Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 304: Federation Reinforcements ? Final Battle
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
© Wuxiaworld

Chapter 304: Federation Reinforcements ? Final Battle

Aegir POV–

Large transport vessels keep coming to the shore and unloading soldiers.
I was watching this happen while waiting since I disembarked earlier and now I have gotten bored of it.

「This has been going on for the whole day. How long do I have to wait?」

Seeing me get annoyed, Celia pours me some kind of fruit juice.
That makes me happy, more so because of her concern for me rather than getting something sweet to drink, and so it calms me down.

「With the rout of the enemy fleet, our allies want to reduce the territory occupied by the enemy all at once. More than a million soldiers are concentrated there so sending any petty force will only result in meaningless sacrifices. We should wait for everyone to gather.」

Exactly like Celia said, the North Teries river has returned to the hands of the Federation after the rout of the Imperial fleet and it became possible for us to freely land on the southern shore.
The Empire, knowing it was no longer possible to prevent us from landing on the south shore, starts gathering their armies spread far and wide in preparation.

「Still, how many are they going to gather? The camp feels more like a city.」

I open the entrance flap of my tent and look outside again.
The Federation is accumulating so many troops that I can’t guess how many people are here.
Not only prostitutes and street vendors are targeting the soldiers waiting on standby, simple wood buildings are starting to be constructed too.

「According to what Yakov said, we have close to a million in number as well. Now that there is no interference, the Federation will gather all it can, and also move the entire defense command headquarters over as well.」

Celia quickly closes the entrance.

「That many? Won’t the earth split open with both sides gathering a million troops each?」

Even if the earth doesn’t give way, will the soldiers be able to move with so many troops packed together in one place?
I’ve never done anything like that before so I can’t imagine what would happen.

「The enemy stronghold is over there, right?」
「Yes. It seems they have set up camp in former Albens.」

Albens, so Claudia’s house…… no, it probably doesn’t exist anymore.

「I just want to get this final battle over with and return to Rafen. I’m getting sick of the scenery in the Federation.」
「You’re right. Since it’s wartime, there isn’t any vivid th――――」

I don’t wait to hear the end of Celia’s sentence.
I reach my limit and let out a groan as I grab the small head at my crotch.


My cock pulses and shoots a big load into Leah’s mouth.
The girl grips my thighs firmly as I’m seated on the bed and gulps down my seed with teary eyes.

「Puhah…… it’s been so long since I’ve drank master’s semen…… it’s so rich and sticks to my throat……」

Leah opens her mouth to show me everything has been swallowed before turning her ass toward me, grabbing my cock and guiding it into her hole.

「Ooh, so good. As expected of such an excellent pussy.」
「Ah, you’re so thick! Hiiiih, it’s spreading me apart……」

Our departure this time is, unlike the surprise landing we did earlier, a bold disembarking of a large force, so I figured it was safe enough to take Leah and Marta with me.

I let Sofia be with her father.
He has been accused of bringing harm to soldiers under the influence of his personal feelings.
This might be the last chance parent and child can talk with each other. I should let them be alone.

Marta is passed out on the side of the bed.
The crotch of the girl who serviced me was pounded by Leah until she lost consciousness.
When she climaxed, I felt like I heard her declare obedience to Leah, but I’ll purposely pretend I didn’t hear anything.

「Um…… we were in the middle of a conversation.」

Celia looks at me with a worn out expression.

「Aah, did you want to participate as well? Of course you’re welcome to join, come.」

Celia sighs and comes closer as I open my arms to urge her.
I can tell that she feels enthusiastic by how quickly she stripped.

「General! The order to depart has finally――」

The tent’s entrance opens suddenly. Yakov rushes inside.

「Aauー I’ve been seen againー」

Leah hides the part we are connected with her hand and buries her face in my chest.
It was right when Celia was taking off her short pants, so her white ass also got exposed.

「Yakov…… you rapist, peeping tom!」

Celia takes a swing with her sword in her underwear, which Yakov quickly blocks.
The abrupt metallic ring caused the nearby soldiers of the 105th division to rush in the tent as well.

「General, what on earth…… oh, the boss just brought women with him.」
「Bringing women to the battlefield…… can’t be helped if it’s the boss, I guess.」
「What a huge dick. I want it to wreck my hole.」

It’s time at last.
Let’s go quickly and win quickly.

Near Albens. Morning.

「All I can see are enemies in front of us.」
「True. But there are just as many allies beside us.」

Ally and enemy forces are deployed in a plains near Albens.
The enemy has set up camp in a plains with no hill and no river.

The enemy is in a giant column stretching from north to south, which is matched by our own formation.
An open field battle is convenient for us, however it is still wise to avoid any uneven landscapes as long as the enemy possess an equally large force. For both sides to fight with such numbers, a vast flatland is the only choice.

「I don’t know if this can be used as reference…… all I know is it’s a pretty important scene.」

Celia adorably opens her eyes wider and watches carefully.

I can’t leave command to her this time.
Rather, I don’t think there will be many opportunities to make judgements on our own after receiving instructions on how to move beforehand.
Stessel and his staff officers will take the field so the 105th division and I will only be pieces on a chessboard.

「It’s easy on us, but boring.」

「For me, it’s easy knowing I don’t have to worry or stress about the reckless behavior of the general…… they’re moving!」

Yakov and Celia speak simultaneously. It looks like things are finally starting.

Trumpets sound and our ally vanguard advances.
It might only be the vanguard but the group consists of tens of thousands of soldiers, which is a number countries in the Central Plains struggle to attain.

The main army, split into more than ten groups, follows behind the vanguard.
No, there should be more than that, I can’t confirm the rest since they trail off into the horizon.

The march of such a massive army makes it seem like the earth is shaking with every synchronized step.
Moreover, everyone is wearing white military uniforms and armor which reflects the light of the morning sun, making my eyes hurt.
On the other hand, the 105th division is a jumbled mess and easier on the eyes.
There are dull grays, deep greens, browns and skin color…… wait, skin color?

「Hey you, the half naked one! You think it’s smart to go to war with your upper body exposed like that? What are you thinking?」
「S-sorry boss. I was with an awfully pretty girl last night and when I woke up after one round with her, my armor was gone.」

「You fool…… you can’t be part of the line if you don’t have armor. I’ll make you part of the raid unit. If you run away half-naked, I won’t forgive you.」

Celia is furious, while Yakov is troubled.
Well, he seems to have his sword so it should be fine if he fights bravely.
If he dies because of a lack of armor, that will just be his own fault.

「The ally vanguard has made contact with the enemy!」

Cannons boom and smoke rises. Fights between the Empire and Federation are all about the cannons, huh?

「They are powerful when it comes to intercepting the enemy after all. This time, we are fighting a battle entirely on the field. Cannons won’t be enough to decide the outcome.」

While the ally vanguard is exposed to the Empire’s cannons, the army behind them circles around to the flanks from the left and right. It wasn’t a terribly fast move so it shouldn’t be difficult to deal with, although it would be hard to move and adjust the aim of the weighty cannons.

「Soldiers will repeatedly circle around to the left and right while the vanguard finds opportune moments to attack. The enemy will be unable to focus fire their cannons and will have to change alignment frequently. Not only will we disrupt the movement and aim of the cannoneers, the cannons can’t be fired at all once we reach the enemy formation. The vanguard may be getting shot at, but the overall losses are trivial.」

I see, there is a certain way to approach the situation when both sides hold many cannons.
Not many cannons exist in the Central Plains so I usually just charge straight in without thinking…… Celia, note this down.

As Yakov said, our allies rearrange the formation several times in an attempt to detour around the enemy army, with each time forcing the front of the enemy lines to move.
During that period, cannons would boom in an irregular rhythm and their shots would change from landing in a single spot to a more scattered pattern.

Each cannoneer would change their aim every time after firing so they would be shooting at a different target than the cannoneer beside them.
Further, none of them would know which target to prioritize.

「They’ve charged in!」

Taking advantage of the dispersed cannonfire, the ally vanguard rushed head-on at the enemy.
There was sporadic cannonfire, though not enough to stop the attack.

A different army behind them flooded in when ally and enemy clashed.
Cannonfire ceased and arrows started to fly instead.
In this situation, bows would be more useful with their ability to change aim easily.

「Now then, if we were to follow orders…… go hide, was it?」

Command headquarters has ordered us and the 105th division to hide until other orders are given.

The enemy would see us if the allies in front moved up so we hid in thicker grass and under the wagons of the transport corps.

Sure, this is comfortable, but I’m not satisfied at all with playing hide-and-seek while a huge fight is going on.

「Don’t worry, His Excellency Stessel is personally taking command. There is no such thing as meaningless orders with him.」

I’m not convinced with what Yakov says.

「What are we going to do if the fight ends with us still hiding?」
「Isn’t that fine?」

I guess?

「Then what if we lost while hiding and we end up getting pursued?」
「We’ll have no choice but to run. Isn’t it a good thing we’re further to the back then?」

I guess so.

「Then what if I fall asleep from boredom?」
「I don’t know what you’re talking about. Here, bite this and stay awake.」

I take the pierce of tree bark and try biting it.
The horrible taste blew away my drowsiness real quick.

「Having shown our strength in the fights up until now and having a general who sank the Leviathan, there’s no way we would be left fooling around fruitlessly. I believe we have an important role to play.」

「Is that so? I hope it isn’t simply because he couldn’t bear to have our dirty clothes mixed in with his army of beautiful white uniforms.」

I glance behind me at the headquarters.
One of the staff officers gives me a nasty glare. Oh, he’s looking at…… that half-naked guy from earlier.

「……I -I don’t think so. Probably.」

The battle develops further.
We are hiding away from enemy sight so we can monitor the overall situation at a slightly safer distance.

「The battle is going back and forth, though it appears we are gradually pushing them back.」
「Even though the enemy has a larger force than we do, their military slaves seem exhausted. We can easily brush them aside.」

Ally and enemy are on the east side…… in other words in front of us and slightly off to our right to the northeast, meanwhile our allies trying to make the huge detour are clashing in the south.
The battle in the south, where our allies are desperately trying to circle around and the enemy is positioning their defences to prevent that, is especially fierce.

Cavalry, infantry and archers are all included in the mix, and I can tell even at distance that there are already countless corpses from both sides.

「Our allies area trying to do everything they can to surround the enemy from the south. If they can take control of the south, they can push the enemy towards the river, where they will be vulnerable to a naval bombardment.」

「Besides the enemy should be gathering supplies from the nearby areas they occupied and from other land routes since they lost the river. If we hold the south, it is fatal for them in the long term. The enemy will collapse after a while just from us surrounding them.」

When I secretly rub Natia’s ass while nodding at Yakov and Celia’s comments, she stomps on my foot.

At that moment, there was a drastic change in the battle state.
To the east of our allies…… in other words right in front us, the lines seem to thin out for an instant as everyone focuses to get to the south.

I can tell from looking that it was a careless mistake.
Being overly concerned about the harsh fighting towards the south, too many troops were redirected from the center.
The reserve forces to the rear were supposed to fill the hole, but they didn’t make it in time.

「The enemy mounted an all-out attack towards the center! They will try to breakthrough a single point!」

The Empire is not stupid.
They don’t let the slightest chance escape and will look to decide the battle here and now.

The weakened army at the front could not endure the pressure and eventually allowed the enemy to slip past their defences.
Making a beeline for the place where multiple flags are raised, the enemy heads directly for our headquarters.

Basically, they are coming straight at us.

Realizing this, allies on the northeast side and the south side begin to retreat, with not much of a chance to make it back in time.

「This is bad. This is bad!」

Celia panics. The color in Yakov’s face also drains away.

The enemy is ignoring the attack on their flanks and is targeting our headquarters.
Surely they number in the hundreds of thousands, with heavy knights, the regular army and military slaves all charging regardless of appearance.

「This sucks.」

It feels exactly like standing in front of an incoming muddy stream.
There’s no use running now. It looks like we have no choice but to take it head-on.
We were told to hide until we get further orders, but it should be fine to act now.

I was about to give orders to the 105th division to take battle positions when a messenger runs over from headquarters.

「The order for the 105th to lay low has been rescinded! Get into defensive formation! Everything is proceeding as planned!」

I didn’t need to be told to cancel the ‘lay low’ order, but what’s this about ‘everything is going as planned’?

The next thing I know, war cries erupt from around me.
It looks like there were other armies laying low besides us.

Trumpets blare in a different rhythm than before.
At the same time, flags start appearing from the side of the enemy army charging towards our headquarters.

「So there were this many hiding in the wings of the enemy path……」

I didn’t think there were many places in such a vast plains to hide, though all the armies are in similarly dirty dark green attire from what I can see.
They were probably hiding since last night after not getting orders to move like us.

「Their hiding spots may not be the best, but the flashy pure white army stands out too much for them to be discovered that easily.」

I look over at the headquarters. I can’t see Stessel’s expression despite being relatively close.

Neither he nor the staff officers are preparing to flee. They are planted firmly in place and overlooking the battle.

「’No guts’ my ass. You’ve actually got huge balls.」

I’d lose motivation if the upper echelon is spineless, but this is good.
I draw my longsword and ready my shield.

「There are more allies than I thought. We are at the very front thought. If we pull out, the headquarters will fall and our allies will lose.」

The attack on the flanks must be to increase the enemy’s losses, though it doesn’t change our directive to attack fiercely.

「Our allies are returning to the back.」

The enemy is charging without concern for how they look.
If we stop them here, we can pincer with our allies in the rear to form a full encirclement and annihilate the enemies.

This was what Stessel planned from the beginning.
He wanted to chase them to the river, then deny them supplies from the south.
He wanted to obliterate them here and completely decide the battle.
For that, he threw me and the 105th division in such a dangerous and critical position.

「They win if they breakthrough, we win if we hold out until our allies return. I’m fine with things being so easy to understand.」

This saves a lengthy explanation to the soldiers as well.
I stand before the approaching enemy and give out the briefing.

「Stand your ground, don’t take even a single step back. That’s all.」

The soldiers answer with a resounding ‘oooh’.

「Let’s go!!」

I prop up my shield and join the frontlines.
The enemy has gotten real close now.

Fortunately we have spread out the ambushing soldiers so there is no need to worry about getting surrounded.
I also know the enemy doesn’t have time. They should be taking the shortest route instead of circling around to the flanks.
On top of that, they shouldn’t be able to deliver a change in orders amidst this chaos.

In other words, the enemy will only be coming from the front. It will be with ferocious momentum.

「The enemy has acceleration and incomparable numbers. Normally, we would avoid engaging directly and defend by warding off the attack.」

「That strategy is rejected this time.」

Our allies who were slightly in front of us trying to defend against the enemy were torn apart and sent flying.

「Take them on from the front. We’re running too!」

I shout and run to take the lead.
My allies are following with spears and shields at the ready.

「Those guys are charging at us too!?」
「Eei, we don’t have to worry about that! Their headquarters is right there. Let’s just trample over them!」

The enemy isn’t stopping at all.

「Get them!!」

First there was the sound of metal flattening, then the sound of bone breaking, the sound of flesh getting squished, the neighing of horses, the cries of humans, then finally deathroes.
It was like the god of war overturned a box filled with the different sounds of the battlefield.


Colliding with our shields in front, we were able to send dozens of soldiers into the air the moment we clashed with the enemy.
Naturally, ten times more soldiers should have fallen to the ground and crushed.

「Don’t fall back!」

I continue shouting while slamming my shield into the enemy in front of me.
That enemy was sent flying, while still holding his shield, parallel to the ground until he crashed his back into his own ally.

「Push through!!」

Three soldiers charge with their spears poised.

「Let’s see you――」

I ram my shield against their protruding spearheads.
That broke all three of their spears.

「–Try and do it!」

I don’t kill my momentum and run right through the three soldiers, knocking them away with my shield.
All three fly up in the air about 10 m before falling down, sliding across the ground, and then remaining motionless.

「I’m not done.」

I toss my shield high up above me and grab my longsword with both hands.
Turning towards the incoming enemies, I purposely exaggerate my swinging motions.

「I big attack is coming! Put up your defences!」

The running Imperial soldiers position themselves behind shields to guard against my sweep. I’m fine with that.

I go for the attack on their shields regardless.
All the enemy soldiers who used their excellent cooperation to protect against my strike were lifted in the air, gets tangled with our allies and falls to the ground.
It feels like I just shot a cannon.

「Don’t stop moving! Keep advanc…… gugyah!」

The man resembling a commander points his sword at me and shouts, then suddenly gets smashed.
Oh, my shield came falling back down on his head.

「How strange. I swear I threw it straight up.」

Whatever, I was never good at those detailed things.

When I pick up the shield, I find out the commander’s head got flattened.
Sorry about that, this shield is too heavy for an average person to carry.

The nearby enemies’ movements are stopped.

「This place is done. You guys can defend the rest.」

After telling my ally soldiers, I head off to a place on the verge of breaking.
Like remembering what they were doing, the enemy suddenly resumes their charge, however their initial momentum was lost, and they only go back to clashing with our allies.

The place I ran to next was being pushed back more severely than the previous one.

「Bash the people with your shields! Form a spear wall to stop the cavalry!」
「We don’t have to rebuild the formation. Stop the enemy movement with arrows! Misfire!? Who cares, just shoot!」

The heavy cavalry run towards the angry yelling soldiers.
Despite trying desperately to point their spears at the horses, the speed of the enemies was faster.

「You better be grateful.」

Right before the heavy cavalry reached my allies, I jump in from the side.
Sparks fly when my dragon scale shield collides with the plate-covered horse.


The horse falls over just from my momentum, flinging the knight wildly off, while my remaining energy carries me tumbling forward.

「The general came!」

I don’t answer, letting out a low growl as I get up and spin around with my longsword.
There was a thud and the running enemy soldier was cut in half through his armor.

「Not yet.」

I crouch down and unleash a slash barely grazing the ground, cutting off the legs of a cavalry and the accompanying infantry for six limbs altogether.
The horse, knight, and infantry lose their footing while running, and were beautifully sent flying.

「This is the last one.」

I raise my sword above my head, jump to the side and the swing downward.
The spear thrust by the charging enemy cavalry hit air, meanwhile my sword cuts into the knight’s shoulder.


The knight who received a deep cut splatters blood as he runs back to the middle of his allies before collapsing powerlessly from his horse.

I hear cheers from my allies and uneasy murmuring from the enemies.

「W-what’s with this guy!?」
「An infantry just took out three heavy cavalry? Impossible!」

「That’s our general! He’s invincible!」
「Follow the boss!」

「Cut down the enemy before you talk!」

I kick the ass of the commander who was saved.
Get the formation together while the enemy has stopped.

We don’t have to completely drive off the enemy. We are fine with holding out until our allies bite down on the enemy’s ass. Thinking about how we can rely on others makes things pretty easy.

「Don’t falter, charge――!!」

The enemy also knows they are nearing the time limit.
Their intense attack continues without minding the sacrifices.

We continue to hold out despite our sacrifices mounting.
Eventually, cannonballs and arrows start raining down from the headquarters, which start slowing the enemy’s advance.

「The enemy is losing momentum, Let’s fix the formation while we have the chance.」
「No, we’re charging.」

I interrupt Yakov and give orders. I know our objective is to buy time, but if we transition to attack here, the enemy will descend into chaos and lose their offensive momentum. Now is the time to attack.

「Message from headquarters, orders for the 105th division to charge. Rush forward!!」

It looks like Stessel has the same thought.
We run ahead of the other armies and head toward the enemy.

The reserve cavalry left in the headquarters also depart and join us in the attack.

The cavalry from the headquarters dashed at the enemy first, followed by us.
Opposing us is the anti-cavalry formation and shield line of the enemy. This is just what we anticipated.
I give them full marks for taking defensive posture against an enemy they can only charge at, but our victory is getting closer moment by moment.

As we rampage wildly, cutting down enemies along the way, I notice an unusual wagon.

It is a two-horse wagon with both the horses and riders covered in heavy armor.
Resting on the loading tray is a ballista.

「Ooh, a chariot!」
「Aim at the enemy to the right!」

My allies cheer when they see that wagon.
Answering their expectations, the chariot fires off the mounted ballista and takes out enemy after enemy.

「Hooh, so the ballista can swivel.」

The ballista isn’t just being carried on the wagon, it is installed so that the turret can spin and aim in all directions.
Its speed seems comparable to a heavy cavalry, making it quite easy to use.

Maybe I’ll get something like that made and have Schwartz use it in the future. He can probably pull it by himself too.

And then that special wagon collides with a crowd of shield-bearing soldiers and flips over.

「Aryah. So it’s useless once it falls over?」

Since it’s close, might as well save it.

「Prepare yourself!」

An enemy soldier brandishes his sword and approaches the fallen allies.
Before he could swing his sword down, my longsword comes down on his head.

Without delay, I kick away a second enemy and pierce through a third enemy with my sword.

「Are you alive?」

The three allies who toppled over somehow get up.
One person was piloting the vehicle while two people were operating the ballista.

「The horse and the wagon are fine, but the ballista is broken……」
「It can’t be helped. Let’s retreat for now……」

A wise decision. You will only get in the way if you stay on the battlefield after your weapon has been destroyed.
This time though, I am here.

「If the wagon is still intact, it can be used. Let me ride in place of the ballista.」

Nevermind the details, as I ask the reloader to step down and let me on instead.
As long as you have something to take the place of the ballista, this chariot can still be used.

「Let’s do this.」

I actually just wanted to try riding it.

The chariot, after losing its ballista, once again rides out into the battlefield carrying the two ally soldiers looking dubiously at me with a smile on my face.

「Reload the arrows.」
「Reload……? Are you going to throw them?」

The reloader hands me one of the ballista bolts with a confused face.
I grab the projectile, then throw it at a nearby enemy.

The bolt whizzes through the air and soars right into the soldier next to the one I aimed at.
After hitting the soldier, the bolt continues flying out the man’s back and stabs into another soldier standing behind him.

「That was even more powerful than the original ballista……」

The reloader mutters astoundedly. Hurry up and load the next one.

「Take out the cavalry on the right next. They’re closing in on our ally flank!」
「Leave it to me.」

I pull my arm back again and throw the arrow with all my might.
This time the distance is closer so I beautifully hit my target in the chest, with the horse who lost its rider so suddenly flying off not knowing what happened.

「The accuracy and force is way higher than the original ballista…… what’s going on?」

That was pretty interesting.
I can provide support to my allies faster than using my sword to cut them down, and it feels good.

The next targets are the spearmen in anti-cavalry formation.
Ally cavalry are rushing in but they can’t seem to find a way to attack the solid defence.

「I’m going to continue.」

I keep throwing the bolts as they are handed to me.
The thick bolts penetrate the enemy soldiers through their shields and mess up their formation in the blink of an eye.

The allied cavalry charge through the gap I created and cheer as they successfully tear through the enemy formation.

「Thanks for the help. Nevertheless, what incredible rapid-fire speed and force. Is that a new chariot…… wha-?」

The middle-aged man who looks like the captain of the cavalry runs alongside us and delivers his words of praise.
However his speed drops when he sees me standing imposingly with a bolt in my hand.
I’ll give him a wave to acknowledge his feelings.

「Hey…… the chariot was an armored wagon with a ballista mounted on it, right? It’s not a weapon where a muscular man throws the arrows, right?」
「Captain, the fight has just begun. Don’t stand their blankly and get it together.」

That’s right, the battle is far from over.

「I went a little too far. Guess I’ll return to my comrades for now.」

The pilot says as he turns around. What kind of stupid thing is he saying?

「The enemy is right in front of us. What will be doing if we go back? No, we’re going to keep charging forward.」
「The chariot isn’t that kind of weapon, it’s used to run quickly to support allies……」

I grab the pilot’s head.

「Enough, just go. I might misfire on your head!」
「That’s too reckless……」

Our chariot continues deep into the enemy lines without slowing down.

「That’s the enemy’s…… chariot, right!? Only one of them is charging?」
「Let’s stop it for now! The infantry won’t catch up. Let’s chase with our cavalry!」

The enemy chases after us while we’re freely moving about.
If the cavalry are running around, it will at the very least create disorder in their lines. If we consider our attack as a disturbance strategy, that’s a pretty decent result.

But the cavalry quickly surround us.
The chariot has superior mobility, though their speed is only on the same level as heavy cavalry, meaning they will seem sluggish when compared to regular cavalry.

「We’re trapped! I told you so!」
「Shake them off somehow! It’ll be bad if they catch up!」

Enemy cavalries draw their swords as they close in.
The reloader waves the short spear he prepared in an attempt to intimidate, but it wasn’t very helpful.

「Chariots are support weapons! When the enemy gets close like this, there’s no way to……」

I smile at the grim-faced reloader.

「Don’t worry. The ballista you have on the wagon specializes in hand-to-hand combat.」

I put down the bolt, take out my longsword and lean my body over.


The enemy cavalry looks up dumbfoundedly at my sword of over two meters.
I cut him down with his face still in shock, and his body dances in midair.

「W-what the!?」
「That’s different from the chariot I know!」

「Shut up, don’t get in the way.」

As another cavalry comes closer, I kick the horse and send him tumbling.
Furthermore, I grab a bolt with my left hand and throw it at point blank range.
The enemy cavalry who instantly lost a few units stop moving, then put some distance between us.

「How’s that, we cut through them.」
「…… you’re a monster. That was ridiculous.」

The two on the chariot look at me with eyes mixed with respect and shock.

「Hey, isn’t that our general over there?」
「You’re right. He’s riding some strange wagon and going wild.」
「I don’t know what’s going on, but we better not fall behind. We’ll get punched.」

My allies draw closer to us after we ran out.
The enemy isn’t focusing on attacking our headquarters anymore and have already gone on the defensive.
Besides, I’ve rampaged for a while now, so it’s about time……

The timing was perfect as I was thinking about it.
Trumpets resound from the rear of the enemy formation.
That is the signal for the Federation’s charge.

「That’s the decider.」

The main force of our allies are on the enemy’s ass now. The enemy has no other way to resist.
A total collapse of the Imperial army starts from the center and they scatter.

「Or to be more accurate…… they’re trying to scatter.」

After all, we are in front after having pushed deep into the stronghold, to the side are soldiers waiting in ambush, and the main force is to their rear.
It’s like they jumped into a bag and left themselves no escape route.

「So the goal was to not let them escape from the beginning.」

Yakov comments beside me.
Blood is dripping from wounds on his shoulder and stomach. Looks like he was fighting hard too.

「It would be a problem if this many ran away.」

It isn’t uncommon for the remnants of a defeated army to turn into bandits and stay around for a while.

「Still, to kill them all instead of allowing them to surrender?」

Celia seems to have mixed feelings about this result.
The battle has been settled, yet there is no recommendation to surrender.
A fierce pursuit is currently going on.

「The 105th division has also been ordered to conduct a thorough pursuit after taking a break. To chase all the way to the western plains.」
「I guess the resentment runs deep.」

With how much their land was ruined, that much is probably to be expected.

「Well, I hold no grudge. I’ll let the Federation handle their revenge.」

The Empire has done their share of bad things, so I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of massacring everyone except women, though it isn’t something I’m delighted to do either. Rather, it makes me feel depressed when I think about the distance to the western plains on the map I saw before.

「The enemy’s supreme commander is apparently named Zaphnes, but I hear you get 100 000 gold just for capturing even one low-level soldier.」
「100 000 is quite a sum.」

While that impresses me, it doesn’t create an urge within me.
Adolph may be happy with that, but I’m not the kind of person who works hard for a man’s smile.

「Alright then, I’ll go make some preparations.」

Celia begins to check her weapons and armor.

「You’ll die if you eat 100 000 gold’s worth of sweets.」

「That’s not what I’m aiming for! I was thinking it would be useful for Aegir-sama’s territory management!」

Aah, Celia is so cute. It’ll be fine if she doesn’t push herself too much.

Yakov is also restless now that I look over at him.
I guess that’s natural, since 100 000 gold is an amount he can’t even imagine.

「I’m tired so I’ll be taking a little nap. I don’t need guards or aides. You’re free to go.」

I take my leave after saying that.
The significant amount of reward encourages the pursuit of the enemy to be extra fierce.
Screams and yelling continue on into the horizon.

「……Uuuu. Human are scary……」

Natia trembles at the overwhelming sight.

「Curiosity is fine, but sometimes ignorance is bliss. Now come and relax with me.」

I walk with my arm around her shoulder.

「……thanks. But we’re not doing any naughty stuff, got it?」

When I look at her with a sad face, she lightly pounds me on the head.

The fight is over.
I want to return quickly to where my beloved women are. And then I want to make love to them until they can’t stand anymore.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Army under command: 105th Division Provisional Army: 2500 men (injured people excluded from count)

Accompanying: Celia (in pursuit), Natia (resting), Leah (servicing), Marta (obeying)
Brynhildr (lying down and getting up), Pipi (in pursuit), Sofia (being big-breasted)
Messerschmitt (being a worthless dog), Schwartz (relaxing), Mirumi (in water), Yakov (in pursuit), Sekrit (killing time)

Assets: 13,000 gold
Sexual Partners: 451, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish
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