Overlord of Sin
10 Taboo Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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10 Taboo Pt.2

Drakos quickly activated his harem seal, to do this he simply grabbed Reza's breasts again before she could land her attack, in a flash, her Phantasm vanished his Harem Seal had actually nullified her attacks! His Heroic System had also absorbed her Phantasm. The tattoos around his arms now glowed a gold and red color. It seemed that after touching his sister just once and making her orgasm had actually bonded his own soul and body with hers. So in a way, he had taken some her own Qi and Mana as well as her Phantasm Wolfsbane! Now that is a shocker beyond belief! No mortal. immortal, and cultivator was able to copy others Phantasms, only Drakos was able to somehow do this incredible feat!

Reza's red and silver knight armor had now disappeared and she was buck-naked again. Drakos grabbed her juicy buxom breasts with one hand and starts groping them again to make Reza horny and strengthen his Harem Seal which only activates when he makes a woman lust over him.

Kara's mouth opens wide "Oh my God! What are you doing!? I am going to Mmmmmnph!-" Drakos quickly closes her mouth and with his other hand he takes off his sister's towel!

Kara's petite breasts and slender body was now fully exposed, "Naughty brother was has happened to you! You have turned into an animal!" She curses and instantly covers her naked creamy breasts with her elbow and the other hand she covered her extremely tight and tiny pussy.

She mutters and cutely bites Drakos's hands as he covers her mouth and still fondles Reza's pillowy flesh mountains. His Harem Seal bond was already strong with Reza after making her pre-cum and gush out some pussy juice after finger fucking her. So right now Reza was moaning and begging for more pleasure as Drakos groped her tits and rubbed her nipples which perked again from his perfect godly touch. Drakos was now getting a hang of the powers of Harem Seal which make any woman's sense heighten to extreme pleasures and ecstasy, the way the seal worked was the hornier he and the woman he touches got, the more powerful he seals become, that and also how close his bond is to the woman he touches.

Drakos lets go of Kara's mouth and then swiftly grabs her perky cupped-sized melon breasts, she wasn't mature yet, however, her body was growing fast and curvy in all the right places, she would grow up to be just as gorgeous and sexy as her older sister.

In this very moment, Drakos felt like a true god as he gropes and fondles the Twin Scarlet sisters amazing heavenly soft breast, he did this with both hands spread out. Reza's breasts were like touching soft and smooth wet watermelons, they felt fucking amazing in Drakos' hands while Kara's breasts felt super supple and fit just right in his palms.
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He begins to rub, grope, smack, fondle, and both his sister's breasts as well as pinch their sensitive nipples both them moan at the same time, "What is this feeling? Ahhh Mmmmm, it feels so good!" Kara hornily moans out, her little young body for the first was experiencing womanly pleasures. The way Drakos skillfully touch and tease her soaking wet breasts made her tiny doll-like 5,2ft twitch and tremble with overwhelming desire and pleasure.

'I have to hurry up and finish this quickly before my father catches me! He must not know what I have done here,' Drakos hastily slides down both of his hands on to Reza's and Kara's plump wet milky wet shiny asses and spanks them hard.

"Naughty brother! Uhhh! Ahhh! Don't stop! Spank us harder! HARDER!" Both Reza and Kara beg with horny lustful cute faces with their tounges sticking out and panting hard, Drakos Harem Seal had complete control over their lust, souls, and bountiful bodies. Drakos spanks his scarlet-haired sexy sister's asses with all of his might, Kara's tiny plum-shaped supple ass jiggles slightly and reddens by Drakos had slap, an outline of his hand can be seen on her ass cheeks. He did the same thing to Reza, whose wet massive curvaceous pear-shaped thick ass jiggled and bounced in every direction possible. The bust frame of both sisters was obvious that Reza was way bustier, but Kara wasn't far from behind since she has been cultivating more to impress her sister and brother. Drakos black and red spiral/arrow Harem Seals glowed brighter and actually started to expand to his muscular chest and back! His Harem Seal was being cultivated close to its Apex Form. Drakos was becoming an Alpha in the Hell Wolf clan as he teased, pleasured, and dominated his sister's beautiful angelic bodies. Drakos went for his special seduction move and released his Divine Lust and Ero Cultivation Techquine upon Kara and Reza to tame the wild wolf sisters. Drakos quickly places his fingers into Kara's tight as hell virgin pussy, his two fingers barely fit from how extremely tight her pussy was! Her dripping wet pussy walls sucked up and contracted against Drakos's fingers. Drakos then rams his fingers into Reza's virgin rosy petal pussy. He begins to finger fuck both of his sisters at the same time at an insane speed, he focused all his Qi into his fingers as he fingered his sister's tight pussies harder.

"IT FEELS SO GOOD UHHHH! AAAAAAAH! I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF I AM GOING TO EXPLODED I CAN FEEL IT COMING OUT!!! Kara's emerald eyes widen and turned primal and feline, so did Reza's aqua eyes which now turned a blood red color! Both of them were at their limits. "YES FINISH US OFF!!!" Both of them scream to the top of their lungs their eyes roll back.

[Ero Cultivation activated!]

[Harem Seal has increase sensitivity to 100%!]- Your sisters will experience true divine pleasure and lust like no other! Only your touch will be supreme as a true Harem God and Primordial Demon!

Taboo was on the rise as Drakos quickly made both of his hot sister's orgasm and squirt pussy juices on his fingers and his hard throbbing veiny cock. Their creamy pale thighs twitched and fell to the marble floor of the shower, Drakos had drained his cute sisters of their Qi and Mana, his Harem Seal glowed bright than ever as red and black tattoo arrow demonic markings appeared around Kara's and Reza's necks like collars.

A black X-shaped symbol appeared around one of Drakos's eyes, his were glowing a dark demonic red color, but the symbol itself was now spinning in a twister motion, had Drakos awaken his Demon Eyes? Or was it something else.

[Demon Geass unlocked!]: Can control and order any living being for one day. Only one command a day. Must have direct eye contact with the target. Demon Geass can even tame Spirit Beasts and make pacts with the Spirit Beasts.

"Now it's my time to release," Drakos darkly whispered into his sister's ears..

"Huh what do you mean?" Both scarlet-haired sisters say with tired blushing faces, they were finger fucked, spanked, and groped so perfectly that they were drained of pleasure they had cummed so hard! But now it was Drakos turn.

Drakos grips the base of his 13inch dragon and jams his dick into Reza's wet flesh mountain valleys and starts titty fucking her! He fucks her massive watermelon tits so hard and fast with his erect meat rod that the tip of his cock smack Reza on her cute blushing mature face!

'Ahhhhh! Fuck it feels so fucking good! Her giant tits are so soft and wet! Here it comes!' Drakos pressed his cock more in between Reza's tits, "Oh my lord your cock is so big and long for your age, brother stop don't do it," Reza was about to scream out, but Drakos used his Harem Seal and Demon Eyes to silence her. In fact, he used his Demon Eyes on both of his sisters.

"Take my seed," Drakos thrust and slides his cock faster in between Reza's wet busty breasts and finally busts the biggest thickest cumshot had ever done in his life all over Reza's smoking hot face and massive watermelon breasts, Kara watches with shock in her innocent young naive eyes. Some of Drakos cum also splashed onto Kara's cheeks, but Reza face and tits took the must cum from Drakos. She was caked in cum, the shower water quickly washes off the sticky warm cum off Reza's face and tits. Reza is speechless and beyond shocked. From being one of the strongest Knight Warriors in the Hell Wolf to now being her little brother's cum dump.

Suddenly the door slams open and Drakos's father sees Kara washing off Reza.

"What happened here!?" Logan demanded with an angered look as he clenched his fist. Drakos was nowhere to be seen.

"We were just washing each other and knock at the door will you!" Both shriek Reza and Kara.

"I want you two to tell me the truth!" Logan wasn't buying any of his daughter's word, he could have sworn he heard a boy in the bathroom.

"Father what are you doing peeping at your own daughters, have some sense of dignity," Drakos was behind his father with a sly smirk. Drakos was so fast that he was able to get out of the bathroom and be right behind his father. Everything took about 3mins to accomplish. Drakos need to gain a quick boost of Qi in order to become faster and heal his wounds so he could move more freely. He did this by doing Ero Cultivation and strengthing his Harem Seal with Kara and Reza. He also used his Harem Seal and Demon Geass to make his sisters lie to their father about what happened at the bathroom. He made them kept a secret between the two with the Power of the Harem Seal and Demon Geass. Neither Kara or Reza would tell their father what happened at this very day. The Taboo has been done.

[Harem Seal- Reza: 70% bond, Kara: 30% bond,]: The higher the percentage the more Qi and Mana you gain as well as your Phantasm powers up.

"Tch go back in your room before I kick your ass again," Logan angrily stares at Drakos.

"That's funny cause the one who got their ass kicked was you," Drakos said with a confident grin.

"Grrrrrh. Kara and Reza dinner is ready. We have some guest coming over," Growled Logan as quickly shut the bathroom door and stares down Drakos.

"Don't think I forgot what happened at the tournament. We are going to have a long talk," Logan pokes Drakos injured chest.

"I bet we are," Drakos goes into the kitchen. He still couldn't believe what he had just done. But whatever happened in that bathroom, he wanted more of it. His primal instincts and lust were growing stronger by the second. He could feel his power rising. Maybe it was about time he learned more about this world and conquer every Kingdom and goddess in this world. He was determined to become a Harem God! All the Thrones will belong to him.


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