Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 273: The Truth of Things
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 273: The Truth of Things

Aegir POV–

Capital: Goldonia.

「Lord Radhalde, what are your intentions regarding this matter!?」

Returning to the capital after leaving Magrado behind, we went to report our victory and provide an update on the state of things.
However with the disturbance being treated as internal conflict, the case would be resolved after notifying Erich and the King, absent of any celebratory parties.
Before the audience with the King as I was conversing with Erich, Myla flares up at him.

「We did not request for any reinforcements yet you still had three army corps sortie…… is this because you sensed the former Governor General Dunois’s rebellion? In that case, you could have let us know! Things only worked out because we saw through his intentions, but there was still the possibility that we would be taken by surprise and wiped out!」

Myla’s face is all red from yelling angrily, I knew that just having a pretty face makes it more impactful.
Although from my point of view, she just looks cute. Crap, I’m getting a little hard.

Meanwhile Erich is frowning awkwardly with his arms folded.
I was going to step in if Myla said too much and made even Erich angry, but it seems that won’t be necessary.

「Sorry about that. I received the order from his Majesty after you set out. I wanted to inform you, but if the messenger I sent was discovered by Dunois, the plan would have been ruined…… no, that’s probably just an excuse. Anyways, it is ultimately due to my incompetence.」

Erich lowers his head.
That method was fundamentally unlike Erich’s military way of doing things.
I can faintly tell that this guy wasn’t involved from the start.

「It’s settled now. You’re satisfied with that, right Myla?」
「I-if Lord Hardlett is satisfied, then I have nothing else to say.」

Now that Myla’s calmed down, I bring myself close to her ear.

「You got angry for my sake, didn’t you. Thanks.」

There is a big difference between Myla and Erich in terms of standing and authority.
If he truly got angry, things could have gotten real ugly. She got upset for me with that in mind.

「A-as a soldier, it is essential to get accurate information, so that’s why I’m upset. That’s all.」

Myla blushes as she speaks.

「Well, I’m grateful for that. Let’s head somewhere with a better mood and――」

Right when I was going to sweet talk Myla, Erich was the one who brought himself close to my ear.

「There is this underground high-class brothel in the capital. At first glance, you might think a minister won’t even enter, but they have plenty of nice women. I can use my name to introduce you…… going there twice a week makes you a special member after all.」

「That sounds wonderful. Will they allow multiple girls at once?」

「Of course. You can get two to lick you from both sides, or one to suck you while the other licks your asshole.」

When our whispering starts getting louder, I notice Myla’s gaze.

「Men are really…… the worst!」

We clear our throats and change the topic.

「That reminds me, the girl who’s usually with you isn’t here today. Don’t tell me she’s injured?」

He must be referring to Celia.
Now that he brings up injury, she might be.

「It’s nothing life-threatening.」

Celia and Myla tried to outwit the other on the way back, but something unexpected found its way in the mix.
When we passed by the port city, Irijina happily bought roasted river fish for us, except it was apparently half-cooked.

Myla and I were able to get by with slight stomach pain, but Celia was affected more heavily.
The poor girl can’t even get away from the toilet for a few minutes before having to go back.
Incidentally, the war criminal Irijina was totally fine.

「In any case, Kenneth was probably the one who was behind this. He’s been trying to win you over all this time and now he’s trying to get rid of you, I don’t know when he changed his mind. You might hear some malicious gossip, so be careful.」

「It’s something I don’t want to think about, but I’ll keep it in mind.」

As the words come out of my mouth, I start thinking that something different might have happened.
If Kenneth wants to eliminate me, then I don’t have to take out Gretel’s father.
Connecting me with people in his faction and then trying to get rid of me, it doesn’t make sense.

「He’s several levels better than me in terms of using despicable schemes. Even just the other day……」

I listen to Erich’s complaints while rubbing Myla’s ass.

――At the Audience.

「Ooh, Hardlett. Nice to see you back.」
「Yes! I humbly apologize for my ineptitude that His Majesty had to send reinforcements.」

The King seemed to be acting strange, but he’s smiling without a care in the world.

「It’s fine. I only sent a small number so Dunois would let down his guard. It was within expectations from the beginning to have reinforcements sent out.」

The King has a servant bring in some alcohol.
After allowing one of his guards beside him to drink a sip, he pours a cup for me and himself.

「Dunois has more than fulfilled his role. This dissatisfaction and hatred of the populace were all directed towards him, then disappeared into the sky along with the fires of execution.」

The alcohol makes the King’s lips loose.
He doesn’t seem to be acting as strangely as last time. Did he go back to being normal?

「Nevertheless, Bakleylan is more of a fool than expected. He was quick to rebel like I had planned, yet he surrendered almost just as quick. My plan to have him die in battle has gone amiss. It was a good judgement on your part to kill him.」

The King slices an apple in half, watches one of his guards eat half before putting the other half in his mouth.

「I am grateful for your praise.」

I didn’t feel good about it.

「That fight was absolutely wonderful. Being able to round up Dunois and the rest of them can only mean that you did well drawing them in. Gathering them up all as well as quelling the rebellion at the same time must have took a considerable effort. You did well leading them around.」

The servant brings a basket containing several strawberries.
He gave one to his guards and grabs the remaining fruit, hesitates, then sets them back down without eating them.

I feel this strange sense of discomfort.
The way the King sounded seems to imply that I should have known about the rebellion of the governorate army.
In reality, it was due to good fortune, Leopolt and Tristan’s ability.

The King still talks jovially.
It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to interrupt him.

「I hear you used gunpowder to destroy the walls of Karudia. The way you do things is flashy and interesting.」
「Forgive me for using such a barbaric way of fighting.」

For a while now, he’s been mentioning the details of the fight.
Maybe he has an intelligence agent mixed in with the Royal army.

「Think nothing of it, a poisonous insect making a nest in the palace is much more savage. Even just the other day……」

The expression of the King who spoke so cheerfully suddenly became clouded, and he started ranting about a certain traitor.

Aah, so the King didn’t go back to normal.
After listening to Erich complain about Kenneth, now I have to listen to the King’s grumblings. How depressing.

The King’s cursing frenzy continued for a while and just when I got tired of nodding and giving short replies to show I was somewhat paying attention, it finally ended.

「Fumu…… so the sun is setting already. Let’s leave it at that for today.」

It’s finally over. That went on for so long.

「Now, the Minister will speak to you about your reward. I will also allow you to have another reward.」

The King snaps his fingers and a single female appeared.
She’s quite the beautiful lady…… well, more so a beautiful young girl than a lady.
Her jet-black hair and blue eyes make for an unusual combination.
She looks tasty, but perhaps it’s too early to harvest.

「I had her work as my servant and she’s fairly capable. I know you are busy with territory management and military duties. Having a single female assistant is not enough, am I right?」

So he knows about Celia as well.
Then the King shows me a naughty grin.

「She’s quite the looker, don’t you think? I know how much you love women. She may be on the younger side, but feel free to indulge yourself.」

The young girl kneels in front of me.

「I am Marta. Pleased to make your acquaintance, I will serve you wholeheartedly whether it be as your aide or your partner in bed.」
「Please entrust her to me.」

I don’t hesitate to accept. If I act troubled, it would embarrass the girl after all.
Of course, I don’t intend to forcefully make Marta my belonging.
I’m fine with letting her work as a servant if she’s against being embraced, otherwise I’ll seduce her and mount her.

The King smiles contently and takes his leave.
So it’s all over now. I can finally go home.

「I will make preparations to come to your mansion tomorrow.」

As Marta bows courteously, I return a casual smile.

「Sure, go ahead.」

She’s definitely a pretty girl, though a bit too young.
After returning from war, my dicks desires a sexier woman…… for example Melissa.

Except something got in my way again.

「L-lord Hardlett! Please wait a moment!!」

The sudden voice surprised me.
Kenneth was the owner of that voice, which sounded somewhat flustered. It feels like the first time I’ve seen him so out of breath.

「If it isn’t Lord Baldwin, what’s going on for you to be in such a hurry?」

Kenneth must have been waiting close to the King.
He probably chased after me after he saw my audience with the King ended.
Is he here to address something urgent?

「About what happened…… I am truly sorry. This was entirely my fault.」

I don’t know what he’s talking about.

「Isn’t he talking about the Governorate army’s rebellion?」

Before I realized, Celia is beside me. And Myla isn’t here anymore.

「Indeed! The rebellion of that damned Dunois, which I fully anticipated, but regretfully failed to inform Lord Hardlett…… I swear on my good name that there was no hidden meaning behind this.」

So it’s about that. If the King didn’t know and Erich didn’t know, it had to be Kenneth.
Celia turns red and gets angry.
Oh, she’s quickly turning pale. Is her stomach acting up again?

「It’s been settled, but could it be that ineptitude caused information to not be passed properly?」

There’s no point getting mad now, however it would be troubling if the same thing happened again.
It might actually be fatal next time.

「……information was gathered and Lord Hardlett was expected to be informed. I instructed the new Governor General Zilgray to send a messenger, you see……」

I found the problem.
The information went from the King to Kenneth, from Kenneth to Zilred, and then was cut off before it reached us.

「It was an improbable accident, inexcusable……」
「No, it wasn’t an accident.」

I unconsciously refuted him.

「So you actually doubt me!?」

I hastily shake my head.

「No, no, disregard that. I know Lord Baldwin did not have any ulterior motives.」

When he heard that, Kenneth rubbed his chest in relief.
So this guy panics too. That was amusing.

「By the way Lord Baldwin, do you have a close relationship with the new Governor General Lord Zilblack?」
「Zil-…… ah, you mean Lord Zilgray. Yes, we are pretty close friends.」

I don’t know if Kenneth was atoning for his mistake, but he told me lots about that guy.
Midway through, Celia couldn’t hold it in anymore and ran off to the toilet.

He is the eldest son of a traditional Count household who took over the family after his father recently passed away.

He has shown talents in both politics and military. He has earned the deep trust of the King too.

He has increased the number of his acquaintances by networking with many people from both sides of the social conflict between Erich and Kenneth.

He was promoted to a Margrave after his skills were recognized and he was chosen to be Magrado’s new Governor General.

That was pretty much it.
Kenneth added one more thing.

「Lord Zilgray is competent in everything he does…… although he falls short of Lord Radhalde in terms of military affairs. I don’t want to sound conceited but I am probably better than he is in government affairs. Which is why he was not allowed to specialize, instead being chosen by His Majesty’s keen eye……as the new Governor General, to demonstrate his prowess in both areas.」

In other words, he’s good but not great. He is capable of doing everything well, yet he can’t be the best in any field.

「Between you and me……」

Kenneth brings himself close to my ear. His expression is like that of a maid bad mouthing about someone to another maid.

「He stands in the middle of Lord Radhalde’s faction and my own faction, trying to act as a third party. However, things are not exactly going well…… do you know why?」

「I wonder. I’m not too familiar with Lord Zilyellow.」

「It’s because of you, Lord Hardlett. He sees you as the third party, with an abundance of war merits and a strong impression on His Majesty. Not many nobles are willing to disregard all that and side with Lord Zilgray.」

Then he could have brought it up with me.
If he wrote “you are the third party” on a sheet of paper, I would have signed it.

「I also heard that it was arranged for Lord Zilgray to be the Supreme Commander for the recent campaign to suppress the rebellion in the beginning and he would be installed as the new Governor General immediately following. However, Lord Radhalde suddenly recommended Lord Hardlett, with His Majesty also agreeing that you would be best suited for a job which involved fighting, and changed his mind.」

Don’t tell me that this is why he hates me.
He may be skilled, but he’s a small man, just like the size of his dick.

And still, I feel something slightly off about Kenneth.
It’s the first time he’s talking to me so openly about factions and a third party.
He didn’t try to win me over to his side like he used to.

「Since Lord Hardlett is already a feudal lord managing the eastern area…… you may be cooperating with him in the future. You’re marrying the daughter of my friend, Count Beltz, after all.」

「Ha, ha, ha.」

I laugh in an attempt to deceive him, and then Celia happens to come back.
She appears to have gotten one size slimmer.

「Thank you for taking the time to tell me such valuable information. I understand you had no hidden agenda, so please don’t let it bother you.」
「Ooh, is that so!? Then I’m hoping we can arrange future meetings……」

Kenneth heaves a big sigh and leaves.

「Are you fine with that? The new Governor General did it intentionally.」

「Zilpink, huh…… I’m not really fond of talking bad about someone with no one around.」

Besides, he’s surely far away now. He shouldn’t be meddling in my business.

「Plus…… fufufu, he’s tiny. I’m not going to lose to a guy like that.」

I embrace Celia who’s standing beside me.
She becomes happy for a split second before turning pale again.

「Agughh…… M-my apologies.」

Celia reluctantly slips under my arm. As Myla takes her place in my arm, Celia gives her a death stare before running off to the toilet.
I should buy some stomach medicine on the way home.

「I’m finally home. Oooi, I’ve just ret-…… oof!」

What was waiting for me as soon as I entered the mansion in the capital was a tackle from Melissa, who was waiting for me.
I catch her and hug her shoulder as her head continues facing the ground.

「Hahaha, what a rough welcome. Let’s have some fun tonight.」

Melissa doesn’t lift her head and mumbles something.

「A-a ch……child……」

The children? I lift her chin and ask whether something bad happened again.

「Did something happen to the children? Don’t tell me, did someone get kidnapped again!?」

Melissa shakes her head, tears running down her face.
It must be important if a normally composed person like her is sobbing like this.

「Not that…… it’s not that…… I…… a child…… a child……」

I can’t really pick out what she’s saying through all that crying.
I bring Melissa close to me and hug her tightly.

「I- I can…… give birth to a child!!」

Melissa clings to me and bawls like a child.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.
Citizens: 176,000. Refugees: 2300
Major Cities – Rafen: 27,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Melissa (complete recovery), Alma (date), Natia (adventuring), Celia (diarrhea​), Myla (victory), Irijina (war criminal)
Polte (refugee case worker, exhausted), Gretel (exhausted), Adolph (super exhausted)

Army: 7500 men
Infantry: 4500, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 600, Bow Cavalry: 900, Temporary Refugee Guards: 500

Reserve Army: 2500
Cannons: 20, Large Cannons: 15, Dwarven Cannons: 16

Assets: 18,449 gold (Celia’s medicine -1), (temporary mobilization of soldiers -1000)
Sexual Partners: 427, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish
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