Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 404: First North Coast Landing Battle
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 404: First North Coast Landing Battle

Third Person POV–

North Teries – North Coast

「The enemy ships are coming closer…… filled with soldiers.」

「They’re really coming to where we are…… we aren’t lucky at all.」

Sekrit doesn’t give the enemy anything more than a quick glance despite all the complaints and puts a sausage into her mouth.

「Won’t the messenger we already sent to Patena take two whole days?」

「We don’t even have 1000 here…… the enemy is definitely at least a few thousand, there’s no way we can win……」

Sekrit savagely bites down and tears off a chunk of sausage, the meat snapping crisply.

「Don’t squeak so much, you little birds.」

Sekrit puts a hand on the head of a man next to her and uses it as support to stand up.

Being near 180 cm in height, the other men couldn’t look down on her, but it was her almost-arrogant attitude and her expression filled with confidence that overwhelmed those nervous men.

「The enemy has great numbers? Hmpf, sending that amount of soldiers and ships to land in front us, do they think I’m a mere trembling fawn?」

Sekrit snickers and then grins.
It wasn’t a smile that reassured those around her.
Like the lifting of the corners of a wolf’s mouth when prey appears before it…… that was the kind of smile it was.

Sekrit spits the chewed tip of the sausage onto the ground before going on.

「All hands, get your weapons ready. Don’t do anything yet though. Find something to kill time with until they reach the shore and start disembarking from the ships.」

She immediately gets backlash from her ally soldiers.

「Wait until they land!? We should be shooting them with arrows as soon as they enter our range!」

「That’s right, that’s right! If we shoot them like crazy, the enemy might give up――mmgh!」

Sekrit reaches out with her right hand and seizes the soldier by the lapels.

「Gagh…… w-what…… uugh.」

The soldier grabs Sekrit’s arm with both hands, but he realizes she had more grip strength than he expected and wasn’t able to push her away.

「I told you to do it. Will you obey or be executed or maybe start a rebellion? Choose now.」

Her question rattled the soldiers.

「What’s with the was she speaks…… in the first place, why do we have to move according to this woman’s orders?」

「A proxy of Lord Hardlett, she says…… she probably gained his favor in bed.」

「Then what do we do? Should we find an excuse to throw her out?」

「No, that won’t work. Lord Hardlett would rip us apart. He apparently has the recognition of the Military Commissioner……」

Sekrit smirks when she sees the faces of those soldiers.

「That guy is engrossed with my body. If I tell him that I was teased, I wonder what would happen……fufufu.」

Sekrit throws the man back to the ground, then sits back down in her chair.

At that moment, a lookout shouted loudly to alert of an urgent situation.

「The enemy fleet separated into two groups! One is approaching the shore…… it looks like they’re trying to land!」

The soldiers collectively look to Sekrit for guidance.
They came to the conclusion that it wasn’t time to argue amongst each other.

Sekrit simply grabs the next sausage and takes a bite.

「Are you guys imbeciles? What did I just say?」

The lookout continues to provide updates.

「Small boats are being lowered! They’re finally landing…… they’re right in front of us!」

Sekrit spits out the end of the sausage again, then drinks a few gulps of water.

「Leave them until they come up. If they get caught in the diversion, we can kill them, so stay put with that in mind. We can respond after they start to land. That’s good enough――」

She crosses her brown-skinned thighs again with an air of composure.
The soldiers’ gazes follow the movements of those slender legs.

「The fun time of killing is around the corner.」

Her red tongue licks the glistening oil on her lips.

South Yuguria Landing Army.
Aboard a transport ship affiliated with city state, Meldora.

「So slow―― they’re moving at a crawling speed.」

The captain of South Yuguria’s landing army grumbles in irritation as he watches.

「Hahaha, this isn’t a few dozen we’re talking about. There are 5000 soldiers landing.」

Answering in a carefree manner is the captain of the Meldora ship.

「……to not have large landing crafts or support ships, the Empire is――no, nevermind.」

The army captain mutters.

「Captain, the fleet may be made up of amateurs, but I’m sure Goldonia has no idea how to defend against a landing operation. From what I can see, they don’t have cannons or large weapons. That means we can push through with pure numbers.」

After considering what his subordinate said, the captain also nods in agreement.

Meldora’s ship captain dubiously watches their exchange until his allies start to land, which prompts him to run to the bow of the ship.

「It’s starting! The landing is finally starting!」

The ship captain exclaims excitedly while the commanders of South Yuguria calmly observe the situation.

「The enemy isn’t making a move.」

「Do you think they’re in fear from the difference in troop strength?」

「I hope so……」

When South Yuguria gets close to the shore, they board rowboats and head onto land.
Since the transport ships weren’t specifically made for landing, they couldn’t ride directly onto the shore.

「Landing force is approaching land, they’re disembarking…… aah!?」

Goldonia, who hasn’t reacted since then, suddenly begins to act.
It was during the timing right as the landing army was about to climb off their boats and onto the shore.

「Not good, this is the worst timing……」

The weakest point during a landing is when the small boats are laboriously moving to the coast.
In order to exploit this opening, a large amount of arrows, catapults and ballistae are needed.
Considering Goldonia’s troop strength and equipment, it didn’t seem very realistic.

Then what is the best timing of the present Goldonia?
That would be the moment when the enemy jumps out of their small boats and are trying to regroup on unstable footing.
Naturally, that timing is the worst for South Yuguria.

「Enemy light infantry are rushing in!」

「They’re firing a concentrated volley of arrows!」

「Something is being pulled out…… that’s a fence with wheels? They’re lining them up along the coast!」

Both armies clash in knee-deep, and depending on the location up to waist-deep, water.
However, the conditions for both sides are not equal.

Goldonia is pushing out from land and are in well-organized ranks on the sand bar.
Meanwhile, the South Yuguria soldiers are split up into groups according to how many can fit inside the small boats and are running ashore as soon as they can. They don’t have time to form ranks.

Furthermore, Goldonia’s archers can provide supporting fire from a secure place, compared to South Yuguria’s archers who are forced to shoot from the wobbling boats.

「Uwa, don’t rock the boat! You’re going to make me shoot our allies!」

「You’re the one shaking it after every shot!」

With most of the archers being inexperienced at shooting on unstable footing, they become useless.

It’s possible to shoot from the larger and more stable transport ships, but there is a risk of grounding the ship if they move too close to the shore.

Under those unfavorable conditions, the soldiers of South Yuguria, who were supposed to dominate with greater numbers, collapsed like sand.

「At this rate, the vanguard will be annihilated! Send the rearguard right away, what are you doing!」

「I-I know, but it isn’t that easy……」

The ship captain rushes to communicate with a rapid succession of flags and smoke signals.
However, transport ships are already sluggish to begin with, and with a melee breaking out near the water’s edge involving the small boats and transport ships, the reinforcement can not proceed smoothly.

Seeing such a disgraceful display, the captain of the South Yuguria landing army yells impatiently.

「Enough! Let all of us land over there!」

He points to a certain area in front of a small village somewhat distanced from where the combat was taking place.
The shallow beach wasn’t large enough to be called a port, but had fishing boats tied alongside the shore and arguably suitable for landing.

「It’s away from the fighting.」

「That’s the point. It’s not easy for the enemy to move now when they’re engaging the vanguard. When our main force is on land, they won’t be able to do anything no matter how far away we are! Run the transport ship up there!!」

「That would make the ship usel―― hiih, understood!」

A sword was held up to the reluctant ship captain’s face.

The fleet changed direction at once and moved to the designated land mass.
As the distance to the village decreased, tension built up within all those aboard.

And then, the ship suddenly grinds to a halt, accompanied by a low rumbling sound.


「What was that!?」

Everyone screamed and fell forward as the boat violently lurched. Some were even thrown overboard and into the water.

「The ship’s grounded!」

「No way, we’re still far from the shore! A reef shouldn’t be……」

Before he could finish, there was another loud rumbling and the sudden stopping of a different transport ship.
Due to its speed, the bow of the ship was torn apart, which quickly led to the entire vessel tipping over.

Even the ships that altered their course in fear of hitting the reefs bump into something and sink, capsizing in the blink of an eye.

「Something in the riverbed…… the reef…… no, it’s a bed of large rocks!! It clearly looks like someone’s handiwork!」

Everyone was rendered speechless.

「They predicted that we would try to land here out of all the places on the wide river? That’s impossible……」

Looking closer, there were more than rocks under the water.
Logs and iron rods were stuck into the riverbed.

Nevertheless, they were not given any time to be surprised.
The lookout points upstream and lets out a piercing cry.

The captain of the South Yuguria forces aboard the grounded, immobile transport ship takes off his hat and mutters.

「It turns out we’re the only amateurs here. I don’t get how Goldonia would have a master at surface warfare――」

Impact sounds continue to resound.

Goldonia Camp.

「The enemy transport ships are grounding one by one! They fell for it beautifully!」

Hearing the report, Sekrit crosses her legs happily.

「And the finishing blow?」
「Smoke signal has already been…… there it is!」

The finisher she referred to was a large collection of lumber flowing downstream.

A number of logs, which were sent along the river where the water was calculated to be fast enough, attacked the grounded transport ships and nearby ships brought to a standstill, and destroyed the sides and hulls of the ships.

Ships start crashing into the broken ships while others try to veer away only to ground themselves.
Countless enemy soldiers were hurled into the water and can been struggling desperately against the current.

「We can’t finish them outright without cannons or similar weapons, so this will have to do.」

Sekrit extends her right hand.

「H-here you go!」

A Goldonian soldier hands her a cup, his attitude completely different from before.

「Their most optimal move was undoubtedly a forced landing near that vicinity. Choosing to play that move against an enemy who had time to prepare was not the right decision.」

When Sekrit extends her legs, another soldier wipes off the dirt on her shoes.

「It’s quite regrettable though. If I had at least ten or twenty battleships, the fight would have been more entertaining.」


Sekrit uses the girl waiting beside her as a platform to stand up.

「To make up for that…… I’ll have fun with them.」

Her gaze was directed at the pathetic enemy who just lost their rearguard.

「The battle has already been decided. The enemy is getting back into their small boats and running……」

He doesn’t finish.
That’s because Sekrit kicked the soldier in the crotch.

「Are you an idiot? Who ends a party in the middle?」

A malicious smile appears on her wonderfully imposing face.

「Those running away, those too frightened to move, those who surrendered, kill them all. Give the enemies trying to play dead a few stabs too.」

Everyone aside from Sekrit was at a loss for words.

「The soldiers thrown overboard from the grounded ships will also be taken here by the current. They’ll be exhausted from swimming so they’re ripe for the kill. All of you, gather on the shoreline.」

Hell ensued.

Enemy soldiers, whose desire for victory had already petered out, rush to the remaining small boats to return home.
As they abandon their weapons and cling to the boats, arrows ceaselessly rain down on their heads, sinking one soldier after another.

Even soldiers who tried to escape to deeper parts of the river where their feet couldn’t reach the ground were shot and then drowned.

「T-that’s it. We surrender! We surr―― ugyaaah!!」

Multiple spears impale the soldier who throws away his weapon and gives up.

「Gehoh. gehoh!」
「F-finally…… the shore……」

Enemy soldiers who were carried away along the river from their stranded boats reach the sand bar completely out of breath.
Their last memory would be of several Goldonia soldiers swinging down swords at them.

Among all the deathroes, pleading and begging for life, Sekrit was the only one laughing.

「Uwaa…… that’s too much.」

「I think she’s an incredible person…… but I can’t. I can’t follow her.」

「Hahahaha!! Look, the North Teries is dyed red. You don’t see that everyday! Ahahahaha!!」

Sekrit calmed down and looked around her with a slightly flushed face.

「Uwa, she looked over here.」

「She laughed…… how scary.」

Soldiers avoid eye contact and distance themselves from her.

「……like I thought, battle arouses me. Someone go one round with me.」

「「「I will!」」」

Hands of all the men were raised at the same time.
Sekrit evaluates each person……

「……although I want a man, it wouldn’t be fun if that guy to sulked. Let’s go with you.」


Sekrit grabs the hand of the girl refilling the water pitcher.
All the soldiers slowly lower in disappointment and they return to their duties.

It happened right as Sekrit was about to drag the girl into a tent.

「……you fiend!!」

What looked to be a corpse of a South Yuguria solder woke up suddenly and rushed at Sekrit furiously with a sword.

「Hmph, don’t know when to die, huh?」

Sekrit lets go of the girl and draws her sword.
But she would not expect what happened next.


The girl panicked from the crossing of anger and murderous intent and clinged to Sekrit’s leg.

「Tch, get off!」

Sekrit was able to shake loose from the girl, but compromised her centre of gravity.
For a one-armed person like her, that proved fatal.

「Die, you fiend! This is for my friend――!」

Despite falling to the ground on her ass, Sekrit bared her canine and raised the sword in her right hand.
The enemy swings at her with full force.

And then, a dull sound like flesh being hit can be heard.

Time passes in silence for a few seconds.

「Woman, you owe me one for saving you. By the way, do you know a city named Patena and a woman named Sekrit?」

A short, fat man―― or rather, a man who seemed like his body was compressed until he was short, asks in a low voice.

「……Patena is east and Sekrit is me.」

Sekrit replies to the man――to Balbano, who falls with a thud to the ground on his knees.

「Oooh, finally…… I’ve finally found you! On this endless journey, it felt like I traveled around the world three times! Fuhahahaha, bring me some strong booze!!」

Even Sekrit was in awe of the short-statured Balbano who expresses his relief with a joyful chuckle.

「I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m sure it has something to do with that guy. So, do you want a woman for your troubles? One who nearly killed me.」

Sekrit gives the scared girl a tug on the cheek before pushing her towards Balbano.

「I don’t want some thin girl. They can’t be considered women unless they have more muscles and more hair.」

Thus, South Yuguria’s first landing was foiled by Sekrit.

–Aegir POV–


As I calmly sit on the sofa, Celia scurries busily beside me.

「There, all the preparations are complete. Tomorrow, we can head west without delay!」

Celia double-checks her bags and smiles.

「I’m all done too!」

Irijina is carrying way less baggage.
In fact, she only has her spear and food.


The one who sulks in a huff is Myla.

Following the total annihilation of the enemy’s eastern army, we plan to depart out west to fight another battle.

Most of the army, including the bow cavalry and Aless soldiers, will be accompanying us.
That leaves behind the recruits gathered from various regions nearby.

Their job is to flaunt their strength to prevent ambushes while also retaking the land currently held by the small handfuls of enemies, and if an opportunity arises, move further south to Malt……
Although it seems they are tasked with many responsibilities, with the eastern army of the enemy eliminated, they shouldn’t have a hard time as long as they don’t do anything reckless.

「Oh, sure. You can leave anybody to do the job and feel at ease.」

I picked Myla as the commander.
In other words, we’ll be parting for a while and that’s why she’s sulking.

「That’s not what I mean.」

I wrap my arm around Myla and hug her close to me.

「I was seriously worried during the ambush on Rafen. Same with Lintbloom. Leopolt was outwitted too. I can’t have that happen a second time.」

I push Myla onto the sofa and kiss her neck and cheek.

「To begin with, it’s my mistake to clump you in with Leopolt and Tristan to focus on the enemy in front. Having a person as skilled in defense as you protecting this place will give me the peace of mind I need.」

I didn’t lie.
Although they are green recruits, they number close to 30 000.

If Myla leads them, the recapturing of the territory will be done in no time, and in the event of a large scale enemy attack, her defense-oriented skills can buy enough time until a plan is drafted.

「I’m leaving this important duty to you because I trust you more than anyone else. It isn’t because I want to leave you here.」

I suck strongly on her neck in closing.

「……fine. I’ll be sure to meet your expectations.」

Myla and I exchange looks.

「Ahem, ahehehemm!!」

Celia clears her throat repeatedly like she has a coughing fit.
Be careful not to overdo it now or your throat will become sore.

「Don’t get frisky in the living room. Myla-san, what are your hands and legs doing!?」

While laying on the sofa, Myla’s legs have spread open unconsciously.
Kroll, who was doing chores in the living room, had to awkwardly avert his eyes from her fully exposed underwear.

Her hands were stroking my crotch through my pants.
Myla’s become quite the pervert.

「Anyways, I’m counting on Myla-san to watch over the territory starting tomorrow.」

Celia quickly darts out of my field of vision.



I couldn’t see what kind of face Celia made to Myla.

「Uuuu…… it’s vexing after all! I wanted to go too!」

All I know is that Myla stomped her feet in frustration.

「Sorry to interrupt……」

The door opens slightly and a delicate voice speaks softly.

「Ah, it’s the cheater.」

「No, I’m not!」

The one Celia called a cheater was Adela.

She squeals and jumps into my chest.

「Oh, I know you’re not. You did it for the sake of the family. It was a quickly-drawn conclusion, that’s all.」

After the attack on Rafen, there was a bit of an incident with Adela.

We intended to return to the mansion after the fighting was done, however we had to deal with the kidnapping of Melissa, and so the first one to enter the mansion was Gildress.

Adela saw him walking heavily, half-naked and with swagger, so she mistakenly thought the enemy was upon her.
She apparently stood in front of him to protect Carla, Mel, and the others, who were hiding in the basement.

And so Adela claimed that she was the legal wife of the Hardlett family, ripped off her dress and provoked him to torment her.
Having Gildress as an ally is nice, except he’s a helpless womanizer and pushed Adela down, feeling like it’s his duty as a man to fuck any naked woman he sees.

Adela yelped and resolved herself to be violated.
If I arrived a few seconds later, Gildress would have penetrated her.

When I saw Gildress mounting Adela, I kicked him in the crotch with all my might.
Gildress finally realized it was all a misunderstanding from that impact, and the entire matter was settled.

「It was a really close call…… that giant thing was up against the entrance…… he simply needed to thrust his hips forward.」

Adela rubs my shoulder and nestles into me.

「It’s not your fault. It’s all Gildress’s fault.」

Not to mention, he only complained a little bit of pain despite his balls getting kicked by my full strength and walked away like he had no care in the world.
He is definitely someone who thinks with his dick.
Proof of that is how needlessly big his thing is.

「Its size…… ahaha, it’s like the man of the east and west.」

Adela smoothly proceeds to bring her face to my crotch.

「You’re amazing as usual…… but, you still can’t cum?」

「Yeah, I can’t.」

Ever since Sekrit’s injury, I haven’t ejaculated once.

It’s an abnormal situation, but I can’t do anything about it.

「We’ll meet up with Sekrit in the west. I’m sure things will work out.」

Balbano sortied ahead of time too.
It’s a week-long journey on carriage.

「Then, it’s about time……」

I stand up promptly.
For some reason, Celia copies me and stands up.

「Are you going to the dungeon to fuck the traitor maid?」

Celia distrusts me.


I open the door and walk out of the room. I hear Celia’s footsteps behind me.

「Then will you gobble up the women of the Gukuto family who arrived today?」

How persistent, Celia.

「No, not that either.」

I pause and think before turning left into the corridor.
Celia’s short steps chase after me.

「Ah, if you want to fuck the captured female commander, make a right.」

「Like I said, that’s not it.」

I stop moving, turn around 180 degrees and walk briskly in the opposite direction.
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