Overlord of Sin
68 Fated Meeting Finale
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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68 Fated Meeting Finale

The beastkins assassins eyes started turning 'veiny' and glowing a blood-red/golden color kind of like primal eyes(When a Apex Predator stalks prey in the night they have a certian gold eye glow that looks like a full moon).

Both the Wolf Girl Assassin and Ninja Catgirl gave into Drakos's Slave Seals since they felt a certian bound with him. A bond of respect. Thier souls would now betray their first master, they both actually feared Drakos and also were sumbited to him since he beat them in battle, it was both their first defeats ever! Their prides were shattered by Drakos!So in a way they both respect and feared Drakos after he shot them with his insanely overpowered Phantasm Gun, a weapon they have never seen before. Yet right now even though the Slave Seals had worked they were now losing control of thier own bodies and being cursed with Drakos demonic- qi and chaos energy ! Shadowy Demonic Qi starts to surge throughout thier bloodstream, they had turned primal.

"Watch out master! They have turned Berserk!" Amethyst the Succubus Witch shouts out as she quickly forms a magical barrier shield over Drakos. Amethyst lifts up both of her tiny hands and commands:[Chains of Holy Purification! Venom Vines!"]She now summons thousands of magical chains around the assassins and also a glyph sigil spell below thier feets, a spell that could paralyze any living-being's body by wrapping them up with poisonous vines. But this wasn't enough to hold back the berserk forms of the Wolf and Cat beastkin assassins, "RRRRRROOOOOARRRR!" The Ninja Catgirl thunders out with a loud feline black panther growl as she charges towards Drakos on all fours, her fenline teeth were now showing.

"Awoooooooh!" Louldy howls the Wolf Girl Assassin as she was well goes to pounce Drakos on all fours and eat him alive. They both were bloodthirsty and ravenous, they wanted to tear Drakos's body to shreds with rage and hatred exploding out from thier primal glowing berserk eyes. Both beastkin assassins levels and cultivation tier rised due to them being in a berserker state, they were powerful enough to break through Amethyst high level magic spells, they easily slash through her Mana barrier shield, bite off the mana chains from thier busty animal-like bodies which were turning more primal and furry by the second! They also shake off Amethyst paralyze spell [Venom Vines] and were inume to posion of the vines!

'How is that possible!? They are in such a trance of rage and hate that they keep on moving even when being harmed! They feel no pain whatsoever and can break through my high level spells! Oh no this is not good! I didn't want to resort to this, but I must end this now!' Amethsyt knew that the next spell she would summon would mostly likely kill both beserker beastkin assassins. Amethyst was a succbus who knew the darkest art of magic ever known, it was something she kept a secret from everyone, including Drakos.

Drakos clenched the steel handle of his Phantasm Gun, he was ready to kill them at any second, 'Fuck what a waste, was my demonic-qi too powerful and made them go wild once I used my Slave Seal on them? Did my Dark-Qi overtake thier whole body? What is now controlling them?' He angrily gritted his teeth from all these questions, there was nothing more he hated in the world then not knowing 'everything'. He takes out his Phantasm Gun from his belt buckle and aims it at both of the attacking beastkin assassins.

In a flash without any warning and coming out of nowhere, The White Dragon tackles both beastkin assassins and fights them off. It was a rather gruesome sight as all three monster girls literally fought to the death, "I won't let anyone harm him!" The White Dragon angrily roars out as she slashes and thrashes the beastkin assassins with all of her might and reaming dragon-strength. Blood splatters everywhere, "I will devour anyone who dares hurt him!" The White Dragon opens her mouth wide and goes to bite down on the skulls of the bersker beastkin assassins. The White Dragon herself was slightly injured and getting tired from all the fighting she had being doing today, but right now she had someone to protect, someone she loved and would die for!

The White Dragon does a double punch onto the beastkin assassin's faces and knockes them out instantly.

"ENOUGH!" Drakos had enough of this ramage of bloodthirst and rage, even though he was a sinful demon who enjoyed seeing others suffer right now was a waste of time for him, he quickly uses his Void Eyes and asorbs both beaten up assassins into his eyes. The White Dragon did a good job at distracting the assassins and knocking them out, which was the perfect time for Drakos to use his Void Eyes.

"Yeah and take that! Don't mess with the Queen of Dragons! The Dragon Goddess! The-" suddenly the White Dragon falls onto Drakos's hands. She was extremely exhausted after fighting so much to survie and now to protect Drakos, see cutely looks up at Drakos with a puppy eye-face, and tries to get up.

"Are you okay?" Drakos asked with furrow eyes as he looks down at her goregous maiden face and insanely hot busty body. She had the biggest breasts he had ever seen in his life!

'H-HE IS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME!?' The White Dragon's faces turns etremely flustered and her cheeks turn as red as a ripe tomatoe. She looked too adorable for words. Adorable and vicous that is.

"I-I can keep fighting!KAHUFF!" The White Dragon coughs out blood with a loud huff on to Drakos's face. Her blood leaks down Drakos young displeased face.

"Uh... Yeah I don't think you can... Anways... Thanks for the help," Drakos says as he pats the White Dragon's head and pats her long as hell horns as well. She quickly faints from just being headpatted by Drakos, all this much attention for someone she hadn't seen for so long and someone she once loved was just too much for her to handle. Cute and deadly was how the White Dragon's looked like right now.

"Wow. I Guess all you need to do to tame a Dragon Girl is give her headpat," Drakos said with a sly smirk, he then hears loud footsteps in the distance.

'Shit who is it now?' He snarls and gritted his teeth, he really was getting tired of people trying to kill him. Seron, every villager in his clan, his own father, Prince Harry, Princess Celestai, The Armored Titan,The Phoenix Queen, and the elf and beastkin assassins all wanted to kill him. There was a reason he acted so rutheless and didn't trust anyone, everyone was out to get him just because of his hidden powers. So he had to be strong to survive in this cold and brutal world.

The footsteps got closer and closer, he was ready for anything, but first he hides The White Dragon inside of his Dimensional Ring which was a realm he made with his Harem System to keep all of his Harem Memebrs. He kind of had a feeling that people were trying to capture or kill The White Dragon, he knew the beautiful Dragon Girl was most likely the infamous White Dragon that Phoenix Queen dispesed when she heard the news of soilders being slaugthered. Drakos knew that if he was found with the White Dragon as an alley then he would create a massive war between the Phoenix Kingdom and all Kingdoms in Zareth, as the Dragon Race was as rare as the Demon Race. Drakos touch his eyes and noticed that both of his eyes were bleeding, "So my Void Eyes do have a limit," He griped at his bloodly eyes, 'I have to hurry up and meet with The Order and find out the truth! I also need to find out who sent those assassins after me!' He angrily clenched his fist.

There were now sounds of incoming footsteps coming from two seprate directions! Two different unknown parties would now come in contact with him.
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What Drakos didn't know was that a there would more than a fate meeting today.


IMPORTANT: Mass release Sunday (You have to reach certain rank for more chapters)

GOAL: Top 20= 8 chapters ahead on Sunday- So if I reach top 20 and stay on it on Sunday you get a lot of chapters. Keep on voting if you can. I have 1,000 chapters planned for this novel.

NOTE: Things will get slightly complicated and graphic next chapters. If you are offended you can skip the chapters that contain the [Explicit Content] tag on top. One of my novels was taken down/banned and it pissed me off all my followers lost. However I will keep writing here. Sigh WN you really are something.


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