Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 349: Odd Reinforcements
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 349: Odd Reinforcements

Thank you, I’ve regained my confidence because of you two.」

I show my appreciation by kissing the two laying in bed.

「Ahiih…… aheeh……」
「I’m gla-……-d…… kufu.」

Sofia answers as she squirts. Adela tries to bow her head but collapses forward face first into the bed and stays like that.
The girls did their best for me when I was feeling depressed after making such a grand blunder.

「Aegir-sama, urgent news! May I come in!?」

I was thinking about postcoital and then a voice calls out from the other side of the door.
Celia, huh? She’s a little late, but I’ll make love to her too.

「Sure. Come in.」

「Pardon me.」

When the door opens, I see my cute Celia, however the one who walked in the room first was Leopolt.

「Hey, what’s this about?」

So he got Celia to call me so he can come in?
He must have thought I wouldn’t open the door if he used his own voice.
I didn’t think he wanted to see Sofia and Adela naked, what a pervert.

「It’s an emergency, I apologize. First, the report.」

This guy, Sofia’s large breasts and Adela’s ass are exposed, yet his complexion didn’t change nor did his gaze shift away from me.
Don’t tell me he’s into men, that would actually be scarier.

「The South Yuguria Empire has broken their non-aggression treaty with Libatis, and their army is rushing past the border.」

「What the-?」

I let out a strange cry.

I was told the non-aggression treaty was meant to lower the guard of the other party, but isn’t this happening too quickly?
Not even a few days have passed since then.

「To be precise, they have not even announced the breaking of the treaty. Libatis was beginning to pull back troops in accordance with the agreement and then they got attacked from behind. It appears war was declared after the battle begun.」

「That’s absurd.」

A betrayal like that is quite manly.
Normally, you would at least wait until the other side has returned home.

「I thought South Yuguria also withdrew their army from the borders? Where were they hiding them?」

「According to the spy positioned near the border, an army composed only of a large number of cavalry and carriages are surging forward. This unit doesn’t bother to gain control of every village, rather they are simply taking out the Libatis army as they run through……」

An assault with just cavalry? They must have completed the withdrawal from the borders as promised while a fully prepared squad of cavalry waits on standby at the back.
Mounted troops can greatly reduce the restrictions of distance after all.

「Now then, a rapid assault with a cavalry composition is a strategy I heard somewhere before.」

「It’s the same tactic we used in the past against the Treia Kingdom. They must have copied us!」

Is that so?
I don’t remember much from back then.

「I would need to wait for further news to be sure of the specifics, however I can imagine the Libatis army is in disarray after being attacked from behind during their retreat. Libatis would never expect the agreement to be broken so soon. The moment the soldiers withdrew is the moment they were the most relaxed.」

I agree. A week did not go by yet.
After the treaty was signed, tension at the border was relieved and they could go home.
That was no greater chance to attack than that…… regrouping and standing their ground after that would be near impossible.

「Which means the rout should still be on. How far do you think they’ll run?」

「Their military strength is unknown, but the fleeing soldiers won’t be useful until they organize themselves again at a fort or city. Realistically speaking, I think they will stop when reserve troops get added, although considering the speed of South Yuguria’s invasion――」

「In other words, they’ll keep falling back as far as possible?」

Leopolt shakes his head.

「No, a squad of purely cavalry cannot bring down a fortress or a large city. An encirclement to temporarily neutralize them is possible…… but it will take time for the infantry to catch up after needing to retreat from the borders to the rear. In that case, they can’t resupply.」

That’s right.
While cavalry are quick and convenient, they need more resources than infantry like water and fodder.

「Libatis should understand that too. They will definitely make a counterattack after running for a while. When that happens, cavalry alone won’t be enough to maintain the offensive.」

「I think South Yuguria is acting too reckless. Isn’t it too forward of them to aim for a surprise attack?」

Celia draws a conclusion of her own, which Leopolt responds to while his eyes are fixed on me.

「Looking at this from the other side, if South Yuguria somehow secures a solid supply point…… Libatis’s defense line will be cut and they will have to fight against the enemy deep in their own territory.」

「Is there such a method to acquire――」
「Gather the reserve forces and station them at the defense point to the south.」

After I give the order, Leopolt nods and exits the room.


「It’s a precaution. Just a precaution.」

I smile at the uneasy Adela and Sofia.
Next, I slip a finger into Adela’s and Sofia’s assholes.

「Ah, not that place!」
「Kyaa, I’m being played with!」


I have to cheer up Celia after her opinion got ignored.

I didn’t mean to be cruel to you.
You’re way cuter than Leopolt.
I just have a bad feeling things will go wrong.

–Third Person POV–

Some Time Later. Capital – Goldonia.

In the throne room―― King Alexandro sits unhappily on the throne.
Standing behind him is a single bewitching woman.

Each of the ministers line up before the king, then one step ahead of them, the Military Commissioner Erich and the Government Affairs Commissioner Kenneth are kneeling.

「You may eat. This confection suits your taste, does it not?」
「My humble thanks.」

Rosario politely receives the treats from the king with both hands and then smiles.
The king’s displeased expression seemingly relaxes a little.

A few of the ministers furrow their brows.
Many people, especially high ranking nobles and officials, dislike Rosario.
The reason the king has increased the monitoring of nobles within the territory and is negligent regarding foreign policy is because of her, and this topic always finds its way into conversations between people who trust each other.

「I am truly happy, but if you would please give some attention to everyone else instead of me.」

Rosario elegantly brings one of the sweets into her mouth before bowing her head lower than anyone else in the room.

「Umu…… you’re always so reserved.」

The king clears his throat and then turns to his ministers.
He still looks rather discontent.

「Then I will report first. As shown in the document provided――」

With a serious expression, the king fixes his gaze in front.

「Libatis has finally sent a messenger to request for backup.」

Erich supplements the minister’s statement.

「Libatis has repeatedly pleaded for non-involvement even after their border security suffered major losses from the illogical surprise attack. They insisted it wasn’t necessary for us to participate, saying they could deal with South Yuguria using their own strength.」

「What is the reason for their change of heart?」

The King asks while remaining uninterested.

「One reason is that the speed of invasion was too fast. South Yuguria is closing in on the capital Tortoent merely one week after the start of battle.」

Unrest spreads among the ministers and government officials. The king and Kenneth remain unfazed.

「The second reason is the existence of supply points. South Yuguria demolished their forts as a part of the non-aggression treaty so it was assumed they could not continue supplying their army, however they are currently still invading, seemingly supplied with sufficient resources.」

Erich goes on, saying the details are not yet known.


Rebecca whispers to the king from behind.
The king nods without saying a word.

「So they are basically saying they’re at a disadvantage and are asking me to send reinforcements. What a bug-like thing for them to say.」

Several ministers scrunch up their faces while several more nod in agreement.

「A little bit of trade goes on between this country and Libatis, but they are still far from being an ally nation. We have no obligation to save them. Besides, I believe a far greater problem exists within our own lands.」

The king scratches Rosario’s chin after he finishes speaking.
She blushes shyly and then lovingly envelopes his hand with both of hers.

「With all due respect, Your Majesty.」

Erich further implores.

「The South Yuguria Empire is a dangerous existence. If Libatis is destroyed, their nation and ours will share a border in the south. My advice is to suppress them now before things get out of hand.」


The king doesn’t seem too happy after being rebutted, though seeing Rosario smile, he could feel his anger subside.

「So you think you can win against the South Yuguria army?」

The question was a little dig at Erich who manages the military, but Erich answers boldly without any sign of anger or fear.

「If I fight them now, I will show you that I can overwhelm them. If they are allowed to absorb Libatis, they will become a formidable force never seen before. One would need luck to win against them.」


The king makes a serious face.

「Furthermore, we will suffer fewer casualties if we cooperate with the Libatis army. Let us comply with the request and provide them with proper reinforcements so we can defeat the South Yuguria Empire.」

An objection, albeit a small one, interjected.

「I wonder if that’s the best way.」

Kenneth, the Commissioner of Government Affairs, steps forward with a wry smile.

「The Military Commissioner seems to desire war…… I, on the other hand, have a different suggestion.」


Confirming he has the king’s permission, Kenneth respectfully bows his head.

「I am thinking of acting as the intermediary for Libatis and South Yuguria so they can reach an amicable settlement.」
「What stupid thing are you――」

Kenneth expands on his idea before Erich could finish.

「Peace may not result, however it will be the beginning of a dialogue with South Yuguria. If we handle that country well, we can possibly avoid a frontal clash with them, regardless of whether we trust them or not.」

「That’s ridiculous! They turned the non-aggression treaty into scrap paper in a week! You believe it’s possible for them to be friendly!?」

Erich vehemently opposes.

「Commissioner, no need to get so heated. I did not say anything about getting along with them. The north and the south will simply not interfere with each other…… I don’t believe a nation which swallowed two countries of differing doctrines will remain stable for long…… if we wait for them to start self-destructing before splitting them apart, our soldiers will not even get injured.」

「We can’t expect them to self-destruct. Once Libatis falls, they’ll become a power to be feared.」

「We gain nothing by protecting Libatis though. If we were to travel to the southern edge of the Central plains to destroy South Yuguria, how much will be sacrificed and how much be spent?」

The two stare at each other.
If war is chosen, Erich, as the one governing the military, will gain more power.
If a wait-and-see approach is taken, then Kenneth, as the one in charge of diplomacy, will gain more power.

「Your Majesty, if you would please use your judgement to sanction one of the policies. I for one am in favor of carefully monitoring South Yuguria while waiting with a scheme in hand until they get destroyed from the inside.」

「I propose to send reinforcements to Libatis now when they’re in trouble, obliterate the South Yuguria army, and then have the expeditionary force crush that nation.」

The ministers in support of Kenneth speak up.

「As one entrusted with the finances, I agree with the Government Affairs Commissioner. His Majesty has kept this country prosperous, but that wealth is not inexhaustible. We should not be using the assets given to us by His Majesty to protect other nations.」

「I feel the same way as one entrusted with agriculture. No matter how much of an advantage we may have, going to war means soldiers will die and more manpower will be gathered. That would deal a heavy blow to the kingdom’s production of food.」


Next to speak up are those who back Erich. However most of them are soldiers or those in charge of security, who are considered Erich’s proteges, so the king’s response is not as favorable.

「…… I don’t think I am in such a hurry.」

Kenneth smirks.
Erich doesn’t give up.

「Yesterday, another letter was sent to me by Margrave Hardlett, saying “the situation at the border is extremely tense and immediate attention is required.” He goes on to say, “that country will definitely war with Goldonia”, and this is isn’t the first time he’s mentioned this. Moreover, he anticipated the non-aggression treaty would be broken. Should we not spare some consideration for the opinion of Lord Hardlett who is closest to the border?」

「Hardlett, huh. ……I do remember him saying that before. Muu……」

Seeing the king waver, the ministers advocating for Kenneth’s policy express their concerns.

「Lord Hardlett is a soldier…… and the most hot-blooded one too. Of course he would prefer war.」
「I hear the iron production in his land is flourishing. If we go to war, he can sell more iron.」
「He might be trying to obtain another woman under the pretense of war. The ruler of South Yuguria is an empress after all.」

The king goes into thinking while the two men stare at each other.

「Give me some time. I will get back to you in an hour.」

The king withdraws to his room and the tense atmosphere in the room eased slightly.

「Discussing with the information officer again? How could he disregard us ministers……」
「That’s still not the worst. He could be talking with that woman.」
「That bitch who has no knowledge of military or government affairs……?」

Whispering leaks from the group of ministers, loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to distinguish who was speaking.

Kenneth pretends to be calm to hide his faint smile, meanwhile Erich has his arms folded and remains stone-faced with his eyes closed.

King’s Private Quarters.

「This is all the information I acquired.」

The king nods after learning from Rebecca the information not communicated to his ministers.

「I want to focus on the happenings within the country, but I’m concerned about how both the Military Commissioner and Hardlett want to fight. So it’s true that letting Libatis fall is not a desirable outcome.」

「I am of the same opinion, Your Majesty.」

Rebecca agrees with the king.
She also brought forth top-secret information from Lord Hardlett.

「……by the way Rosario, what do you think?」

Rebecca raises her head in surprise.
After all, it was clear that she didn’t know anything about military or government affairs.
The king had been aware of that and was treating her like a pet without asking of her opinion until now.

「Please forgive me, I do not possess the mind to understand anything.」
「I don’t care. Just tell me what you think.」

When urged by the king, Rosario answers with a troubled expression.

「I know war is also a part of Your Majesty’s duties…… but I think it’s preferable to settle the matter with as little fuss as possible.」

The king puts his hand on his chin and contemplates her words.

「Alright, first I will send one army corps, to show my intent to South Yuguria. If they struggle in battle, I can send more reinforcements. That way I can keep the conflict to a minimum. We can stop after driving their army away and we won’t chase too deep.」

「A wise and merciful decision…… His Majesty is a magnificent king.」

When Rosario compliments the king with a blush, he nods contently.

「Hahaha, why are you flattering me now? I’m going to tell the ministers of my policy. ……you, go get ready. I’ll make love to you.」

「I will humbly receive His Majesty’s affection with all my heart.」

「Hahaha, South Yuguria might retreat quickly once they see that one. It might be over in one battle.」

The king walks out of the room laughing, leaving Rebecca and Rosario prostrating on the floor.

「I will be making preparations for His Majesty now, please pardon me if I happen to show you anything unsightly.」
「Not at all……」

Rosario gets naked without hesitation and readies warm water, towels, and a sticky oil-like fluid.
She doesn’t pay any attention to Rebecca’s staring, slathering the fluid over her vagina and asshole.
She’s doing all she can to save the king from having to conduct foreplay.

Rebecca quietly leaves Rosario to her duties.

「I’m back, Rosario.」
「Ah, Your Majesty!? M-my apologies for this appearance――!」

「Your Majesty’s high class member will enter this lowly body of mine…… I am humbled……」
「What are you saying? That body of yours is impeccably beautiful.」

「Your Majesty’s precious seed will flow into my womb…… aah, my body is burning up from such an honor!」
「Eei, saying such cute things. In that case, I’ll burn you up endlessly!」

Rebecca comments emotionlessly as she hears the love affair in the background.

「It has become a difficult problem. Will things go smoothly?」

And so, it was decided that reinforcements will be prepared to assist Libatis.
The king will first send one army corps, a total of 15 000 troops, as a warning to South Yuguria, and will send more depending on the situation.
Commanding that army will be Lord Hardlett.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine)
Gretel (dog wife), Melissa (mother), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Pipi (sortie)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Alice (ass lover), Leah (lover)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (elf), Sofia (asleep), Sekrit (loved one)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (lump of meat), Clara (female attendant)
Celestina (return preparations), Monica (preparing), Adela (asleep)

Celia (sortie), Myla (sortie), Marta (accompanying), Irijina (sortie), Peticheri (under investigation), Luna (sortie), Ruby (sortie), Gido (sortie), Polte (domestic affairs official)
Leopolt (sortie), Tristan (staying at home, happy), Adolph (head of domestic affairs), Claire & Laurie (merchant), Lilian (actress), Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

Brynhildr (angry), Lammy (lamia), Alraune (bare), Mirumi (mermaid)
Pochi (sortie), Messerschmitt (sleeping), Schwartz (sortie), Felteris (erofu)

Citizens: 205,000. Refugees: 10,000
Major Cities – Rafen: 36,000. Lintbloom: 6000. Special Cultivation District: 14,000.

Army: 19 400 men
Infantry: 14 500, Cavalry: 1500, Archers: 1500, Bow Cavalry: 4000, Cannoneers: 400 (reserve bow cavalry mobilized)
Cannons: 60, Large Cannons: 30, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Chariots: 80

Reserve Army: 0 men. Security Unit: 200 men.

Assets: 2050 gold (sortie preparations -8000)

Sexual Partners: 583, children who have been born: 68 + 555 fish

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