Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 401: Central Plains Unification War ? End of the Betrayer
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 401: Central Plains Unification War ? End of the Betrayer

–Aegir POV–

After leaving the responsibility of pursuing the routed enemy eastern army to Leopolt, I returned to Rafen.
He said he would pursue them to the maximum degree, so they must have chased quite far.
If things go well, most of the territory should be recaptured.

With that said, we have not done enough preparations to allow us to proceed further south into enemy nation.
We need food, water and the formation of squads from the recruits I ordered to be conscripted.
I have to stay in Rafen for a few days for that.

Besides that, there is another thing I must do.

I look away from the window where the recruits are continuing to be organized and lower myself into the chair in the office.
It’s been so long since I could sit here and relax.

「……can you stop crying already?」

「Hic…… hic…… ueeeh……」

I tried to say it as nice as possible, but the maid in front of me won’t stop crying.

「You traitor. Do you think you’ll be let off easily if you cry? You’re definitely going to punished accordingly.」

When Celia yells at the maid, she cries even louder.

「You sure act boldly even after betraying the chief. You’re a disgrace to the whole clan.」

「What does a little girl like you know? We’re the ones truly thinking about the future of the clan.」

Meanwhile, this middle-aged man――who is the head of the prominent Gukuto family according to Luna――maintains his brazen attitude.
He snorts at the hounding Luna and Gido, and even puffs out his chest at me.
Perhaps knowing what his fate will be, he apparently hasn’t eaten anything since being captured.

「Now then.」

I flip through the documents given to me by Peticheri and sit in front of the two of them.
That gesture was like the one the king used on Rebecca.
I thought it was cool so I do it again.


By the third time, Myla clears her throat as if telling me to get serious.

「You two are being suspected of providing insider information to South Yuguria. Do you acknowledge that?」

I dislike going through the trial proceedings so I speak decisively.

「Absolutely. It was done with the future of our family and our clan in mind. I have no regrets.」

The shameless one fixes his eyes on me and answers.
I hold out my hand to restrain Luna and Gido as they boil with anger.

「N-no…… I never meant for this…… but I didn’t know what else…… waaaaahn!」

In contrast, the maid sobs and denies the charges against her.
Celia also becomes enraged and puts a hand on her sword, so I rub her head to calm her down.

「Lord Hardlett, it goes without saying that the punishment for giving inside information to the enemy is death to one’s whole family regardless of their standing.」

Myla reminds me with a serious face, which prompts the maid to start wailing more.

Of course, I am aware of the punishments.

「Even if that’s the case, it wouldn’t hurt to hear their circumstances. We have time.」

It would leave a bad taste in my mouth if I simply say “execute them” right away.
I especially want to save the maid somehow since she’s got pretty big boobs.
I could care less about executing the man, but I’m curious about the reason for his betrayal.

My eyes look down at the documents from Peticheri.
Detailed in the resources are the specifics of their acts as well as proof and testimonies, all clearly laid out in writing.
In regards to the testimonies, analysis has been done on the background and past behavior of the witnesses to ensure their trustworthiness, plus various spots had “multiple testimonies available”, “contrary to reality”, or “has personal feelings to the target” appended to note any caveats.

Frankly, I’m sure both of them are guilty after looking at the materials.
In particular, the maid also committed other crimes as well, which I can probably ask her about later.

Let’s go with the impudent man first.

The maid is still crying and is unlikely to feel like talking so I let her be taken to another room.

There is a desk separating me, sitting on a chair in the office, and the man, who is seated on the ground.

「So, you are ……Ize Gukuto of the Gukuto family?」

「Indeed. Ize, the successor of Luga Gukuto, who was the previous head.」

He’s crossing beyond impudent and getting quite arrogant now.

「You guys――」

I glance at Cheri’s documents again.

「Your entire family helped South Yuguria. You told them about a path they could advance on, gathered supplies in advance and built a supply base……You also guided them. On top of finding the base, the family members admitted to it. You can’t make any excuses.」

What an easily-understandable betrayal.
It’s a perfect inclusion to a history textbook.

「I never intended to make excuses in the first place. I simply did what I thought was best.」

「Bastard, how far――!」

Luna’s open palm slaps Ize.
Myla stops the second strike, so Luna resorts to baring her canines and glaring.

「Tell me the reason. I’ll listen to what you deem as necessary.」

That’s all the purpose of me being here.

Ize stares into my eyes.

「Be quick. Staring at me won’t change a thing.」

I adjust myself on the chair and urge him to speak with my hand.
If you’re not willing to talk, I’m going straight to the judgement.
I’m not in a good enough mood to wait for the story of some old man.

「……after submitting to you, the clan has continued to descend into depravity.」

He finally starts talking.
Keep it up until the maid calms down.

「I won’t say not to involve with the people of the plains. Exchanging items, occasionally pillaging, killing, getting killed, that was supposed to be our relationship with you guys!」

「Fumu fumu.」

Butting in won’t help, so I’ll listen further.
I only wanted to hear the reason he betrayed me and don’t have much interest in what he’s talking about now.


That’s why I’ll get Celia, who is standing next to me to protect me just in case, to let me rub her ass while I listen.
Mmm, it feels like her ass has gotten bigger.

Ize babbles on and he seems to become more passionate.

「The young ones of the clan all look forward to going to Rafen, as they call it…… and they all forget about showing gratitude to the mountains――」

Fumu fumu, the flesh is tight as usual, but the surface is getting softer and more womanly.

「Even as sons and daughters of the head, they excitedly wear the clothes and ornaments brought from the plains――」

I can’t say her slender thighs have fully developed as a woman.

「Instead of traditional tools, bows and armor built with the technology from the plains are used during hunts.」

Her underwear doesn’t wedge into her ass enough.
Rita’s ass is big so walking normally would naturally cause the fabric to slip between her ass cheeks.

「Luna and Gido, especially. Your family’s depravity is intolerable. Calling yourself escorts or bow cavalry or whatever――」

「Like a traitor can say anything!」
「How dare you disobey and talk back to the chief!」

I slam my fist onto the desk when they yell at each other.


Ize’s mouth stops moving, and Luna and Gido also control themselves.

「I understand your dissatisfaction from our cultural exchange.」

My fist that slammed into the desk opens up and then I use the nail on my index finger to tap the desk lightly as I continue to speak.
To be real, I mistakenly used too much strength. The desk in the office is excessively sturdy and my hand hurts a lot.

「I understand, but how is that connected to giving information to the enemy?」

I notice Celia trembling beside me.
After apologizing for hitting the desk, I insert my finger into her ass.
I did it over her underwear and stuffed it up to the second joint of my finger.

「If your nation loses, our ties to the plains will be cut. We will once again return to the mountains and like ancient times――」

「Are you stupid?」

I pull out my finger from Celia’s ass, who has been letting out hot sighs for a while.
When she couldn’t help collapsing weakly to the floor, Myla retrieves her.

「It’s a different story if you want to fall into ruin on your own, but if you borrow the hand of South Yuguria, they will come after you instead of me.」

「Those South Yuuguriah people promised. They said “If we destroy Goldonia, we won’t interfere with you again. You can go back to living the same way you did in the past”, and even swore it to the mountains!」

「That’s obviously a lie, you idiot.」

I totally forgot.
The mountain nation are skilled at riding horses and hunting, but they’re not knowledgeable in diplomacy or schemes.

「There’s no saving him.」

Gido and Luna go from angry to stunned.
Well you two were like that at first too.

「I can’t tell if they’re pure or plain foolish……」

Myla also sighs.

「They lied!? Those South Yuguria guys are so cruel!」

Irijina, stay the way you are.
If you have to make a promise, make sure you tell me beforehand.

「I don’t feel angry anymore.」

「Why!? Why are you all vilifying me!?」

Now that Myla has come to my side, I rub her ass in Celia’s stead.

「It is an oversight on my part. I knew it as soon as I found out about the existence of South Yuguria.」

In the eyes of South Yuguria, who made use of different ploys to expand their territory, the mountain nation are like newborn babies.
It’s simpler to trick them than it is for me to lure an innocent little girl into bed with candy.

「I can’t let that comment pass.」

「It’s just an example.」

Unlike a certain pervert, I much prefer rubbing the ass of a full-grown woman like Myla than the ass of a very young girl.
I can’t get enough of the plump mature ass cheeks after all.

I turn back to Ize after getting my fill of Myla’s ass.

「The reason was so bad that I can’t get angry…… however, the same cannot be said of what resulted from it.」

Ize slightly drew his upper body back when he felt the murderous intent from my gaze.

「Because you guided the way for them, we were outsmarted. Rafen was damaged, citizens and soldiers were killed.」

Luna continues further.

「The bow cavalry who came to our aid as reinforcements…… some of your people were hurt as well. They’re young people who didn’t have to die if you didn’t do such unnecessary things. It was all due to the foolishness of you and the members of the Gukuto family.」

Things would be different if he acted alone, except it is a fact that the entire family that was involved.
In other words, they all have to take the blame and normally speaking, they would all have to be executed.

Ize looks like he wants to say something, but I don’t think he can say it’s South Yuguria’s fault for lying at this point.
He bites his lip and looks downward.

「Nothing can change what has already happened. The fate of me and my family will…… guwah!」

I spring up from my chair and kick Ize, stopping him from saying anything more.
He tumbles twice and crashes into the door of the office.

「You fool. You and the men can go die on your own if you want.」

I approach Ize and stare down at him directly from above.

「Do you have any children in your family?」

「……yes, of course.」

「And pregnant women?」

「……yes, probably 30 of them.」

I crouch down to ask the last question.

「And most importantly, what about beautiful women?」

「……three exceptional ones. Two are my lovers.」

I sigh and return to my chair.

「Because of your foolish decision, everyone will die. Not a single one will be left alive. Do you understand?」

「If the chief gives the order, we can root out all of the members of the Gukuto family. We won’t let anyone escape.」

Gido suggests promptly.

There was a brief moment of silence, then the color drains from Ize’s face and his eyes start to dart from place to place.
He must have begun to realize the severity of what he has done.

「Because of me…… everyone will die…… even Tete who cried tears of joy when she became pregnant…… even my grandchild, Cocora, who was born not too long ago…… and my niece who will be getting married next month……」

Ize, who starts to shake, is simply an outdated guy who doesn’t have any evil intentions.

「So he was just misled by South Yuguria, huh?」

「Lord Hardlett.」

Myla reminds me with a cold tone.
I know.

It’s a fact that he and his family provided inside information to the enemy.
If I acquit him, the families of the citizens and soldiers who died in Rafen won’t be happy.
In the worst case, their relationship with the mountain nation, which has recently gotten better, might be ruined.

Severe punishment is definitely needed.
I have one method in mind.

「The cost for being dumb is to be smeared with mud.」

I scribble something on a piece of paper.

「That word there is wrong.」

C’mon Myla, can you not point it out when I’m trying to look cool here?

「Ize, the head of the Gukuto family, was bribed with an exorbitant amount of gold and was promised a future feudal lord status in exchange for turning to the enemy’s side. His family members were not told the truth and all of them were deceived and used to cooperate with the enemy. That should do it.」

Ize will be branded and executed as a cowardly traitor.
Meanwhile, his other family members were merely tricked and, although they will not come out as innocent, they can at least avoid the death penalty.

「I thank you …… for your kindness.」

Ize clutches the document and bows his head deeply.

「Mm, it’s better to settle things quickly. The execution will be done tomorrow in the plaza. Will his family come?」

「I will arrest his daughter and wife and take them.」

Luna replies.
Then we can proceed tomorrow as scheduled.

「Regarding the punishment for the rest of the Gukuto family……」

Ize tenses up.


I can’t think of a suitable punishment. The mountain nation have a peculiar value system after all.

「Gido, what kind of punishment is normal for you?」


Gido folds his arms and thinks.

「First is mass execution……」

That is out of the question. I made sure that won’t happen with Ize’s death.

「More lenient than that would be to turn everyone into slaves……」

Ize looks at me with miserable eyes.
It’s a punishment worse than death in certain ways. I’ll reject that.

「Next is…… taking away land…… I guess.」

Ize nods helplessly.
Then, let’s go with that.

「They’ll be exchanging lands with other families and stationed in the back regions. I’m sure the land will be poorer.」

If they get placed in the hinterlands, their chances of meeting anybody in Rafen will pretty much disappear.

「Don’t tell me that’s all. You can’t be serious. That’s way too light of a sentence.」

Myla says, followed by nods of agreement by Luna and Gido.
Their timing matches so well that I should almost be concerned.

「If you’re too lenient, it does them no good either. Some individuals might decide to give out their own punishments.」

Myla has a point. It would be troublesome if the mountain nation act out against each other.
I’ll have to consider something harsher.

Gido, keep going.

「What about…… taking away their children?」

Ize makes a pitiful face.
I’m not a human trafficker so I don’t want other people’s children. Rejected.

「Then…… take away the women…… ah!」

「That’s it!!」

I rise up from my seat, kicking away the chair in the process.

「You didn’t have to! That was unnecessary!」
「You idiot! You should get punished too!」
「I don’t know what’s going on, but we’re kicking?」

Myla and the revived Celia kick Gido’s shins.
Gido somehow withstands their attacks with his trained body, though sinks to the floor after one blow from the clueless Irijina.

「Y-you mean…… all the women?」

Ize’s voice trembles.

「That’s right. You have to offer everyone, from young girls to mature ladies.」

I add one more thing.

「However, the period will be for one year. After one year has passed, I’ll send them back to you.」

I whisper the next part in Ize’s ear.

「You won’t be able to support the weaker ones in a poor environment. That’s why I’ll look after them, so you can focus on building the foundation of your livelihood.」

Of course during that time, all the women will belong to me.
I absolutely won’t treat them horribly, although getting them pregnant is a given.

「Inform your successor of this: If you don’t have anything to eat, I’ll at least give you food, so come crying to me.」

After Ize finishes listening, he stands up briefly and takes a knee one more time.

「I have no way to thank you for everything you’ve done. You are someone I can respect ……chief.」

Luna and Gido react.

「Realize that sooner, stupid.」

「Haha, seriously.」

I stop Luna and Gido who were about to hold onto Ize’s sides as he was leaving the room.
He’s not going to run away anymore.

「Tonight is the last night.」

I open up a compartment in the desk, take out a bottle and toss it at Ize.
Contained inside is the pollen of alraune.

「Use it if you’re going to sleep with your wife. If you’re a man, show me you can at least leave a child behind on the final night.」

A grin appears on his face as he exits the room.
That should do it. It wasn’t as bad of a development as I thought.

「Alright, next. Has she stopped crying by now?」

Celia brings in the aforementioned maid.

「Aauu…… it hurts…… hic.」

「Hey, don’t grab her by the hair.」

Celia was dragging the maid by her neatly tied hair.
You’re going to make her cry again after it took so long for her to stop.

「C’mon, don’t be scared. I just want to listen to your story. I’ll be happy if you can answer me without crying. You’re Pinette, right?」

I guide the girl to the sofa and sit down beside her.
She can talk easier the closer we are together.
I gently take her hand in mine to comfort her further while my other arm wraps around her shoulder and brings her toward me.

「You were so cool before too……」

「A super lenient sentence is going to be given! I’m sure of it!」

Myla sighs and Celia gets angry, but I’m going to be a fair judge.

I glance down at Cheri’s notes.

Pinette handed blueprints of the mansion and rough sketches of Rafen, detailing the locations of important facilities like the aqueduct, to South Yuguria. If that was all they wanted, they didn’t have to particularly use her and could have learned that by disguising a spy as a peddler.

「You also told them how Adolph was in command, right?」

「Fueeh…… I’m sorry.」

This is the important part.
Adolph, a domestic affairs official with no experience in military matters, was in charge of defending Rafen.
Knowing this information, they could be bolder with their surprise attack on Rafen.

If Leopolt or Myla stayed behind to take command, we would have put up a better fight regardless of whether the attack was expected or not.

Unlike troop count, this information could not be obtained by a spy camouflaging into the city.
Only someone like her who works in the mansion could acquire such knowledge.

「That despicable South Yuguria. Using such a cute maid……」

I show my anger as I hug the sobbing maid.

「You called that man an idiot and a fool, right?」

What’s Myla saying? No one will treat a middle-aged man and a young female equally.

「Now, tell me about your circumstances. You must have had something you couldn’t do anything about, right?」

I rub Pinette’s back to reassure her.
Compared to her childish features and gestures, her breasts are decently big.

「Sniff…… actually……」

Pinette starts to talk.
The reason why she acted as a spy was in fact very troubling.

「I…… recently found someone I like.」

I see.

「This person was addicted to gambling…… he borrowed money from loansharks…… and the amount really spiraled out of control.」

How terrible.

「I wanted to save the person I love…… except my wages and savings was nowhere near enough.」

Fumu fumu.

「After he told me, I went into the mansion’s treasure room…… and took only a little―― hiiiiih!!」

Celia and Myla draw their swords.

「Hey, you’re scaring her.」

What will you do if she cries again?

I pat her head and urge her to continue.

「Only a little, huh?」

「Yes…… I snuck the box on the trolley that looked the most gorgeous…… nooooo!!」

Celia and Myla raise their weapons above their heads, ready to swing.

「What do you mean little when you took the whole box!? I’m cutting her, I’m killing her!」

「The most luxurious box…… isn’t that box the one given by the Emperor of the Federation? Adolph was going crazy when it went missing!」

Aah, that one?
Who would have guessed it was completely stolen.

「A maid shouldn’t have been able to get in the treasure room whenever she wanted. It’s not a lock that can be picked. Explain how you did it!」

「I saw that the treasure room happened to be open coincidentally when the master called the madam. They left to the bedroom without locking it……」

Celia and Myla shift their attention to me.
As the saying goes, it doesn’t matter how impenetrable a fortress is if the guards are slacking off.

「That’s beside the point though. We aren’t here to investigate a theft case.」

Pinette is urged to continue.
She timidly relates the crucial story.

「I took the box with me, although I later calmly thought about it and decided it was too luxurious after all…… so I kept it in my room and took out gold little by little.」

That makes sense.
If such a fancy box was carried by a maid, she would be the center of everyone’s attention.

「When I finally paid back all of his debt…… he learned that I really stole from the mansion and that was when his attitude instantly became cold. He wanted to leave Rafen with another woman……」

Pinette experienced the sad emotions again as she retold the story of being abandoned by the one she loved, except Myla simply put a hand on her shoulder.

「Get to the point quickly.」

Her back straightens fearfully despite me asking nicely.

「Hii, yes!! It was the next day when he disappeared. A young peddler called out to me saying “I know about your theft”.」

We get to the important part at last.

「He told me to do as I’m told unless I want the master to find out…… I drew a map of the mansion and he persistently asked me about who the person in charge of the mansion currently was.」

「And you answered Adolph?」

The maid nods vigorously.

「The master and Leopolt-sama was away so by process of elimination, I thought it had to be Adolph-sama. I was asked to do more things after that…… and since I would be executed if the theft was discovered, I felt like I had to obey…… uuuuu, it was scary knowing my life wasn’t in my own hands……」

The maid collapses in tears.

「I get it. That’s enough.」

She didn’t proactively betray me.
Her weakness was taken advantage of by a spy.

「I understand the situation now. Shall I line her up with that man for the execution tomorrow then?」

Myla begins to write up the documents for the death sentence.

「Let’s hang her family as well. I’ll bring them.」

Celia prepares to head out into the city.


Pinette breaks down and cries.

「Why do you always assume execution?」

Poor Pinette wails as Celia and Myla close in on her.

「On top of laying hands on the money in the mansion, she’s a war criminal who allowed the enemy to ambush us! In a way, her crimes are more serious than that other man’s crimes!」

「Compared to her, the other deathrow convicts are like pi…… p-pee on the roadside!」

I understand where both of them are coming from.
What they don’t understand is that I don’t kill women, no matter what the situation may be.
Also, when that vulgar word left Celia’s mouth, it impacted me a little.

「Can’t we settle this by whipping her ass?」


Myla rejects the idea flatly.

「It’s the same as the other man. The fact that she was arrested by the guards has likely spread throughout the city. Those families who suffered casualties from the attack will lynch you if you grant her a lenient sentence.」

「I don’t want that…… mama……my sisters are young too……」

That would be bad.

「Then let us settle it with only her graciously dying like we did with that man.」

Celia nods in approval.

「I don’t want that either!」

It won’t happen.
Unlike that man, she’s cute and has big breasts.

Besides, I’m also gradually remembering all the hard work she did in the mansion.
She’s clumsy and a bit of a ditz, but she doesn’t have a twisted personality or anything.

She only stole money because she was led astray by a bad man and her timid nature was exploited by South Yuguria.
I want to save her somehow.

「Myla, what is the worst punishment you can think of? Excluding death, that is.」

「Stripping her family name and branding her as a disgrace, perhaps?」

That would apply specifically to a noble, so it wouldn’t work in this case.

「Then…… killing her entire family…… I guess?」

The maid cries, hoping that was a joke. Of course, the suggestion is rejected.

「Then…… imprisonment in a dungeon?」

「A dungeon…… that’s it?」

Myla nods.

「There’s a difference between a man going to prison and a woman going to prison. If a woman, a young and beautiful one at that, goes to prison, all the jailers will no doubt turn her into their sex toy. To make it worse, the prisoners might join in and she’ll be brutally raped repeatedly in the filthy prison.」

Myla shivers when she imagines the possible scene.

「I see…… then let’s go with that.」


Pinette shrieks and faints from the shock.

「It’s the most that can be compromised. If the populace see her worn out with an inflated stomach, they should be satisfied―― piih.」

I give Myla’s forehead a flick.
The surprise caused a cute little sound to escape her lips.

「How can I let a girl who is crying after reflecting on her sins go through something that horrible? Have this arranged right away.」

I swiftly write up a document.

「Ah, you made a mistake. Aegir-sama always gets that wrong.」

It’s Celia this time? Fine, I admit I’m wrong, but keep quiet for now.

「Err, let’s see…… renovating the dungeon? Cover the floor and walls with soft wood, place feather cushions, install a room for toilet purposes, and also install a skylight with sunlight and ventilation in mind…… in the dungeon? This is the dungeon you’re talking about, right?」

「That’s correct. Once the improvements have been made, I’ll hold the trial and sentence her to an indefinite imprisonment in the dungeon. Then, if she has a breakdown like before, she should be fine.」

I’ll leave it as an indefinite time period for now and then let her out when things calm down.
After that, I’ll let her live somewhere in the rural parts of Rafen and there won’t be any problems.


Pinette opened her eyes before I realized.
I approach her and soothingly rub her shoulder.

「Everything will be fine if you leave it to me. You and your family are in good hands.」

「Uu…… thank you very much. Showing me such kindness after I stole and even betrayed you, master is truly a god-like person.」

「There’s no point in condemning you for what’s done. However, punishment is punishment. I won’t let you leave the dungeon……」

I rub Pinette’s breasts and ass.

「By the time you come out of the dungeon, you’ll probably be pregnant. Are you prepared?」

Pinette resigns herself and nods as her face flushes red.

「I don’t know when things will cool down, but when you’re about to give birth, I’ll allow you special permission to visit your family.」

Which means, if she gets incessantly pumped with seed, she can go home in roughly half a year.
Then, when the excitement of the war dies down, she can live happily with a big family.

After the girl bows her head, she is taken away by Myla.

Well, that takes care of that.

There really isn’t any point to giving such punishment in the first place.
Especially with the Gukuto family, we’re essentially crushing our allies and doing what the enemy wants us to do.

In terms of schemes, the enemy has complete advantage over us.
To win, we need to drag them into our ring.
I’ll have Leopolt or Tristan think about something when they come back.

「Is it all over?」

「Not yet.」

Celia opens the door of the office, revealing Rita and Sebastian.

「The duty of managing the maids falls to me, the head maid……not being able to determine if someone stole and gave insider information is an unthinkable scandal. Please punish me harshly as well.」

「Managing the treasure storage is my responsibility. Strict reprimanding comes naturally when a robbery occurs under my watch.」

Rita and Sebastian bow almost as low as the floor.

It’s such a hassle to think of a way to punish them and I want to pardon them, but I get the feeling they won’t accept that decision.
I’ll just give some kind of trivial and ridiculous punishment.

「For Rita――」

「……uu. That can’t be considered punish…… no, I will do as you command.」

Fufufu, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.
I’ll be a little more serious for Sebastian.
He would have nightmares if he does what Rita was told to do.

「Listen to the maid―― and servant―― gently and naturally.」

「Very well.」

The names I gave were listed in Cheri’s report.
They were similarly suspected of being in contact with South Yuguria and might have possibly gotten threatened by them.
Nothing substantial has been done yet, so I’m sure everything will be solved once we get their side of the story.

I’m not very good at getting people to confess politely, plus my status as a feudal lord gets in the way.
Sebastian’s sage-like wisdom will be used to great effect here.

I should be done now, right?

「……you guys too?」

I turn my eyes to Gido and Luna when they return.

「Are you going to take responsibility too?」

「Yes. Failing to hold Gukuto in check is the fault of the entire tribe. I will be the representative along with-」

「Me. I will also take the blame.」

After a moment to think, I open my mouth.


My voice sounded colder than usual.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine)
Brynhildr (gathering), Gretel (concubine), Melissa (fainted), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover)
Mireille (lover), Pipi (aerial bombing), Casie (untraceable), Rita (disciplined), Yoguri (playwright), Leah (injured)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (wealthy person), Sofia (lover), Sekrit (off on her own)
Sebastian (disciplined), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (volunteer soldier), Clara (resignation)
Celestina (weak), Monica (troubled), Adela (embarrassed)

Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Marta (attendant), Irijina (commander), Peticheri (intelligence), Luna (being punished), Ruby (around somewhere), Gido (being punished), Polte (dealing with aftermath)
Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer)
Claire & Laurie (total exhaustion), Lilian (relaxing), Kroll (dealing with aftermath), Alma (dealing with aftermath)

Rafen Defense:
Adolph (dealing with aftermath), Jim (Rafen defense), Suzy (no-good staff officer A), Solana (no-good staff officer B)
Felteris (fishing for men), Alice (relieving fatigue)

Lammy (monster unit), Alraune (potted plant), Mirumi (monster unit), Balbano (meeting and farewell), harpy (equipping with bombs)
Pochi (tactical bombing), Messerschmitt (aboard a flight), Schwartz (horse)

Citizens: 220,000 (uncertain in wartime)
Major Cities – Rafen: 40,000. Lintbloom: 7000. Special Cultivation District: 14,000.

Rafen Defense Force:
Security: 150 men
Guards: 500 men
Volunteer Soldiers/ Recruits: 16 000 men

Under Protagonist: 28 250

Escort Unit: 120
Infantry: 12 000
Cavalry: 1300
Archers: 1400
Cannoneers: 450
Bow Cavalry: 9000
Aless Soldiers: 3980
Cannons: 60, Large Cannons: 30, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Field Artillery: 20, Chariots: 50

On Their Own
Aless Soldiers: 10 000

Assets: 159 500 gold (dungeon refurbishment -100), (found grant money +59 600)
Sexual Partners: 782, children who have been born: 68 + 565 + ???
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    《Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi》