Overlord of Sin
33 The Meeting Finale
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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33 The Meeting Finale

"It is true your brother has made me his woman," Amethyst goes to kiss Drakos in his mouth again to once again taste lustful seducing lips. Drakos had transformed back to his original human form after cumming inside Amethyst asshole, while the Witch made the cum in her asshole disappear. It was ironic how he fucked a loli Witch in a sacred church.
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"Enough! Get away from him you vile little Witch! Or I will slit your throat!" Reza points her sword at Amethyst neck, her aqua eyes flickered with hate towards the tiny gothic Witch.

Reza could sense that Amethyst was a distrusting woman who had engaged in teasing and mutilating her brother. As the older sister, Reza was more defensive in protecting her younger brother. But now since Drakos has become powerful the tables have changed, Reza didn't fully understand Drakos's true powers and that he was reborn from another world. In his home world of Earth Drakos was an extremely skilled soldier on the battlefield, he would slay all of his enemies without any once of mercy. He used the same rules in this new world. Its either kill first or be killed. That simple. Zareth wasn't some dumb weeb fantasy world with retarded Demon Kings and weak Beasts. No. It was a brutal world that entirely revolved on your power and status. Drakos wasn't going to bow down to anyone, nor was he going to give his harem members the special treatment like some white knight, he was only focused on becoming more powerful and ruling over the entire world of Zareth. Of course, he would also take all the beauties of this world.

"My my such a rude brutish woman and here I thought you were a Holy Knight. All that hate is making your face look so very ugly. Fufu!" Amethyst places her hands over her mouth like a cute kitty and starts chuckling.

"What?! No I don't! Grrrrh! Get away from my brother!" Reza snarled as her cheeks became red as a tomato, she was self-conscious on how she looked in front of her brother.

"Nope. Never," Amethyst tightly gripes Drakos's forearms and starts rubbing her head cutely against Drakos's chest. Her little head felt warm on his chest.

"Enough. I need to ask you some questions," Drakos pushes aside Amethyst head.

"And so do we. Who exactly are you? And why were teleported here? After my brother had killed Seron with a powerful attack of both his Phantasm and Soul Form we were surrounded by The Phoniex Princess Celestia's Royal Knights. Then a portal appeared out of nowhere and sucked us in! Was this your doing!?" Reza had enough of Amethyst vexing and seducing attitude, her whole dark aura gave off a sinister vibe. Reza also feared Drakos new dark powers, she wanted to ask so many questions as well.

"You three were outnumbered! I did it to protect your brother and you two brats! You should be grateful! " Amethyst growls and huffs with an adorable pouty face as she went to snuggle with Drakos again, he quickly pushed her away again and sighed. He had a feeling that his sisters didn't trust Amethyst, but then again who would? Her magical abilities were that of a high-class Arch Magus which was two classes behind the Legendary Class of the highest Magus Rank possible. Amethyst could easily kill both of Drakos sisters with a snap of the finger, however, that would go against her Master's orders. Drakos could sense the extreme hatred Amethyst had for Reza and even Kara, she wanted Drakos all to herself. After what Drakos did to her, she wanted to experience even more sexual affairs with him. She wanted her virginity to be ravaged away from him and she wanted to be bred so badly by Drakos. Amethyst only desired to be with powerful man and Drakos in her eyes was the most powerful being in this world. He was the one who could finally resurrect the Demon Clan which was now a forgotten relic of past times. Many Gods and Goddess grouped together to destroy the Demon Clan, it was a War of Epic proportions. The clash of their Phantasms shook the entire world of Zareth its core.

"Tch why should we trust you! You might be using mind control magic on our brother!" Kara shouted as she summoned her Phantasm Dual Daggers.

"ENOUGH. Fighting each other won't get us anywhere. What is done is done. I made Prince Harry look like a bitch after I defeated him in combat. I killed Seron. I Kissed and defiled the Princess of the Phoniex Kingdom and I made everyone fear me. I don't care if they want to raise hell against me. In the end, I will be the one to defeat them all." Drakos fearlessly clenched his fist and thought about all the injustice the Phoniex Kingdom has done to his own clan. Even if he had just reborn in this new world, he could see all the wrongdoings the Phoniex Queen has done to the people of the Hell Wolf Clan. How tortured and starved them to death just because they were of a lower class and bloodline.

'Someone as chaotic as the Phoniex Bitch does not deserve to rule over a Kingdom. I will make things right,' Drakos Qi and Mana started to regenerate and replenish, however, the line-scar on his right eye he had gotten from Seron's Phantasm still didn't regenerate. Drakos may have extremely fast regeneration abilities, but he needed to cultivate his demonic regeneration powers, actually, he needed to cultivate all of his powers and Heroic System. He still wondered why he was given a Heroic System when his bloodline was that of a Primordial Demon?

"Don't think like that brother! You can't fight everyone alone!" Reza thunders out, she was about to cry, her aqua eyes begin to shake with sorrow.

Before Drakos could speak back to his sister, the entire church itself shattered and cracked like glass!

Amethyst Illusion Magic was destroyed by someone. The Realm she had created to be alone with Drakos was breached.

"I know it was your doing! You vexing Witch!" Verlin points her wand at Amethyst and tips up her sleek glasses.

Drakos's golden eyes widen, he sees that he is in a throne room that had walls and floors made of pure glimmering gold. On the side of him were rows of golden statues of many legendary warriors holding up flaming spears. Drakos looks ahead and in the middle of the throne room, he sees a giant metal throne-chair of a Phoniex shooting out crystalized flames from its mighty beak. Two people were kneeling before a mature sexy woman with fiery red hair and dark ruby eyes, she was wearing a long gold dress with jewels and diamonds embroiled all around the edges of her dress.

Logan and Katrina, Drakos's father and mother were seen in the throne room right in front of the Phoniex Queen herself. They were talking to her about forgiving Drakos and not sentencing him to death.

"I have been waiting for you boy," Queen Cerri says with a dark menacing smirk as she crosses her long slender slightly tanned-legs. Verlin was Queen Cerri's servant and she had teleported Drakos, Kara, Reza, and Ameythst all into the Phoniex Queens Volcanic Phoenix Throne. Things were about to heat up. For Queen Cerri looked extremely pissed, like a volcano that was about to erupt.


A/N: This chapter needs to be edited. More chapters coming. Vote power stones. Time to keep my promise of updated more chapters. I plan to make up all chapters and reach a higher rank for next week. More R-18 coming.


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