify them that the iron mine located in their territory will become state property.」

It is unreasonable. Not only three times increase in tax, but also the iron mine is beside the gold and silver mines and is an important interest. If that is taken out it is equivalent to confiscating their territory.

「Your Majesty…then」

An unreasonable demand from the new king, there are surrounding nobles that are their friends, and they have a peculiar military force. Thus this restricts what they can think about.

「It will be fine if they offer the tax and the mine. If they have foolish thoughts we will give the central army its actual war experience, I only have to beget a large amount of land.」

The king has always wanted to diminish some of the senior nobles’ power. He probably thinks that this time is a good opportunity.

「I have probably given you gentlemen a stage to work. Do not neglect your preparations.」

The king leaves, Erich and I decided to move up the schedule for training for preparations of actual war.

Southern Goldonia Margrave Alnode Territory Mansion

「What is this!? What a foolish king!」

The man tore the letter with the royal family seal attached to it and slammed the desk.

「Master, doing that to the royal seal」

「Quiet! I don’t remember acknowledging such a youngster as the king. He is a foolish man who doesn’t understand reason!」

The middle-aged man who was yelling was Margrave Alnode, in the southern part of Goldonia, a senior noble who owns land in the borders of Arkland.

「Is Count Roland here?」

「Such a large voice, what is wrong?」

Count Roland is a noble with territory adjacent to Margrave Alnode and the two families has had very close ties to one another for many generations. He has already passed the age of 55, but he was once a famous and very capable tactician in the royal palace.

「It’s not what’s wrong! I followed the Count’s advice and sent the written protest with the signatures but his reply is this!」

Margrave Alnode thrusted the torn letter at Count Roland and showed him. The old count had to catch his breath at the sight of just a little of its contents.

「Ts-!? This is…an excessively outrageous detail isn’t it. I do not believe that His Majesty is serious about taking from us. Isn’t it probably a threat to get us to pay the temporary tax increase?」

Alnode regained a little of his cool but he shook his head.

「He’s the guy who murdered Prince Beltorius and Duke Allens you know. He may plot to make us disappear in the same way.」

It is implied that all the high-class nobles understood the earlier rebellious conflict was a plot to fight for the throne.

「Certainly, I cannot deny the possibility…but if we give an excuse on this matter as soon as we leave for the capital it may be in their calculations to round us all up….」

「Then what! Do you mean to say that we should continue to ignore it?」

「No, I have an even better plan. We will gather the troops that are held in the palm of the Margrave’s hand.」

Alnode has an expectedly frightened look floating on his face. Even if he is disliked, the king is the king, for a senior noble high treason is a heavy crime.

「Count…do you understand what you are saying?」

But Count Roland’s expression doesn’t change.

「I am not proposing that we overthrow the royal family. We will show our resolve to the king and get him to compromise. The nobles surrounding our territory have all had close relationships with us for many generations, if we can get them to help we can gather quite a number of troops.」

「But, the king will not stay silent. Would he not send troops to face us?」

「The royal army numbers about 10,000 but security is placed in each region, he cannot afford to send any troops towards us. If Margrave and the surrounding nobles scrape together the farmers we can get around 5,000 to 6,000 in no time.」

「Certainly…but my troops are primarily stationed around the borders. If we were to gather them the borders will become wide open.」

「That is also a part of the plan. If the chaos is prolonged the King should understand that Arkland’s borders would be in a dangerous state. That is why, if we can create a stalemate in the war, the King’s side would break. If the King forgives us, it will not become high treason.」

「The capital also has an army called the central army or something that has just been established, numbers are around 5,000.」

「Margrave Alnode, think about this calmly. Such a gathering of troops cannot be decent in battle. After all they are just the King’s plaything, we have the advantageous position, there is nothing to fear.」


Alnode understood everything in his head, while thinking about the fact that if this fails everything will be lost, he made his decision.

「This time’s issue, even if we break and settle with them, the royal family’s surveillance will get stronger. The income of our territory, it would be fine if we just report it to the royal family but…」

The distance from the margrave’s territory to the capital is far. In the places where it was hard for the surveillance to reach, illegal slave trading, and trade without tariffs is partly the reason why the Alnode family is prosperous.

The next day, Margrave Alnode sent a portion of nobles from his family as a representative to the king to protest that he had abused his authoritative power, he declared that until his advice is heard he will not be ruled by the king and he gathered troops within his territory.
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