Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 57: Family Trouble
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
© Wuxiaworld

Chapter 57: Family Trouble

There are no plans for today so naturally, everyone in the house is staying inside.

The morning sun is rising steadily and at this moment, the family members would be enjoying tea and talking amongst themselves in the living room or veranda after having breakfast. The servants should be working diligently on washing, laundry and cleaning. It wouldn’t be uncommon for Celia and Irijina to to train their bodies in the garden so their senses don’t get dull.

But today is different, everyone is gathered in the living room. The servants have also stopped working, even Leopolt who normally doesn’t intimately talk much with the household members was called over.

「Ahem. Today I have something to tell everyone, so I have gathered you here.」

Nonna, who ordered everyone to gather, is standing in the middle.

「What the heck is this~?」

「Aren’t those clothes for a party?」


Nonna is wearing the dress from yesterday’s party. Her appearance is beautiful as if she was a goddess, but since she’s wearing it inside the house, it looks extremely unnatural. Even so, Kuu, Ruu and Kroll were fascinated with their jaws dropped and mouths opened.

「Aegir-sama, please be my escort.」

「Hm? What is this?」

Nonna linked her arms with me and pressed her breasts against me. They feel comfortable so there is no reason to resist.

「At yesterday’s ball, many nobles introduced their female relatives to Aegir-sama.」

The women murmur, having other women approach the man they love is not a pleasant feeling.

「However, Aegir-sama didn’t care about any of those women.」

I can hear them breathe a sigh of relief. The preface is long though.

「However, it was hard for me who was beside him…the high class ladies introducing themselves one after the other! Compared to me, I was just a lover! I could almost see their looks of scorn as they introduced themselves!」

Maria and Mel nod sympathetically in response. Although I don’t think there was anyone that blunt…

「There were only those who were staring at my breasts with their indecent eyes, and those whores who were trying to curry favor, looking down on us with disdain!」

「Isn’t that because of your humongous tits?」
「What vulgar fellows! I won’t forgive them!」

Carla teases Nonna, and Irijina got seriously angry. But the most frightening was Mel, as if she remembered something, she didn’t blink at all.

「My heart was hurt, even standing was tough, but Aegir-sama hugged me gently, saving me with his inquisitive eyes.」

「As expected of Aegir-san.」


The sisters Kuu and Ruu give an applause. But wait a minute, wasn’t I tired and resting in the lounge? She’s walking normally…and the way she’s telling the story is just like a bard.

「And this is what he said to me, who was crying from humiliation and anxiety.」

「 「 「……」 」 」

Everyone held their breaths and waited for the continuation. Melissa is the closest to the front. Unexpectedly, she likes these kinds of stories. Only Celia is looking on at a distance with half-open eyes and a doubtful look.

「Marry me…be my wife!」
「Aah no way! Awesome!」
「A man doesn’t go back on his word. If that is what you want…how is that!」
「To have their beloved propose to them, there is no woman who would refuse! From now on, I will be your wife!!」

As she acts out the two roles, with the raging last scene, Nonna adjusts her breathing.

Somehow it feels a little different, I don’t remember the exact words, but the meaning is quite wrong. She’d lose spirit if I interrupt her when she’s so eagerly telling the story, so I won’t say anything.

「That night, Aegir-sama and I made love to each other as husband and wife. While being hugged by his sturdy arm, I was desperately pleading to him! I want a child. I want the child of my beloved husband!」

The three girls Alma, Kuu, and Ruu gulped and swallowed their saliva. I can’t see the appearance of the other virgin, Miti. I thought I saw her carrying around a futon quite restlessly earlier…

「With intense movements, the man and woman climb towards the peak of pleasure! Then both of their love reaches the climax and then! Aegir-sama said this while laying face up and breathing roughly…I’ll love you forever…」

「 「 「Kyaa!!」 」 」

The group of three virgins blush and hide their faces. That’s strange, from my memory it should have been Nonna who was on top and working hard.

「Aegir-sama and I collapsed on the bed, and the flower in the vase fell down to the floor with a plop. The end!」

There was a resounding applause for Nonna, who sat down to catch her breath; it was a fine performance she portrayed as the narrator as well as the other roles. Regardless of whether it was true or not, it was a rather nice romantic drama. Idolizing grown-up love, the 16 and 17 year old girls will probably believe it. But to those who are actually affected…

「Don’t screw with me!!」
「I don’t understand why you didn’t ask Aegir-sama!」
「I-if you get married to Nonna then what will happen to me!?」

Everyone’s eyes turn to me. Nonna grips tightly. It seems she’s shaking a little bit too.

「There are quite a few parts which were made up but…the general idea isn’t wrong. I intend to make Nonna my wife.」

「What will happen to me!? You’re going to discard me after just taking my purity!?」
「Get my mom pregnant! Why do you have to be with the other girls!」

「Kuu, it’s fine, as long as I have this child…」
「I see…Nonna-san is it…?」
「 」

Carla, Irijina, Kuu, Maria shouted. Melissa and Rita wasn’t thinking of becoming a wife from the beginning, so they congratulate Nonna.

The one most devastated might be Celia. Once I admitted it, she fell down. Her consciousness is barely there, but she is in a state of shock.

I call the relief squad, Ruu and Alma come running, and for now they took her to her own room to sleep in her bed.

Well, it will be my turn from here on; the women’s hearts are in a dangerous state. First will be Maria, whose face is dark.


「Eheh, I’m alright. It’s just a little shock. Thinking about it, I only followed Aegir-san because I admired you…I’m not like the other girls who got saved by you, or love you to death. It’s natural that I would lose.」

When she starts talking about these things, there’s nothing better than giving her a hug.

「Aau, eheh. Doing that still makes me so happy…but I already can’t stay here right? I’ll pay you back all the money you’ve given to me when you return to Roleil…」

「I won’t change. I’ll continue to love you, and I also intend on loving the other girls too.」

「Eeh! I’ll feel bad for Nonna-san. Even though she got married, you’re doing it with other girls…」

When I wanted to kiss Maria, she refused. I move her hands out of the way and forcefully steal her lips.

「It’s not like if you’re not my wife, I can’t love you. Also, if I can’t embrace anyone except Nonna alone…then she’ll break.」

「We-well that’s true.」

It’s common sense to the girls that if I have only one partner then she won’t be able to wake up until the afternoon of the next day. And if this was everyday, then after a month it might become a funeral.

「You don’t want to stay with me?」

「I don’t know…I just don’t know…I don’t know my own feelings.」

Maria is confused. If I encourage her poorly then I might not get a good result.

「Then, let’s do this, when we move, you will stay here in this mansion together with Melissa. Then if your feelings for me don’t disappear then, whenever you want, come over to my territory. If they don’t, you can go back to Roreil whenever you want. If there is anything you need, just tell me.」

Maria is listening to me in silence.

「If your feelings do not disappear even when we are separated, that means your heart already belongs to me. No matter what you say, I won’t leave you and I don’t have any intentions of leaving you.」

「….am I not in the way?」

「Don’t misunderstand. If Maria wants to come then I’ll give you a warm welcome. I will never treat you cruelly. But I also think that if you’re hesitating it’s good to give you time to confirm your feelings. Of course if your body is itching for me then I’ll welcome you to come back for a day to have sex.」

Maria looks down, muttering ‘stupid’.

「I understand. Let’s do that…Melissa and the children will be there so I won’t be lonely. Since there won’t be any men around then my appearance may be all messed up…well, Kroll is there. Recently he’s just been staring at my ass though.」

We smile at each other and kiss. We finished our conversation, but Maria is quite the beauty too. They probably don’t have to call a man over in a mansion full of girls. From now until I move, I’ll have to at least get their bodies to succumb.

Next is Irijina. This one seems to be easier than Maria.

「Hardlett-dono! Aren’t you mean?! Are you going to expel me too!?」

「Why do you think so?」

「Why? If you have a wife then you don’t need the other girls right? Then doesn’t that mean you have no use for me?!」

Hm, is that what you were thinking?

「Irijina, there are cakes and grilled chicken in front of you.」

「I know! Both of them are my favorite.」

「You have already ate the cake, well what are you going to do with the grilled chicken?」

「Naturally I will eat it!」

「Right? Even after getting married, you still need other women too.」

「I see! Is that how it is……wait!? That’s strange though? The right way is to have one man and one woman. This isn’t grilled chicken.」

Tch- she used her brain unnecessarily.

「Well, you’ll be embraced by me right now. Do you dislike it?」

「This isn’t the right mood! But it’s not that I dislike it. Our relationship has already involved us thoroughly overlapping our bodies.」

「Then go right now to a single middle-aged man who doesn’t have a lover and do it with him. Get him to make love to you with his crude thing. How about that?」

「What are you saying?! I can’t give my body to such a guy!」

「That’s right, it’s better for you to be embraced by me as a lover than to do it with that kind of man. What’s important is that there is love. It doesn’t matter how many women he surrounds himself with.」

Irijina holds her head and groans. It seems like this is her limit.

「Why don’t you think about it, how many people do you think have died during this war? A large amount of men died, didn’t they?」

「Yeah, I don’t hold a grudge at this time, but it’s terrible…」

「With that many men gone, try pairing one man with one woman. There will be women leftover wouldn’t there?」

As if understanding, Irijina lifted her face.

「If 20,000 men died then there will be 20,000 women remaining. It’s also troubling to eat weaker women. If the women get eaten, and if it is by the man they love, then there will be a lot of women protected and have kids, isn’t that a wonderful thing?」

Irijina mutters ‘I see’ to herself…

「Men become happy when they embrace a woman. A woman gets a man to make her happy. Isn’t this the greatest?」

「…I guess so! Wonderful! Even if Nonna becomes a wife I’ll also be loved. Yep, there is no problem!」

(Light Novels Illustration: Inside Irijina’s Mind)

It took longer than I thought to convince this stupid kid. While Maria was staring at me, I move on to the next one.

Mel also has experience with being thrown away by a lover, so it might be tough for her.

「I threw everything away when I trusted you, to come here. I have also bore your child. Are you going to throw me away? Where are you going to sell these girls?」

She is angrier than I thought. I didn’t know about it since she was quiet and didn’t really complain.

「I won’t do something like that. I will treasure you. It’s not a lie.」

「I don’t believe you. You should be aware of my past…and being treated like this on top of that; if I have to suffer humiliation again, then I’m prepared to complain about your cruelty to the townspeople and even harm myself.」

Mel’s elegance doesn’t quite reach Nonna’s level, but it’s a beauty that I don’t often see. And also when she’s expressionless, I can feel her intimidation.

「My feelings to make you my woman are real. How can I get you to believe me other than with words?」

「Please give me a room. Even not as a legal wife, if you take me as a concubine then I’ll believe your love towards me and my daughters.」

Naturally, Mel is already 37, no matter how beautiful she is, it would be hard to imagine what would happen to her at that age carrying 3 children. If I were to throw her away then she would not be able to live except by selling her daughters or her body.

「I understand. I’ll make you my concubine. I will also definitely look after your daughters…will you believe me now?」

「Will you go back on what you said?」

「Did I not keep the promise to come pick you up?」

After we stared at each other for a few seconds, Mel’s expression loosened, crumbling to become a smile. I understood it at that moment, that it was just a bluff.

「Ufufu, mom has worked hard. Now you girls can also proudly say it. That you are the daughters of Viscount Hardlett.」

She hugged the three sisters kindly. Kuu and Ruu didn’t understand what happened earlier in this scene of carnage.

「You tricked me didn’t you…you have quite the determination.」

If she got me angry then there was a possibility that she would lose everything. She has already let go of her land and her house, with her back to the wall she has done well to gamble.

「Ufufu, you shouldn’t underestimate the experience and courage of a mature woman.」

「I’ll engrave it in my heart.」

I won’t complain anymore at this point. I promised the woman I love as a man, I will not change it.

「Besides, I was certain that Aegir-san wouldn’t be ruthless and throw us out. And if by some slim chance that you got angry then the three of us will get naked and ask you for forgiveness.」

Certainly if they did that then I would forgive them for most things.

Next up is Rita and Melissa…

「There is no problem with me.」
「I’m also alright, I guess?」

Rita steps forward.

「I have come here and survived after falling in love with Hardlett-sama. In the first place, I don’t have such presumptuous thoughts to become your wife. If I could just receive your favor then I don’t mind if you take me as your servant or your sex slave.」

Rita has a disposition to want people to rule over her. I won’t treat her cruelly but I will be ruling over her properly from now on.

「If you want me to say something though, it seems like everyone is split up…why don’t you dig my ass and..」

Let’s go to the next one.

「I also didn’t think of becoming your wife. Well that’s because…you see…I can’t give birth…」

She didn’t put in many words. It’s no time to feel compassionate or anything. I just have to love Melissa.

「I like this house, and I also like Aegir-san, and I also love the children. I won’t get mad that you made a wife. And besides…」

Melissa brings my ear close so the kids can’t hear.

「It’s not like I can leave Aegir-san. I’ve become ruled over by this after all.」

She gently strokes my crotch.

The conversation ended simply.

Well, on to the next gate after Maria, from a glance Carla is furious.

「What?! I don’t have anything to say. Are you stupid, marrying a woman like that?」

「Carla I – 」

「Aaah- aah-!! I don’t want to hear it. I’m stupid anyway and I suck at conversing with people, anyways I don’t want it.」

I can’t do anything if I can’t even talk to her.

「It’s fine. Nonna is more important to you right? I’ll just leave, I don’t want something like Aegir’s seed anymore.」

Rather than being angry with me…

「Nonna – tell her congratulations, let me know when she gets pregnant. I’ll throw a rock at her.」

Those few words not only caused Nonna, but everyone, to turn pale.

Perhaps she really truly hates Nonna. Because she is frustrated she lost, she is acting desperately. She originally lives her life by her instincts just like a child after all.

If I look carefully though, she’s cursing while tears are forming in her eyes. She’s like a kid who is trying not to cry after getting in a fight.


「I won’t listen…I don’t care…go away!」

Nonna is looking at Carla, more worried than anyone else. They didn’t get along well, but the both of them are in a relationship that allowed them to badmouth each other without holding back.

I can’t help it if she really isn’t fond of me anymore, but right now I have no reason to throw her outside.

I don’t know what to do about the spiteful remarks towards Nonna and myself, surely it is a very unfortunate time for Carla.

「Carla, calm down.」

I grab Carla but she struggles.

「Stop! Let go! Go away!!」

「Look after the children.」

Melissa hurriedly took the children. This place is dangerous and it won’t positively influence the children. I’ll convince her in Carla’s room. The worried Nonna also comes along.

Once we enter the room, we lock the window and door and throw her on the bed.

「What?! Are you going to do it in this situation? Are you serious? You’re only using the thing your pants to think?」

Carla’s sharp tongue unexpectedly stings my heart. Even more so, since she is usually quite fond of me.

I’m going to be a little forceful this time, but I have to somehow convince her in bed. If I fail then I’ll have to bear the sin of rape.

I forcefully peel her clothes off, and lick her crotch. Even under such circumstances I am able to get erect, what a sinful cock.

「Fuun-! Your thing is just thick. Even a horse’s thing is better…nngh! Don’t put it in!」

I used my saliva to get it just wet enough but Carla’s insides are dry, almost as if it was another person and it was hard to put it in. But still I put strength in my hips and push it in.

「Uugh…that hurts! You’ve slept with me so much already and you still don’t understand my body? You suck!」

Trying to ease the pain, even if only a little, Nonna licks Carla’s breasts and clit. It’s the first time that Nonna willingly caresses another woman. But it was tough for the one on the receiving end.

「Nonna! I don’t want you to lick me! It’s dirty! You’ll get me sick! Nnnaah!!!」

However, perhaps it was because it was a woman, but the insides got wet, and moving got easier. Without any delay I made large motions with my hips.

「Uugghu! Don’t think it’ll be good if you just thrust deep, aanh! Don’t suck my breasts! You like Nonna’s monster breasts better right?!」

For the time being I’ll pour it in once, so I sucked on her breasts and built up my pleasure, then I let it flow out. Nonna also helps me out by licking my ass.

「Hyaau-! Uuuu….your dirty stuff is flowing in me again. But even after you did it so much I probably won’t get pregnant, are you sure your sperms are okay? This worthless thing just has size going for it!」

I admire her for the fact that she is continuing to jeer at me, but after that we continue to fuck endlessly, and it was the time a little past noon that Carla finally started to rub my hips with her hand.

「…..Thrust a little deeper, nnh-! My breasts, touch them…..」

For now it seems I’m able to relax her stubborn heart. I might be able to talk with her soon.

「You don’t like that Nonna has become my wife?」

「That’s obvious. You know that we don’t get along already….from now on what kind of face should I make towards Nonna and Aegirrrr…..uuueeennn!!」

She started wailing. Once we started to talk straightforwardly, she didn’t want to feel anymore unnecessarily painful feelings. I stop moving my hips and we continue our conversation.

「What do you dislike the most?」

「You’re calling Nonna your wife right? Then you two will get along with each other, you’ll make a family, then where will I fit in that family. You want me to live each day and watch you two flirt with each other? It’s frustrating! I won’t accept that. But Nonna can read and write, she’s pretty, and she’s useful to Aegir in many different ways. I can’t do anything-!」

In the end, she got mad because she’ll lose the place where she belongs and she’ll feel lonely. But still, she’s quite the sore loser and also not able to settle herself down.

「Don’t worry, I won’t let you feel lonely. I won’t let you feel left out of our group. It will be just like it has always been, we’ll play together, fight together, and maybe Nonna’s sarcastic remarks will get a little worse.」

Nonna got mad, asking me why.

「Really? You still want me? Aegir will still look at me from now on?」

Of course that’s the case, I hug her. Looking back, the next woman that I embraced after Lucy was Carla. Like that I entered her and as I hugged her, her insides which should have gotten used to me by now, seemed to get tighter.

「You’ve gotten much bigger than before, didn’t you.」

Carla rubs my back with her hand. I’m happy that it seems that my thoughts are flowing to her through her special place.

「Just to tell you, it isn’t just that place but your heart and your body as well, you know?」

Then her expression gets cloudy.

「I’m no good. Since that time, I haven’t changed at all.」

「Then shouldn’t you mature little by little? If you stay as you are, that’s fine, if you change then that’s good too. The same as me.」

「Yeah…I’ll also change…for now I’ll at least become able to read letters…」

「Sure, do your best. If it becomes hard for you then come tell me.」

「Ahem, so how long is Carla going to be connected with my husband?」

「Nn~forever…I’ll be happy if time stopped now…」

「Stop fooling around and get away!」

Carla got up quickly. The lively atmosphere has returned, it looks like I don’t have to worry.

「I’ll become a concubine! Then I can steal Aegir away from Nonna whenever I want!」

Nonna, as expected, couldn’t stay quiet and flare up at her, turning it into a grappling match. The two of them were on top of the bed we were using earlier, which was wet with so much dirty liquid that it could not be distinguished anymore. However the two of them had cheerful expressions, like they were unbound by anything.

「I’m sorry!」

Carla gathered everyone again and right now she lowered her head to the ground to apologize.

「And I also became Aegir’s concubine! I’ll work hard and kick down Nonna!」

「I won’t lose to someone like you.」

The both of them returned to normal, so everyone sighed a breath of relief. Carla is the longest serving member of the girls. I don’t think she’s good because she’s the most veteran, but it seems everyone already thought that Carla has become a concubine.

What about Irijina? Is she a concubine too? As I was thinking that, Kroll said he was going to do some training and went off to the garden. By the time he comes back after swinging the spear, I’ll have forgotten everything.

Well, other than the fact that it is a little complicated with Maria, everything is in order. But there is one last person remaining that is quite troublesome to deal with.

「Aegir-sama…is this my room…? This is good, I actually had a frightening dream.」

「A dream that Nonna became my wife?」

「No, you heard wrong. Nonna-san because Aegir-sama’s horse. Her breasts are scraping the ground.」

It’s painful to see her trying to escape reality.

「You are my adjutant, you are my precious Celia.」


Celia stares into my eyes but then she sighs and covers her face.

「In the first place, I thought it was strange that you were lining up nine women around you…but I thought that this day would come too.」

Mel, Rita, Melissa, Carla, Maria, Irijina, Nonna and lastly Celia. Isn’t there one missing?

「Catherine has been coming to visit you, hasn’t she?! You thought I wouldn’t notice that she sneaks out?」

Oh, so she found out about it. Then I should call her to my room from now on. The story has gone off track though.

「Then why did you fall over?」


「Come here.」

I hug Celia and lift her up, sitting her on the bed and putting her in between my legs. It seems she likes this position the best. Then I’ll stroke her head like this and it’ll calm her down, causing her to lean against me.

「I don’t have a reason not to take you, since you’re so cute. Tell me, what has gotten you so shocked?」

Still Celia remains silent, but as I continued to stroke her head she started to mumble something.

「When you are together with other people…even if they are nobles from another house…I never thought that Aegir-sama would throw me away.」

「Thanks for trusting me. That’s exactly right, so what about it?」

「I’m sorry. I haven’t studied enough so I don’t know how to put it in words.」

「You don’t have to think how to say it. Just let it out as it is, I won’t get mad.」

I wouldn’t understand even if you were to use that roundabout way of speaking, which you don’t know how to use.

「I thought, I was in the way. I am Aegir-sama’s woman, but I’m not like the other girls and I have a different kind of connection, I think. Not just a woman…but…」

「Like parent and child…?」

Celia twitches. I must have guessed right, certainly she doesn’t look at me as just a master or lover. I didn’t have parents either so I don’t really understand but…

「Yes…that’s why when everyone else had a relationship as a lover and a woman, I thought that I was the only one different.」

My hand stops stroking Celia’s head, but she reaches out a hand and wants me to continue.

「When Mel-san brought Aegir-sama’s child with her I was really surprised…but I convinced myself that the seeds sowed over there are still budding.」


「But, getting married with Nonna-san and having kids will make it a three-person family. The wife and the child…I’m foreign since I’ve already grown halfway.」

Celia is the same as Carla, if I form a family then she will lose the place where she belongs and feel lonely. It seems her feelings of us as parent and child are stronger though.

「At least…won’t you give Mel-san some reconsideration? Mel-san is already at that age and after a few years she will move up out of woman status. Thus I can have a place as a woman.」

Let’s keep those words locked up. You don’t yet understand how scary Mel can be.

「I guess…so you want to be my absolute number one?」

「I do. But I will never be…A person like Aegir-sama will attract girls no matter what.」

If it’s not flattery then she views me quite highly. I just love women though.

「Then do you think my love will decrease if you are one person out of five?」

「My time with you will be decreased..but I don’t think the feelings will decrease.」

「Then that’s fine. In the future, even if 10 children are born or 100 children are born, Celia will always be included, my love for you will not decrease.」

「100 people…no, you’re going to be sleeping with 20 women for five years…?」

100 people is just a figure of speech, don’t calculate it.

「I understand. I don’t intend to overturn what Aegir-sama has decided. I am delighted that you took the time to talk to me like this.」

Celia stands up. Her gait is quite proper. She’s alright now.

「How are the others doing?」

I told her that Maria is having some doubts.

「I see…I would really like it if Maria-san stays. There are few people here with common sense, well actually if it’s people with common sense then we might have to abandon the man who is surrounding himself with nine women.」

「You said it, didn’t you.」

「Hyaa! Don’t tickle me!」

I lift Celia up and tickle her. Once a dispute gets resolved, the relationship between man and woman deepens. I was fooling around with Celia but it made my sexual desire light up.

「Hug me, please.」


When the both of us got naked, Celia made a slightly dangerous suggestion.

「Um…is it alright if I called you dad?」

As expected, she spews it out, but Celia’s face remains serious. It’s not like I’ll lose anything so I don’t mind but I makes me feel like I’ve become a pervert.

「Dad. Celia has grown bigger. Could dad hug me please?」

Celia has gotten into it already. If I stop her here, then I’ll cause her to be embarrassed.

「Yeah, you’re bigger, your body is getting sexier. Look, Celia has done this.」

I have her touch my erect cock. I invite Celia to the bed and we lie down.

「Celia, let’s do it!」

(Light Novels Illustration: Celia on the bed)

I lift her thin leg up and put my cock into her center. Her insides are very narrow, but with her hands and legs rubbing my back and waist, she urges me to go even deeper.

「Aaah dad! It’s thick! It’s big! Dad’s penis feels good.」

She’s continuously using words that she hasn’t used normally before. We were having sex like a couple while at the same time, it was like a dad spoiling his child. This immoral feeling is turning me on.

「Celia! Does it feel good!?」

「It feels good! I love you, dad. Please slam it against me more. When I imagine my dad thrusting into me, it feels like my heart will fly away.」

Just as she wished, I changed the way I was thrusting and purposely made louder sounds. It seems those sounds turned Celia on even more.

「You don’t have to hold back, you know? I’m already an adult. Dad has helped me grow up and become an adult woman.」

I also felt like I’ve become Celia’s father. I’m getting turned on and my cock enlarges even more, causing Celia’s small hole to spread apart, almost as if it was going to tear.

「Amazing! Dad’s penis is so big!」

「Yeah, Celia’s insides feel good too! Relax even more. Or it’s going to rip.」

「I can’t dad, it feels too good and my hole is squeezing on its own.」

As her words suggested, Celia’s vagina is stretched more than its limit and yet it is still clenching tightly to me. The hole is eagerly squeezing me, but I push back with my rock hard cock and the rubbing helps to pleasure me in return.

「Aaau!! Nnkyaa!」

Finally, Celia’s hole yielded and started to convulse. Even she herself couldn’t control the convulsions of her vagina, especially since she is toned, it was quite strong. If it was your ordinary man, then the tightening would have caused intense pain, but my cock doesn’t lose in terms of strength.

「Haha, it’s squeezing me quite nicely.」

「Dad I’m sorry! The hole is just doing it by itself!!」

「It’s fine. You’re quite cute.」

I put in more strength and continue to move. It is tightening to the limit and Celia’s special place is rubbing my cock with lots of strength, it is quite the stimulation as I thrust.

「Dad!! Nnnaaaaaaah!!」

The cute Celia stretches her legs and tenses, grabbing the sheets and bending her body back like a shrimp. Her vision gets blurry, and she’s clearly climaxing, but even so I don’t stop moving. I rub her vagina even further, and suck her unnaturally erect nipples.

「Aah aah aah! Aaaaaaah–!!」

Her legs stretch out once again. And again, after her hole tightens, her entire body loses strength and her hole also loosens up. Her nipples that were erect like corks also got smaller.

「Are you satisfied?」

「…Haa…yes. I-I’m happy…」

Celia has tasted a remarkably large climax, and was still remaining in a trance-like state of ecstasy. However, her narrow insides continue to rub my cock and my seed already seems to want to spill out. The rod is twitching and pulsing, I can tell that the seed is rising up from my walls.

「Aah…Dad’s semen is climbing up his penis…」

Celia, who is still connected with me, can feel the rhythm of my pulsing and can tell that I’m nearing ejaculation. But I can’t make my daughter pregnant.

「Celia…I’m cumming.」

「Please let it out whenever! Let out papa’s sperm on Celia!!」

The way she speaks has completely changed but besides that, it is more important that I let out my seed.

「Celia, I’m letting it out on your face!」

「Eeh!? M-my face? Alright…go ahead, I’m ready!」

Celia places both hands next to her face and closes her eyes, then sticks her tongue out.


Just before I ejaculated, I pull my cock out from the girl’s tight hole and stroke it vigorously in front of her face. I rub my cock on the tongue that she stuck out to increase my stimulation, then start to cum.


「Waa! It’s hot!!」

With the momentum of a downpour, my seed spurts out, sticking to Celia’s cute face. These days I’ve only been ejaculating inside vaginas or inside mouths, so it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the stuff that comes out. There was a surprisingly large amount, painting Celia’s entire face white.

「Abbhu, myaa!」

Too much came out so of course there was some that went in her nose. There’s so much dripping that I can’t recognize her original face anymore.

「Fuu…that was good.」

I took a breather after the ejaculation on her face was over.

「Dad’s smell…it’s all over my face and sticky.」

She couldn’t really open her eyes so she gathered up the semen with her hands and poured it in her mouth. My goal has been accomplished. Celia will still be my cute Celia from now on.

Celia wipes her body carefully with a towel, but as expected, there is still a stench. The only solution is to take a bath.

She arranged her clothes and opened the door, there she saw Kroll who turned red, and Alma. They were holding tubs filled with water, were they intending to take care of Celia? But they came at a bad time, they could probably hear everything and above all, it was bad that it was Kroll.

「…Did you hear?」

Celia’s voice is entirely different than her previously sweet voice, she makes a threatening voice.

「Um, um…hauu.」

「Fu-fun! ‘Dad it feels good’, like that!」

Alma curls up and Kroll mocks her. A kid like that is purposely taking this kind of attitude towards the girl he likes. Normally, you would pay him back for all the cruel things he did.

But that’s the wrong choice. Celia won’t become an obedient girl if you hold onto her weakness. She’s the type of person who would shut those people up.

Kroll should also realize that Celia’s atmosphere has changed. When she is unable to change her expression then it becomes a really dangerous situation. He turned back and ran away at high speed.

「Wait you shitty brat! I’ll rip that nasty tongue out!」

Celia lowered her posture and stooped over, then burst forward with great momentum. It is only for now that Kroll has run away, if he’s here then that means that Irijina is also back and she’ll stop him.


First of all, Alma has wet herself because of the earlier murderous intent. Even though she came over to look after you, with this it will make it even harder for her to deal with Celia.

In conclusion, Nonna has become the legal wife, while Mel and Carla became concubines. Celia and Irijina will work hard in their duties, and Melissa and Rita will stay the same and are fine with being lovers. Only Maria was left, and there is a possibility that she might leave.

So that it doesn’t happen and while everyone is in the capital, I’ll have to thoroughly give them my affection. Everyone’s feelings are all pent up, so for that reason, it was quite intense.

As the day breaks and the girls are in bed, snoring away, I gave up on sleeping and went out to the garden to bathe in the morning sun and swing my sword. The Dual Crater reflects the morning sun, making me feel something like a hero holding a holy blade of light.

「You’re quite early.」

Leopolt? …it seems he retired to bed early yesterday.

「Do you have any opinions about my marriage?」

「Speaking based just in terms of career advancement, I think it would have been better if you got a woman who was of a higher status.」

I thought he would say that. He doesn’t betray my expectations.

「But even if you get a wife from a Margrave’s family you won’t be able to rise above Margrave. I, who am following you, will be even lower.」

Leopolt’s eyes look off to the distance.

「During the time you were injured, I was in the command of Lord Radhalde, and he was quite skilled.」

「What’s that? You want to change jobs?」

「No, he is skilled and has no slip ups, he plays his hand only when they are certain…but that is all. He is an excellent commander who takes control of his army, and he is the king’s favorite, which he will use to advance his career, but that’s it.」

That sounds like an ideal life though.

「Since a long time ago, I had a habit of predicting things way in advance. I am pretty much able to predict Lord Radhalde’s future…however I can’t predict yours. It clearly seems foolish, but your results are making great progress.」

Leopolt turns back. He’s expressionless as usual, but without a doubt he was smiling. It was a face with confidence.

「It was the first time in my life that I have thought this. That this person is interesting. When I look at you, other people…with me included, other people’s way of living looks dull.」

「This kind of praise doesn’t suit you. Did you eat something bad?」

「The smell of sex has drifted all the way over here. It might be because of that poison.」

He sneered.

「I want to see your destination. Will you end up a fool and quickly throw your life away, or will you be that ‘something’ handed down 1000 years from now?」

「I might unsurprisingly settle down as a normal feudal lord noble, and once I get kids I won’t need anything else, you know?」

「You’re joking, I can’t see much of your future but there is one thing I know.」

The morning sun rises in full, his and my eyes squint at the brightness.

「What awaits you is not an ordinary life. A brutal death or a tremendous glory, it’s one or the other.」

「Will you follow me?」

「I will accompany you. I will follow you and grab that glory, and if my dreams get shattered, I will fall into hell.」

「If it’s like that, then I would be like a demon, tempting people.」

Leopolt hit his hand with his fist as if he realized something. What did he realize?

「You’re taking the lives of many on the battlefield and indulging in sinful pleasures with women at night. It is just like some class of evil spirit.」

Tell me about it. This relationship might continue until one of us dies. Leopolt comes over and we bump shoulders.

Well it’s about time we go back. He has Nina and I have Celia, who is looking at me with a pale face.

「E-Aegir-sama! Don’t tell me you’re going to sleep with a man too!? Homosexuality isn’t good! That is the way to destruction!」

The day starts with me giving Celia a flick to her forehead. In addition, Nonna seems to have called Miti and is acting out the story that she missed out on hearing.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett 20 years old Winter
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount Eastern Independent Army Commander
Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area
Assets: 860 gold (silver and below not counted)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Jeweled spear (temporary)
Equipment: Black Cloak (Cursed)
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Sue (daughter),
Melissa, Maria, Rita, Kuu, Ruu, Catherine (commuting)
Servants: Sebastian, Miti, Alma, Kroll, Nina
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant and pseudo daughter), Irijina (private army commander),
Leopolt (army commander), Schwartz (horse), Adolph (domestic affairs official)
Sexual Partners: 39, persons who got pregnant: 6
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