Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 268: Magrado Civil War ⑧ Karudia Battle
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 268: Magrado Civil War ⑧ Karudia Battle

Aegir POV–

「Release them!」

On the commander’s orders, tens of burning rocks and tens of oil pots drew parabolas in the air, soaring over the walls and into the city.
The rocks destroy buildings while the pots shatter and cause flames to rise up.

After a mix of screaming and shouting – from either the residents or enemy soldiers – the noise slowly died down.
When we thought everything was over, there was yelling once again, followed by flying rocks and pots.
This cycle repeated itself many times.

I watch that attack, partially fed up with it.
At first, I was engulfed in the emotional uplift of the fight, but now…….

「Say, Leopolt. The same attack has been going on for three days now, I don’t think this is going to bring the city down.」

After the catapults did their jobs, archers would step up and fire flaming arrows.
Then, the infantry would approach with ladders.
Naturally, the enemy responds with a counterattack of their own, however we stop the attack before taking heavy casualties.
This was repeating itself endlessly ever since we started the siege.

「You’re probably right. We only have 25 000, while the enemy has more than 30 000. The defending side has more troops so we shouldn’t be able to conquer the city easily.」
「Then why are we attacking in the same way over and over again like an idiot?」

It’s because we’ve been dawdling around here for so long that Celia’s cheeks have gotten so soft.

「Aauuu…… they were always like that.」

「The investigating and preparations take time, plus it is also to give the enemy time to get into defensive positions.」
「Isn’t it bad if we allow the enemy to get their defenses ready?」

It’s because you speak in such vague terms that Myla’s breasts have gotten so soft.

「Haau…… t-they were always like that. Aaaah…… don’t touch them so much. The tips will get hard……」

「The enemy was wary of what scheme we would utilize since the beginning. That’s why we’re repeatedly attacking according to the art of war for several days, so the enemy prepares their defenses by the book.」
「Fumu, so what are your true intentions?」

It’s because you don’t tell me quickly that Irijina’s ass is…… hey, it’s hard.

「Chief, that’s my ass.」

「Preparations are completed. All we have to do is wait until night to execute the plan.」

At the same time, the ally soldiers closing in on the enemy were once again ordered to retreat.


A handful of soldiers swim in a small water way under the cover of night.

「……swimming in this cold weather is so unbearable.」

I shiver at the thought.

「According to the information from that woman, if we pass through this small river and go into a waterway under the wall, we will be led into the city of Karudia.」

There is no wall close to where we are now and it is a completely different place to the area we concentrated our attacks on during the day.

The security is relatively loose.

The soldiers are swimming along in the small river while we are sending them off a short distance upstream from them.
With that said, it’s in the dead of night so even if something were to happen to the soldiers, we wouldn’t be able to see anything.

「There are lookouts too, will everything go smoothly?」

It’s a waterway flowing into the city.
Naturally, the area would be illuminated by torches and sentries would be positioned above the walls.

「If they dive under the water, they can’t be seen from above the walls. Besides, they’re not invading into the city.」

There isn’t much meaning for a few soldiers to sneak in from a place far away from the gates.

「Their mission is to do only one thing.」

Leopolt comments as he continues to stare into the darkness.

At that time, one of the soldiers spoke in a hushed voice.
In his hand is the end of a rope which was tied around the waist of a soldier who infiltrated.

「It was pulled three times twice consecutively. It looks like they succeeded.」

「They did it?」

It wasn’t Irijina who asked, it was me.
She isn’t suited for missions requiring a quiet voice.

「Order the retreat. Preparations will be started right away.」

Without delay, several large barrels were rolled out.
The soldiers open the lids and light the fuse inside before closing them shut.

「The time is two minutes and ten seconds. Wait for another fifty seconds.」

Each of the barrels are packed full of gunpowder.
The reason we couldn’t use cannons during the siege was because all the gunpowder was used for this particular strategy.

「I was so scared our real intentions would be discovered by them during the day.」

During midday when it was brighter, imitation barrels adjusted to match the weight of the real gunpowder barrels were thrown into the small stream and the time it took to sneak them under the walls was measured.
The barrels were dropped from the carriage to make it seem like an accident with random goods placed inside to fulfill the weight requirement, and the whole atmosphere on our side was heavy when they saw the enemy soldiers look at the barrels with suspicion.
In the end, the enemy soldiers treated them as purely dropped items and disregarded them entirely.

Then I realized, there was a metal fence in the waterway in front of the gates.
Just now, the infiltrated soldier sneakily took the fence away.
Everything should be going according to plan.

「Alright, drop them.」

Leopolt gives the signal and the barrels were carefully lowered into the water without much sound, the current soon taking them downstream slowly.
With perfect timing, the infiltrated soldier pulled the rope and was retrieved.

The arrow has been fired. The only thing the archer can do now is to confirm whether that arrow hits its target.

Celia, unable to calm down, countlessly checks on all the armor and equipment she’s wearing.

Myla is tapping her hip with her index finger.

I thought Wittmann was sitting, but then stood up, before sitting down again and staring into the darkness he shouldn’t be able to see through.

The lengthy two minutes eventually passed.

Suddenly, the sound of a loud explosion tore through the night sky.
One moment later, several similarly loud thunderous booms followed the first like a chain reaction.

Not long after the cheers all around, the booms change into crumbling and cracking sounds.

「Light your torches! Shoot your flaming arrows!」

There is no need to hide any longer.
The soldiers react to my shouting over the persisting background noises and brighten the area with their torches.
Many arrows stab into the area near the waterway and reveal the outcome of the attack.

「This is-!」「Incredible!」

Myla and Celia both gasp.

The city walls collapse as if being swallowed by the waterway, unable to maintain its shape.
All the watchtowers and places where archers should have set up camp were lost.

「We put a lot of gunpowder in them after all.」

We used all the gunpowder meant for our cannons.
It would be sad if the explosion wasn’t a grand one.

「No, the collapse would have still been incomplete even if the cannons were put right up against the walls. It’s because the explosion was in the waterway under them, directly beneath the walls, that we ended up with this result.」

So that’s what all those meticulous preparations was for.

「Also according to the information gleaned from that woman, construction to expand the waterway was planned, so there was a part in the walls that was shaved off. Although, the rebellion occurred before it was completed so it was put on hold……」
「They didn’t have time to repair the damaged wall?」

Celia jumps into my conversation with Leopolt.

「The thinned walls could not withstand the impact from below and it caused a collapse over a wide area. ……The walls of Karudia can no longer function as a defense for the fortress.」

Leopolt nods once, while Wittmann and I look at each other.

「All troops, charge in. Invade Karudia through the open holes.」
「Even though the wall came down, they still outnumber us. It will be a melee. Take care!!」

The ally soldiers let out their war cries and proceed to rush forward.
With the attack occurring in a different spot from the attack during the day and huge holes appearing in the wall so suddenly, the enemy seems flustered and their reaction dull.
Our fellow soldiers successfully infiltrated the city and small skirmishes break out all over the place.

「Archers will enter the city before shooting. Be careful not to friendly fire!」
「Cavalry, take the main path! It will easier to move than taking the alleys!」
「Here comes the enemy’s heavy infantry. They’re tough! Match them with 4th company elites!」

Most sieges would end once the gates are destroyed, however the enemy has a lot of troops this time and it still isn’t certain whether they will receive reinforcements, so their morale is still high.
Of course we have momentum on our side and mount a furious attack to bring the city under our control as quickly as possible.

As a result, the battle royale between ally and enemy went on while the citizens remained in the city.

「Our ally forces have pushed the frontlines up and created some space. Let’s get 2000 more soldiers into the city!」
「The residential district to the east is on fire! The flames are spreading rapidly!」
「Our cavalry have broken through the enemy in the main street but are getting surrounded from the left and right. We need to provide support!」

Reports and orders fly wildly through the battlefield as everyone under Leopolt’s command tirelessly moves about.
I’d like to charge forward myself, but with how hectic things are, I’m sure Leopolt will curse me.

The city of Karudia has a main street running through the center and the feudal lord’s mansion acting as the enemy stronghold lies at the end.
However there are small side roads and alleys throughout the city in a web-like pattern which allow the enemy to close in around us if we run straight down the center without keeping an eye on each path.

The spread of residential and commercial buildings give the enemy many places to hide as well, making it difficult to suppress them altogether.
This resulted in many smaller scale fights occuring in those places.
Neither ally or enemy had the luxury to worry about the safety of the residents.

「Use flaming arrows in the sections where the enemy are bunched up. We can ignore those sections once it becomes a sea of flames.」
「The citizens are running? Like I care! Cut them down if they’re the enemy, ignore them if they aren’t!」

「But this is-……」

Myla gulps.
Everywhere you look, there are either soldiers fighting or pillars of fire extending up to the sky.

The citizens squeeze through the crowds and flee.
They would normally be ignored, but with it being still dark, many were mistaken as enemies and cut down in error.

「This is like hell.」

Celia’s right.
Red columns of fire light up the pitch black night and the sounds of clashing swords and screaming echo all through the city.

「We can’t settle things quickly no matter what we do. How irritating.」

Schwartz seems to share the same opinion as he neighs.
It can’t be helped if they get caught in the chaos, but unless we end things soon, more and more women will die.

More messengers come running towards us.

「The enemy’s heavily armed knights have been spotted on the main street! Our ally cavalry are no match for them and our infantry defensive formation is being pushed back too! Please send reinforcements!」

Leopolt’s expression stays the same as he seems to go into thinking.
Wittmann checks on the number of allied troops around the headquarters before making a troubled face too.
There must not be a squad left to deal with the enemy.

And so, Leopolt finally approaches me.

「Lord Hardlett, it’s your turn.」
「At long last!」

Leopolt continues with an indifferent look.

「The enemy’s heavy cavalry are on the main street. Detouring around them isn’t possible with all the skirmishing on the paths to the left and right. Please meet the enemy head on with the heavy cavalry escort squad and defeat them.」

「Leave it to me!」

I jump on Schwartz and move out with Celia and Irijina…….
Or was about to, but then I stop and turn around.

「Hey, normally it should be me giving the orders and you as the subordinate who sorties, is it not?」
「Then shall we switch places?」

Leopolt asks me without looking at me, meanwhile giving out orders to others.

「No, I didn’t mean that.」

Putting that aside, I take the escort squad and the poor group…….
Or was about to, but stop and turn around again.

「No matter how you look at it, this is strange don’t you think?」
「It’s not a big deal, just go. You’ll get in the way of my commanding.」

He got angry.
It’s true this isn’t the time to be idly chatting. I guess I’ll go.
I want to believe the unnatural scowl on Wittmann’s face beside me is because the state of battle is unpredictable and not because he’s holding back a smile.

「Alright, let’s move out.」

A head-on collision with no tricks is perfect and easy to understand.

Our allied troops cheer when they see us make an appearance.
The majestic heavy cavalry gave the soldiers courage just by being there.

「That’s one reason, but the main reason is because it’s Aegir-sama.」

I try listening closely after Celia mentions it to me.

「Lord Hardlett is coming! The enemy’s going to see hell!」
「Our victory is practically assured now that the demon of war is here!」
「You’ll be fucked if you fight in an unsightly manner! Everyone, fight hard!」

There were some weird comments in there, but I can tell for the most part, their morale is high.
I shoulder my longsword and then shout out loudly.

「Crush the enemy. Advance forward!」


Not only the escort squad I was leading, the soldiers fighting nearby also shout back in response.
The force from their collective war cries pushes against the enemy, perhaps even improving the state of battle a little.

The sight of our allies fighting with the enemy knights unfold before our eyes.
We’re going to rout them and bring down Karudia.

「Women are nice but…… fights like these which make your blood burn are also nice.」

I hold my longsword out in front of me.


Schwartz gallops forward as the yells of both armies collide.
The fiery night sky seems to turn a deeper red.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Citizens: 175,000. Refugees: 1450
Major Cities – Rafen: 26,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Irijina (commander)
Gido (escort troops), Christoph (escort troops), Wittmann (Royal army corps commander), Agor (battalion commander)
Dunois (Magrado Governor General)

Army under command:
Royal Army – 4th Army Corps: 13 500 men, Governorate Army: 6300 men, Advance guard: 2300
Escort Squad: 100, Poor Group Vassals: 100

Appointed: Polte (administrator of refugees)
Assets: 19,500 gold (additional tent for refugees -20)
Sexual Partners: 420, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish
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