Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 325: Invisible Battle ① Beginning, Confirmation of the Enemy
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 325: Invisible Battle ① Beginning, Confirmation of the Enemy

–Aegir POV–


「Here they are.」

Celia glares at the two women in front of us.

「……I don’t know anything.」

The girls are laying on the ground wearing plain prisoner clothes and shackles around their hands.
Neither of them are young, though they aren’t old enough to be considered mature.
They aren’t especially beautiful, however there plump bodies are to my tastes.

「Fumu, now I don’t want to get rough with women. If you be good and talk――――」

In another prison some distance away, tremendous screaming can be heard.
Leopolt is conducting his interrogation of the men.

「…… I don’t plan to hurt or torture you. Don’t be so scared.」

Unable to convince them, the girls bite their lips and stay silent. Gosh, getting in my way.
Now it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to win them over with my dick.

「I really think we should be tough on them here. They played a part in sending assassins to go for Aegir-sama’s life!」

Celia cracks a whip on the ground.
That frightened the girls, making them grit and bare their teeth.

「Now now, no violence here. Use that whip on me tonight.」

I take the whip away from Celia and then try asking the girls a few questions.
I guess it should have been obvious that I wasn’t going to get proper answers.

They were probably prepared to get beat and injured.
I won’t be able to crack them easily like this.

It’s possible I might break them if I copy Leopolt’s severe interrogation technique, however that’s something I absolutely can’t do to girls.

「Fuu…… let’s stop here for now.」

When the girls hear me say that and see me walk out of the dungeon, they breathe a sigh of relief.
I just can’t seem to tolerate making girls scared.

「I didn’t get anything from them. Leopolt is going to make fun of me.」

I would much rather be mocked than have to hurt a woman, but I still want to do everything I can.

「That’s how it is, Tristan. Think of something.」
「You’re so unreasonable……」

A method to make them talk quickly without hurting them.
I could put my dick in them, but then it’ll turn into rape.

「Then what if you attack their heart instead of their body?」

Tristan offers a suggestion, which I immediately reject.
Leaving their body unharmed but breaking their heart isn’t a good idea either.

That was when Celia cut in.

「Then what if you treat it all as acting? In other words, have someone play the girl’s role…… then do this and that……」
「I see. That may produce a similar effect.」

Tristan agrees that it was a good idea and then go back to drinking tea.
You didn’t even think of anything good. I’ll give your lots of peas for dinner tonight.

Meanwhile Celia puffs out her chest proudly. It was as if she was wagging her tail asking for me to praise her.

「There, there, good girl.」

When I pat her head and kiss her forehead, her tense eyes droop loosely. How cute.

「It might frighten them, but something could have happened to Gretel this time. A little scare is inevitable.」

「If you’re going to do it, maybe it’s better to give a shout to someone from the theater troupe. Also, it would be better if the Margrave and Celia-san don’t get on stage if possible. You guys can’t act after all.」

I steal Tristan’s tea snack and leave.
Celia takes away the book Tristan was reading before leaving as well.


Let the operation begin.

「Get in! Here are some friends for you!」


Two additional girls were thrown in prison with the other girls.
The initial two glance at the new faces briefly before looking down and biting their lips again.

「Fumu…… so it’s just as Leopolt predicted.」
「Yes, the female collaborators don’t know anything about each other.」

Celia and I comment while keeping an eye on the prison from a peephole.

The collaborator couple had their own individual way of contacting the assassins and did not know of the other party’s existence.
It’s probably a strategy to avoid having everyone captured in succession after a single person gets caught.
The first two girls were captured from entirely different spots and they had the same reaction to each other when placed in the same cell.

That’s where we can take advantage of.

「……Uu, I got caught.」
「I screwed up. I didn’t think they would be this fast.」

One of the new prisoners is an unnamed actress who is a trainee and assistant under Lilian so her face is not well known yet. The other one is Leah.

「I’m worried. Will they attack her if they find out who she is? I really think we should stop Leah now……」
「All of them are in handcuffs. Besides, Leah insisted. She says wants to be useful.」

The citizens shouldn’t recognize Leah’s face. Still, it makes me uneasy when I think about her identity being discovered.

「Look, she’s fine.」

I rest my chin on Celia’s head as she prompts me, and then take a peek through the hole.

「…… um…… am I going to be okay? Will they treat me cruelly?」

Leah seems to be genuinely scared as she asks the real collaborators.
Her timid look and trembling body puts actresses to shame.

「…… nothing was done to us.」「Don’t talk to me. I don’t know anything.」

This time, the actress spoke up.

「For now, it looks like we’ll be fine, so let’s get along…… I guess that’ll be awkward, huh.」

She tries to use a natural tone, but……

「I’m not in the mood for idle chatter.」
「…… we’re done here.」

The real two collaborators don’t seem to take the bait to talk. I think it’ll be impossible to get information out of them through casual conversation.

「They conspired to assassinate the feudal lord, so obviously they’re going to be executed. It’s just a matter of how much they suffer, I think.」

Celia informs me.
That’s why it was pointless to threaten them with death. They know they’re going to die anyways.

What is needed is to frighten them with how painful or how humiliating it will be.

「Alright, let’s move on to the next step.」

Several jailers who look too vulgar to be even called that appear In front of the prison.
They grin nastily as they stare at the four girls.

「Which one should I choose?」
「I think that plump one looks good.」
「I want that trembling one.」

One of the jailers opens the gate to the prison and violently pull out the actress and Leah.

「W-what the!? Are you going to question me?」
「Uuuu, I’m scared.」

The jailer gives the actress’s cheek a nice lick.
By the way, I told him if he put his tongue on Leah, I would rip his balls off.

「Hehe, that’s right. It will be a one-on-one questioning.」
「The feudal lord is angry because of the attempt at his life. Which means no matter how we treat you conspirators, he won’t yell at us.」

「Hiih!? Nothing painful please!」

The jailer grabs the actress’s pussy and kneads her crotch with his hand.

The actress resists weakly while Leah cries and the other two girls look away.

「I’m getting pissed off. I want to hit them.」
「Aegir-sama, that’s only an act!」

I know that, still these guys make me irritated.
They are also members of the theater troupe who I borrowed from Lilian and are actors who play a variety of hoodlum roles.

「Oops. I forgot about this thing.」

One of the men pulls out a suspicious bottle filled with an amber-colored liquid.

「W-what is that? Noo, I don’t want to drink it!」
「Stop! Nooo!」

The men forcefully bring the bottle to the actress and Leah’s mouths.
It was clear that the two of them were against the use of that strange drug.

「Geheheh, this is secret medicine stolen from the feudal lord. It is a special aphrodisiac that can turn the most chaste woman into a lewd whore with one gulp even after being diluted with water. If you drink it undiluted……」

「Hey hey, the women who you gave it to before went completely insane and never turned back to normal. Gehyahyahya!」

Hearing that, the actress and Leah struggle more vigorously.
Well, it’s actually just honey.

「Stooooop――!! I don’t want to become lewd! Save meee!」
「Me too, I have someone precious to me! No, no, I don’t want to be broken!」

The two real collaborators look away from the two wildly flailing girls sadly.
They could be up next.

That liquid finally gets poured down the throats of the fruitlessly resisting actress and Leah.

Leah’s face seems to become slightly happier.
She has a sweet tooth after all.

「A…… ah…… aaaaaah.」
「Ahiih…… ooooooh……」

Both of the girls collapse while holding their crotches.

「Hehehe, how do you feel?」
「As expected of an aphrodisiac, it reduced you to such a state already.」

Plenty of love juice starts flowing out from their vaginas.

The actress gets wet from the liquid prepared by the man who grabbed her pussy earlier, Leah gets wet by applying the liquid I prepared for her.
It was to create the image that they suddenly got aroused.

「Aaaaaah…… no more…… I can’t do it…… a man! I want a man!!」

The actress clutches at her crotch with one hand and also holds her breasts with the other hand.
Leah also lets out a sexy moan and reaches for her genitals.

「Let’s do it side by side.」
「Sure, let’s call the off-duty guys too. We’ll enjoy ourselves.」

The actress and Leah are picked up on both sides by the men and dragged away.

Seeing all this, the two real collaborators hold on to each other and start shuddering.

「That fast……」
「They looked like animals in heat…… will we be like that too?」

「Fumu, it’s working.」
「They are clearly afraid.」

Their reactions are completely different from before.
Although this is only a start.

「I can’t take it! My crotch is burning! I can’t think of anything else!」
「I can’t stop leaking…… I’m turning dumb!」

「They’re all ready now. If we shove our dicks in them now, I wonder what will happen!?」

Voiceless screams and the groans of men in ecstasy echo in the dungeon.

「This is irresistible! Juice is just overflowing!」
「Wahaha, look. Her eyes rolled back. Did you break her already?」
「Who cares? Even if they go crazy from the pleasure and die, they still stay warm for a while.」

The men sneer while the girl shrieks, and the bed creaks violently.

I have to give Celia a good rubbing in order to calm my irritated heart.

「Hey, do you have a disease on that thing of yours? It’s covered in warts.」
「I’ll use her hole to disinfect my dirty thing!」

「Noooooo! The filth, it’ll be transmitted! But why does it feel so gooood!!」

I rub Celia to calm down…….

「Haau, my hair is going to fall out.」

Sorry. I can’t hold it in.

「I’ll go take a look. I’m concerned whether Leah is really being raped.」
「I’m a little jealous of Leah who you’re so worried about……」

I look in the next prison and see Leah and the actress sitting on chairs and reading a script, properly screaming when they have to, meanwhile the hoodlum actors are making a fuss while rocking the bed.
From the sound, it was as if the men were actually raping the girls, however looking at them in person makes me seem stupid almost.

「We should fuck her at the same time. Stuff her front and back hole!」
「Wait, wait, wanna try putting two in the front?」
「Gehyahya! She’s going to tear!」

Matching the timing of their lines, Leah inhales deeply and screams.


When I look back at the other prison, the two girls were shaking.

「Gyahaha! It really tore!」
「That’s awful! But now, can’t she fit three at a time?」
「Let’s put two in this girl’s ass!」

From there, it seemed as if more screaming was done than moaning.
There would be no meaning for anything less than harsh rape and still I get annoyed knowing it’s only acting.
Before I knew it, I was pacing around the room.

「Aegir-sama, your frightening face is affecting the actors playing the hoodlums……」

Leah and the actress smile bitterly at me.

It can’t be helped. If such a scene was real, I would have killed the men.

「We should finish up soon.」

The hoodlum actors grunt and shout abusively before getting a pot ready.
Inside it is not blood…… but fake blood used in their plays.

The girl waiting on standby……is probably in charge of doing makeup for the troupe.
She takes a brush and swiftly applies the fake blood to Leah’s and the actress’s crotch.
Her deft skill dies both of their privates red in no time.

「How do I describe it, it’s as if I was really raped.」
「Yes…… it feels a bit disgusting.」

She even went as far as recreating trails of blood on their thighs and darker, dried up blood stains on their clothes.
If Leah came back to me looking like that, I would have rushed out to town with my longsword and killed anyone who looked suspicious.

「W-what if it happened to me?」

Don’t say something so scary, Celia. I might burn down the whole town.

The girls get carried by the ruffians and taken back to the other cell.
Celia and I once again camp in front of the peephole.

「Aah, I feel so refreshed.」

The two girls in prison let out short gasps when they saw the worn out, tattered and blood-stained actress and Leah.

「Hiih!?」「H-how cruel……」

Leah collapses in a heap on top of the actress and doesn’t say a single word.

Their bodies were covered with the fake blood and imitation semen, and plenty of blood was dripping from their crotches.
Their genitals looked so damaged that it could possibly endanger their lives.


The other two girls timidly approach Leah and the actress, who don’t do anything except twitch occasionally.

「H-hey, are you okay? Do you want water?」
「It’s old, but I have a cloth…… want me wipe you clean?」

The two collaborators let out another gasp when Leah and the actress lifted their faces.

「P…… penis……」
「Give me…… more……」

Rather than suffering, their faces were dyed with lust.
They express their desire for cock while licking each other’s bodies.

「Hiiih! T-they’re crazy!」
「It’s that drug…… so cruel, it broke their minds.」

As Leah tangles herself with the actress, the two collaborators get weak in the knees and fall on their asses.

Hmm, I knew the actress was good, but I’m impressed how good Leah’s acting is.
Oh right, now that I think about it, she gets unusually into the rape play we do almost to the point of it being troubling.

「N-…… no thanks, I don’t want to become like this! Just kill me!」
「Nooo! Save me! Save meeee!!」

The two girls are in a state of panic. Pulling them down any further won’t be good for them.

「Let’s go and finish it.」

Celia and I appear in the prison together.

「Hey…… huh, you guys really did a number on them.」

I pretend to check on the two fallen girls before whispering in their ears.

「Now are you more willing to talk now?」

「Y-you fiend……」
「I have nothing to say.」

The two conspirators remain firm despite shaking.

That was when Leah and the actress got up.

「Mixed in with…… cargo from Trisnia…… and brought the poison.」
「Gate security was lax…… because before evening…… told them…… about it.」

This information was just gleaned from Leopolt’s tor―― interrogation session, although nothing too important.
Having Leah and the actress deliberately say that information out loud is to show that they have been completely broken.

「I’ll do anything, so give me that?」
「I don’t need anything as long as I have dick.」

I smile and push the two away from my crotch.

「Alright, good girls. First I have to listen to what the other two have to say.」

I grin and step in front of the two collaborators, who back up everytime I step closer.

「Stay away!」「Noooo!」

「Fufu, don’t play hard to get. ――I have medicine that will make you talk easier.」

I take out a bottle from my pocket which has that amber-colored liquid.

「Hiiiiiiiiiih!!」「Stoop iiit!」

「Ahーhah, hah, hah!」
「Waahーhah, hah…… gehoh, goho!」

Celia and I corner the two girls. It’s pretty adorable to see Celia try to laugh in a manner she isn’t used to and end up choking.

Two Hours Later.

「You tricked us……」
「Demon…… fiend……」

「Hah, ha, ha.」

Me and the two girls are relaxing and using the mansion’s bath.

Scared of the imaginary drug that would break their minds, the girls spilled everything.
After confessing, there was no meaning in keeping them in the dirty dungeon.
To apologize for frightening them, I allowed them to take a bath and gave them honey wine to drink.

The information from the girls plus the information from the three men was enough to pinpoint the mastermind responsible for sending the assassins.

Small crossbows and poison were hidden on wagons carrying things which are normally dangerous, attached with documents requesting urgent action from the Magrado General Governorate. They didn’t get caught because the small to medium feudal lord nobles don’t examine the cargo too closely.

In addition, the two girls are married and their husbands committed felonies, so they were forced to cooperate in order to get them acquitted.
If they leaked information they were not supposed to, threats were made to execute their husbands.

「But why simple wives?」

「I actually worked in jobs unspeakable to many people before being married…… so you see, I was used to sneaking around.」
「As for me, my trade was in looking after things given to me by others for free…… ahaha, I didn’t think I would get into something like assassination.」

I don’t ask any further.
The place where the girls lived was in the Magrado General Governorate territory, not to mention it was a place under the direct control of Zilgray instead of a governor.

When the information was given to Leopolt, he immediately concluded that the mastermind was Griff Zilgray himself. He was already considered a prime suspect, but there wasn’t enough evidence to affirm that theory.

On top of that, this incident was determined to be a move by Zilgray only, with at most the involvement of close nobles, and not the Magrado General Governorate which has taken action.

「He’ll probably get ready for a counterattack, so I’ll leave that to him.」

I couldn’t care less about that guy, but I can’t let it go if women are going to be endangered.
He has to be dealt with before he can do any damage.

「Haahー now my husband is going to be executed. I tried so hard.」
「Mine too, let’s make our excuses in the other world.」

The two girls sigh and then sink in the water.

「Your husbands committed crimes in the first place, no? What did they do?」

One of the girls answers.

「He was strapped for gold from gambling and broke in to steal……」

So he was trash.

「Mine…… he forcefully raped a woman in a bar.」

So he’s trash. If I was there, his head would have been gone.
Still, those men are considered the girls’ husbands. I won’t badmouth them.

「It’s nothing to worry about. One misstep and you could have died helping the assassins. Forcing a woman to die in a man’s place is the greatest humiliation, so your husbands should be satisfied with such an outcome.」

「Is that so?」

「Of course. Another man is saying so, it must be true. If he won’t save you and is a clamoring coward, just leave him behind. A worthless man like that surely has a small dick too.」

The woman gives a swift reply.

「Wait, wait! My husband may be stupid but his dick was big―――― hiieh!」

I stand in front of her before she could finish her sentence.

「What do you think?」
「No way, it’s super big! More than twice as big as my husband!」

I stroke the hair of the stunned woman.

「Forget about your husband and live in Rafen. I’ll give you work and look after you, and even give you children if you want.」

The woman’s gaze is concentrated on my dick.

「F-forget? How could I…… but…… that’s too big……」

She shows a bit of hesitation before nodding.

「Alright, then let’s also use the thing that made you confess.」

I pour the honey kept in the bottle on my dick, which elicits a smile from the girl, then she sucks on me.
Now she is released from her bad husband.

「How about you? Will you give up on your husband and live here?」

I try asking the other girl.

「I still love my hubby. He doesn’t make any money, he cheats on me, and he’s a no-good man who was caught raping, but he can’t do anything if I’m not there for him.」

So she’s the type who likes bad boys, then she’ll eventually be screwed by him at some point. I have to open her eyes.

「Look over here.」

I thrust my dick wet with honey and saliva in front of her face.

「How imposing, so thick and long and dark…… i-it feels like I’m seeing a little clearer. Alright, I’ll abandon my husband. Yours is so big after all, it can’t be helped.」

So thus the two girls reformed and decided to live in Rafen.

「Fufu, then as promised, let’s make some babies. Even without a suspicious drug, I’ll make you girls drown in pleasure.」

All’s well that ends well.
It seems all the men died during the interrogation, but that is not a big concern.

「By the way, what is that?」

Bubbles form in the corner of the bath.
Celia wouldn’t allow me to be alone with the girls so she came along, though she is sulking.

「Don’t worry. I’ll make love to you girls slowly and make sure all of you faint.」

There was a loud pop from an especially large bubble.

–Third Person POV–

Polpo Kingdom: Capital – Poron.

「All soldiers depart, for the expedition led by the queen! Everyone show off your bravery and pride!」

The army from Polpo heads up north with around 5000 troops total.
A steady thumping sound comes from the armored boots of the neatly organized ranks as they advance.

However, the expressions of the soldiers the citizens sending them off are lackluster compared to that gallant marching form.
More so than being unwilling, they looked as if something was worrying them.

「How long as it been since Polpo has gathered 5000 for an expedition? They are very heroic-looking though……」
「Their equipment and formation are way more impressive than before. Almost as if the army is entirely different……」

Everyone’s thoughts become unified.

「「「Are we really going to fight Altair?」」」

Altair has gone to war countless of times with the adjacent nation Vandolea.
In the battle, it was not uncommon for them to mobilize armed citizens in the hundreds of thousands.

It was evident to everyone that no matter how weak the catastrophe made them, they were not an opponent a mere five thousand soldiers can do anything against.

The anxious stares of everyone were focused in the middle of the dispatch of troops, on the young queen who made such a decision.

Wilhelmina, riding on top of a white horse, was only looking to the north with unclouded eyes.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Citizens: 185,500. Refugees: 24,000.
Major Cities – Rafen: 32,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Special Cultivation District: 13,000.

Army Staying Behind: 8800 men
Infantry: 5700, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 800, Bow Cavalry: 500, Cannoneers: 350
Cannons: 35, Large Cannons: 20, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Chariots: 15

Troops Dispatched to South: 2200 men
Refugee Guards (Light Infantry): 2200

Reserve Army: 2000 men. Security Unit: 150 men.

Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (top), Catherine (bottom)
Gretel (dog wife), Melissa (lover, expecting), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Pipi (lover)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (lobbying), Alice (ass lover), Leah (relying on acting)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (in perfect form), Sofia (lover), Sekrit (lover)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (ball), Clara (female attendant)

Celestina (queen, climaxed), Monica (handmaid)

Brynhildr (vampire), Lammy (lamia), Alraune (propagating), Mirumi (mermaid)
Pochi (big lizard), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Felteris (promiscuous elf)

Celia (adjutant), Myla (dejected), Marta (aide), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander)
Gido (escort unit), Polte (refugee case worker)
Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Adolph (disease countermeasures)
Claire & Laurie (merchant), Lilian (actress), Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

Assets: 48,490 (disease countermeasure+Malt -4000), (Medicine fee for 50 people +2000), (increased military preparations -1500)
Sexual Partners: 554, children who have been born: 66 + 555 fish
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