Overlord of Sin
11 Bloodline Lineage-Edited
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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11 Bloodline Lineage-Edited

Editor: Murakami_Takai


Logan, Reza, and Kara all gathered around the kitchen table after their epic shower steamy fiasco. Drakos walked in with a creak, his body still covered in bandages. However, Drakos wounds were healed after absorbing Reza and Kara Qi during Ero Cultivation and his Harem Seal absorbing their mana. His strength stamina, agility, etc.

The silence was very awkward. Just imagine being in Logan's shoes. Losing to your own youngest son in battle and not knowing that your rebellious son was now groping and fingering his own sisters! God knows what Drakos was about to next with his lovely sisters. But Drakos was going to calm himself down, he wasn't going to think with his penis all the time like some idiot. Drakos wanted to test out his Harem Seal and Demon Geass on sisters, and that he did. He found out how to grow his bonds of the Harem Seal through sexually pleasuring his sisters. But Drakos knew that it took more than just sexual advances and foreplay to gain the hearts of his sisters. Actually, he knew there were many more ways to strengthen his Harem Seal and one of them was just to understand the women he comes in contact with, to know their feelings and what was in their minds. Drakos wanted to know about his new family and this new strange fantasy world which had Magic and Cultivation powers. He read enough Light Novels and Martial Arts/Cultivation books in his past life to know this knowledge.

Drakos sat in between his sisters and took a stone cup of water and started to drink. He was thirsty after releasing his holy seed upon his sister's maiden faces. As he drank, his father tapped his rather large fingers against the oakwood table and spun a razor-sharp dagger around his fingertips.

He wanted to beat some sense into his son after what he had done at the Knight's Tournament. Drakos was unaware of the young knight Seron's power and prestige. Logan wanted to find out how Drakos was able to awaken his Phantasm in just one day and defeated Seron in combat. He wanted to know why his Qi and Aura was so dark and demonic.

Logan slammed down his dagger on to the table and stabbed it. Things were getting serious.

Kara was the first to talk, "I thank the gods of Zareth that my brother is alive and well. Father, you should haven't he fought against him with all of your power!"

"I didn't! And if I did he would be dead! I have taught you many things, but the way you have defeated Seron was not the way of a Hell Wolf, your Phantasm and Qi was dark and not from are bloodline lineage. How exactly did you unleash such a powerful Phantasm!?" Logan gave a dead serious glare, his eyes were sharp and wolf-like, he almost looked like he was about to transform into a Wolf Spirit Beast.

Reza and Kara and turned their heads at Drakos and focused their attention at him. Logan pointed his combat dagger at Drakos.

"Why should I tell you? After you tried to kill me," Drakos crossed his arms and kicked his legs up onto the wooden kitchen table, in a lax manner. The truth was he was too tired and injured to give a fuck right now.

Logan had a nasty scowl on his face, the words Drakos had said was true, but he only wanted to save his own son from the dark power lurking inside of him. As brutish and straight-forward Logan was, he still was a good man and father, he respected his children and actually cared for them, even though he doesn't show it most of the time. He was a strict father out of instinct and wanted to raise his children to become Great Warriors who can defend themselves in this hellish world. Logan knew how corrupt the Phoenix Kingdom was and how vile the Royals were. But no one could lift a finger to the Royals, The Kings, The Queens, and all 7 Rulers and Gods of Zareth who reigned supreme.

"No more fighting. Fighting won't get anything done. What happened at the Knight's Tournament happened. We can't dwell in the past, but as Knight Warrior myself, I must deal with my brother and teach him the ways of a true knight," Reza said as she gripped the handle of her Knight's Sword which was sheathed on her back. It was a red and silver colored blade, engraved with some rubies on the hilt and handle. The blade itself was forged with Hell Wolf teeth which were tougher than steel! She gained the Hell Wolf after hunting down her first Hell Wolf which was a very rare Spirit Beast. This wolf was about double the size of a lion on average, but when fully grown it reaches a godly height close to a Fenris Wolf! Reza cherished this sword and called it Wolfsbane.

Kara and Reza were still thinking about what happened in the shower, but they promised to keep it a secret between themselves and their brother.

Kara and Reza had quickly dressed into their 'normal attire' after the shower sexual adventure they had with Drakos. Kara wore skin-tight black leather pants and a black tank-top which showed off her sexy young petite body. She really didn't care about looking like a 'lady', she looked like a tomboy. Reza, on the other hand, was wearing a gallant knight's tunic that was black and red, with some chain-mail protecting her six-pack ab stomach and armored chest plates to protect her stunning big bubbly breasts which Drakos had the glory to see.

Logan put away his combat dagger but doesn't take his eyes off Drakos. Logan's silver eyes were as fearsome as ever. Logan was by far the most powerful warrior in the Hell Wolf Clan, he had slaughtered thousands of skilled knights, warriors, tribesmen, and was on the forefront of every legendary battle, even in the first Great War in which the Phantasm Relics were used in combat. It was in this war that the Phantasm Relics were lost and were scattered across the world of Zareth. No one knew exactly what happen on that day, but what was heard and seen across the lands and realms of Zarteth made every Mortal and Immortal shudder in fear. The skies had become red with blood and godly powers were seen booming across this world. Phantasm Relics were so powerful that the Godly Weapons could literally tear open the skies and destroy entire Kingdoms and even realms with just one strike. Even the strongest cultivators cowered in fear at the sight of a Phantasm Relic. Logan himself never wielded a Phantasm Relic, but he did cultivate his Phantasm and Soul Form to almost be on the same level as a Phantasm Relic.

"Let's just enjoy our meal," Kara said as she already dug in and devoured her beef stew.

Drakos could sense Logan's powerful Qi and Mana with his Heroic System and Heroic Seals, his tattoos weren't glowing at this moment and were hidden as Drakos was now wearing a long sleeve black winter tunic.

"Drakos, tell me the truth, how did you awaken your Phantasm after years of training and cultivating without any results and now you can summon a Phantasm? A powerful high tier one at that," Logan grabs some wine and starts chugging it down, right now he really was pissed off that his own son was keeping secrets from him.

"..." Drakos didn't say a damn word to his father. He knew he mustn't reveal his true origins that he was reborn into this world.

"Answer me!" Logan slammed his fist on the wooden table and it smashed in half.

"Father!" Both Reza and Kara screamed as they jumped up to protect their brother, their Harem Seals around their necks faintly glowed. The Harem Seal sensed that the sisters were in danger, someone was near.

Suddenly a loud knock was heard at the front door of the stone cabin house.

Everyone pauses, except for Drakos who was unfazed by his father's brash actions.

"That must be our guest," Logan snarled as he went to open the door.

At the door stood Seron with two black hooded robed men, one of them was very tall and the other was like dwarf sized. Another young boy was near Seron as well, this boy had long blonde hair and blue eyes, he was wearing a gold and red tunic with a fiery Phoenix emblem. There was also one busty hooded robed woman figure in the background of the snowy night. The starry skies beam brightly.

"Come in, everyone," Logan said in a welcoming tone.

Seron looked at Drakos with rage and hatred burning in his silver eyes. The rivals stare at each other. Drakos doesn't really care about Seron's presence, he deemed him weak after their battle at the tournament. Seron was covered in white bandages just like Drakos was.

"Let's cut to the chase and talk about the punishment of your son and your daughter's marriage arrangements," said one of the men who had taken off his hood. His face looked unshaven and his brown hair unruly and curly. It was the dwarf.

"The name is Lyrion of house Pyrrhos, The Hand of the King of King Brutos, King of the Phoniex Kingdom, and... Oh, that looks nice," The small man went over to the Kitchen counter and poured himself some wine without even asking. He continued talking as he chugged down wine from a glass bottle, "This is Seron, who is one of our finest warriors. He is a valuable asset to King Brutos and his son Harry, who is over there," Lyrion pointed at the young boy with long blonde hair.

"Your son almost killed Seron, who just so happens to be Harry's best friend and also the Knight Guard of King Brutos." Lyrion said as he sat his little butt down on a wooden chair. "Did you guys get into a fight? Family Feud?" The dwarf said as he inspected the damaged kitchen table that was smashed in by Logan.

"So what exactly are you saying?" Logan asked ignoring his last question with a grunt.

"I will be blunt, King Brutos and the Queen want your son executed," Lyrion said with a straight-forward face as he emptied the entire bottle of wine into his little mouth. For his size, which was shorter than the young Kara, Seron, and Drakos, he sure could drink a lot.

"What!? My son was only fighting to survive and to win the tournament!" Logan actually defended his son.

"Your son also harmed many civilians with his so-called new 'dark powers'. King Brutos and the Queen see your son as a threat to the Phoenix Kingdom. As odd as that may seem, for people to be afraid of a mere boy, you would expect them to fear Dragons or Titans, but alas many people are not very smart. I told them to find any other ways of punishment, but they were all denied. My sister the Queen isn't fond of listening to anyone, as you can already tell. I am here to take your son," Lyrion said while fiddling with his tiny fingers which were full of gold rings.
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"Hahaha," Drakos couldn't help but laugh at such an absurd small man who thought he could capture him.

Drakos stood up from his wooden chair and looked at everyone in the room, "I am not going anywhere," He stared everyone down with his bright demonic golden eyes.

"Then you give us no choice," Lyrion snapped his fingers.

A giant of a man wearing gold and red armor walked into the kitchen with a massive and long Xalazorn-steel knight's sword sheathed on his waist. He was easily 7ft tall and his muscles were so big that his steel armor shook with each step he took. He was breathing mist out from nostrils and knights helmet visor like some kind of Armored Titan.

Drakos clenched his fist; he wasn't afraid of such a grizzly man, he wouldn't stand down from any fight.

"Last chance come with us," Lyrion calmly said. Deep in his heart, he didn't really agree with the King or Queen, in fact, he hated their laws and rules. They were tyrants in his eyes.

"Just kill the bastard already! Or I will do it myself!" Seron unsheathed his silver Great-Sword from his back.

"I will like to see you try!" Reza unsheathes her Knights-Sword Wolfbane from her back as well.

Logan cracked his knuckles and said, "I guess there really isn't any other way."


[A/N:ALL CHAPTERS ARE NOW BEING EDITED EVEN THIS ONE. Here is a long chapter. Mass Release being prepared for Sunday. This time I will get all the chapters ready and edited for that day. My goal is to reach 50 chapters and see where it goes from there. Thanks for the support. More chapters coming out today. The next chapters will show my information about this world and clear up some things. But you can ask questions and I will try my best to reply.


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