Overlord of Sin
8 Harm Seal
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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8 Harm Seal

>[Harem Seal activated- Divine Lust summoned!]<

>[Ero Cultivation Art acquired!]<

[Harem Seal]: When activated upon a female this seal becomes more powerful as you fill the female's body and soul with divine lust. You will also gain more Mana and Qi as your bond becomes stronger with your Harem members. The Harem Seal also makes any woman more lustful over you. Female must reach orgasm for the Harem Seal to boost up your entire body; Strength, stamina, agility, defense, intellect, and charm, as well as Qi and Mana.

'The Harem Seal must be these black and red tattoos around my body, while my Phantasm seal is blue and gold. No wonder my older sister is going crazy over me. But how did I acquire a Harem Seal? Did it awaken after my first two battles or did it awaken when my older sister entered this bathroom? That explains why I am so horny right now. Dammit what am I supposed to do," Drakos thought as he gripped his sister's wet luscious thighs. His primal instincts were raging and howling, he wanted to be inside of her, but he knew it was so wrong!

[Ero Cultivation]: A technique which has complete control over all womanly senses, thus you know the perfect sex positions and foreplay to make any woman orgasm. Of course, you can also spice it up with your own types of Ero Cultivation and enlarging your cock to epic proportions. This cultivation art exponentially increases your Qi and overall psychical form(Body Frame) to godly levels.

'I am going to really fuck my own sister right now,' Drakos gritted his teeth and his raging hard cock became even more erect, in his past life he never really reached the 'final base' with a woman, he didn't have any time to be with anyone since he was once in the Military, Did MMA fighting, and was studying to become a Lawyer in college. In general, he had time for no one. But right now this pleasurable smooth and lustful sensation was so extreme for his young body that he couldn't resist the fruits of temptation. No man can, especially when the woman he was washing with was beyond gorgeous like a scarlet-haired goddess with an angelic radiant face. What's even more insane was that she was his older sister!

Drakos primal demonic lust was on overdrive, that and well his Harem Seal was now sparking up his body, which kind of stung a bit.

'Well if this is another way of becoming stronger in this world I will take it,' Drakos turns around to face his hot soaking wet sister, even though her naked shiny and glossy naked pale body had some battle scars she still looked beautiful and heavenly, her body and angelic face was flawless and sexy in every way possible.

"Let me clean every part of your body brother. You were so strong and powerful standing up to father. Look at all of these scars, I will do my best to protect and please you. I won't let anyone harm you ever again. We will be together forever, " Reza suddenly reaches down Drakos' six-pack wet abs and then slowly goes towards his cock which was massive and long for a young boy his age. His cock was so huge and godly that a glowing heavenly golden light surrounded his shaft and balls. A Golden Cock. But right now a different color aura was seen flowing around his entire body, a blood-red color mixed with shadow black. A demonic aura.

Reza's slender soft fingers gently wrapped around Drakos pulsating hard veiny cock, she starts rubbing and washing Drakos cock which was now twitching with pleasure that was out of this world, as she was now scrubbing and rubbing his erect cock with her fingers her massive 34D-Cup breasts jiggled on top his wet thighs and the head of his cock. She was rubbing his cock with both her hands and big bubbly breasts.

"Oh my it is so huge! Are you getting hard for me? I have never seen a boys privates before only yours, it feels so good as I wrap my fingers around it. I can feel it getting bigger and harder. Uhhh ahhh. Little brother, I can't handle it any longer!" Reza moans louder and starts jerking off Drakos with her wet and sleek smooth hands as she wraps around her thick milky thighs around his muscular back, her smooth legs got on top of Drakos' legs as she jerks him off faster and starts kissing and licking Drakos' neck.

'This is fucking crazy and wrong, but it feels so fucking good, time to repay her back,' Drakos's Harem Seal glows a brighter black and red as he now turns and grabs both of Reza's buxom juicy watermelon breasts and starts rubbing and groping the living hell out of them.

*Squishy wet noises*

The sensation was amazing for Drakos as he grunts and started to now rub and pinch her pink nipples and circle his fingers around her areolas. His golde-red eyes became more demonic and draconic as his tattoo Harem Seal glowed brighter. He became a complete beast of lust that would devour Reza into a world of heavenly pleasure.

Drakos didn't know what it was, but somehow the way he rubbed and caressed Reza's divine luscious bubbly boobs was perfection to its peak. It was like he was reborn to do this, that his Heroic and Harem system had become one as he perfectly gropes and fondles his own older sisters juicy tits.

"Uhhhh Aaaaah! Mmmmm! Yes just like that. It feels so good brother! I feel like I am going to explode and release all of my soul!" Reza's thighs started quivering as Drakos continued to rub her breasts, her nipples got perkier. Her busty and well-toned body was being touched in all the right ways by Drakos.

[Harem Seal- Seal Bond 40%]

Drakos on instincts goes for the final move, he thought about ramming in his massive 13inch cock into her tight wet virgin pussy, but if his father and other sister found him fucking his own sister he would surely be killed. Well not like he can fight back and protect himself, however, it would be wiser to have a mutual bond with his new family. He was going to kill two birds with one stone, in this case, he was going to pleasure his own sister and him, and as well acquire more power for his Harem Seal and own body by cultivating Mana and Qi as he pleasures Reza. He wasn't going to use Ero Cultivation just yet if he did Reza would moan like crazy and alert everyone in the damn house.

So instead he travels his fingers down Reza's soaking wet six-pack ab-stomach and reaches her extra dripping wet pussy, he then starts to slowly insert two fingers in her pussy, Reza's sexy alluring emerald eyes twitched a bit and she bites her pinky glossy lips as she had never ever touched her own pussy before, in fact, this was the first time in her life that someone had touch her virgin rosebud pussy. She indeed was a holy woman, she only cared about protecting her family and being the best Knight in the Phoneix Kingdom. But now her mindset completely changed, she was no more a stern and chivalrous Knight, now she had become a wild and free warrior woman.
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"Yes go faster and deeper! "Reza moans as her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. The intense sensation of Drakos slowly and steadily fingering her wet pussy made her go wild, she grabs the back of Drakos head and kisses him! Their tounges battle out each other as Drakos kisses her harder and finger fucks her pussy at such a perfect fast speed that her thick shiny pale thighs went up in the air and she almost reaches a climax. The point of no return was near. Her tight cervix and pussy walls constricted tighter against Drakos's finger. Seeing a young boy finger fucking his own older sister was the stuff of legends! Like a Harem Legend.

'Damn her pussy is so fucking tight! I want to fuck her so badly!' Drakos thought to himself in a demonic thunderous voice, his heroic side was now being unbalanced by his devilish and demonic lustful side. Drakos now rubs her tiny clit and fingers at the same time as he sucks on Reza's nipples, her wet silky breasts bounce and jiggle more as he finger fucks her pussy and sucks her nipples harder.

"Oh my god what is happening! Uhhhh Aaaaaaah! BROTHER DONT STOP!" Reza moans to the top of her lungs.

"Brother what are you doing!?" Yells out Kara with her eyes wide open in shock as she slams open the wooden door of the bathroom.

"UHHHHH! AAAAAH! MMMMMH! AHHH!!! I am CUMMING!!!" Reza hornily moans and squirts some pussy juice all over Drakos' finger and her legs shake wildly everywhere in a sexy lustful way, her flawless long wet scarlet hair moves in a crazy way as well as she sways it around. This was almost her first real orgasm, it was like a pre-orgasm, it seemed that her virgin pussy couldn't handle Drakos' perfect fingering skills.

'FUCK!' Drakos startles back in surprise as he sees his younger sister walk into the bathroom as Reza squirts on his fingers, she was worried about her sisters yells and moans, she wanted to see if her older sister was okay. Reza was diffidently more than okay. She was in heaven! Pleasure Heaven that is.

[Harem Seal: Seal Bond 70%]: Female needs to reach full climax.

[Demonic and Hero Bloodline acquired: Must cultivate more in order to fully unlock bloodline]

[Race: Human/Primordial Demon Wolf]

On top of Reza's pussy was a seal that had strange black flame demonic marking. It was faintly glowing like glyphs. It seemed he had to reach 100% Harem Seal to increase and boost all of his powers.

'It looks like I have to make her completely orgasm with intercourse if I going to become more powerful and strengthen this Harem Seal. Damn some wild side took over me, but fuck it. It felt amazing to be dominant. Like I was unstoppable!' Drakos devilishly smirks.

"You disgusting vile PERVERT! HOW DARE YOU!" Reza slaps Drakos in the face, he quickly grabs her muscular arms.

"But you enjoyed it," Drakis grinned as he stood up with his still erect cock dangling like an elephant trunk.

'What unholy things has my brother done to big sis!What has happened to my brother!?'Kara was speechless as she dropped a wooden bucket full of soap and water, she was only wearing a flimsy towel at the moment. If Drakos father knew about this then there will be hell to pay. But it wouldn't matter. Drakos was the demon child after all... No one respected him in this world. But soon that would all change with his new powers.

This was only the beginning.


[A/N: Here is a longer chapter. Sorry for the delay. This chapter is currently being edited. More chapters coming Vote more Power stones lets get to top 10]


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