Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 83: Celia’s Suffering
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 83: Celia’s Suffering

–Aegir POV–


We were not even back at the mansion yet, but as soon as we could see the city of Rafen, one person was riding towards us on a horse. It’s my cute Celia, coming down with her fluttering silver hair just a little bit above her shoulders.

Did she hear about our estimated time of arrival from the light cavalry we sent before our army returned? It was my first time leaving her and setting out on an expedition so she must have been lonely. She lined up her horse with mine and jumped up onto Schwartz.

「Aegir-samaa, why did you have to leave me?! If you at least let me know the location, I could have caught up with you immediately!」

Celia has always been uptight and harsh with her words and actions when she’s in places where she could be seen by others, but now she’s loosened up nicely. There are tears welling up in her eyes. Even if she knew where the destination was and could catch up quickly, the mountain nation’s territory is vast, and it’s a harsh environment that if an unfamiliar person were to step foot in the area, they would have to be prepared for death. As expected, since she’s jumped at me like this, it seems like she didn’t have that resolve.

「What are you talking about, weren’t you feeling unwell? It’s important for you to rest your body sometimes.」

「It was only a few days! Do you know how lonely I felt during this past month? ……Nnnh-!」

I hug Celia close, steal her lips, and pressed her head against me as I slip my tongue in her mouth.

「Nnbh-……, nnhah!! Nnnh-!!」

It was a deep and intense kiss which continued for awhile, and when both our lips were spread with saliva, it overflowed and dripped onto Schwartz’s mane. Schwartz would turn his head around several times, as if yelling ‘what do you think you’re doing?’, but seeing as how we weren’t going to stop, he gave up and quickened his pace. I guess he wanted to hurry and get home.

After a good ten minutes, we finished kissing and I release Celia; I slurped back her remaining saliva that was left on my lips. Since it’s been so long, it feels nice.

Celia does the same and gulps down the saliva on her lips, as she is now staring at me with wet eyes, unlike her earlier teary eyes, but she notices the peeking glances of Irijina who was close by.

「Ha-! No……this is-!!」

「It’s fine isn’t it? I think it’s quite wonderful that you’re so passionate.」

「Yes, you’ve shown us something nice.」

「What an intense kiss, eh?」

「I wouldn’t mind if you were to start here, you know?」

Celia jumped in my arms while the army was still forming their ranks, so obviously, she would attract the attention of everyone there. Not to mention, it was a ten minute kiss, so it was impossible to talk her way out of this. Her face turns red as she gives up on trying to think of an excuse, pulling my cloak and wrapping it around her. I stroke her head that was under my cloak as we return back to the city.

When we enter the city, just like the time before we left, there were many people stacking stones, digging holes and building houses. But there are clearly more buildings inside the city now, and you can see houses in the midst of being built here and there. In addition, there are some crude structures consisting of erected pillars with a plank laid across.

「What is this? Is it a house?」

「That seems to be a simple dwelling, since we can’t have the residents sleep outdoors until their houses are finished being built.」

Fumu, its appearance is poor, but it can stave off the wind and rain, and even if winter comes, they could light a fire and they wouldn’t have a problem. It’s not like a proper house can be built easily in a short amount of time. The citizens are also trickling into the territory now, so it’s a necessary building.

「The moats have been dug too, huh?」

The inner city of Rafen is still developing so they have some luxury to start building the city walls. With that said, large stones aren’t used to build a large scale wall, instead, a wooden wall will be built on top of a low stone fence, almost like digging a dry moat. Like this, it will be enough to defend against monsters and wild dogs, and even if an army attacks, it would still be better than nothing.

「I was also involved with the construction of the outer wall!」

Celia puffs her chest out with pride. Ooh, I can really tell even above her clothes. Celia’s chest has gotten bigger.

The portion Celia was involved in was too small for me to remember, but to make up for the time that I didn’t see her, I pet her head and ass while listening to her boast.

「So that’s why! When I’m not here, this part will……」

「Is that so? Celia’s quite cute.」

While still talking, the soldiers disperse back to the garrison, and we head back to the mansion.

「So this group here…………why are there six people?」

After the soldiers dispersed, it was supposed to be the four of us: Celia, Irijina, Pipi and I, who will head back to the mansion. But Luna and Ruby followed along without saying anything and Celia starts staring at them with a doubtful look. The girls were in the eastern army and private army and are wearing their battle outfits so they were wandering to begin with.

「Why didn’t you two go back to the garrison?」

Celia is looking closely at the faces of the two of them, who were covering their heads with hats, and finally realized the two of them are girls.

「A woman-!? …………don’t tell me-!!??」

She swiftly turned around to look at me.

「Ruby and I have come to serve the chief. Thus, it is necessary for us to be by his side.」

「I am onee-chan’s……onee-sama’s attendant, that’s why.」

「Then, you have already……」

「Yes. My virginity has already been torn by the chief. He has churned the depths of my being.」

「It wasn’t put inside me……but ‘it’ was sprayed over my entire body.」

「Uuu……I thought it would be like this. No, it’s alright. Rather, let’s be happy that he settled with only two. If Pipi and Irijina-san didn’t control him……it wouldn’t be strange if he had an orgy with 100 people.」

After Celia mumbled something, she once again held her head high and confronted Luna.

「Aegir-sama already has several wives, and he has surrounded himself with women other than his wives too. So first, I will introduce you to them!」

「From seeing that passionate kiss earlier, you are also one of them, right?」

Celia is trying to show her spirit, but remembering how she was seen fooling around, she turned red and wrapped herself with my cloak again.

「Haa, so you’re from the same village as Pipi?」

After a complete introduction of the family, Nonna and Luna are talking. From what I can tell, Nonna is openly trying to intimidate her, but Luna is undaunted by it. She is old-fashioned and often distracted with a tone which is polite to a fault, but she has a similar scent to that of Irijina. On the other hand, Ruby has completely sensed the hate coming from Nonna, and is looking at her with upturned eyes.

「Yes, I swear on the pride of my clan that I will do my utmost best for the chief. If he tells me to stay by his side, I will obey, if he tells me to tend to him at night, I will do my all to please him.」

Nonna heaves a sigh and counts her fingers by bending each one. Nonna is well-versed in the lifestyles of nobles, and did not really criticize when the head of the family surrounds himself with women other than his wife, but in terms of numbers, it may be starting to reach a point where she is unsure how to react.

I was entertained by Nonna, while drinking alcohol after finishing my bath, and also gently stroking the bellies of Carla and Mel, who were beside me. It has been 6 months since I’ve impregnated them and their stomachs have expanded so much that it is clearly bulging. It seems they have been relaxing in the room with the fireplace lit throughout the day so as to not let their bodies get too cold. It will start getting chilly during this time of season, so Carla will have to be especially careful when using the toilet.

「As expected, you won’t do it with this stomach, right?」

「If you get naked and catch a cold, it wouldn’t be good after all.」

I put my ear to Carla’s belly, but I don’t feel anything.

「It moves sometimes……but you’ll fuck me until I go crazy when the child is born, right?」

「I also want to be fucked until I’m dead.」

When I flirt with these two pregnant women, Nonna, who was talking with Luna, looked over here with a slightly constrained look.

「Muu, you’ve already gotten pregnant so please don’t talk about the next stage! There’s an empty womb here after all.」

Nonna rubs her own belly coolly.

「Shall we do it?」

「Yes! Today will be the day the seed will-」


「Of course.」

「Me too, please.」

It looks like the girls won’t let Nonna be alone after one month’s hiatus of not doing it. Celia, Rita and Catherine take my arm and leads me to the bedroom.

「Why don’t we go too? Even if just for the mood.」

「You’re right. Let’s go see Aegir-sama’s tool after a long absence.」

It seems Carla and Mel will come along with us too.

「Pl-please wait! Why are you leaving me here, apghl-!!」

Nonna runs hurriedly and stumbles, tumbling over exaggeratedly. It’s fortunate that her breasts acted as a cushion and she didn’t hit her head though.

The fireplace in the room has been lit in consideration for the pregnant women, which will make it quite hot when we move around, but having sex covered in sweat isn’t bad either.

I get naked and sit on the bed. My cock has not gotten erect yet and is drooping down. In front of my eyes, the four women’s eyes light up, as they were waiting for this exact moment.

「Nonna, let’s start from you.」

「Sure! I’ll be taking the first spot in line then.」

Nonna happily takes her clothes off, and her huge breasts spill out seemingly making a bouncing sound.

「Then, please excuse me……」

Nonna gets on the edge of the bed and spreads her legs as she gets on top of me from the front. She grabs my dick and guides it to her entrance.


My dick hasn’t even gotten halfway erect yet, so it probably is hard for her to put it in, so I help Nonna out by holding her waist.

「Here……like this!」

「Aah!! I-it’s in……. It’s been such a long time that it surprised me.」

Nonna took some time to regain her breath before swinging her hips. At first she was grinding her hips as if rubbing herself on me, but changed to moving her hips up and down. Of course, the reason is because I want to see her boobs jiggle.

「Nonna’s nipples are cute, eh?」

「I’m glad! Please enjoy them to your heart’s content.」

Nonna hugs my head and presses me against her chest. It was a terrific sensation and my dick, now at about 70% erect, expanded.

「Eeeh!? It’s swelling inside me! No……this isn’t goooood!! If this continues, I will be the only one who cums! Please go a little easier-!」

「I’ve neglected you for one month. Today, you don’t have to hold back and just feel good.」

Exactly as I’ve said, I plan to focus more on pleasuring the women rather than to ejaculate. I rub Nonna’s sensitive spot and thrust deeply all the way inside her. After repeating this several times, it looks like Nonna has reached her limit.

While pressing my head against her breasts, Nonna throws her head back and moans. This room is made for my sake to have sex with the girls; the walls are thick and the windows closed tightly, so it would be hard for the voices to leak out. Nonna did not hesitate to howl like a beast and then stiffens at the same time her hole tightens and clenches down on me.

「Woah there!」

I catch Nonna to make sure she doesn’t hit her head on the floor from falling backwards, we kiss and then I lay her down on the bed.



I haven’t cum yet so my dick is still rock hard, so I had to pull out somewhat forcefully, as the other remaining girls turn to me.

「Who’s next?」

The girls were slightly distracted at my fully erect cock, but Rita and Catherine quickly cling onto my thigh.

「Please……please plunge this huge cock into Rita!」

「I also want it too. You made my body this lewd, and to just abandon me for a month, how cruel……」

The two of them crawl their tongues all over my dick as if they were struggling against each other for it, but Catherine seems desperate. Rita is licking my meat rod to seduce me, while Catherine really can’t hold herself back anymore.

「I’m sorry Rita. Catherine, come over here.」

Rita steps back inevitably and Catherine got on top of me from the front, her face was all smiles.

「Here I go! It’s a penis after a long break!」


It was like she jumped on top of my completely erect dick as she swallowed it all the way to her deepest parts. Her entire weight was placed on me so it was able to reach deep inside her, although it doesn’t look like Catherine felt any pain as she didn’t complain.

「Good! It’s so good!! Your penis is in me! My beloved penis!!」


Carla and Mel, who were watching on the side, and also Celia, had an amazed look on their faces. However, Catherine pays them no heed and swings her hips with my meat rod swallowed up by her hole while repeatedly screaming ‘penis, penis’. Her movements were several times more violent than Nonna’s.

「Aaoooooo!! Hug me tight! Do it until my spine is about to break-! Pinch my nipples and my clitoris tooo!」

Of course I’m not going to kill her, so I suck on Catherine’s modest breasts, and embrace her tightly.


The instant I sucked on her breasts, I can feel quite some fluid in my mouth.

「Are you squirting breast milk now?」

「That’s right, since you’ve embraced me, my breasts leak a lot now. Because Antonio will have to drink plenty, please fuck me lots and make it so my body will always be able to lactate!!」

Catherine is the mother of two children, and right now Antonio is the one who needs the breast milk the most. So I can’t be too rough with her nipples.

Instead, I rub her ass with my hand and use my index finger to poke her insides.

「My ass!? Fine, tease me there too, do whatever you please to me.」

Catherine did not rest the movements of her hips as I fondle her ass. But it would take some time if I were to accompany her to the limits of her sexual desire. Rita and Celia are still left, so I want to settle this quickly.

I insert three fingers into her ass and suck her nipples. We separate our bodies for a little bit and I also pinch her clitoris. Being rough with the clit for the other girls may be too strong of a stimulation, but if it’s Catherine, she can handle it.

「No way, at the same time! No moree! I’ll cum!」

「Please don’t hesitate to satisfy yourself. It’s been awhile since you’ve climaxed, right?」

「Eyes! Please look at my eyes!」

Catherine squeezes my face with her hands and we look straight at each other. Normally, Catherine would close her eyes and throw her head back when she’s close to climaxing, but today she wants to climax while we stare at each other.

「Yeah, I’ll look at the disheveled face of yours filled with pleasure……so cum!」

「Ah-……aaaaaaaa!! Aaaooooo—!! Nnhhii!!」

At the last moment, I pinch her clit and dig deep into her ass, while Catherine climaxes with me staring at her and saliva drips from her lips. An ample amount of liquid sprayed onto my chest, even without me having to touch it, breast milk flowed out, and her vagina squeezed my meat rod so tightly as if trying to strangle it to death.

Her climax continued for several minutes, and eventually, Catherine slowly closes her eyes.

「Nonna, I’m leaving her with you.」

I let Nonna handle Catherine, who fell unconscious.

「……Uuu, it’s nice to be able to squirt breast milk. If I got pregnant, I could also squirt lots too.」

Nonna lifts up her own breasts and sucks her nipples. Naturally, nothing comes out from them.

「Is Rita next? Come on.」

「I’ve been waiting for this.」

Rita is facing backwards and pushes her ass towards me, drawing my cock near her crotch with her hand.

「Which one do you want?」

「I’ll do your vagina, since Celia’s still left after all.」

「Certainly. Ngh!!」

Rita takes her weight and drops it on my meat rod, swallowing it up inside her. I’m trying to fuck the girls without cumming, so my dick is way harder and bigger than before. I might have messed up the order, and I should have did Celia first.

「It’s good, this tremendously huge dick! Is it getting bigger again?」

While stroking the huge ass of Rita who is swaying her hips in front of me, she slowly drops her body backward.

「You have a large ass as well.」

「Don’t say that……. Please don’t look.」

Unfortunately for you, your ass is pretty much taking up my entire view so it’s quite impossible not to look at it.

Rita is pulling out all the way to the tip, then drops her hips back down and repeats this motion many times, making large strokes so as to pleasure me.

「It’s quite long, so my hips can’t keep up.」

Rita is moving desperately now and beads of sweat start to form on her ass; I guess she’s getting a little tired as her movements are gradually getting slower.

「Does it not feel good?」

In spite of it being the third person, I didn’t ejaculate, so she swings her hips and looks at me with an anxious face.

「No, it’s just that I thought I would make you girls feel good. So don’t hesitate to move however you like to make yourself feel good.」

Rita’s face relaxes into a more relieved look and she changes her movements into a rubbing type of motion. Watching her twitching butthole as she moves is somehow quite amusing.

「I wanted to take you in up to the root, but……there’s still that much left.」

Rita speaks in a somewhat disappointed tone and strokes the part of the cock that couldn’t fit inside. Right now, the only ones who could take me all the way up to the root are only Melissa and Irijina, and maybe Catherine, but it might hurt her so I didn’t try it. However, Rita’s ass is big, and she has a suitable vagina with plenty of room. Since she’s been trained in the past, she has also developed a moderately loose hole. It might actually be possible for her.

「Rita, you want it up to the root?」

「Of course I do.」

「If you’re prepared to get hurt a little, would you like to try?」

「Please do-!!」

Alright, then why don’t I thrust my rod to the deepest part of her hole. I adjust Rita’s position and thrust my hips up into her.

「Aaah……It’s in……it’s way deeper than ever before……」

There is a little bit left that could be put in, but that one little bit wouldn’t fit. Rita is bouncing with her weight and desperately trying to force it in, but her womb is seriously resisting and it was not possible for it to enter anymore.

「It can’t fit-, anymore than this!!」

It can’t be helped. I’ll help her out.

「Rita, clasp your hands above your head.」

「Like this?」

Rita, facing the opposite direction while in the cowgirl position, clasped her hands on top of her head, as if to show me she has completed what I asked. After seeing that, I grab Rita’s ass and pull her towards me strongly, inserting the rest of my meat rod into her.

「Eh? ………………ts-!!」

At first, Rita had no idea what just happened, but she should have definitely heard the sound of her womb being dug into by my meat rod. Then the difference in time closes as she feels both pleasure and pain.

「Ah……Aaah……Aaaaaaaaaaaah!! Agghaaa!!!」

「Wai-! Aegir, she said you can’t! Rita’s eyes are rolling back!!」

I couldn’t see Rita’s face from where I was, but Carla was able to see that her face wasn’t usual and was yelling at me from the sofa.

「Aaaaahh–!! Don’t!! Stop-!! OOooooh!!」

Rita is desperately screaming for me not to stop in broken speech, and ended up spraying a mixture of her love juices and urine everywhere before fainting.

「Ggh……I can’t pull it out. Celia, could you give me a hand and pull me out?」

I got Celia to help me pull my dick from Rita, and after my meat rod dug into her womb and was pulled out, it must have acted as stimulation, as Rita once again sprayed her love juices in a lewd manner.

「Go wash her in the bath.」

I have the maids who are waiting outside the room take care of Rita. The maid was in bewilderment as she took Rita, who had her tongue sticking out and was intermittently spraying fluid from her crotch, to the bath.

「Well, you became the last one, huh?」

「No, it’s alright. Besides, it’s become the most incredible since we started.」

As Celia has pointed out, my cock has become something quite serious right now. I thought I was going to ejaculate once with Rita but since she’s in ‘that’ kind of state, she can’t swing her hips anymore.

「Wouldn’t it be too tight for you? If you want, you could make me cum once with your mouth so it’ll shrink to a certain extent……」

「No, please just slam it into me like this!」

Compared to when Celia lost her virginity, her hole has gotten accustomed to me, not to mention her body has also grown bigger, so she should be alright.

「What position would you like?」

「The first one we did it in, please.」

I sit on the bed and spread my legs. Celia also seems to like the sitting position where she can be hugged. But compared to its initial state, my cock has been holding it in for all this time and its fiendishness is still increasing, bending backwards and sticking, not only up to my belly button, but all the way to the center of my chest.

「If it hurts, don’t hesitate to tell me; it’s not like we’re stopping. I’ll just cum once before fucking you again.」

「I’ll be alright. Here I come.」

Celia straddles me and slowly drops her hips down. Naturally, she wouldn’t be able to fit it in all the way to the root, and when about half of my cock entered her, the tip of my dick can already feel that it has reached the deepest part.

「Aauu……. It- it’s tight. But I can do this!」

As usual, her hole is stretched to its limit and feels quite tight, but even so, I can still move around somewhat.

「Ah! Aah! Aahn!!」

Celia is cute while she’s gasping for breath, as she swings her hips and rubs my dick in a half bent over posture. I think it’s a movement that requires a considerable amount of stamina, but it may be a result of being trained in the military. After moving for a certain time, her insides clench up, and she doesn’t forget to ask for kisses.

「Celia-chan has gotten better, don’t you think?」

「For sure, she’s like a prostitute.」

Celia ignores the jeering from the spectators as she continues to move her hips. As I was in the fourth round, I was already close to reaching my limit. As I sucked on her chest at my limit and breathing roughly, she gently pats me.

「Sorry, I’m cumming first. I’ll continue, but can I let it out first?」

「Yeah, of course. This is also fresh and……nice.」

Celia keeps petting my head as I grab her ass with both hands, thrusting my hips up and ejaculating.



Plenty of my pent up semen flows out as Celia’s body was bent backwards, indulging in the pleasure.

「Muu……even though it would have been better if the ejaculation was inside me.」

I ignore Nonna’s discontent as my long ejaculation continues, eventually running out of strength and my meat rod slips out of Celia. Seed overflows from Celia’s hole with squirting noises.

「Fuu, that was good.」

「It was for me too.」

But Celia shouldn’t have cum yet.

「If you use your mouth to service me, I can quickly go again……」

Celia pushes me down and brings my softened dick to the entrance of sloppy hole, whispering to me.

「I don’t think that’s necessary.」

Celia shifts her lips from my ear to my nape and gives me a lick. She usually does this quite often so I hug her and let her do as she wishes, however what came next wasn’t a kiss, but pain.

Celia has bitten my nape a little bit stronger than you would think is normal for play biting. Her teeth dig into my skin. I was about to stop her, but what prevented me from doing so is my dick that instantly got hard. With an unbelievable energy, my meat rod expands, and just from the force of swelling, it dug into Celia’s hole.

「Here it comes!! Thicckk!!」

My dick has now swelled to the point that it is larger than it was before I ejaculated and even without moving, it is starting to attack Celia. I have experienced this sensation before in the past.

「Did you peek on me?」

Celia pretends not to know anything and averts her gaze, but her face quickly distorts. She’s done something stupid. Celia is way prettier than the girl from that time, plus I have an emotional attachment to Celia. Even though she did the same thing, the reaction from my meat rod is different. It’s like the swelling of my dick won’t stop at all.

「The swelling isn’t stopping!! AAah–! Aegir-sama, you’re breaking me!!」

The tip is already forcefully pushing up into her, and the rod is stretching out her hole, making stretching sounds. It’s something that I could no longer control myself and just by feeling it, it seems that it can continue to get bigger too. As expected, if I were to continue, Celia would break. I thought I had no choice but to pull out but after my meat rod expanded, it got stuck in there and I couldn’t pull it out. Then, as I tried to forcefully pull it out, it got stimulated to the point where it caused me to spray my semen.


Celia is in agony on top of me as my ejaculation erupts more intensely than usual, expanding her stomach. It seems like even Mel and Carla sitting on the sofa from a distance away could hear the sound too, wondering what it came from.

「-the heck is that?!!」

「It was that big!? Even though she barely moved.」

「Why is that? No, rather is she alright? Celia-chan has been broken……」

By the time the other girls started looking on abnormally and realizing, Celia’s consciousness has already gotten hazy and an incessant amount of fluid was flowing from her crotch.

「Aegir-sama, for now please let it shrink.」

Don’t be too unreasonable.


Celia buries her face in my chest and lets out a long moan. She squirts in response to my further expanding meat rod.

「There is no choice. Let’s pull it out!」

Excluding the fainted Catherine, the three of them try to hold Celia up, but my dick, as if responding to that, digs in even more and won’t let go. Then, the stimulation from the rubbing on the inside caused me to ejaculate once again, inflating Celia’s clean belly.

They tried several times to pull it out of her, but every time they tried, I started to ejaculate and Celia’s belly inflated in size. My dick that has been digging tightly into her and can no longer be pulled out just using the strength of women. It is especially not good to have two pregnant women trying to use too much strength to pull. And if I were to forcibly pull out, Celia’s insides would definitely get ripped apart.

「I-it’s no good. It can’t be pulled out…………. Wait- what is it with this belly!? It’s sticking out even more than that of the two pregnant women, isn’t it?!!」

Celia’s stomach has expanded to the point that it wouldn’t be strange if she gave birth anytime now. If I poured anymore inside her, her stomach may burst open.

「Why don’t we stop trying to pull it out, I’m sure he’ll keep cumming.」

「Wh-why did it become like this all of a sudden……?」

It’s embarrassing to tell them about my own erogenous zone. For the meantime, I have satisfied everyone and that’s all that matters. I hug Celia, who’s in agony on top of me, and lay her head on a pillow.

「It’s fine if I can’t pull it out, isn’t it? I’m tired from cumming repetitively. Good night.」

If I just relax like this, my meat rod shouldn’t expand anymore than this.

「N-no way, to sleep while it’s still stuck inside her……」

I hug Nonna, who is mumbling something, and also bring the unconscious Catherine close. The two pregnant ladies are at my feet.

The bedroom has become quiet.

「I did it. I have him all to myself……」

Celia whispers to herself while rubbing her stomach, just like a pregnant woman in her last month of pregnancy.

The next morning

「Ah, good morning Celia. Is his penis pulled out yet?」

「……Yes, sorry for worrying you.」

Carla gives Celia, who is walking unsteadily with me, a rude greeting. When it became morning, it was amazing the instant my thing was pulled out when it shrunk. Celia was spraying my seed everywhere while screaming, which I kind of want to see again.

「Well, you were in ‘that’ state yesterday. Is your ass okay?」

Ass? I don’t remember what happened to her asshole though.


「Well, you know, you were like ‘that’ just the other day, and if it loosened up it would be bad, wouldn’t it?」

「Don’t say it!!」

Carla teases Celia, and I grab the scruff of the neck of the pregnant woman to ask what she did.

「You see Aegir, you know Celia was hurriedly chasing after you after you left, right?」

As I thought, she was trying to run after me.

「And her health didn’t recover yet when she got on a horse……」

「Uwaaaa!! Mgghu!」

It sounds interesting so I cover up Celia’s mouth.

「After shaking us off when we were chasing her, as soon as she got on the horse, she froze and slowly got off.」

「Nnghho!! Nnnnnh!!」

「Did it leak?」

「It seems everything came out.」


Celia sat down powerlessly and started crying. She did something pitiable. I’ll care for her a little.

「If you want, would you like to do that next time? Although it would be in the toilet or bath……」

Celia is repeatedly pounding at my chest and when I pet her head, the door slowly opens and an awkward Adolph appeared. Celia instantly wiped away her tears and opened her eyes.

「Did you hear?」

「Hardlett-sama, it’s about time I’d like to have an interview with that merchant. Well no, I didn’t hear anything.」

「I guess. Sorry for keeping you waiting so long.」

「You heard it, didn’t you?」

「Yes, you did, geez……anyways, I have narrowed it down to a few people who have the highest price, so when it is convenient for you I would like to invite them over. No, I didn’t hear anything.」

「Yeah. But you have chosen them based on price, didn’t you?」

「You definitely heard!!」

「Yes. But there are other factors to consider besides price, so I want to meet these few promising ones face to face and make a final judgement. Puuuh1……」

「I don’t mind though. I don’t have anything planned so call them over whenever you want.」

「Forget what you heardddd!!」

It seems our funds are rapidly decreasing, so we should hurry up and sell our stuff to turn it into gold. I hold down the rampaging Celia as Adolph leaves the room. Imagining her foolishness causes me to get turned on a little, maybe I should shamelessly tease her ass today.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 20 years old. Late Autumn
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Eastern Independent Army 2000, Private Army 2100, Bow Cavalry approx 1200 (in training)
Assets: 3100 gold (-500 Continued expense for military preparations and domestic affairs)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (pregnant concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Rita (imitation maid), Catherine (lewd), Sebastian (butler), Yoguri (house guest), Luna, Ruby
Children: Sue (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Capital: (Melissa X Maria), Miti, Alma, Kroll
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant; leaking), Irijina (private army commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt, Adolph (domestic affairs official), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 50, children who have been born: 7
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    《Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi》