Overlord of Sin
28 Fate Pt.3: R-18
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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28 Fate Pt.3: R-18

Drakos griped at the bloody wounds on his right eye and sees that they were slowly regenerating than before. His eyes now became a gold color, his Demon Fenrir Soul Form disappears behind him.

'Damn the hits I took from Seron's Phantasm and Soul Form are taking slower to regenerate. I am not even entirely sure if I am Immortal since my bloodline is a Primordial Demon. I know I can regenerate at an accelerating rate, but I don't know yet if I can regenerate served limbs or even my head.' Drakos gritted his teeth and took in the pain like a real champ. Any normal mortal would scream out in pain and tremble on their knees. Taking a direct hit from a Phantasm would kill most humans, Seron was no push-over, but Drakos was more powerful for many reasons.

It was not just his bloodline or system that boosted up his power, but his own intellect and strategist mind that made him a powerful Demonic Force not to be reckoned with. Drakos knew that Seron would expose his arm when using his Soul Form's steel feather attacks, that's how Drakos was able to get in front of him and cut off his arm. Then after that, all Drakos needed to do was his most powerful attack which he had formed last night before he went to sleep on his first day of being reborn. He knew he would be up against stronger opponents in this world like Cultivators, Magus, Knight Mages, and all the Kingdoms in this world. Also, there was The Order and Gods/Goddess of the Zareth. That's why he was so hellbent in testing out and using all of his powers, it would be a stupid decision to not cultivate his new powers every day. If he were to hide his powers for so long he wouldn't be able to use them so freely as he did right now. Of course, keeping a low profile was important as well, yet Drakos knew that the people of this Kingdom will soon know his true powers.

Silva was afraid of Drakos and his dark power, she didn't know what to think about him after he killed her brother, but somehow she felt attracted to Drakos. In all ways, Seron was not a good brother he would slap and hit his own sister whenever she disgraced their own family with her weak healing abilities and unbalanced attacks. Her Witcher bloodline was of a lower class than Seron's, but she still was strong. Yet every time she tried to prove her worth her brother would still shun her like a jerk.

Drakos walks over to his younger sister Kara and grip at his biceps which was bleeding. His black and red arrow tattoo Harem Seals were glowing when he kissed Celestia and saw Silva lusting over him, that and his sisters start to worry about his injuries.

"Your arms!" Kara runs over by her brother's side and grips him by the forearms.

"I am alright. It's just a scratch," Drakos looks ahead and sees about five knights encircle him. He doesn't care and walks right by them.

"Don't move!" All the knight's point their long-swords at Drakos's throat.

"Tch step aside. Your weapons won't do anything to me," Drakos said with a deadly face as he smacks away the swords. His voice sounded serious and direct. He was clearly trying to scare the knights with his powerful dark aura.

He was sure that they saw the full power of his Phantasm and Soul Form. But right now Drakos had lost too much Qi to fully fight back, he didn't want start any unnecessary fight with Princess Celestia's knights. It would be a waste of his powers.

"What are you waiting for! Capture him!" Princess Celestia orders her knight guards. Prince Harry was still shivering with a pants full of shit after being defeated by Drakos and seeing his own friend die before his very eyes.

"Yes! Your majesty!" The knights all charged at Drakos with their swords raised up high in the air.

'You got to be kidding me,' Drakos rolls his eyes and was going unleash his Phantasm once again.

When suddenly Reza slashes away the charging knights. "Don't you dare lay a finger on my brother!" She protectively yells as her aqua eyes glimmer and glows with fiery anger.

"How dare you interfere you ugly half-blood wrench!" Celestia's blast out a tunnel of phoenix flames out of her palms towards Reza who quickly blocks her flame attack with a spiral of summoned knight swords. Her Infinite Blade Phantasm was activated and created a shield around Drakos.

"Get away from my brother you bitch," Reza fiercely gripped Celestia's arms and stares her down.

"This is heresy! I want them all dead!" Celestia angrily barks out with a snobbish empowering face as snags away her slender arms from Reza. Her beauty was being ruined by her intense hate for Drakos and his sisters.

The five knights charged and attack again, this time they channeled flame-qi into their sword's blades and they all slashed their Flame-Swords at Drakos.

"You guys really don't get it. Move aside," Drakos swiftly pushes aside Reza and Kara then gripes his Phantasm Battle-Axe-Scythe and slashes the knights in half with just one slash. He used the battle-ax head and scythe edge to cut them down. Blood spurts all over Drakos's face, his demonic golden eyes flickered with bloodlust. Drakos then slams his hands together and uses his mana to summon the dead knights back to life with his necromancer abilities. The dead knights rise up from the ground and were surrounded by a shadowy mist that was indeed Drakos's dark mana. From the grave, Seron was also resurrected! His arm was regenerated and his body remained intact.

Every young cultivator and magus begin to rush out of the Trial Room. They were afraid of Drakos's chaotic powers.

"GET THEM! KILL THEM!" Celestia furiously screams as she sees her own personal bodyguards slaughter so easily and then being reborn so crudely!

More knights entered the Trial Room and attacked Drakos and sisters all at once. Out of nowhere a portal opens right in the middle of Drakos, Reza, and Kara.

'What the?' Drakos realizes this wasn't his magic. His body is sucked into the portal.
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Drakos lands down in some sort of church room that had hundreds of candles stacked up against each other in a pyramid foundation.

'Where am I?' Drakos turns around and sees his own mother wearing a skin-tight sexy white priestess robe, her nipples were perking out of her robe as her giant breasts jiggle closer to Drakos.

She seductively flips back her flawless shiny scarlet hair and stares down Drakos with lustful scarlet eyes as she slowly touches Drakos ab-stomach.

"It's been such a long time since we have been alone my son, let your mother heal your wounds," Katrina starts to take off her priestess robes, she flashes her amazing juicy tits which were covered in a black lace lingerie bra. Her tender glossy pink lips start to kiss Drakos stomach then she lustfully rubs and strokes Drakos young cock which was hidden in his black combat leather pants, suddenly Drakos tightly grips his mother's neck and looks her dead in the eye.

"You're not my mom. Who are you?" Drakos demanded as he gritted his teeth. He could sense her true aura with his Primordial Demon bloodline.

Katrina devilishly smirks, "You are smarter than you look. It seems fate has brought us together. It is time," Her face starts to fade and another face is seen. A face full of lust and hunger for Drakos power and young body. Beaming dark purplish-red eyes stare into Drakos soul, the eyes of a demoness.


A/N: Every new chapter will soon be edited. My editor is finally free on Friday. So if you spot any grammar errors let me know.

Important: Let me know of a name for Drakos Phantasm. The next scenes will be explicit. Anyways you have questions I will try my best to answer them. I won't comment on comments that are just rants and complaining.I am planning a special event on Sunday this time I will save up chapters so you guys can binge read on Sunday. For now, I will be posting 2 or three chapters a day. But on Pa treon I will be posting a ton of chapters. I still plan on reaching chapter 60 or more by this month. More writing less talking is the motto for me now.

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