Overlord of Sin
62 The Choice Pt.5 Ecchi
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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62 The Choice Pt.5 Ecchi

Drakos uses his Harem Seal powers and Akuma Eyes, he also uses his Lust Aura to make the elf assassins beyond attracted to him. His Dark Lust Aura made them entranced with him and super horny, they started grinding their thick smooth thighs against the bulge on his black combat pants. Right now the elf assassins black catsuit skin-tight latex stockings were torn up and parts of their delicious thighs were exposed. The forest elf with emerald showed off her creamy pearl-white tighs and the Dark Elf showed her dark chocolate thighs. Drakos and the elf assassins were passionately and lustfully rubbing each other's bodies, they were 'in heat'. All three of Their lust-drives were at its peak. Drakos had the choice to kill these elf assassins, but instead he would rather have them as his slaves, as his pleasure vessels. Well also to get more answers from them. Drakos right now was only thinking about getting his 'prize' after defeating the elf assassins, the prize of touching their lustful busty bodies.

'Who is this boy!? Why do I feel so attracted to him!?' Both elf assassins thought to themselves.

The elf assassins continue to seduce Drakos with erotic stares of their sultry gleaming eyes and sensual body movements, but Drakos wasn't going to get fooled so easily nor was he going to let these elf girls take control of him, he was going to show them who was in charge. He roughly pins the elf assassins against a nearby forest tree and violently smacks around their perky tits. He was being all forceful with their supple elf breasts, which fit perfectly on his palms. He quickly goes to tear off their lacey bras with his hands.

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Then in mere seconds, the elf assassins actually bite Drakos neck to inject some kind of rare poison into his bloodstream, the poison was injected into their teeth as a last resort to kill their 'targets'. It doesn't kill him, he was immune to the position he was acting nothing was happening!

"What the fuck was that?" Drakos said without any care, he just smirks, he was already used to every girl trying to kill him, "So you girls like to play rough? Good so do I," Drakos quickly rips off the elf assassins black laced bras to reveal their perfect sensuous breasts which were glimmering and shining with all the sweat streaking down from their sexy elfen faces, even their pointy elf ears twitched in ecstasy as Drakos started groping and squeezing their petite wet boobs which were around a 34C cups or maybe more, but they were natural and felt amazing for Drakos, the best feeling in the world is natural breasts!

He started to rub their perky pink nipples, elve females had smoother skin than human females, he even starts to suck on their nipples and kiss the elf assassins lips!

Drakos's hands travel down towards their private area which was covered by sexy black latex combat pants. The Forest Elf and Dark Elf start to pant(breath heavily) and softly moan a little as they know soon their virgin bodies would be defiled by Drakos! They couldn't resist his demonic aura and sinful charm. He was now going to have his way with them.


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