Overlord of Sin
63 The Choice Finale
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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63 The Choice Finale

Drakos starts to roughly kiss each of the elf assassins, he even uses his tongue. The elf assassins willing and hornily kiss him back, there were glowing tattoo marks around them, which was the doing of Drakos's Harem Seals. These seals were kind of like curse seals, but instead, they were called Sin Seals. Seals in which they rise the lust of any female and make them sinful and lustful.

"What is this feeling!? Why do I feel so much pleasure with this boy as he kisses and touches my body! Assassins are not supposed to feel any emotions! But why do I feel so... SO IN HEAT! LIKE MY BODY IS OVERFLOWING WITH PLEASURE AND LUST!" The forest elf with long green hair and green eyes starts to think to herself as Drakos kisses her and gropes her perky bare breasts. The feeling of lust and pleasure was intense for her, as she was a virgin her whole life! For hundreds of years of being an assassin, she had never had sexual feelings or love for anyone! Until now that is, forest elves were immortals beings who could live a long time, however, they could still be killed by others, but this elf assassin, in particular, was so skilled in killing others that she lived a very long time! She was the most skilled assassin in the organization she was working for and regraded as the Emerald Blade due to her emerald hair color and eyes, she was feared by many royals, knights, warriors, and even other assassins.

But right now she was really attracted to Drakos and she was losing her mind to him, the overflow of lust and sin surrounding her whole busty body was the first surge of emotions she had felt her whole life! She wanted to be with Drakos forever. The Dark Elf felt the same about Drakos she fought for his kiss and touch as the Forest Elf did as well. They were fighting over his embrace, they were entranced by the fiery touch of a Devil. Their mission was to capture Drakos, they had been following him ever since he was a child! They were waiting for him to awaken his true powers, which happened at the Knights Tournament from then on they swore to kill him since they now knew that he was a Demon, the race that destroyed their clans, plus someone gave them the 'orders' to capture or kill him. That 'someone' remained a mystery.

Drakos continued to aggressively kiss and grope the elf assassins breasts, he was now even squeezing and spanking their firm muscular bubble-butts! Which looked like juicy plums. He also twists and sucks on the elf assassins perked nipples!

"Uhhh! Aaaah!" Both moan out the elf assassins as their bodies twitch and shake with the shocking pleasure of Drakos's demonic touch and his harem seals growing stronger around their half-naked bodies as he teased them.

"Geez! So lewd and aggressive!" Raven says as she flys around Drakos and watches him making out with the elf assassins like a real Harem God.

'Grrrr! Why does my master always seduce every female he sees! He should only be with me! I should just kill all the girls he sees!' Amethyst clenches her fist, the Succubus Witch was pissed off with how many women Drakos has touched, she wanted him all to herself. She was truly a selfish Succubus. Both Raven and Amethyst were int the background watching Drakos having his way the elf assassins.

Drakos was now done with foreplay, his hands firmly grasped both of the elf assassins tight virgin pussies which were still covered by their torn up black latex combat pants, both of their bodies trembled and as Drakos starts to rub the top of their pussies and clit, "Ahhhhn! You fiend!" They both moan and wince out. The pleasure of their virgin clits being rubbed was too much for them to bear! Drakos planned to first fuck these elf assassins and then get information out of them, he wanted to know if they worked for The Order and why they were after him. He also wanted to know if these elf assassins were the elf maids back at his home. Ryui and Elanah that is.

The elf assassins knew that Drakos was very dangerous and decided to get out of his curse seals and the Geass of his Akuma Eyes, they quickly squeeze their together breasts and out comes a smoke bomb! They had hidden a smoke bomb in between their luscious breasts! Talk about a good hiding place.
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The elf assassins then both snap their fingers and signal someone as they are about to get fucked by Drakos. Their virginities were literally on the line.

Out from the shadows, a kunai flew right towards Drakos at an insanely fast speed and explodes and a huge flash-bang happens and he slightly slides back with his elbows blocking the impact blast on his face. In front of him, he sees a masked female with long black and white wolf ears protruding on top of her head, her hair was a raven black with some strands of white on the side. It was another assassin, but she was a different race to resemble that of a beastkin.

The elf assassin quickly escapes, but Drakos already has them under his spell and control, he could easily track them and kill them if he wanted to.

"How dare you interrupt me!" Drakos snarls as he now turns his attention to the wolf beastkin assassin. He really was pissed off, he was about to Dual Cultivate with two beautiful elf assassins until this wolf bitch showed up out of nowhere.

"Your fight is with me," Says the wolf beastkin assassin, as she now pulls up a black scarf over her mouth.

Drakos was now putting things together, maybe the two elf assassins and now this wolf girl assassin was part of The Order and he was being 'tested' by The Order. Drakos had a choice to make quickly, join The Order or make his own clan. Drakos wasn't going to follow anyone anymore, his choice was already set in motion.

"I don't have time to waste on you. Begone bitch," Drakos simply said as he turns his back on the wolf girl assassin, he didn't care about her, after she ruined his 'fun time'.

"I will make wish you never said those word," The wolf beastkin assassins appears right behind Drakos and goes to claw off his neck with her super sharp nails which were hardened with her powerful Qi. Her nails were sharp enough to slice through metal and even rocks!

"I had enough of this bullshit," Drakos swiftly turns his head to face the assassin and just uses his Void Eyes to suck her whole body inside of his eyes!

"WHAT POWER IS THIS!?" The wolf girl assassin is quickly swallowed alive into one of Drakos's golden glowing eyes. She was now in an endless void of darkness.

'I will deal with you later,' Drakos walks towards his destination which was a cabin located deep in the woods on the outskirts of the Phoniex Kingdom. He was going to a hidden area to talk with The Order and settle his destiny once and for all. Suddenly the crystal on Drakos's necklace starts glowing brighter than ever. Drakos could sense that someone was in danger. His nose picked up the scent of someone injured nearby, his demonic senses was very powerful and hieghten compared to a mortal human, he could pick up scents miles away and he could even see far ahead as well and see through the dark. Right now he could smell blood. But also he could smell the scent of someone he once knew and cared for close by.

'I remember this smell...' Drakos walks towards the direction of the bloody scent. Who could it be that was in danger? He a choice to make now.
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    《Overlord of Sin》