Overlord of Sin
67 Fated Meeting P.4
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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67 Fated Meeting P.4

Drakos's index finger touches the cold steel of the trigger of his Phantasm gun as the barrel of his phantasm is aimed at the Wolf Girl assassin(Silver and White Furry ears and Tail) and the Ninja Catgirl(Black Furr like a Black Panther). Drakos could see that both of these female assassins were highly skilled in combat and killing, that they were born with Phantasms and knew just had to use them. The Ninja Catgirl was proficient with all ninja weapons and even with a bow and arrow Phantasm that looked like a Yumi(Japanese Bow and Arrow), she must have been the 'sniper' of the group that was sent to assassinate him, it was odd to Drakos to see someone like the Ninja Catgirl fight up close with a long-range weapon. As a soldier and warrior, he knew that a sniper should always have the high-ground and distance away from its enemies, always be hidden at all times. So the Ninja Catgirl was long-range(Archer/Ninja class) the Wolf Girl Assassin was close combat and most likely a warrior Class, or a whole other Class since she fought with her wolf-claws and had two battle-axes on her back, in fact, there were many classes in this world and each of them had their own skillsets and Phantasms. As stated from before, only a few beings in Zareth are born or given a Phantasm, either from bloodline lineage or by a 'summoner ritual' that is formed by the 'Gods' of Zareth. They were also skilled in the martial arts of Taijutsu(Mostly the Ninja Catgirl), both girls name were unknown as of now and both 'proved a fight' for Drakos as well as the two Elf Assassins he fought with from before. About 4 assassins want he dead, but who sent them?

Drakos points his Phantasm Gun(It looks like a black Glock 50. Cal Revolver(*Remeber Phantasms can evolve) and realized that these two smoking hot beastkin assassins could be of use to him. Not just because of their busty overly gorgeous bodies and maiden faces, but also because of their skills and powers which could be useful to him. But first, he knew he must be forceful and show his dominance. Drakos clicks the trigger of his newly formed Phantasm Gun and fires away, a blackish static bullet made entirely of Dark Lighting Qi and Dark Mana energy as well as Phantasm energy blast out from the barrel of his Phantasm Gun at an insanely fast speed.

*BANG!* The bullet travels so fast that both female beastkin assassins had no time whatsoever to dodge the phantasm bullet which was traveling faster than their sonic-speed movements. The bullet shot was so powerful that the ground below Drakos, The White Dragon, and the beastkin assassins, split in half and the snow-covered forest trees exploded and shattered, even the mountains far in the distance starts to quake and crumble. The one Phantasm Bullet collides into both of the beastkin assassins stomachs and hit its mark.

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"GAAAAAH!What is that thing!?" Both shout the assassins in disarray and shock as they vomit out blood and look at Drakos's Phantasm Gun with utter fear in their eyes. Their busty athletic bodies flew across the forest and slam onto hundreds of forest trees. They were easily defeated with just one shot of Drakos's Phantasm Gun! Both of assassins bodies had a huge bullet wound in their stomachs, but Drakos made sure not to hit any of their vital organs. The White Dragon is blown-away and turned-on by Drakos's extreme demonic power, she had never seen anyone as powerful as him! A true man. A rising Harem God and Overlord of this world. Harem Overlord or Overlord of Sin has a nice ring to it. "This kid really is something special. There must be a reason why I was summoned to be his 'System A.I', The Dark Fairy called Raven thought to herself as she floats over Drakos with her tiny fairy wings. The emo Dark Fairy was slowly getting interested by Drakos's powers, she really was interested in many things, only sleep and food, and sometimes death, you know 'emo stuff'.

"Join me or die, I actually need you both," Drakos points his Phantasm Gun at the now injured beastkin assassins heads and angrily looks at them with his gold glowing menacing demonic eyes. He wasn't fucking around.

"We will never join you!" The Ninja Catgirl and Wolf Girl Assasin both thunder out as they cough at blood and grip at their wounded stomachs, the phantasm bullet he shot from his Phantasm Gun really did some extreme damage to them if he aimed for their vitals they would have been both dead with just one shot.

"Hurry up and kill them! Or they will you!" The White Dragon insisted with a toothy growl as she points to the beastkin assassins with her razor-sharp draconic nails.

"So you won't join me? Guess I will just make you join me," Drakos puts away his Phantasm Gun on the side of his black leather belt, he already knew how to use a firearm since he was a Black Ops soldier in his past world, but this Phantasm Gun was way more powerful than any gun he had wielded, it even made a 50cal. sniper look like a fucking joke(His Phantasm Gun was in the form of a .44 Magnum fused with a Glock 50), he was impressed the two beastkin assassins survived the gunshot of Phantasm Gun.

"S-stay away from us! We will never betray our master!Even if we lost to you!" They yell out as tears start to form from their alluring eyes.

"I am your master now," Drakos swiftly uses his Slaves Seals and Akuma Eyes to form Qi-chains around their necks(Chains made up of Drakos's Dark Qi), the Wolf Girl Assassin and Ninja Catgirl were now bounded with Drakos as their growled with qi-chains wrapped around their pretty little necks. However, something seemed-off once he makes them his slaves.


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