Overlord of Sin
7 Scarlet Twins-Edited
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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7 Scarlet Twins-Edited

'How was that glimpse of power, boy? Did you feel that raw insanity of your soul breaking free from its mortal chains?! This is only the beginning!' Massive jaws with serrated teeth bit down around Drakos's head and crushed his skull. The demonic beast resembled the one that was summoned when he activated his Phantasm.

'AHHH!!!' Drakos opened his eyes wide and got up from bed from the shock of such a real nightmare. He felt a warm and smooth hand gripping his palms ever so tightly.

"Brother, you are finally awake! Oh thank goodness!" Kara quickly hugged Drakos, her petite breasts pressed up against his injured chest which was wrapped in white bandages, her well-toned stomach laying on top of his 6-pack abs as she was on top of him. "I was so worried! I can't imagine living without you! You mean so much to me!" Kara hugged her brother tighter and cutely rubbed little head against his chest, about to cry. Her long flowing shiny scarlet hair dangled over his shoulders.

'Well at least someone cares about me in this crazy world, gah, shit, my ribs and chest hurt like hell. But this girl is making me feel better. So this is my sister, does that mean was I reborn into a young boy's body? Or worse, I was reborn as a child in this new world and lost some of my memories?' Drakos started to head-pat his sister, he did it out of instinct, she kind of reminded him of some frisky wolf-cub. 'So this is what it feels like to have a sister...' Drakos embraced her lovely and soft skin. At this moment she was wearing a short silk skirt and a tight white tank-top which showed off her well-defined, young, womanly figure. For only being 14-years old she indeed looked like she could enlist in the Phoenix Kingdom Army.

"That is enough Kara, we need to talk," Reza said, leaning back against a wooden pillar with her arms crossed. She had a serious and stern look on her mature maiden face. Even though she was happy that her young brother was safe, she was also mad at him for harming her father and most of all, she was furious that Drakos was holding all of this power within and didn't tell anyone about his powers—that he was keeping secrets from his from family. It hurt her deeply that her own brother wouldn't trust her, but what hurt even more, was seeing Drakos transform into something beastly and demonic then attacking her father. She even feared him after what he had done to Seron. It was obvious that Drakos had changed.

"But Reza!? He just woke up! Can I just stay with him a little longer?" Kara pleaded with a puppy dog face, her bright emerald eyes shook as she wiped away her tears.

"NO," Reza snagged up Kara by her arms and dragged her away from Drakos's room. Drakos scratched his long white hair in confusion. 'What the hell is that about? Tch they must be angry that I kicked my father's ass,' he thought. He looked at his hands which were covered in bloody scars, the glowing blue and red spiral/arrow marking tattoos were still around his forearms and biceps. They were now glowing faintly. The markings must have glowed and become more powerful when he was using his Phantasm. Now that his Phantasm was gone it seemed to stop glowing. The QI in his body was now at its lowest potential and so was his mana—using his Battle-Axe-Scythe Phantasm most have drained both is Qi and Mana.

'I wonder how many Phantasms I can create and wield? I need to know the magic and cultivation system of this world—damn, my body really is jacked up,' Drakos tried to get off from his bed while gripping his chest and then his ribs. He eventually got up and took in his surroundings. The room he was in was fairly advanced for a medieval fantasy world. There was a large glass window, metal cabinets, and there was a floating holographic screen on a night table. This screen was made up of mana-particles known as Magicells or Magiticels. The screen displayed his current location and which Kingdom he was in.

Drakos touched the screen and it rippled like water. "Interesting," he said to himself.

He walked around the room and something caught the corner of his eyes. There was a floating chained-grimoire in the middle of his room. "What is that?" Drakos went to touch it.

"Don't touch it. It will kill you if you don't possess enough mana to use it," Aragon walks in with a sleek silver metal pipe in his mouth, and he starts smoking. He had two Great-Swords sheathed on his back. They were quite the long swords, the hilts had black spikes around them, very fearsome looking weapons indeed. They were weapons only a Witcher would use.

"A book can kill me?" Drakos's eyes furrowed as he walked around the book and inspected it from the distance.

"Not exactly the book, but the spells inside it," Aragon touched the grimoire and the pages of the book started turning by themselves! It was like the book was alive! A black, shadowy mist expelled out from the book's pages. "It seems that this grimoire was attracted to the chaos energy around you and followed you to your room. I shall be taking it back," Aragon closed the book shut.

"How do I use a grimoire?" Drakos asked.

"Hmmm, I will tell you...If you tell me how you were able to active your Phantasm without a relic," Aragon lifted up a golden ring with flame markings around its edges that was tied around a black steel necklace. He pointed at the glowing ring, implying that it was a 'relic'.

'There is no way I am going to tell this old man about my Heroic System. And a relic? My system never showed a relic as one of my options,' Drakos thinks about what the old man said.

"Well, let me know of your choice. As you already know, you are in trouble for your actions at the Knights Tournament. Seron's family will be coming over to discuss with you what happened. Here; if you need to find me," Aragon tossed a gold coin to Drakos who quickly caught it and looked at it. There was a wolf-head emblem on it. The wolf head was engulfed in flames.

Drakos placed the gold coin in his pockets and asked, "What exactly I am supposed to do with this?"

"Trust me, you will know," Aragon vanished into thin air! Only a flicker of blue and red flames were seen on the wooden floor.

"I need to learn how to do that," Drakos said to himself with a slight grin as he coughed out blood and looked at the glass mirror. He was only wearing brown combat pants and boots, his upper-body was shirtless and covered in bandages. For a 14-year-old, Drakos looked insanely in shape and had well-defined muscles. Every part of his body looked godly—it was perfection. Even his face looked overly handsome and charming. His golden eyes also added on to his good looks.

"I have to cultivate this body and become stronger. I also have to master my Phantasm and Soul Form," Drakos said aloud to himself as he began to stretch.

He looked again at the mirror, 'I definitely need a bath.'

Drakos walked around his 'supposed' home which was basically a brick and stone house with a fireplace in the middle. There was also an arsenal of weapons hanging up on the wall of the house. Al types of swords, battle-axes, combat knives, daggers, spears, lances, and even Eastern weapons like a Katana and a Falchion Sword, were present.

Drakos picked up the katana to train with it and slashed it around the house. He began to realize that the Heroic System had not only increased his strength and speed, but also his swordsmanship. That was why he was able to fight off experienced swordsmen like Seron and Logan.

"I like this weapon, but I think my Phantasm is better," He put the katana back onto the wall mount and walked towards the bathroom.

'I guess I have to get used to this family of mine. I have so many questions to ask. Who was that old man with an eyepatch, some kind of pirate? What the fuck is a pirate doing in a house full of knights?' Drakos joked to himself as he entered the bathroom and starts undressing. A stream of water hit his face as he sat down on the cobblestone edge and washed all of his bloody wounds. He looked at his arms and legs and saw many scars. His first battles really were hard ones. 'Damn, I really need to get stronger if I am going to survive in this world. Huh, what hell is this feeling? Why is something so soft and pillowy rubbing against my back?' he thought.

"We can finally talk alone. Here, let me wash you, brother," softly whispered a seductive feminine voice behind Drakos.

Suddenly, Drakos's body jerked up and his cock started to get erect. 'Don't tell me...' Drakos slowly turned his head to the side of his shoulders and saw Reza buck-naked, her wet, giant watermelon breasts pressed hard against Drakos's wet back. Her pink, perky nipples tickled his back as her shiny pillowy breasts bounced and jiggled against his back. It was like her breasts were grinding on him. Her gorgeous, milky, busty, hour-glass body looked perfect all covered in water, her flawless long wet scarlet hair dangled over her lustful aqua eyes and young maiden face. For a female knight, she looked so incredibly beautiful, like an angel warrior.

Drakos didn't know what to say. He was speechless that his older sister was taking a bath with him!

"I was so worried about you. I don't know what it is, little brother, but you look more handsome and stronger than before, and your aura is so intoxicating." Reza licked Drakos's ear and grinded her wet, tight, pink pussy lips against his back.

'Holy fucking shit. This is insane!' Drakos's golden eyes widened as the sensation of her massive, wet, slippery tits and smooth pussy lips grinded up hard on his back in a see-saw motion. Drakos's dragon rises to its peak form—hard as fuck form, that is.

[Heroic System + Harem System—Fusion completed! Chaos Unleashed! Demonic bloodline stage 1 awakened! Heroic Harem Seal activated! Become a Harem God!]

"Uhhh… aaaah," Softly moaned Reza, as her thick, milky thighs trembled and shook as she pushed her breasts together with both hands and really works in her flesh mountains against Drakos's back.

"I can't control myself. I need more! Let me wash all of you," Reza's smooth, slender hands went towards Drakos's wet, erect, and veiny cock. Her pussy started to get extra wet with water and her own pussy juices.

Drakos's eyes almost exploded from the extreme amount of pleasure he was feeling. What was about to happen next was sure to be unholy. One of the Scarlet Twins was hungry for cock. Drakos didn't fight any longer. His lust was on overdrive and he quickly grabbed both of Reza's thick, muscular thighs. Her bubbly, pale ass jiggled as he fiercely held her thighs tight as fuck. His demonic primal instincts were about to devour Reza's soul and naked body. His tattoo markings now started glowing a black and red color. The Call of the Beast.


[A/N: Here is a long chapter.Didn't I say things would get good?. This chapter is currently being edited. Don't worry things happens for a reason...Lol.]

Kara age: 14

Reza age: Older give a guess.

IMPORTANT: Mass Release on Sunday. If I reach top 10 you get 10 chapters in one day. Simple as that. So get power stones ready. More H-scenes coming. Gotta fuck them all! Come on its GhostyZ Harem God.

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    《Overlord of Sin》