Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 236: A Little Girl’s Hero
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 236: A Little Girl’s Hero

–Aegir POV–

「An investigation was done and as we thought, the damage is limited. Production capability has not dropped more than a few percent. It is unfortunate that several citizens died though……」

「I think it’s a fine result considering you fought with such a large dragon.」

Balbano, Adolph and I are seated at a table outside, having a light snack while chatting casually.

The dragon has been taken care of too so it would be fine to head back to Rafen immediately, but the hole where the dragon dwelled needs to be investigated thoroughly.
Our fight was pretty intense so it would be a huge problem if it opened up another hole connecting to the abyss.

「We checked carefully already and it doesn’t look like there is anything to worry about.」

Balbano scowls after he drinks his tea, but then pours alcohol on top and happily sips the cocktail.

「That’s most important. By the way, I heard that according to legends, a dragon’s nest would be filled with treasures……」

Balbano laughs scornfully.

「As if that monster would have any treasure of interest to us.」

I don’t think there was anything there the first time we entered its nest.
Many stories say that dragons like shiny objects but they’re ultimately just legends.

「If there was, our assets would be changing for the better.」

Adolph didn’t seem like he was too hopeful as he spread his hands out and shrugged.

「Useless stuff was lying around but nothing looked like it could be used as resources. The mountain nation wanted it as commemoration so I gave it to them.」

Useless stuff, I wonder what it was.

「Being in the cave makes it smell a little. Not to mention the water content is high……」

「Enough, don’t say anymore.」

The hand bringing a spoon of thick beef soup stops, drops back down and I push the bowl in front of Adolph.
I’ll give you the rest, don’t look at me like you’re unhappy.

「Anyhow, we’ve also taken care of the aftermath so it’s about time to go home. It was a longer stay than I thought.」

「Is that so, well if I get close to completing the weapon, I’ll let you know.」

Balbano and I exchange a firm handshake.
Then he gives Adolph a handshake too…… though the difference in grip strength makes him squeal.
He’s got to train more.

「Owowow…… anyways, if you manage to process the materials or find out a new metal manufacturing process, let me know too. If possible, tell me before you tell Claire-san.」

「Hm? I don’t mind, but aren’t you two companions?」

「The situation is somewhat complicated…… somewhat……」

I’m sure the dwarves don’t know much about this stuff.
Oh well, just get along you guys.

「Celia, Leah! We’re going back home soon. Get ready!」

「Right! I’ll be right there!」
「Hahi…… fuhi…… no moree……」

Celia and Leah changed into light clothing and were running around in an empty lot just now.

It was apparently to slim down the bulging stomach they got from overeating the dragon meat.
The two of them have pretty much returned to their original sizes now.

But the usually exercise-deficient Leah running alongside Celia was too much for her, and she collapse to the ground with her butt facing the sky.

「I like plump girls too though……」

It would be bad of me to say that to the hardworking girls so I mumble in a way they couldn’t hear.
Getting squeezed in between the two of them when they’re slightly chubbier was pretty fun.

As I was gazing at Leah’s sweaty thighs, Balbano calls out to me as if he remembered something else he had to say.

「Hey pal, you have some of that metal stuff you use when you exchange goods, right? The shiny ones.」

Shiny metal……does he mean gold?

「You mean this?」

I take out one coin from my pouch and toss it to him.

「Ooh, thanks. Is it alright to take this?」

One gold coin is nothing.
Is he going to visit the brothel or something?

I hold Celia’s hand, carry the exhausted Leah on my shoulder, and then leave the area.
Balbano and the other dwarves are talking about something, eavesdropping isn’t my thing.

「……It’s the thing humans call gold. There’s no doubt.」

「You’re right. One side of the wall in the dragon’s cave has a gold deposit. I’ve never seen one as large as that……」

「Gold is soft and bends easily after all.」

「It’s just something shiny and we can’t make anything decent from it. That time we dug into it before, didn’t we just smear it in the cups we drink alcohol from to prevent corrosion and leave the rest alone?」

「Humans don’t use it for tools or building material either, that’s why they did some minor processing so they can use it for exchange purposes.」

「It’s unavoidable that we’ll dig some up. Let’s just leave it alone.」

「More importantly, will we hit a vein of that…… adaman.1」

Their conversation seems to become more stimulated as they talk and drink.
I can’t make out much of what they’re saying but it sounded as if they were complaining listlessly.

As we make our way back home, Celia and Leah, who are normally always beside me, are outside this time.
They deliberately chose to ride on Schwartz instead of the carriage to get rid of any excess stomach fat.

Luna is riding around on her horse in tears as well so it was hard to call out to her.

Pipi is riding the carriage behind me, holding something in her arms.
She’s talking excitedly about cooking…… maybe it’s an interesting ingredient.

Like so, no girls are around me now.
Right when I start worrying about the mood going to hell riding in a men-only carriage, Laurie drops by.

「I thought you would stay in Lintbloom together with Claire.」

「Claire-sama is obsessed with the materials she got from the dragon. So I’ll be acting as her proxy for the business in Rafen. I’m the only one who can do it.」

She’s using her usual smile and courteous tone.
But as I thought, she turns red and looks away whenever our eyes meet.

This is the perfect chance.
I want to ask her about the reason for this unusual behavior.

「Shall we talk for a bit?」

I gesture the spot beside me with my hand and then Laurie takes a seat after bowing once slightly.

She’s wearing a white skirt with a ribbon, long enough to hide her knees.
It makes her look like a young 12 or 13 year old girl from a respectable family.

「You look cute.」

「T-thank you very much.」

When I spread my legs and pat my lap with a mischievous smile, Laurie shyly gets in between my legs.
This makes us totally seem like parent and child.

「So, what’s the reason?」

「Reason…… you say?」

I pinch the cheek of the girl who tries to feign innocence.


「You’ve been glancing repeatedly at me lately, haven’t you?」

Laurie looks down awkwardly.

「You’re a clever girl so I thought you were doing it on purpose, however it looks like you have a different reason for that.」

She looks up as if she was going to give an excuse, but doesn’t say anything and looks down once again.
I won’t get angry so she should be honest and tell me.


Left with no other choice, Laurie stands up abruptly, lifts up her skirt and reveals her underwear in front of me.
It looks like she’s going to deceive me using coercive measures.

「Haha, you’re not gonna get me with that……」

As I smile with confidence, my eyes are drawn to her crotch.
Her black underwear is far from being childlike, with a hole deliberately placed to show off the important parts.
I can smell the scent of the pussy of a ripe woman coming from her crotch.


I silently take out my dick from my pants and embrace her.
In this face-to-face sitting position, I slowly lower her hips down onto me.

「Nn…… go slowly please.」

「You’re like a child here too.」

Her smooth, hairless pussy coils around my meat rod.
What an immoral scene if I do say so myself.


When her pussy swallows the tip of my dick, Laurie lets out a scream.
My dick is too big for her hole.

「Amazing…… please touch this part here.」

Laurie takes my hand and places it on her own abdomen.
I can clearly feel my dick invading her insides and spreading her apart.

I’m going to get bigger if you let me feel that.

I kiss Laurie softly who is holding her hips in place while cold sweat runs down her body.
I’ll thoroughly enjoy the taste of her young female body.

「Um feudal lord-sama, we’re currently in motion so it’s dangerous if you move around so much. Don’t forget to use moderation.」

Laurie’s body trembles as the coachman interrupts.

「I know! I won’t break the carriage like I did before.」

「B-break the carriage……!? So that’s why you ordered a personal carriage……」

I went too much overboard.
The carriage broke into pieces.

「The carriage broke apart…… will I be fucked until I’m broken here……」

I’ll control myself, don’t turn pale.
Don’t run away, bring your hips closer.

Laurie and I had some intense sex.
The carriage didn’t break, however Laurie let out some loud moaning because it was too intense for her, causing Celia and Leah to stare at her through a peephole.

「Fuu…… that was good.」

「It was…… for me too……. But my whole body is sore…… I can’t move.」

After the deed, Laurie is laying still with her arms spread out in the ‘大” character.
I pull her up and bring her close to me so I can wrap her in my arms.

Her tiny body feels hot, probably retaining the heat from our passionate lovemaking.
I leave painful-looking hickies on her neck and the small mounds on her chest as I tenderly rub her overused crotch overflowing with juices.

Postcoital activity after sex is the best way to melt a woman’s heart.
I make sure not to overstimulate her with slow and gentle caresses.

Laurie relaxes in my arms and thoroughly enjoys the pleasant stimulation.

「Now tell me. Why were you acting so strange recently?」

Laurie leans her head against my chest and stays silent for a while.
I can only hear the sound of the carriage’s wheels, the sound of occasionally rolling pebbles, and the sound of Christoph falling off his horse.

Then she starts speaking with her face buried into my chest.

「……Margrave-sama, I’ve fallen in love with you.」

Laurie gets embarrassed after finally speaking her mind, though it really isn’t anything new for me.

After all, she and Claire has told me they like me, they love me, and their hearts were taken by me many times before already.
They’ve even shouted things like, ‘I want to be your sex slave’ or ‘I can’t live on without your dick’.

「I wasn’t acting when I said that, it came from my true feelings!」

「So that was all acting……」

I kinda knew it already, but hearing it from her mouth makes me feel a little sad.
Perhaps sensing the mood in the air, Laurie continues vigorously.

「I really fell in love with you. This isn’t acting. My face turns red whenever I see you……」

Laurie lifts up her head and looks at my eyes.
Unfortunately, I can’t see through the lies of a person, especially if that person is a woman.

But I want to believe what her eyes are telling me.
I don’t think I would mind even if I believe her and get tricked.

「Alright, I’ll trust you. So…… what favor have you come to ask me for? Perhaps there is something you want me to buy?」

「That’s not it!」

She opens her mouth and uses her small teeth to bit my nipple.
Sorry, I was joking.

「But why did you feel that way all of a sudden?」

She fell in love with me after I defeated the dragon.
I didn’t think Laurie was such a simple-minded child.

「It’s the first time…… someone stood in front of me to protect me. Even my father didn’t……」

Laurie starts to talk about her own past.

Apparently, she was born as a commoner in a wealthy merchant home in Stura and grew up with a life of luxury.
However when she was around ten years old, her parents made a mistake during business and went bankrupt.

「My father despaired and killed himself, while my mother took whatever jewels were left and disappeared somewhere.」

What horrible parents.
They could have taken Laurie with them and ran away.

「I think my fate after being left alone doesn’t need to be spelled out for you. ……even now, I can still remember the feeling of some meatball of a man getting on top of me and tearing through my virginity.」

For a while after that, Laurie became the toy of child-loving perverts.

Then, as Laurie was being kept as a pet for those perverts, she would eventually meet Claire, who was greedily aiming to rise up in the world, and would later be saved by that Claire after her hidden talents were discovered, bringing us to present day.

「Then Claire protected you, no?」

So the deciding factor for her falling in love with me is, like I thought, my dick.

「You’re wrong! I’m certainly grateful for what Claire-sama did. If it wasn’t for her, I would live my life as a slave…… though she wasn’t just one-sidedly protecting me.」

Laurie’s face quickly tenses up.
How cute.

「I offered my wits to Claire-sama. I know I sound conceited, but the number of times I sealed a business contract or followed through with a clever business plan is not small.」

Fumu, so she worked hard to support Claire as a subordinate.
Oh yeah, there was one time where Laurie, who came as Claire’s proxy, was able to corner Adolph in a negotiation.
He was grumbling about how it was hard to conduct a proper negotiation with someone who looks like a ten year old girl.

「But Margrave-sama has been providing for me and protecting me one-sidedly.」

Laurie is cute and she lets me embrace her so it doesn’t feel like a unilateral relationship.

「It’s the same with my body. Even the sex we had earlier, I was the only one moaning. The Margrave-sama wasn’t completely satisfied, right?」

Well, I won’t be satisfied after cumming just once.
And fucking her ten or twenty times would break her hole.

「When you stood in front of me and defeated the dragon, I thought, oh this person will protect me unconditionally, he doesn’t need anything in return……. Did I cause you trouble?」

To be honest, I didn’t even know Laurie was behind me when I was fighting with the dragon.
In this situation, I should act cool and claim I did though.
I would be able to get the young girl to genuinely fall in love with me after all.

「Of course not, I’m more than happy to have you.」

I tightly hug the petite girl.

「Will you come over to my side? I’d be poaching away precious human capital from Claire……」

After thinking briefly, Laurie smiles and shakes her head.

「No, I have to repay Claire-sama so I can’t be ungrateful to her. But as for my heart…… ufufu.」

The lips that just now expressed her love for me warps into a devilish smile.
As I suspected, Laurie is not as young of a girl that is shown by her age.

「Alright. Feel free to speak to me when you’re truly troubled. I’ll protect you regardless of compensation or profit.」

When I kiss Laurie after saying that, she smiles from ear to ear like I have never seen before.

「There is actually one more reason that I fell in love with you.」

「Hm? What is it?」

「There was a picture book I read as I child…… where it talked about a heroic knight who slayed a dragon…… I know it sounds ridiculous but I’ve always admired someone like that and that book is, even now, in the drawer of my room…… nnh!」

What a childish and cute reason.

「Hahaha, you’re still just a kid…… uuoooh.」

This isn’t something you usually talk about while in the futon and sucking me off though.
Aah…… you’re really skilled, aren’t you.

Side Story: Exercise. Rafen Mansion.

「Yoh! Hoh!」

「……what are you doing, Carla?」

Carla is shooting arrows at a target in the courtyard outside the mansion.
She shoots one arrow, then tumbles to change her position before shooting another arrow.

Nonna watches with a confounded expression on her face.

「What, you ask…… practicing with my bow. Can’t you tell by watching?」

「I know that. I’m asking why you, as the wife of a noble of all people, doing something so vulgar?」

「If I don’t train occasionally, I’ll get rusty.」

Nonna hands her cup to the attendant beside her and heaves a big sigh.
Carla’s eyebrow shifts upward.

「Why would a concubine need to shoot a bow?」

「You never know what will happen. A thief might break in……」

「We have guards for that. If you have so much free time, learn at least one dance.」

Carla was about to spout another rebuttal but then grins and approaches Nonna.
Then she grabs Nonna’s clothes and pulls it up, revealing her stomach.

「What are you doing!?」

Carla pulls up her own clothes and exposes her stomach and thighs.

「You girls, have a feel.」

Carla addresses the two attendants waiting on Nonna.
The two females look at each other before extending their hands.

They touch Carla’s thighs.


They touch Nonna’s thighs


They touch Carla’s stomach.


They touch Nonna’s stomach.



Carla smiles at Nonna who looks down in frustration.

「It’s only natural~, at this rate you’ll turn into a meatball and Aegir will say, ‘Nonna…… you’re too heavy now so let’s stop doing the cowgirl position. In return, I’ll count on Carla.”」

「A-Aegir-sama should like softer women more……. He even embraced that pig after all!」

Nonna shakes her head to chase away the unpleasant thoughts in her head.

「So are you going to just keep getting fatter?」


Nonna becomes silent, then mumbles quietly.

「……I wonder if there are exercises I can do too.」

「You’ll find a difference just from jumping up and down a little bit everyday. Your legs will become more toned too.」

The Next Day.

「Carla! How does-! -This look!?」

Nonna jumps repeatedly in the courtyard after changing into some lighter clothes.
But Carla answered vaguely with a wondering look on her face.

The other girls gathered outside to see what was going on and had unhappy expressions too.

「Is that…… her trying to intimidate us?」

Mel mutters.。

「……I’m sure she’s trying to provoke us. How mean-spirited.」

Catherine rubs her own chest.

「Look at those breasts…… I’ve never seen anything bounce around so much like that.」

Mireille honestly expresses her feelings of astonishment.

「Everyone has gathered around? It’s not even anything interesting to look at.」

「Yes, it’s not interesting at all」「This is uncomfortable……」「How frustrating.」

Nonna continues jumping up and down, tilting her head without a clue of what is going on.
Obviously, her excessively large breasts bounce wildly around.

(She’s a breast monster.)

「Who are you calling a monster!?」

Nonna reacts to Casie’s muttering and turns around violently.
When she did so, her breasts jiggle, bouncing up and hitting Casie.

(Noooo, I got hit by her breasts!)

In the end, Nonna was forbidden from doing jumping exercises and switched to taking walks in the morning and night.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Citizens: 174,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 25,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Family: Nonna (Breasts), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine, expecting), Maria (concubine, expecting)
Catherine (concubine, expecting), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (plump)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (escaped), Pipi (lover), Alice (magical girl)
Marceline (pregnant lover), Daughters – Stephanie (step daughter), Bridget (step daughter), Felicie (step daughter)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Melissa (lover, left for the capital), Alma (left for the capital)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina, Amata, Anastasia (daughters); Antonio, Claude, Gilbard, Reiner, Bartolome (sons); Rose (foster daughter)

Non-humans: Lammy (snake lover), Mirumi (mermaid), ??? (strange plant)

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Gido (escort unit), Kroll (mendicant monk), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby
Myla (security officer), Polte (training supervisor), Gretel (domestic affairs trainee)
Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Tristan (staff officer B)
Claire ($), Laurie (crazy in love), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)

Army: 7000 men
Infantry: 1200, Cavalry: 800, Archers: 500, Bow Cavalry: 900, Light Infantry (Inadequately Equipped): 3600
(Bow Cavalry and Reserve Army Dismissed)
Reserve Army: 3000 (Incompletely Armed)
Cannons: 10, Large Cannons: 16

Assets: 35,700 gold (Tax Revenue +34,000)
Sexual Partners: 288, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish

Winter Tax Revenue

Mine Tax: 70 000 gold (Effect of New Fuel in Operation)
Trade Tax: 35 000 gold

Total Income: 105 000 gold

Mansion Maintenance: 5000 gold
Security Maintenance: 5000 gold

Army Wages: 50 000 gold
Military Facilities and Other Miscellaneous Expenses: 6000 gold

Paid Labor: 5000 gold

Total Expenses: 71 000 gold

Net Income: +34 000 gold
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