Overlord of Sin
14 The Order Pt.2-Edited
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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14 The Order Pt.2-Edited

Drakos looks at Logan who stands on guard. Logan glances over to his son, "Your swordsmanship skill has increased, the way you are holding your sword with both hands at a level position is quite impressive, when did you get so strong?" He asked with furrowed eyes.

"I guess I just took charge," Drakos said with a smirk. He didn't know what it was, but his new young body was way stronger and faster than his past life body, maybe it was the large amount of Qi and Mana flowing within his body or it was Heroic System. He felt more powerful than ever. But there were so many questions he wanted to ask his new family and there was so much to discover in this new world. He didn't even have time to cultivate and gain knowledge in this world. It was like he was thrust right in the middle of all the action. However, Drakos was ready for anything.

"You finally grew some balls," Logan gripped the handle of his Long-Sword and walks towards the second door of the house. The other main door was broken from the fight between Logan and the Armored Titan.

Logan peeks his eyes through the crack, he sees Aragon with two black cloaked masked shadow figures. Each shadow figure had a different animal face mask, one had a red metal fox mask and the other had a stone dragon mask that was all black. Their genders could not be distinguished, it was like their dark aura was entirely blocking out their identities.

"Aragon who are they?" Logan asked as he clenched his sword's leather handle tighter.

"Logan you must let us in. There is an important situation we must talk about," Aragon had a serious face, he was wearing a combat cloak with chain mail steel armor on his chest and steel platings on his shoulders.

Logan nods his head, he knew Aragon's words were honest, he could see sense that his aura was calm and collected. As for the two mask shadow figures he couldn't sense or read their aura. All he saw was some sort of shadow black mist surrounding their bodies.

Aura was the persona of each human being, each color had a different meaning. Red symbolized rage and anger, blue was calm and honest, and green was wise and cunning. Of course, there were more colors and meaning to each aura, but it all depended on your gut-feeling and instincts on who to trust.

Logan didn't trust anyone, but his family. As for Aragon he was his closest friend and was like a brother to him, so he kind of trusted Aragon enough to enter the house.

Aragon walks in, he has one Long-Sword sheathed at his waist and two combat daggers sheathed at the front sides of his ribs, they were hard to spot, but Drakos managed to see them with his Primordial Demon Eyes which could see in the dark and also he was able to see through objects and living beings bodies. That was one of the perks of having a Primordial Demon bloodline.

"Who are those two?" Logan asked face to face with Aragon.

"Trust me. You do not want to fight them. It would wise not to," Aragon placed his hand's on top of Logan's shoulders to calm him down.

"You must be Logan Storm of Clan Hell Wolf I have so many legends about you," Says the shadow figure with a red fox mask as he twirls around a razor-sharp serrated dagger on its fingertips. The combat dagger looks like a sharks tooth.

"What about it," Logan said without any fear in his sharp deadly eyes, if he wanted to he could have unleashed all the power of his Phantasm and kill the Armored Titan, but if he did that then his family would be in danger of the whiplash of powerful Qi and Mana that surged out his body. He was able to create flame tornados with his own Phantasm!

He was on full alert, he wouldn't think twice to kill the two masked figures.

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Drakos could slightly sense the shadow masked figures aura's, both of them had a blackish misty aura which wasn't demonic or evil, in fact, it was just 'nothing'. An empty aura. Drakos also keeps his mind focused and sharp if he sensed them attacking he would immediately active his Phantasm.

"Who are you two?" Logan growled in rough fearsome tone as he clenched his fist and was close to unsheathing his sword. He was being overprotective of his family, but every Hell Wolf Bloodline was like this. Every Storm fought to protect the ones most important to them. Kara and Reza as well as their mother were all sleeping in their rooms.

"We are The Order and we have come here for your son," Darkly says the shadow cloak figure with the dragon mask on.

"Yes. He is important to our 'cause'," Added in the fox masked cloaked figure.

Aragon is quite and still. Someone else is behind the two masked cloak figures. It was a mature middle-age man with long silver hair wearing a black combat jacket, he looked like a older version of Seron, "You must listen to them Logan. Come with us boy," Said the man as he crosses his arms.

'Dammit what does everyone want me? Why am I so important? Can it be that they know about my powers?' Drakos slid back his legs in gets in a battle stance and hold his Great-Sword's handle with two hands.

Whatever they were about to say was going to change the fate of this world. For the Empires and Kingdoms of this world were about to rise and take what belongs to them. Blood and Steel.


[A/N: This chapter is currently being edited. Sorry for the delays. I am editing this chapter and past ones. It took long for me because I am planning out this whole story. I think I can really make this story amazing and different than any other novel. However, I need to refine this novel more and add more chapters if I am going to reach the top. So with that said I plan to reach 100 chapters in this novel in a month. It is a tough challenge but I accept it. Vote Power Stones and let's reach the top. And check the prologue for some info on 'The Order'. More chapters tomorrow the three I promised.


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    《Overlord of Sin》