Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 191: Orthodox Magrado Clean-Up Battle ⑤ Just As Planned
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 191: Orthodox Magrado Clean-Up Battle ⑤ Just As Planned

Sleeping with four women however I please naturally tires me out so I end up sleeping later than usual.
As I doze off on the soft bed, I feel hot sighs breathed towards my lips and then something soft touching them soon after.
I don’t even have to think to figure out what it was – a woman’s lips.


Knowing I can’t remain sleeping, I open my eyes slightly to see Celia pushing her lips against mine.
How strange, Celia often comes to me to get spoiled but she wouldn’t forcefully try to wake me up.
I’m certain I can’t stay asleep now, so I open my eyes wider.

「Uu…… Aegir-sama, I woke you up…… I’m really sorry.」

「Nn, I don’t really mind, but why are you…… ooh.」

As I caress the face of the apologetic Celia and twist my tongue with hers, I feel an intense pleasure in my crotch.

「Not fair, mother! How could you take the tip like that?」
「It would be rude to leave it to an inexperienced girl like you, please lick the side instead. Zefira-san, take care of his balls.」
「Hamohamo…… his balls are big too and I can’t get them all in my mouth.」

The spoils of war from yesterday’s battle service me – the King’s wife stuffs the tip of my dick in her mouth, the sister takes my balls in her mouth and the daughter pouts while licking the side of my shaft.

「I wanted to service you slowly as you woke up, but your dick was taken by somebody else before me……」

「So that’s why you wanted my lips……uuu! As expected, how skilled.」

「I can manage if it’s only this big, since I got used to licking my husband. If it was as large as it was yesterday, my jaw would dislocate…… no, even if it dislocates, I’ll swallow it all the way to my stomach, so please don’t hold back and get as big as you can.」

It isn’t something I can do on my own, even if I wanted to.
Just enjoy its current size for now.

There aren’t too many women who can take in my dick this skillfully with their mouth.
Of course, the girls in my household can do it too, but getting this fresh stimulation is nice. I close my eyes and relish the feeling of being inside her mouth.

「Muu-! How frustrating!」

Celia gets irritated when she sees me in a trance, using her hands to tease my nipples in addition to kissing me.
What a cute way to express her jealousy.
As I hug her close, she looks down at the three girls crowding around my crotch as if trying to impress them.

「Uu……I want his lips too.」
「That kiss…… I could feel the love behind it.」

The daughter and sister was jealous of Celia in return.

「Not to worry, we have his cock in our hands. If we thoroughly pleasure him, we’ll win for sure.」

I don’t know what on earth you’re trying to win, but it feels good for me, so do your best.

Celia and the other three girls increase the intensity in their service of my body as if trying to compete with each other, and pleasure slowly builds up more and more without having to do anything myself.

「Puha, Daphne-san, his balls just shifted. He’s just about there……」

「Right, the tip is also swelling up. He’s going to blow his load.」

「Mother! Let me drink his seed……」

The three women start quarreling with each other when their sharp eyes realize the nearing of my release.
Celia pretty much decided to focus on giving me hot kisses.

「No way! I won’t relinquish the extra thick seed of his first ejaculation to anyone, even my daughter. I will gulp it down.」
「Aaahn, not fair! Uwah, the entire thing is starting to pulsate.……he’s cumming now.」

My patience has reached its limit.
The mother, Daphne, keeps her pleading daughter back as she pushes my rod deep into her throat.

「Cumming……there’s gonna be a lot, prepare yourself!」

With a final grunt, I push my hips forward.
My cock slides deeper into her throat and encroaches closer to her stomach.

「Nnggoh! Nnbh!!」

When Daphne starts making noise like she’s struggling, the sister and daughter naturally move to help her.

「Eeei!」「This is punishment for keeping all the good stuff to yourself.」

Unexpectedly, the two of them held Daphne’s head in place from behind, keeping my dick imbedded deeply in her throat.

「Nbbh—! Nnnnnh—! Nnnnnh–!」

My dick spit out its heavy load after fixing itself in a spot at the back of her throat.
At first, Daphne tries her best to swallow everything, but eventually her stomach gets filled and she holds her belly, struggling to get free.
However, the two girls behind her don’t let go of her head.


The wife who filled her gut with another man’s semen looked up at me with tear-filled eyes.

「Sorry, I haven’t even released half of it. I’m still cumming.」

My meat rod is still pulsing wildly, expanding the woman’s esophagus with the gooey fluid.
Daphne eventually uses up her strength and she collapses with her eyes rolled back.

「Anymore than that and she might die. Maybe you should let her go now.」

「I guess so, then……」

As soon as the two of them released their hands, Daphne rolls herself away from the bed.
The two hands keeping her mouth closed must mean that her stomach reached its maximum capacity.
She bends over into a nearby tub and pukes out an immense amount of the sperm.

「Oobbhbh! Uubbbohhh! ……haa, haa.」

「Uwah, you’re so nasty, mother…… that’s rather rude to Hardlett-sama. What a waste of his ejaculation.」

「You girls went too far. Although, I’m still cumming……」

「Ara ara, I didn’t realize.」

The sister opens her mouth and guides the opening to my dick, quickly gulping down everything that gushes out.
It has been some time since I started ejaculating, so the momentum and amount have both decreased to a level which can be handled more easily.

「Ah-! It got taken from me again.」

「Don’t worry, just feel my balls. There is plenty left, you two just need to milk it out.」

Celia looks at me with a pained expression.
There, there, I’ll save some for you too.

My balls work their hardest to satisfy the sister, the daughter was also able to get her fill of my semen, and I had enough to let Celia drink some too.
After emptying my nutsack in the morning, my hips feel rather light.
Two girls lie on either side of me, using my arms as pillows, while the others cling to my feet as I lay sideways on the bed.
It makes me feel like a King.

Speaking of King, where did the real King go?
Last night, he fucked that servant girl so much that she pitifully stared at the ceiling with an unfocused gaze, spraying her love juices everywhere as her tongue hung loosely from her mouth.

「Aheeeh…… Gildress-sama……aahee.」

Taking on the King by herself in the middle of the night might have made her go insane.
I hope she didn’t get broken.

As I bathe in the languidness I feel after releasing my load, my ears prick up to hear the muffled voices from the adjacent room used by the servants.

「Gildress-sama! Y-you must not. I am already 60 years old and have three grandchildren.」

「Fufufu, head maid. I always wanted to embrace you at least once.」

「If you sleep with a roughed-up granny like me, it’ll only dirty your tool……aah! You really put it in!」

「Wahahahaha! This wrinkled body is still pretty nice! How does it feel to have my rod in you!?」

「Aahhiiiiih! This hole which hasn’t been used in 20 years……spring has come again for this granny’s hole!」

It looks like something I don’t want to see or hear is happening on the other side.
Not long after the elderly woman’s screaming stops, Gildress enters my room while still naked.


Not wanting to show her body to any man besides me, Celia quickly hid herself under the sheets and dove under my arm.

「Hardlett, how did you like the taste of my family?」

「They were the best.」

Gildress stands boldly in front of the door with his erect member out in the open.
I didn’t expect him to embrace an old woman too, what a despicable man.

「Umu, of course they are. They’re women I brought up and cared for personally after all.」

I don’t see a hint of frustration or jealousy in him as Gildress places his hand on his hips and laughs heartily.
He’s an interesting fellow, but I don’t want to become like him.

「Are you going back now?」

「Yeah, we’re in the middle of a siege after all. I have to get back quickly.」

And then Gildress immediately stands beside me after I get up.
Get away, your juice-covered dick is too close.

「The battle is over. I know this might not be my place to say when Atoroa is about to be brought down, but…… it’s a request from a late friend of mine. Could you at least spare Isabella, the mayor of Atoroa?」

He draws near to me and asks with a grave expression, he’s completely naked though.

「……I don’t plan to completely destroy Atoroa. The mayor…… won’t be deliberately killed, especially if it’s a girl.」

「Is that so!?」

Gildress once again shows me a delighted smile.
When he does so, his swinging dick barely misses me.

「In that case, I’ll definitely come to your rescue whenever you need help. I’ll bring the soldiers of Aless with me if possible, and if I’m unable to do so, I’ll still come even if I have to come alone. This is a man’s promise.」

As a sign of friendship, he hugs me tightly.
And then finally…… his dick was pushed against my thigh.
This is one of the worst feelings in my life so far.

「Look, it’s a naked hug between two men.」
「How good would it feel if you were sandwiched in between those men and their rods penetrated you from both sides……」
「In the front and the back……hau.」

「Aegir-sama was dirtied……」

The girls were saying whatever they wanted as they watched from the side.
Celia……use your soft hands to wipe me clean.

「Now go, Hardlett! The men of Aless will see you off!」

I won’t be that happy with this send off though.
Celia and I depart from Aless and return to the encirclement of Atoroa.

「Aegir-sama, you might be muscular and all…… but I actually love your kind side. So, please don’t become like that, ‘kay?」

「I know. More importantly, could you wipe me clean, I can still feel the lingering sensation.」

「With the firm promise from Aless that they won’t get involved, this is all but settled.」

Right after returning to base, Leopolt states plainly with his emotionless expression.

「It doesn’t look like there has been any development with the siege though.」

Taking a look at the situation, I can see that the cannons did their damage to the castle gates and walls, causing huge chunks to crumble to the ground.
However, the Atoroan soldiers easily fill in the gaps by constructing encampments, preventing our ally soldiers from setting one foot into the ramparts.

Despite the sporadic cannon fire and volleys from the catapults, the encampments concentrated around the city near the walls is still unharmed.
Enemy morale doesn’t seem low either, in fact it seems they’re rather confident.

「That is also part of the plan.」

Leopolt points to the flag.
The pure black battle standard which represents my army and should have been raised in the center of our camp is actually lowered so that it can’t be seen by the enemy.

「When the flag in the center of the camp is not raised, it means either the commander is absent or is unable to take command at the moment.」

「That might be so during peace times, but……there probably won’t be any idiots who would purposely tell the enemy of their situation during war times.」

Apparently, it is done ceremoniously but deceptions are commonplace during war.

「The battle standard wasn’t raised during a siege. How do you think the enemy will interpret this?」

Celia tilts her head.

「Don’t tell me they know that the general left to do negotiations…… Leopolt, you-!」

「Right, the commander in Lord Hardlett got injured. They didn’t see you – who likes to stand at the front – during the attack just now either.」

The enemy probably thinks I’m injured or sick and can’t move.
Which in turn brings up the morale of the defenders.

「But will they fall for a simple trick like that?」

「Normally, they wouldn’t. But when they see a tiny ray of hope in the middle of a desperate situation like this siege battle, they can’t help but believe it.」

Leopolt glances briefly at Tristan, who answers while drinking his tea on the battlefield.

「Even in a bad situation, the brave will try their best to pull through. If you push through by force, they’ll struggle to the death. A person is the weakest…… when they believe they can succeed at first and then get let down immediately after.」

What an ill-natured method, the one who came up with this is…… probably Leopolt.

「Raise the flag. Bring all the siege weapons to the front, and perform an all-out assault.」

He must have planned to do this as soon as I came back.

Instead of the earlier sporadic shooting, the siege weapons fired a collective barrage.
The already damaged city walls started to fall apart in certain places.
The burning rocks and pots of oil launched by the catapults caused the unharmed parts of the wall to catch on fire.
In addition, a volley of several thousand arrows rained down from above, turning the enemy camp into a pincushion.

「Attack now! Charge!」

The infantry and the cavalry aimed for the gaps in the wall, rushing into the city one after the other.

Even at a distance, we could tell that the enemy is in disarray.
They were saying things like “It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way” and “The enemy general should be unable to move”.

Their expressions instantly turned to despair-filled faces when they saw the risen flag and my appearance on the frontlines.
The Atoroan army might not be as strong as the Aless soldiers, but they are definitely not weak and should have been fighting to protect their own city, yet they’re falling apart like melted butter.

「Stop firing! Infantry, invade through the gaps of their camps and open up a path for the cavalry!」

「Archers, continue loosing your arrows! Don’t worry about precision, just focus on getting as many arrows up as possible!」

Most of the encampments crumbled after one hit.
A few places managed to put up a decent resistance, although they were no match for my army who – probably because of the frustration they felt after the small group of Aless soldiers walked all over them – pushed into the camps with a bloodcurdling appearance and cut down the enemy soldiers.
The areas around the walls were quickly controlled by ally forces.

「The way has been cleared too. Cavalry begin charging, break though the enemy’s defense lines and advance into the center.」

The sound of countless hooves running on the ground which accompanied the herd of cavalry, might not have much effect on the soldiers, but it instills terror into the hearts of the citizens.
The enemies who were still resisting were quickly trampled as the cavalry completely broke past them, and then loud horns can be heard in various locations in the city where they invaded.

When that happened the Atoroan soldiers stopped fighting back altogether and took a seat on the spot.

「It’s over.」

Looking inside the city and at the most elevated mansion, a white flag was raised on the tallest tower.

–Third Person POV–

Side Story: Leave Her Alone. In the City of Rafen.

「Hey Leticia, do you know about it? The rumor of that lake.」

The two girls who came into Leticia’s restaurant spoke excitedly.
These ladies lived around the area, one of them has a husband who is an affluent merchant, while the other one – although single – has parents who were former bosses of peddlers and was well-off.
They would come into the restaurant everyday to enjoy food and talk about random topics.

「What about it?」

Leticia tilts her head curiously.
She was busy enough just managing the shop so she was unfamiliar with the happenings around her.
She accumulated a fair amount of money already but she felt happy just from letting other people taste her cooking so she never thought of taking a break.

「Outside Rafen…… there’s this really pretty lake.」
「Aah…… you mean how people said that they saw a mermaid appear there?」

“Right, that.” – the girls continue the story happily.

「Apparently, they said she appeared a long time ago, but there have been a lot more cases recently. Stories keep coming in saying they encountered one.」

「Heeh~, but if it’s only a mermaid, it won’t be dangerous unless you get too close to the lake. It’s much better than something like an orc, isn’t it?」

「That’s how it always starts. You see, my friend’s boyfriend had a lot of time on his hands and went to that lake to go fishing.」

Leticia nods and prompts the girl to continue, while another inches closer to listen in as well.

「And then, this tiny mermaid…… which looked like a little girl, was reeled in. She was crying almost like a human child.」

「Eeeh! He fished her out!?」
「Something like a little girl? Poor thing……」

One of them was surprised while Leticia looked slightly sad.

「And then he wanted to bring that crying child back and show everyone.」

「Fumu, fumu.」

「And then…… she came out.」

The girl paused for a second before suddenly raising her voice, which startled Leticia and caused her to scream.
The other girl must have been used to scary stories because she didn’t seem too affected.

「She came out…… so the parent of the mermaid appeared and ate him? Isn’t that a normal chain of events?」

Fufufu – the girl laughs.

「Well, it was called a mermaid…… but apparently, it had legs.」

「What the heck, it’s not a mermaid if it has legs!」

「It had legs…… but apparently the top half was that of a fish! It was super fast and chased after the man when he started running away!」

「Ahahahahahaha! What the heck, that’s super gross.」

Leticia shrieked but the other one burst out in laughter.

「And then, the man tripped on a stump. That mermaid caught up to him and stared at him with its big fish eyes……and then it said “Leave her alone~, leave her alone~. He was drawn in by those eyes and lost consciousness…… when he woke up, his rod and bucket…… and of course, the tiny mermaid girl was gone too.」

After the story was over, Leticia let out a relieved sigh, while the other girl seemed a little disappointed.

「That’s obviously a lie he spouted because he wouldn’t look cool if he came back after not being able to catch any fish. I won’t say mermaids don’t exist…… but they aren’t as common as goblins and won’t just pop up frequently like an everyday occurrence.」

「Well, you’re probably right~ It’s not like they give birth to hundreds of kids at one time like a regular fish.」

The person who told the story didn’t appear to fully believe the rumor either, as she folded her arms and requested a second helping of food from Leticia.

「By the way, what happened to Sharon? It’s pretty quiet right now, so maybe taking an afternoon nap?」

「Sharon is, well……」

Sharon became even more enamored with the feudal lord ever since he got embraced by the feudal lord.
He would take the clothes with that man’s scent…… left behind after his first time…… and sniff them while frantically consoling himself.

「He should know that if he goes at it too much, his own tool might get bigger though……」

「What are you talking about? But Sharon is kinda cute with how ambiguous he looks. If you keep it a secret from my husband, I wouldn’t mind helping him graduate from being a virgin, you know?」

「Yeah~, I was aiming for Sharon’s virginity too. I think some cute moans will come out from those lips of his.」

「Well, that’s…… I don’t think it’s possible……」

After Leticia declined the two girls, they didn’t particularly get hung up over it and went back to enjoying their meals.

「He looks the type to be okay with his sister. But it’s not like we could suggest that, right?」
「Isn’t it fine if Leticia helps him lose his virginity? There won’t be a problem as long as she uses contraception.」

There was no way Leticia could tell them Sharon had absolutely no interest in girls anymore.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 159,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 23,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Private Army: 10,900 men (Lost infantry: 100)
Infantry: 5400, Cavalry: 800, Archers: 750, Bow Cavalry: 3950
Cannons: 12 (3 damaged)

Assets: 300 gold

Sexual Partners: 205, children who have been born: 46
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