Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 474: Change
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 474: Change

――Three Weeks Later.

We continue our march within the Altair territory.

「Today, we also defeated a thousand-man army and pushed up the warfront! We’ll be allowing the Supreme Commander to advance so the order is to stay alert of the surroundings.」

Celia relays the message that was told to her by a messenger from the headquarters where Erich is.

「Got it. Irijina, take some men with you and look around the area…… we have to follow orders.」

I fix Celia’s hair which got messed up from running in a hurry, adjust the collar of her shirt, and pat her visibly tender ass over her pants.
It’s cute how her ass wiggles away from me, insisting this is not the place for such activities.


Irijina answers in an unusually reserved tone and departs.
I guess she can’t really get her spirits up.

「We haven’t experienced any losses in these three weeks after all.」

「The plan to provoke the enemy using the Altair faction as bait seems to be going well. On another note, five people from the penal unit disobeyed the rules so we hung them. Two committed theft of fellow members, two committed acts of abuse to citizens, and one deserted.」

Myla states coldly.

Ever since Erich saw her have sex in an upside-down position, she’s been in this absent-minded state, but she still properly carries out her duties when she’s on the battlefield.

「This is what Her Grace said. “God is――”」

In the corner of my eye, Altair and Remia are explaining God’s instructions or something to the surrendered citizens.
With each fight, the number of people who surrendered increases by a small amount and the group slowly expands.

「After our consecutive battles and consecutive victories, we have progressed this far since last week.」

I urge Schwartz to walk forward and step up on a hill with a nice view.

「Yes. Even that……」

Headquarters is relocating below the hill.
Irijina is lazily patrolling the vicinity with 10 other cavalry.
It’s not like they really need to do so.

「Is it about 1 km?」

「No, it’s closer to 800 m.」

I casually shrug my shoulders and then pinch Myla’s nipple through her clothes.

「Kyaa!? G-gosh! What if someone else sees!?」

That’s right, we’re marching after winning successive battles.
However, we are close enough to the place we were at three weeks ago that we can still see it…… in other words, we haven’t made much progress.

「The enemy is effectively deploying the regular army from other areas when they see the national volunteer corps getting confused by our strategy. It’s because that kind of provocation is essentially a farce to everybody except for those born in Altair.」

Myla states in a serious tone while rubbing her chest with a troubled expression.
It seems her nipple became erect.

「The reason they haven’t counterattacked is likely because their main objective is to stall for something rather than defending. Eei.」

Celia scoffs in disgust as she flicks Myla’s other nipple.

「They respond quickly, not that I thought we could breakthrough with this petty trick in the first place.」

With both nipples now hard, Myla helplessly flares up at Celia.

「In any case, what’s certain is that we must continue winning. We must not grind to a halt, even if we have to move at a turtle’s pace, to maintain our morale. The Military Commissioner also knows that, which is why he is advancing the headquarters little by little.」

While the two women are wrestling to pinch each other’s nipples, I hear a calm and collected analysis beside me.

「……is your body already healed?」

「Yes, as you can see.」

The voice belongs to Gido.
Leopolt is not here right now.

Gido raises his left leg which was injured so severely that he couldn’t move it.

「So you made a full recovery. Impressive.」

「I can ride a horse and fight without any issues. I’m back to my former strength.」

To go from a near fatal injury to near perfect condition in this brief period of time is nothing short of a miracle.

「Yeah, back to normal…… my leg is…… back to normal.」

Gido doesn’t seem to be as happy as I thought he would be.
On the contrary, there is no light in his eyes.

Holding back tears, I turn my face up at the sky.
And I remember what happened that day.

~That Day (Flashback)

「How is Gido doing?」

「He is undergoing surgery. If you may be so kind as to stay quiet……」

When I went to visit Gido, I was stopped in front of the medical tent.
The worried Rukino and Seika, who could care less, were standing there.

I’d hate to get in the way so I guess I’ll minimize the amount of noise I make.

「Can we really trust that doctor?」

「He’s greedy for money, unfriendly, and doesn’t have a single friend…… but I was told that his surgical skill has been verified and he was willing to risk his entire life as a doctor……」

A gasp escapes from inside the tent as if to prove Rukino’s words.

And then I hear the conversation between the aforementioned shady doctor and the doctor in charge.

「Fuh, the shattered bones are impeding the movement of the joint. I will remove them……」

「S-so fast! What a speedy yet also precise incision!」

The doctor, who should have remained calm in his old age, couldn’t help showing his astonishment.

「The tendon is also tearing. However, if I do this……」

「I-I’ve never seen a method like that!」

Despite being told to keep quiet, the voice inside the tent was quite loud.

「So the crotch is next.」

「It was severed at the root for fear of further infection. Even you can’t do anything about this……」

「Hmp, it is my policy to complete the job I was given without complaining once I’m paid. Pass me the scissors.」

It sounds like they are about to begin working on the most crucial part.

「I will transplant tissue from here. Not a big deal, it’ll be like a little handicraft.」

「S-such skill! It’s like magic.」

Magic or whatever, just heal him.

「It’s fortunate that we didn’t lose the part which was unable to be restored. Transplanting from another person would have been very risky.」

「I don’t know what you’re saying, but your abilities truly transcend those of every other doctor……」

This might work.

「Hm? Did I make a mistake…… no, nevermind. I’ll continue.」


Hey wait. What was that just now?

Afterwards, the two in the tent became silent and the surgery proceeded peacefully.

「It’s done.」

The shady doctor removes his bloody clothes and emerges.

He seems shocked when he sees my face, although he doesn’t use an overly flattering tone, and instead simply snorts sarcastically.

「I see, they could pay 500 gold because of you.」

「No, if it’s something Gido promised, he’s the one paying.」

I wouldn’t purposely stick my head into his business, that would diminish Gido’s determination.

「Money aside, is Gido healed?」

「I was the one who did the surgery, so of course. He will need to rest two weeks until the wound closes, but he can run and jump with his leg like before.」

I already knew about that from what I heard during the surgery though.

「Actually, I wanted to ask about his crotch――」

「Lord Hardlett, this is the contract agreeing to pay me 500 gold.」

The shady doctor interrupts and presents the document to me.
Before I can say anything, he rips the paper to shreds.

「I’ve decided not to accept the payment because I messed up the surgery. Now, if you will excuse me.」

As the pieces of confetti dance in the air, the doctor leaves without turning back.
He looked a little cool doing that.

And then, I hear a groan from inside the tent.

「Urgh, the surgery…… chief?」

Gido, still drowsy from having woken up, reverts to calling me chief, but I don’t point it out.

「Gido, your leg is healed. You can run again.」

A smile forms on his face.

「Also, he tore up the contract. He left, saying you didn’t have to pay, isn’t that good?」

「He has…… always been that kind of man. He seeks the appropriate price for perfect work but deems anything less than perfection worthless and won’t accept any money.」

「Wait a minute. It wasn’t perfect? Where? Which part wasn’t perfect?」

The doctor and I look out the window, basking in sentimentality.

「That guy…… he’s an unbelievable quack doctor who strayed from the ideal of saving people without discrimination.」

「At the same time, it’s good to have at least one guy like that, don’t you think?」

「My leg healed right? Wait, don’t tell me…… take this bandage off!」

Rukino and Seika hold down Gido as he attempts to move.

In the process, the bandage loosens and exposes his crotch.

「Ara, how cute.」

「Kyaa!? ……pfft.」

Rukino and Seika both inadvertently comment on what they see.

Protruding from the bandages was a 3 cm stub. Yes, it was 3 cm.

(End of Flashback)

「Since then…… how has it been?」

「Yes. Well, it doesn’t hurt and I can pee normally, so it’s a huge success. Hahaha!」

Gido’s eyes are as dark as the night of a new moon.

「Sorry, I have to go see the doctor now. He’s persistent about checking on me as a precaution.」

When Gido turned around, an unfamiliar girl stood in front of him.

「Um…… Gido-sama……」

「You are……Runya.」

Judging by Gido’s reaction, she’s someone he knows.
She’s most likely some girl he attracted from somewhere. Did she come to celebrate his recovery?

「Look Runya, my leg has healed. If you have time, we can sneak away on a long ride.」

He has guts to say sneak in front of me.

「About that…… I came today to bid you farewell.」


Gido freezes.

「I heard from the doctor…… that after the surgery ‘it’ became 3 cm. I adored you because you had a pretty face and large genitals.」

This is a grave situation.

「Having only a pretty face won’t make up the difference of a 3 cm thing…… I think I’d rather be together with someone who has a bigger one. I’m sorry.」

The girl bows her head and runs off.


「Aren’t you going to the doctor? I’ll come with you.」

I grab the speechless Gido’s shoulder and walk with him, comforting him along the way.

「Don’t worry about getting rejected. We can go to the brothel together…… or that might be hard with only 3 cm. The bar it is then.」

In the end, Gido’s regular inspections were no longer necessary.
His wound has fully closed and there is no chance for him to recover any further.

Going to the doctor also reminded me of my own physical condition, so I paid a visit to Natia.


Natia listens while opening the window in preparation of running away.

「I just want to consult you about something…… why are you on such alert?」

She shifts her center of gravity to the back, ready to jump backwards immediately if I stepped forward.

「……of course I’ll be cautious when you take off your pants every time you enter a woman’s room!」

Natia hurls a nearby paperweight and pear at me.
The paperweight hits my balls and bounces off whereas the pear hits my dick and explodes. Man, what a waste.

「I promise I won’t assault you. I just wanted you to check on a slight change in my condition.」

「……you promise?」

Natia reluctantly relaxes and approaches.
Then, she blindfolds me.

「This is for insurance.」

I said I wouldn’t attack, you have so little trust in me.

「So, what kind of change was it?」

My dick experienced multiple problems as a consequence of my injury and side effects from Natia’s ointment and the elf chieftesses’ stimulant.
My abnormal erection would not go away for an extended period of time and I had to ejaculate once every hour or risk semen building up to the point that my balls would explode.
Those symptoms did not improve.

「Lately, the frequency in which I had to ejaculate decreased. The one hour interval has now become three or four hours. When I usually hold it in, I usually feel a sharp pain in my balls, but not anymore.」

「Doesn’t that just mean you’ve healed? It’s not like the side effects last forever.」

I was hoping that was the case, however something seems strange.

「No, the amount I need to eat and drink hasn’t changed. Also, my erection still won’t go down naturally.」

Ever since I’ve been afflicted with this condition, I’ve had an insatiable appetite and unquenchable thirst.

「……fine, let me take a look. Don’t do anything weird.」

Natia’s hand timidly touches my dick.

Being touched while blindfolded is oddly erotic.
It’s close to the feeling of being humiliated by a woman or being dominated.

The inspection ends as I imagine Natia shaming me.

「……I get it.」

Okay, tell me what’s wrong. What’s happening with my body?

「The reduction in the frequency and the lack of pain is caused by the same thing…… your semen is probably becoming thicker.」

Natia averts her gaze while poking my balls with a rod-like object.

「The weight of your testicles have increased greatly compared to the slight increase in size. I think that the amount of semen is being maintained so as to avoid your balls exploding and instead the density is increasing. Your body is……adjusting, I guess.」

I see, so that means I’ll be more or less fine if I hold it in.

「In addition…… this part is also strange.」

She pokes my shaft this time.

「Normally, if it stays hard all the time and blood stops flowing, your thing would rot. However, in your case, the blood vessels are compensating by gradually expanding…… try flexing.」

I do as I’m told and tense up my stomach.
I didn’t think there would be any difference with my dick already rock hard, but……

「Mu, it seems I can go up another level.」

When I hold my breath and strain my abs to keep my dick propped up, I can tell my blood is circulating throughout the entire length of my throbbing penis.
I can’t actually see it with a blindfold over my eyes though.

「Hiiih!? I knew it was strange!! They’re more like tentacles than blood vessels at this point!! The bumps also seem closer to fleshy spikes! This thing doesn’t belong to a human!! You monster!」

「Hey, what’s going on? I can’t see.」

Natia ignores my plea.

「It’s shaped so grotesquely…… it has tentacles and bumps all over…… and the tip is like this…… it resembles a cobra.」

I hear Natia clear her throat and then she makes me hold a beaker in my hand.

「I might as well examine the semen too, so let it out. I’ll wait outside.」

I follow Natia’s presence and grab her hand before she can leave the room.

「Wait. A man’s seed won’t come out if he rubs it alone. A woman has to be standing beside him.」

「Eh, is that how it works? Sorry, I didn’t know.」

I sense Natia sitting herself on the bed.

「……you’re not going to help?」

「I can’t. I’m facing the other way.」

I guess I’m forced to do it myself.
I sit cross-legged on the floor.

How embarrassing.
If I remove the blindfold and find myself in the middle of a war council, I don’t know what I’d do.

「Here I go, Natia.」

「You don’t have to announce it.」

And so I supplied my semen for research purposes to Natia, who I felt peeking at me occasionally.

「Well, the war front hasn’t moved even after I’ve relieved myself. I might as well head to the bar with Gido.」

I stretch and exit Natia’s tent.

As reluctant as I am to leave, I can’t help it when she throws a glass bottle at me.
Relying on her presence and squeezing out a final shot at her must have been a bad idea.

I initially hear an angry Natia screaming in the tent and then her tone changes to that of wonder.

「What are all these moving lumps…… w-wait, can it be semen!? Not only did the semen become thicker, the sperm itself grew bigger…… eh, eh, impossible! This will surely get even animals pregnant……is he really a human!?」

Although I can’t make out what she’s saying exactly, it’s probably some kind of complaint.
I better run quickly or she’ll throw something else at me.
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