Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Chapter 494: Final Negotiations: Part 2
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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
Author :Ofuro Ashitsubo
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Chapter 494: Final Negotiations: Part 2

The naked body that appeared in front of me suddenly caused me to freeze up at a loss for words.

I watch as the last article of clothing drops to the floor.
Wilhelmina does not hide any part of her body and simply stands straight with her hands on her hips.

「What beautiful breasts……」

Like being pulled by an invisible string, I also stood up.

They are not big. At best, their size is average, if not slightly smaller.
What’s scary is how well-shaped they are. The roundness, color and balance can be considered perfect.
Even the light pink tips decorating the center of the mounds are impeccable.

Out of the many breasts I’ve seen, this has to be the second time I’ve seen a pair as lovely as this.

「If you swear your fealty to me, you may do as you wish with them.」

I conjure up all the reasoning in my body to endure. If I relax for even a split second, my mind and mouth will answer automatically.

My heart begins to beat twice as fast.
I thought for a second I was experiencing arrhythmia, but that wasn’t the case. My lower half seems to be growing larger and pulsing in time with my heartbeat.
The stirring noise of semen being produced in my balls reaches my ears too.

Thinking it would be dangerous to continue staring, I glance down.
However, that was a bad move.

Flawless silk-like white skin extends from her chest to her belly button.
Running my eyes from her clearly defined collar bone to her flat stomach and narrow waist, I don’t find an ounce of excess fat.

With that said, she isn’t overly thin either.
I can tell, even without touching, from the rising and falling of her abdomen every time she breathes that her body retains a woman’s natural softness.

Ever since I saw her breasts on the battlefield, for the next short while, I could not forget them no matter who I slept with.
That level of arousal has multiplied now that her entire body is revealed.

I feel pain in my crotch and the coldness of the metal from the armor on my body.
My penis must be swelling up so much that it tore through my underwear.

I lower my gaze further.
Her private parts are hidden by her crossed legs so I stare at her ass and thighs.

Wilhelmina’s butt and thighs are voluptuous compared to her slender upper body.
Any man would dream of holding those soft legs while slamming his hips against her ass.
Her body has the appeal of a work of art combined with the allure of a flesh-and-blood woman.

「Your breathing is rough. Do you like what you see?」

「No, well……」

I stop myself from almost nodding reflexively. Saying whether someone meets or doesn’t meet your preferences is what an average person would do.
When you reach my level, preferences are irrelevant.

「You’re like a goddess.」

「Hooh. A compliment?」

Wilhelmina takes one step forward. Her waist-long black hair sways as she stands with her legs spread apart.


I fall on one knee.

The jet black color of her pubic hair that matches her hair seems to draw me in……although the color itself is the same, there is something fundamentally about her hair that is different to my dirty hair. It’s like she has the perfect amount of hair compared to my overgrown bush. This part alone can be a work of art.

Sadly, her privates are still covered by her hair, but that also excites my heart.

It might seem like Wilhelmina is selling her body like a slave girl while I evaluate the goods――to the casual observer that is.
In reality, I’m the one being pressured.

Wilhelmina is exposing her body boldly without shame or desire to please me, almost like she wants me to yield.
On the other hand, I’m on my knee with an unsightly erection, hoping to peek at the gap in between her legs.
There is no contest.

I promptly stand back up.
I’m glad I wore armor. Otherwise, my member would have sprung up, worsening my already pathetic appearance.

「Sorry, my loyalty will not waver in the face of a single exquisite woman’s body. Let’s end the seduction here.」

My body is already pleading to embrace the female in front of me.
As for my heart, it has reached a point where finding a reason to endure is getting difficult.

I pick up Wilhelmina’s clothes from the floor and secretly sniff them before draping them on her shoulder.
I wonder how she got her body to smell like flowers. That should be against the rules.

「I heard you were weak against women. That seems to be incorrect.」

Wilhelmina says mockingly as her green eyes fixate on me.
I’m getting used to the intimidating veil now.

It’s because I think of myself as a negotiator on equal terms with Wilhelmina that I’m being overwhelmed.
If I just treat her as a goddess, her oppressive aura feels pleasant.

She covers her body with the clothes I offer and swiftly grabs my arm.

「Let me mention by the way that you will not only be tasting my body.」

She took my arm before I could reply.

「You see, I’m a virgin.」


Wilhelmina goes on.

「I have not been embraced by a man or kissed, and I have zero sexual experience. If for some reason you felt like doing it now, I wouldn’t know what to do except open up my body.」

Her beautiful breasts sandwich my arm.

「Meanwhile, you have been with hundreds of women. Do you think a virgin like me can stand up to that?」

My arm slides down to her navel.

「If you drag me to bed, that’s the end. What else can I do except writhe around screaming while you do as you please?」

I can’t help picturing the scene she stated plainly in my mind.

I spread Wilhelmina’s legs and thrust my hips forward――
The symbol of her virginity tears, her lovely body arches backward and she tries desperately to slide away.
I prevent her from escaping by grabbing her hips and furiously pound away.
Her beautiful face warps, her white skin flushes red, and her genitals are mercilessly stretched to fit around the shape of my penis……

「I will cry, moan and know my first sense of pleasure in your arms. You will train me thoroughly.」

She doesn’t speak in a sugary voice to ignite my lust, her tone is closer to a matter-of-fact recitation.
For that reason, the scene plays out in my head.

「Eventually, I will become your prisoner. I will look at you with feverish eyes and frantically search for you if I am unable to be with you for one night.」

I imagine the scene of myself sitting on a throne while Wilhelmina clings to my leg, pleading for me to keep her company with wet eyes.

「I will have essentially become your puppet. You can color me any way you want and I will be an empress in name alone, while you are in fact the true ruler of the Central Plains. If you are confident in your sexual prowess, it is something you can aim for.」

Wilhelmina’s hand pulls away, erasing my delusions.

I see, if I change to Wilhelmina’s side, I can claim her virginity.
If I fight hard for that opportunity, conquer her body with my dick, that might indeed be possible.

「It’s a droolworthy offer――but I’ll pass.」

I hug Wilhelmina’s shoulder and adjust the clothes she just put on.

「You are a wonderful woman. Honestly, if I weighed you against duty and loyalty, I might have chosen you. ……but I won’t do that, other splendid women are waiting for me.」

I smile, lightly kiss her nipple, and separate from her body.

「It’s about time we end this. If you stay any longer――」

Something crashes into my back.
Wilhelmina hugged me.

「N-no……don’t go……」

She spoke differently from the uninterested tone used earlier.
It is a voice seeking help mixed with feelings of trepidation and bewilderment. Her trembling also transmits to my body.

「No more, I can’t win no matter what I do! There’s nothing I can do! It won’t be long before I lose the war and I’m tortured to death――no, I might be killed by my allies first.」

She looks up at me with her green eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks as her voice shakes from sobbing.

「I am just 21 years old. I don’t want to die……help me……please, help me……」

I turn around and gently embrace Wilhelmina’s shoulder.

「Very well. Then throw away your crown and come to me.」

Embracing her body that stopped trembling, I continue.

「If you leave everything behind and rely on me as just a woman, I will protect you no matter what. Be it running away, hiding……there are plenty of ways. Naturally, I’ll be taking your virginity though.」

I will get Leopolt to prioritize it.

「I can’t do that.」

Wilhelmina’s tears dry up.
She went from crying to a Leopolt-esque face in an instant. She’s really impressive.

Even though I know it’s a complete lie, it’s my heart and crotch’s fault for believing.
My dick droops a little, I might have leaked a little semen just now.

「Mmm, let me say this because I don’t want to go back and forth about it anymore……」

I look straight into Wilhelmina’s eyes as I scratch my head.
My shoulders receive a heavy burden when her green eyes meet my gaze, but I can already turn the pressure into a comfortable feeling.

「You are beautiful. There might only be a few women in this world who can compare.」

Wilhelmina’s expression doesn’t change.

「Your body is also faultless. Even now, I find myself falling in love with it. It is not an exaggeration.」

She isn’t reacting, possibly perhaps she is used to flattery.

「An aura that intimidates others is also fitting for a goddess. I like both the cold honest tone and the sweet beguiling voice. It’s irresistible.」

This comment seems to be unexpected as it caused her to raise an eyebrow.

「On top of that, I――」

I sigh.

「――I can’t stomach you. I don’t like the way you do things. I don’t like it, so I can’t follow you. It’s as simple as that.」

Wilhelmina is unbelievably attractive. Her body and voice are also perfect.
I detest her despite all that.

Wilhelmina stiffens……and then a smile forms on her face.

For once, it didn’t seem like she was putting on an act, it was an expression truly reflecting what she felt.
But I wonder if it’s fine to consider that a smile.

「Blackmail, seductive techniques, temptation by profit, and cheap sob stories……everything failed. I guess negotiations have broken down.」

“Used to her aura”, “treat her as a goddess and it’ll be pleasant”, what am I saying?

「This is where the negotiations end. However I want to declare something――yes, I might have called you here to negotiate as a front just to say this, as a sore loser.」

This is not a look humans are supposed to make.

「I will not give up on winning. Even if the probability is as small as a grain of sand, I will do whatever it takes. No method is considered taboo.」

It’s not the face of a madman. Nor is it the face of a beast.

「Even if it means hell itself manifests on earth.」

I can’t make a comparison. There is nothing similar to her face.

「If you cared about the people or the well-being of the women you’re fond of, you should have accepted my offer.」

If I had to liken it to something I haven’t actually seen, then――

「Anyways, this is it. I will take my leave.」

――it has to be the face of the devil.

As Wilhelmina walked past me to exit the room, I immediately grabbed the sword at my hip.
I mentally scream at my heart, asking what it’s doing against an unarmed woman.

「W-who are you!? I won’t let you through here!」

「Hmph. What a thin mask, if all it takes is a single kick for it to peel off.」

There’s a commotion in front of the room.

Sekrit, who apparently tailed me the entire way, must have gotten tired of waiting and barged in.
Two of the four girls fortifying the exit were already crawling on the ground, while the other two are grimacing.
As I thought, Sekrit’s strength is outstanding.

That exceptionally strong Sekrit widened her eyes when Wilhelmina crossed her path.

「Be gone. Servant.」

「Oh, you can still bark in this situation――」

Sekrit suddenly jumps backward and then slides into the space next to me.

Wilhelmina doesn’t give her a second look and ascends the stairs along with the two guards still standing.

「Hey, what is that?」

Sekrit asks, glaring sharply.

「Wilhelmina――empress of South Yuguria.」

Sekrit talks over me before I can finish explaining.

「I am aware of the title. I’m asking you what she is.」

Sekrit’s prosthetic arm grips the handle of a sword.

「I’ll kill her. If I don’t kill her now, there’s going to be trouble.」

「Don’t be stupid. She came here unarmed to negotiate……besides, I won’t allow you to kill a woman.」

I snatch Sekrit’s sword away.

「Give it back. That isn’t a woman or a person. That is something I must kill.」

「What are you talking about? She’s human.」

A voice calls to me from behind where nobody should be.

Appearing from the shadows is Brynhildr.
I figured she was also tailing me, I just couldn’t sense her presence.
Don’t tell me, was she in the room this whole time?

「You brats may not have seen it before, but that is the face of a human who is prepared to welcome ruin.」

Brynhildr tells Sekrit and I.

「I saw that kind of face once. It belonged to that man who destroyed himself, his own family, his rich country……and just about everything.」

「Who’s this arrogant-sounding kid――」

Sekrit’s sentence was left unfinished as she flew sideways into a rotten wooden barrel.
It seems Brynhildr hit her.

「I held back. More importantly, that woman, although she is undoubtedly human, should still be killed. Anyone with that face is sure to invite disaster and catastrophe enough to make war seem like child’s play.」

I put an arm around Brynhildr’s shoulder, who offered to kill her.

「I can’t do that. Please don’t do it.」

Brynhildr’s eyes, which genuinely aren’t human, open suddenly.

「You’ll definitely regret it.」

「I know……she’s a real problem.」

But killing her goes against my philosophy.
I’d rather let whatever doom happen and then regret it fully later.

Brynhildr sighs, closes her eyes briefly, and then reopens them to stare at me.

「Well, it doesn’t matter to me since I’m not a human. When the time comes, I can just take what’s left of your bag of blood and leave.」

「I would be holding a bunch of women in my arms so it’s going to quite heav――gueh.」

While clutching the part of my stomach where Brynhildr punched, I pick up Sekrit and the other two incapacitated girls.

When I returned to the entrance, there was a ball of cloth waiting nearby.

「Gkgk, brbr……piii……」

Upon closer inspection, it was Celestina.
So the second presence was her?

She’s flustered, but not hurt.
She probably encountered Wilhelmina at the entrance.

I mean, even I broke out in a cold sweat when I saw her face.
A 12 or 13 year old girl can’t hope to look Wilhelmina in the eyes.

「Hey, come here. It’s safe now.」

The hero of salvation carried Sekrit, the two pretty ladies and the queen back to the royal palace.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.
Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City. Mad Demon God

Travel Companions:
Sekrit (fainted), Brynhildr (reminiscing), Christoph (death poem), Guigue (clean)
Celestina (terrified), Monica (searching), Busco (?)

Assets: -68 000 gold
Sexual Partners: 799
Children who have been born: 70 + 567
Current Location: Biado
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    《Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi》