Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 292: Federation Reinforcements ⑨ Surprise Landing on the Southern Shore
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 292: Federation Reinforcements ⑨ Surprise Landing on the Southern Shore

–Aegir POV–

After leading the 105th division to a victory in my first campaign with them, I’ve had several fights since then and won every time.
Our replenishments increased with every victory. Weapons such as bowguns and ballistae are also starting to be deployed and we even have a cavalry squad assigned to us, although they are the second string members.

Fewer soldiers from other squads―― especially those promoted from the standing army, view the 105th division as second class army. As a result, we were not only given more solo missions, we also gradually started to get more opportunities to cooperate with other squads in large scale warfare.

「The staff officers in headquarters are saying “you fight like savages” and telling us “stop giving preferential treatment to female prisoners” though.」

In order to make the best use of the vigor and individual ability of the soldiers, which are the strongest points of the 105th division’s fighting style, it’s better for them to be a little on the violent side.
It’s not because of my lack of command ability. Certainly not.

There’s no room to argue when it comes to the women. That’ll stay the same no matter what I’m told.

「Fueh? What are you talking about?」
「No, it’s nothing.」

I brush Leah’s hair when she looks up at me.
She gives me a big smile before burying her face in my crotch again, resuming her service on my meat rod.

「That’s great…… it feels really good.」

Her intense deep throating extracts a pleasure-filled groan from my lips.
A man moaning like that is somewhat uncool, though Leah happily quickens the bobbing of her head.
She’s really skilled as usual. Her naughty tongue belies her tiny and gentle appearance.

「Your mouth is awesome, but I want to taste those lower lips of yours soon.」
「Nnbh! Yes, master. Enjoy it to your heart’s desire.」

Leah stops her fellatio and rolls over, then spreads her pussy with her fingers.
Her hole is a natural honey pot. Based solely on thrusting and rubbing, her vagina feels the best even among all my girls.

「Here I go,…… fufufu, it’s so hot. It’s sticky and wrapping around me.」

The lewd flesh slightly protruding out slowly swallows my member.

「Aaaah, I’m getting filled to the brim by a thick one.」

I continue pushing my hips until I reach the end.
When the tip of my dick kisses the entrance of her womb, Leah lets out a short squeal before wrapping her limbs around my body.

「Ehehe, I’m not letting you go until you cum inside.」
「So it’s like that? I’ll pound you so hard you lose consciousness then.」

As I gently caress Leah’s breasts, she matches by gyrating her hips.

「Ufufu~ try it if you can?」
「How amusing. I accept the challenge.」

I lift Leah up while she is still attached to me.
Her body is slightly smaller than Celia’s, but she’s more meaty in certain areas.

She won’t break even if I’m a little rougher.

「How about this?」

While holding Leah from the front, I thrust my hips up into her.

「Agh! It’s sinking in so deep…… but, eeh!」

Leah’s vagina tightens around my length, the countless undulating folds attacking my dick.

「Guh, you’re good. Then how about this!?」
「Aaaaah! Amazing! Still not good enough…… eeeh!」

The two of us unleash technique after technique to bring each other close to orgasm.
It reached a point where it didn’t matter who the winner was and in the end, both of us climaxed together happily.

At that moment, I hear a voice from outside the tent.

「General! I have a message from headquarters. May I come in?」
「Oh, sure.」

「Excuse me―― dowah!」

The one who came in was Yakov. He is taken aback when he sees me.

「What are you falling over for? Also, don’t call me general. Call me corps commander.」

It makes me feel like a brigand when I’m addressed like that. Still, Yakov is one of the better ones, since I’ve heard some stupid soldiers call me boss or head too.

「No, it’s just easier to call you general―― more importantly, you’ve given me permission to enter so you could at least stop having sex. Of course I’ll fall on my ass when I suddenly see a girl’s ass and the general’s large dick in front of me.」

「Hey now, Leah’s ass belongs to me. Don’t be looking as you please.」
「Aau~ he saw my asshole~」

It can’t be helped so I push her onto the bed on her back ala missionary style and cover her waist with a blanket.

「……so you’re going to continue.」
「I can’t pull out in the middle when Leah’s not satisfied. So, what did headquarters say?」

Yakov sighs as I keep pumping my hips against the moaning Leah.

「I was contacted by headquarters. Soon, they will be conducting a large scale operation with 100 000 men so they want you to attend the war council discussing the details.」

「100 000 is a lot.」

I make my comment in between licking Leah’s breasts and her high-pitched flirtatious voice.

「Yes. It seems like it won’t just be the land army, the river fleet commanders will be summoned too…… maybe there is a landing on the south coast.」

As a result of recent battles, the Imperial army has been completely driven away from the north coast of the North Teries river.
Meanwhile, the Imperial fleet is still strong, so we can’t make a move on the south coast.

「Is it time? Better get pumped for that!」

I unconsciously flex my abs.

「Ahn! Your penis swelled after you got excited.」

If that’s the case, I unfortunately can’t spend all my time fooling around with Leah.
I’ll finish off right away.

I firmly hold onto the girl’s hips and lift her back up slightly.
Leah, prepared for an intense pounding, smiles and grabs my arm lightly with entranced eyes.


Along with the slapping of flesh, Leah’s erotic mews turn into screams.
Her eyes quickly lose their point of focus and her tongue sticks straight out of her mouth.
Her pussy which has been gently wrapping around my shaft until now starts to twitch and convulse.

I maintain my furious thrusting and make the last one especially strong.
That instantly brought Leah over the edge too.

「I’m cumming. Guu……」

We hug each other tightly and orgasm simultaneously.

「Pardon me. The headquarters requests your immediate presence…… in……」

Seeing as how Yakov didn’t return, even Celia rushed into the tent. As soon as she enters, she goes silent and lets out a sigh.

「You’re doing it again? ……Please come to the headquarters right after you finish then.」

I nod as I clench my teeth and ejaculate. Leah’s moaning while her arms and legs flail about.
Yakov and Celia awkwardly leave the tent. Sorry, I’ll go after cumming for ten minutes.

「B-by the way Celia-dono, what is that ‘byuu’ sound?」
「……that’s the sound of Aegir-sama’s ejaculation. It’s pretty loud so it’ll probably last about ten minutes.」

「Is the general a monster?」
「He might be one in bed. At this rate, Leah is undoubtedly going to faint, so cleaning up afterwards is necessary too.」

Yakov and Celia are talking in between sighs outside the tent.

「There’s so much…… m-my consciousness is flying away……」

I have many things I want to say, but leaving Leah now would be rude to her.
I embrace her tightly and keep my body up against hers, filling her belly up until she passes out, just like Celia said.

「Lord Hardlett, you’re late.」
「My apologies.」

When I head to the headquarters, General Arsanov―― the Commander of the northern army and essentially Stessel’s adjutant―― gives me a warning.
It can’t be helped since Leah was so cute, well everyone seems to be here so I’ll say sorry at least.

「No matter. With everyone together, we can get to the important matters.」

All the gathered commanders straighten their backs as soon as Stessel said that.

「Everyone’s hard work has resulted in the crushing of the enemy on the north coast of the river. We also successfully dealt a huge blow to the new enemy who tried to do a surprise landing and chased them away. First, it’s safe to say we have completely captured the north coast.」

Everyone let out a small cheer, although Stessel didn’t allow for it to last, continuing his speech.

「Still the enemy sporadically tries to land on the north coast, so we have to inevitably station forces in the many port cities…… these forces were basically useless. It’s not really a good situation.」

The commanders fold their arms and go into thinking with scowls on their faces.

The enemy still had a large fleet and held control over the river, so they could land troops anywhere on the north coast whenever they wanted.
If it was on an empty plains and they were exterminated quickly, there wouldn’t be any problems, however the impact of losing the port cities, even if just temporarily, is big.
If the cities fail to be defended, the enemy may be in position to send another large army as reinforcements.
Which was why defense troops were left in each port city, although they became useless if the enemy didn’t land any troops there…… practically making over 90% of these soldiers completely idle.

「Simply defending against the enemies that come isn’t very efficient. Thus we have decided to move out to mount an offensive. Based on a report from a spy who snuck into the enemy camp, we found out that Zabrela, a port city on the south coast of the river, has become an important base for the enemy landing army. If we occupy the city and destroy the ships and harbor, the enemy will have difficulty continuing their landing operation for a considerable period of time. We’ll be carrying out a landing operation with 100 000 soldiers on the south coast.」

That sounds good. As I thought, I really do like attacking more than defending. Let’s hurry up and do this.
When I thought it was time to stand up, the other commanders remain with their arms crossed and a bitter look on their faces.

「Your Excellency Stessel, sure it’s obvious that we have to switch to the offense and target the enemy’s base.」
「But while the enemy’s fleet is still in full force, wouldn’t it be impossible for us to land that many troops?」

Stessel probably anticipated this. He nods before continuing.

「Of course. If a fool came out and said something like “let’s hurry up and do this” in a situation like this, it would make me troubled instead.」


It’s a good thing I didn’t stand up. They would have thought I was an idiot.

「We’re not going to cut across in front of the enemy fleet foolishly. Nikolai.」

Urged by Stessel, General Arsanov stands up.

「Presently, the area near White City is gradually coming out of the extreme cold weather. And every year during this time, a heavy fog forms on the river. We’ll use that as cover and attempt to land all at once. Until then, we will prepare vessels while preventing the enemy from finding out.」

I see, we’ll operate under the fog…… except will the fog be thick enough to hide us from the enemy?
If it gets thinner in the middle of our operation or if the sun comes out, it’ll be a disaster.

The other commanders seem to know what Arsanov is talking about.

「If it’s the same as every year, the heavy fog would form and won’t clear up for two to three days, which will be enough for our attack. Only God knows how dense the fog will be though――」

Stessel opens his mouth again.

「That’s where you come in General Ivanna Reskina.」

I jerk my head violently in the direction of the female’s voice. The man sitting behind me falls off his chair in surprise.

「The river fleet she leads will take advantage of the fog and assault the enemy. She will draw the attention of the enemy fleet with her ambush, eliminating their ability to deal with the landing army even if the fog gets thinner. Of course, the disadvantage in numbers is undeniable.」

「If we attack using the fog, the deficiency of the battleships will be covered up. I’ll throw the enemy into confusion.」

Ivanna puts a hand to her chest and salutes to Stessel.
I feel an unyielding spirit from under her beautiful face and large breasts.
Her chest which is being pressed by her hand seems soft. How irresistable. I can’t tear my eyes away.
I want to stir up her insides right away except I won’t say it out loud. I’m a rational person.

「Utilize the fog and raid the enemy base, then finish the operation swiftly before the fog clears. Everyone, get ready.」

The other commanders also saw a chance at victory with this operation so nobody complained.
Stessel returns the salute to them and then walks over to me.

「Lord Hardlett, the only provisional army added to the operation is your 105th division. Unnecessarily adding more people isn’t beneficial for the nature of a landing operation so only the elite few will be included. I feel you and the 105th division is fit for that task. I hope you meet my expectations.」

「Of course.」

I stand up with a smile. The silent deputy commander Yakov who follows after me stands up nervously in front of the Supreme Commander――then looks at me and turns pale. What’s wrong?

「If you raise your achievements in this fight, you will receive incomparable rewards―― or so I thought, but is an advance payment needed?」

When I look to where Stessel and Yakov’s eyes are, I arrive at my crotch.
There’s a huge bulge in my pants like never before.
I got hard from looking at Ivanna.

「A sex maniac from Goldonia……」

Ivanna looks at me with an icy stare before exiting the tent.
Sorry, I had no ill intent. I just imagined you naked deep down in my heart.

She completely hates me now.
I have to get to work, change her mood and if things go well, get on top of her.

Day of the Operation.

「All units start embarking, don’t dawdle!」
「Have your horses bite down on something. Don’t let them make a sound!」
「Once we get on the water, sneezes and coughs are forbidden!」

If we’re lucky, it won’t take long for a day to come when the fog envelopes the entire river.
The 10 000 soldiers of the landing army along with the 105th division and I quietly, yet quickly, board onto ships.

Our mission is to land on the north coast, in the port city Zabrela where the enemy has made their landing base, and to burn the supplies likely accumulated there. Furthermore, we will destroy the port and facilities, then if possible also defeat the nearby enemy squad.
After that, we will swiftly retreat before the fog clears up.

The fog is dense enough to limit the enemy’s field of vision.
Normally, we would be afraid of the attack from the Imperial fleet and would not approach the riverside but we should be fine in this weather.

We don’t ring the bell before setting sail, and just silently drift away from the shore.

「It’s finally time.」
「I’m itching to fight!」
「Human wars are unbelievably cruel. That’s why I should watch.」

「Good grief, I said it was dangerous too.」

Celia is coming of course, and Pipi and Natia have decided to follow as well.
They were told that it was dangerous, though it didn’t seem to stop them.

「Dying would be better than being left behind by Aegir-sama.」

Celia is unwilling to be separated from me and clings tightly to my arm.
She’s really cute, so I remove her helmet and pat her head.

「Pipi too! Messerschmitt is saying it too!」

No, no matter how you look at it, the worthless dog is just yawning after eating. I’ll treat him as emergency rations for when we don’t have any supplies.

「You should be careful so you don’t fall either.」

The small shadow hiding in the corner of the boat twitches in surprise.
That face seemed to say “so I’m found out”, but I actually realized you were there from the beginning Brynhildr.
She stands out more because she’s small.
I didn’t think she would go so far despite running water being her weakness.

「I really thought Leah would come along too.」
「Well, I can’t just take Leah to the middle of the battlefield.」

I gently persuaded Leah when she clinged to my leg and insisted on staying with me, though it didn’t work in the end.
Left without a choice, I slathered oil onto her crotch and pounded her upside down until she fainted.

「When I saw her last, she was still convulsing like crazy…… if you’re not careful, you’ll end up killing a woman from too much pleasure.」
「That would be bad, I better be careful.」

While joking around, I strain my eyes.
I try to stay alert for the Imperial fleet, although I can’t see anything but white fog in front or behind.

「Deceiving the enemy is good…… however with such heavy fog, we can’t tell which part of the river we are on. Can we really reach Zabrela like this?」

It would be disastrous if we lose track of our destination and end up landing in a strange spot.
In the worst case, we might ground up on a rock.

「I heard we fully mobilized ship captains with plenty of experience…… in the end, it comes down to luck.」

Yakov comments seemingly composed, but the nervous tapping of his foot is loud.
So he’s actually nervous about entrusting his life to the captain.
With that said, there were plenty of chances he could have died if he had bad luck before.
At this moment, we can only pray to the goddess of good fortune.

「General!? A barge in front of us on the right! Oh, an Imperial patrol ship?」

Cutting through the fog, a small boat suddenly appears, causing Yakov to shout out instinctively.
Unlike us, they have lit torches so I can see what is on board the ship―― and based on the uniforms, it is undoubtedly the Imperial army.

At the same time, the enemy also spots our fleet and hastily run around on deck.
If they attack and fire off cannons, the sound will give away everything.

「Not good! They’re going to sound the alarm!」

Just when the enemy was about to ring the bell installed on board the ship…… the boat rapidly tilts to the right and sinks.

「I-it sunk all of a sudden.」

Another patrol ship, appears on the left this time, but also falls on its side just like the first one and instantly capsizes.

「……How mysterious. Is the goddess of good fortune on the general’s side?」

No, this isn’t the work of the goddess of good fortune. Although I’m sure the one responsible is beautiful.

I look over the boat’s edge and see Mirumi as well as her children peeking above the water and waving their hands.
When I respond by waving back, a few children happily splash around in the water.

I’ll give them some fruit later. The girls seem to have had their fill of meat recently, so they should be pleased to get fruits and veggies.
I haven’t given them any meat though.

「Hm? Wh-what was that just now!? I saw a face and hands sticking out of the water!」
「Haah? ――there’s nothing there. Don’t start pissing your pants right before the battle.」
「Shut up you guys! If the enemy finds us because of your voices, I’ll throw you in the river!」

Mirumi and the kids barely manage to hide before the soldiers discover them.
And so, that’s how the girls will protect me from underwater.

「Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if you’re going to hit a rock.」

Mirumi floats to the surface and softly informs me, blowing me a kiss before submerging back into the river.
I’m in your care then. If everything goes well, I’ll make sure to give you plenty of affection.

It was at that moment that the lookout concentrating on the fog shouts.

「I see Zabrela! We’re right on track! Stay on course and head straight into the harbor!」

The lookout is raising his voice during a time we’re prohibited from making too much noise, meaning there is no need to continue our covert operation.
In no time, the landing will begin.

Oars drop down to the water altogether and visibly increase the ship’s speed.

「Commander, your instructions.」

Urged by Yakov, I stand at the end of the boat.
I don’t know what to say, so I strain my ears to listen to the briefings being given on the ships next to me, trying to find something I can use as a reference.

「We are going to take back the sacred lands which the Empire has invaded. The first step to regain our territory is this operation and the outcome rests on your loyal and courageous hearts! Without pulling back, offer our fatherland and our emperor your――」

No more, I can’t use any of that.

「The outcome of this operation will have a huge effect on whether those filthy Empire scum will remain on our lands for 10, no 100 years from now. All of you will need to have boundless fighting spirit and loyalty――」

I don’t like this one either. The 105th division never had any interest in things like loyalty or the prosperity of their fatherland in the first place.

「I can see the harbor. Get ready to move ashore!」

I don’t have anymore time. At this rate, I’ll have said nothing and the battle would start without their morale going up.
The other commanders are looking dubiously at me now because I’m staying silent. Fine then, let’s just go with the usual easy-to-understand method.

I hoist my sword above my head and get everyone’s attention.

「Destroy the city. Kill all the enemies. Take all the women and don’t leave any behind!」

After my briefing which didn’t even take ten seconds, the boat barrels into the harbor and reaches land with a loud whoosh.

「Begin the attack!」

「Uooooooh! Charge!」
「Massacre the enemies!」
「Idiots, capture the girls alive!」
「Wahahaha, the number of prisoners will increase again!」

The 105th division army corps let out the loudest shout as they disembarked the ship.
By this point, the enemy has already realized our presence and heads in our direction, however our side wins in terms of momentum.
The yelling allied soldiers slash at the enemies and instantly make them retreat.

「Reverse landing by the Federation!? Gather the defense troops!」
「How did they get boats here in this fog――」
「Federation soldiers!? They weren’t pirates?」

I follow the soldiers and jump off the boat too.

「Please don’t make a face like you’re done. The other commanders are staring at you!」

After being told my Celia, I look to the side of me and see the other armies――especially the army centered around knights, are all giving me a dirty look.
I may have given a briefing outside of the norm.

「Well, the ones leading the charge at the front are from my army though. There’s no meaning in fighting in a dignified matter if you still end up being weak.」

I purposely say it so everyone could hear me. Their faces warp with disgust and then they shout at their subordinates.

「Listen up men, I won’t forgive any of you if you lose to those savages!」
「Forget about stating your name or maintaining your ranks. Just focus on getting ahead of the 105th division! Charge forward!」

The other commanders took the bait.
The army which were more concerned about the feathers adorning their helmets before we landed ashore are now beginning to attack with no regard for their appearances.

This is what a real fight is, this is what a real war is.
Now things are getting fun.

Federation VS. Empire – Comparison of Military Forces (Current + Losses = Max Mobilization. In the case where numbers don’t match, it means there are spare forces.)

Olga Federation 「Reverse Landing Operation Commences」
Military Strength – Current: 1 200 000, Max Mobilization: 2 550 000, Losses: 1 350 000, Civilian Victims: 970 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength – Current: 1 540 000 (500 000 of which are military slaves), Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 2 060 000 (Military slaves not included)

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Early Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Army under command: 105th Division Provisional Army: 8000 men

Accompanying: Celia (escort, assistant), Marta (aide), Natia (temporary follower), Leah (temporary follower)
Brynhildr (temporary follower), Pipi (archer), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Mirumi (arrived), Yakov (105th Division Army Deputy Commander)

Assets: 13,000 gold (various rewards and the like -490)
Sexual Partners: 447, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish
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