Overlord of Sin
69 The Decision
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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69 The Decision

Drakos gripped at his bloody eye, the one that he used his Void Eyes(Left Side), 'Shit looks like I can only use my Void Eyes twice in one day, I first used it when absorbing the two elf assassins into my eyes and the second time is now capturing the wolf girl and cat girl assassins, but now I can barely open my eyes, fuck I haven't this much pain since fighting off that Armored Titan, that guy was a fucking beast and only rank gold, actually I wonder what rank am I now and my stats.' He quickly pulls up his Harem System by just snapping his finger a black holographic screen floats over his face, kind of like Ironman's A.I interface. The Dark Fairy he summoned was only part of the Harem System, but not entirely.

[Ding!] A loud chime signals that Drakos's Harem System is activated.

>>[Harem System]<<

[Name: Drakos Storm]- Age: 14 years-old- Immortal Cultivator

Cultivation Rank: Silver- Tier Demon*] Drakos: 'So my rank is still the same after battling those four assassins who were an unknown tier and rank, they must have been around the Gold Rank like the Armored Titan, that means I am a high ranking silver rank, I crushed gold rank enemies with the power of my system and my demonic bloodline powers. Tch not many people are a challenge for me,' Drakos cockily smirks with a sinister grin as he scrolls down in his Harem System more.
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Race: Human/Primordial Demon 'Still a Primordial Demon? Interesting is this the highest form of the Demon Race? Or is it something else? Now that I think about it why was the system first a Heroic System? And now a Harem System? My bloodline was also human and demi-god? Did the system change due to the sins I have committed? Both sexual like how I touched my sisters and the 'time' with Amethyst(Anal*), and killing others like Seron and the Phoenix Soldiers? And as well as fucking the Phoenix King's wife and getting her pregnant(Epic Creampie), poor fool, he deserved it for all the crimes he had committed and letting his wife kill innocent people, I had to tame Cerri or no one else fucking would, that firey bitch is crazy, anyways it seems like my system can evolve linked to the acts I do and what missions I accomplish such as taming the Phoenix Queen.

Class: Lvl: 5 [Necromancer] > Close to upgrade[ Classes can evolve and upgrade to more powerful classes [Ex: Mage evolve to Arch Mage] This is based off level and rank. Tiers are based on your cultivation(Qi) > psychical body and magic(Spells, Phantasm, and Mana) while level and rank is based on the missions you accomplish or the opponents you defeat, tame/claim(Dual Cultivation), and capture.

Bloodline:[ Unknown Primordial Demon]- Hidden Bloodline- Your demon bloodline ability can copy others Phantasms.

Mana: 50+ 10= 60

Qi: 60 + 20= 80


STR: 35 + 15

MGK: 45 + 20

DEF: 35 + 10

AGI: 40 + 20

STM: 30 + 10

INTEL: 32 + 20

KAM: -7 Drakos: Is this even useful? Do I even need Karama? Whatever,"

"You are a sinful beast, fufu!" Raven says with a cute chuckle as her little hands over her mouth.

Drakos: "Shut up,"


[Demon Eyes ]

[Harem Seal]

[Heroic Seal]

[Slave Seal]

[Summoning Seal]: LOCKED


God Thunder, Undead Summoning(Necromancer Magic), Phoenix Flames, Dark Counter(The demonic power which copies others Phantasms, Mana, and Qi, Phantasm Gun[NEW]

Body Type: Heroic; Demi-God, Primordial Demon

Primary; [Phanatasm]: (StormSlayer) Battle-Ax-Scythe weapon Class: Legendary(Currently Mythic Class) [ You haven't Oathed and Bestowed your Phantasm with a Heroic Title so you won't be able to use Ultimate Abilities and Skills. "But I called my weapon: StormSlayer? Do I need to do some ritual to use my *Ultimate Ability* which sounds like the most powerful attack of my Phantasms, I wonder how it works? And how did I summon that Phantasm Gun again? Oh yeah I copied that Cat Girl's Phantasm Bow and Arrow and transformed her Phantasm into a Phantasm Gun, but how? So many questions I need to ask that damn annoying Dark Fairy. I have a lot of Phantasms, no wonder I always feel like my Qi is being drained all the time I have to solve all these 'unknonws' and questions quickly.

Secondary;[Wolfbanes Phantasm]: A Hellish WildFire of cloning infinite swords of all shapes and sizes. Know as Infinite Blades. [Obtain from Reza after using your Harem Seal on her]

Phoenix Flame Spear [Can create a blast of Phoenix Flames from eyes, arms, and legs] (Fire Manipulation)

Phantasm Gun: Fires out phantasmal and mana energy as a bullet-round projectile, ammo is infinite, however, all phantasm bullets need the users Mana to be forged.

[Demon Form]: Primordial Demon Horns and Wings. Mostly resembling Grim-Rapier Wings. Also razor-shape wolf teeth and tail.

[Demon Armor]: Black and Blood-red spiked armor made from demon bones and cores.

[Harem Members]: Kara(Younger Sister)[50%] Reza(Older Sister)[70%], Amethyst[85%], Phoenix Queen Cerri [90%](Due to *sexy time*), Phoenix Princess Celestia[50%],

>>Potential Members << [ Yet to join Harem- Elf maids: Ryui and Elanah, the two Elf Assassins, The Wolf Girl Assassin and Ninja Catgirl (Stored in Void Eye), and the White Dragon.

"All very interesting..." Drakos keeps on scrolling, suddenly a pain surges out from his eyes.

"AAAAAAAAAH! WTF!!!" Drakos gripped his left eye(Void Eye) and falls down the floor.

"ROOOOOOOOARRRRRR!" The White Dragon escapes his Void Eye and is on rage mode!

It looked like she had turned to a completely different person or in this case a completely different beast! Her eyes grew darker blood red and her horns as well grew longer and sharper as well as her tail, a stream of salvia started to leak down her mouth, and bulging veins started to pop out from from her forehead!(When you get beyond angry).Everything that she transforms into only describes one word. Beast. As for the emotion side. Bloodlust.

"Shit this is not good," Drakos sighs, he had been fighting way too many times and was running out of Mana. It would take more than just a headpat to tame this Dragon. A new battle approaches once again.

' Drakos slides back his legs and raises his fist, he was prepared to fight the White Dragon. And if he had to kill her...then it must be done.


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